02 – Rebirth

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First times: 02 — Rebirth

This is my first try at male gay sex. Somehow, I found it profoundly satisfying. Maybe because I didn’t treat is as anything exceptional, only as a journey of self-discovery for the main character.
     My grateful thanks to Valphung for his efforts at editing. Any mistakes are my own.


One thing for sure, he got what he paid for, but whatever possessed him to walk in the Dominatrix Domain, a notorious BDSM club, that night.

Oh, yeah! Southern Comfort. Too damn much Southern Comfort. And what about his girlfriend? Shouldn’t she have said something? Warned him?

Shit! Suzie was the one who brought him there. Maybe he shouldn’t have tied her up the night before and playfully raped her. But it was all in good fun. Surely she understood that.

So, he was efficiently trussed. Manacled behind his back, the rope tied to the handcuffs and pulled through a ring on the ceiling forced him to bend over while ankle shackles fixed to two more rings on the floor had him spread wide. The worst was the hood over his head. The two small holes at his nostrils barely allowed him to breathe. The one at his mouth was rendered moot by the ball gag in it.

‘Damn! Wait until I get my hands on the bitch. She’ll pay for this.’ He swore silently.

Deafened and blinded, he had to rely on the little information his sense of touch supplied, woefully inadequate though it was.

There! A door must have bahis firmaları opened. He felt a draft of cooler air on his naked ass except… What’s that? He squirmed, clenched. Fuck! He had a butt plug in his ass. But that’s Suzie’s thing, not his… Well… she never complained… much.

Crack! Arrrrgh! Crack! Again, and again. He recognized the riding crop’s feel from the initiation into his fraternity, but it was not so… Crack! Arrrgh! Damned fuckers!

Tied up, he couldn’t evade the onslaught. His shoulders were killing him.

Suddenly, a soft hand was caressing his abused ass. It felt like fur of some kind. It was so silky, so… Crack!

He couldn’t tell how long it lasted, but he was vaguely aware that he was arching his back, on tiptoes, to offer his ass to the crop, then pushing back against the caresses, wanting more. At the last crack, the most powerful yet, across his thighs, striking his balls, he came all over the floor. He moaned as the hand returned, a reward of sorts.

He groaned deeply when it took his still hard cock and stroked it… tenderly. He thought he would faint when a hot, wet mouth engulfed him while the fur-covered hand fondled his balls. Even Suzie couldn’t deep-throat him so well. He tried to fuck it, but a sharp twist of his ball sack convinced him to refrain.

When the mouth had him on the edge, it pulled away. He whined his pleas for it to return, to finish him. The butt plug was removed, so was the gag. When kaçak iddaa he would have complained, sharp slaps across face and ass brought him to order.

Thick fingers lubed his stretched asshole. He expected some kind of dildo, not a warm, throbbing, thick cock to fill his gaping opening. It slowly, gently even, filled him, then stopped. Once he ceased struggling, as little as that was possible, it pulled back until he could feel the crown pull up against his contracting sphincter. To his surprise, it relaxed as soon as the manhood pushed back in. Still ever so slowly.

This just couldn’t be. He wasn’t gay. The thrusts accelerated gradually, so did the rise of pleasure. His own cock was twitching all over, his balls contracting in expectation of the release. When slaps accompanied the humping, he laughed at the mix of the two extremes of sensations. He was crying tears of sheer bliss.

The sensation of a glans touching his lips had him open wide and greedily take it. Licking, sucking, just the way he liked it. The way Suzie had never been able to do, the stupid cunt. Why had he wasted so much time with her? When the dick touched his throat, he remembered a video he had seen where a porn star explained the technique. He proudly deep-throated the cock on the first try. Acknowledging his inexperience, it was gentle with him. His efforts were rewarded by kind caresses. He cried tears of happiness.

After the two cocks emptied their loads in him and the mouth had kaçak bahis taken his, he proudly shared the come he had been ordered to hold with the mouth which kissed his. He knew instinctively that the jizz in it was his own. Their tongues were still dancing when he was unshackled, unmanacled and held gently while circulation returned to his members.

Lastly, the hood was removed, and he gazed on the most beautiful man he had ever seen. The sea-blue eyes shone with merriment as they held his. The muscular arms holding him vibrated with contained power, yet were ever so tender. He didn’t resist when the man pulled him close in his embrace. He turned his face up, seeking the full lips. He whimpered when they touched his. He moaned when their tongues met.

“You did well, Little One.” The husky yet mellifluous voice reached past what last bastion of resistance there was and enfolded the very core of his being. “The next time, you will ask for your flesh to be rendered rubicund yourself.”

“I will, gladly.” The words were barely audible, he was so caught in the new emotions surfacing within him. His only thought to caress that superb example of masculinity, to kiss him, to… give himself to him, to surrender body and soul. “I am yours… Master.” The smile he received overwhelmed him. He broke down in the man’s arms and cried deeply, as the human being hidden deep inside broke through the walls of a lifetime of conditioning.

He joined his fellow disciples to be cleaned and epilated, but for his hair, eyebrows and eyelashes in a purification ritual.

When he was led to the Master’s bed, he stood at its foot, head bowed, hands clasped before his groin, waiting upon his will.

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