2 A.M. In the Locker Room

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Spencer was bored. He never thought of himself as grown up, but he realized he exercised, he was another boring adult. He always pictured himself to be at that loose and wild college lifestyle for more years to come, but now he realized it was a friday night, his wife was out of town, and he was bored to tears. None of his friends wanted to go out and binge drink, or go to a bar and pick up loose women. It was 2 in the morning and out of pure boredom Spencer found himself in a gym. He called his wife, Ada, over an hour ago, to no response. She was on a business trip for her new pharmaceutical job. They loved each other very dearly but enjoyed the breaks, agreeing that their marriage would be on hold while the other is out of town. Spencer enjoyed her adventurous personality but was feeling lonely, trying to imagine who she was sleeping with at the moment on her conference. He closed his eyes and let out a deep breath. The gym was almost empty with a few young female teenagers together laughing. Spencer shook his head realizing being at the gym didn’t help anything and decided the rest of his night should be spent at his house.

Stretching Spencer stood under the shower stretching out his sore arms. The hot water cascaded down his body. He rubbed shampoo through his messy brown hair playing with it in the water. He grabbed a bar of soap and rubbed it down his muscular chest to his abs. He pictured Ada and the young man she was most likely with. Ada was probably on her back while the man she was with began to penetrate her, caressing her breasts as he slowly slid in and out of her. Spencer opened his eyes realizing he was grasping his now erect penis in the shower. He looked over his shoulder red in the face and turned off the shower. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist to hide the erection.

Spencer rubbed his chin feeling the stubble on his chin and walked to the lockers and jumped in surprise to see another person in the room. It was a teenager, no older than nineteen. He had jet black hair that he pushed back with bright green eyes and light freckles. The teen jumped as well seeing Spencer in the room. Spencer laughed as his heart beat quickly from the shock. He watched the younger man ran his eyes over Spencer’s bare chest and quickly looked away to look into Spencer’s eyes.

“Oh man, you scared me.” Spencer said his laugh dying to a chuckle as he held his chest.

“You and me both.” He said back smiling with an awkward laugh.

“I’m Spencer.” He held out his hand and he shook it. Spencer felt his soft hand and looked him over. He was cute, and surprisingly well built for such a soft face.

“I’m Logan!” he said shaking his hand back trying not to be too vigorous.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you here Logan. You new to the gym?” He asked his new friend.

“Uh yeah I just moved here.” He said trying not to be too shy. Spencer thought Logan seemed to be nervous around him, he also could canlı bahis have sworn he caught Logan running his eyes over his chest.

“Moved here for college?”

“Uh yeah, that is the plan!” Logan winced at how stupid he sounded.

“Relax man, I don’t bite.” Spencer patted his shoulder laughing. “Unless you’re into that kinda thing.” He winked. Logan laughed loudly surprising himself. “So what do you do?” he asked.

“Uh, I just got a job as a waiter. If that’s what you’re asking. I also dance, or at least I use to more in high school.” Logan relaxed more as he talked about himself. “I’m going to school for culinary-” he stopped mid sentence as Spencer removed his towel and began to dry his hair.

“Don’t worry I’m listening!” he said as he rubbed his hair. While he was preoccupied Logan watched his penis shaking as he dried his hair. It was large, he would’ve guessed it to have been possibly 8 inches.

“I know, it’s pretty nice.” Spencer said looking at Logan.

“Oh man, I’m sorry, it’s just, I don’t know.” Logan said his face burning red. Spencer began to laugh.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t laugh.” Spencer said “It’s fine buddy, I’m glad you’re impressed by it.”

“I didn’t mean anything by it!” Logan said frantically.

“Seriously, Logan you’re good.” Spencer smiled charmingly. “You ever been with a guy before?” he asked.

“Oh!” Logan was surprised from the change in pace. “Uh no, you know high school isn’t that kinda place. But, uh, yeah I’ve been kinda interested.” Logan said honestly, still very red in the face.

“Well, you’ve got a chance.” Spencer said holding his arms out cocking an eyebrow.

“Really?” Logan said looking at the naked man ahead of him. He noticed his penis was rising and Logan himself could feel precum in his pants. He shifted his erection in his pants as he looked at Spencer’s own.

“You can take it out. I won’t be upset.” Spencer said pointing to Logan’s crotch. Logan’s dry throat cracked out a laugh. Logan fumbled his own penis out of his pants and it sprung out of the hole in his pants. His was a few inches shorter than Spencer’s and felt almost embarrassed. Spencer smirked as he looked at it. “Well I guess you’re excited as I am.” They both laughed as they stood penises hanging out. Spencer grinned at the cute teen and held his penis slowly beginning to stroke it.

Logan slowly got onto his knees his face looking at the erect penis as it sat just in front of his face. He gently put his lips on the head and licked out tasting the precum. He took his lips off swallowing it interested in the taste. Logan rubbed his own penis and took his other hand to rub the soft and smooth balls. He took the penis back into his mouth playing with the tip in his mouth with his tongue. He took more into his throat keeping his teeth up and away. His hands were sweaty and he heard the soft dripping of a shower and the Spencer’s soft moan as he pushed the penis bahis siteleri deeper into his throat. He gagged coughing and took the penis out of his mouth the taste of the precum still lingering in his mouth.

“You alright?” Spencer asked smiling. “Don’t kill yourself down there.” He said chuckling. Logan winced embarrassed and took the penis into his mouth and moved it deeper into mouth quicker he closed his eyes breathing through his nose deeply to prevent any gagging. He kept moving it deeper and deeper into his throat until he opened his eyes to find his tongue at the base of his balls. He moved his head back all the way then back down to the base.

Spencer moaned as he watched the cutie move back and forth on his penis doing his best to gag quietly. Spencer enjoyed feeling of damp his penis was in. He let out a louder moan and grasped Logan’s hair tightly his fingers deep in his hair as he helped him, pushing his head in time as he pumped his hips. Logan began going quicker and quicker as he listened to the loud slurps as he pumped. He felt his penis pulsating as his breath left his chest. He pulled his hair harder pushing him quicker as his chest tightened along with his arm and leg muscles. His breath was gone and he felt a powerful orgasm smack into the back of Logan’s throat. Logan coughed pushing away the penis as Spencer’s penis ejaculated again spraying Logan’s face with cum.

Logan felt the hot cum spray onto his face as the salty warm taste sat in his mouth. He swallowed it and felt the cum running down his face.

“That was.” Logan tried to find a word as he felt his sore throat. Spencer grabbed his hand pulling him to his feet.

“Clothes off.” Spencer said breathing heavy. He turned to the shower wall and turned on a stream. Logan pulled off his tank top trying to let it avoid the cum. He kicked off his shoes as he stripped out of his pants and underwear as he approached Spencer.

“Is it-” his sentence was cut off and Spencer grabbed his shoulders pushing him against the wall and kissed him hard under the shower spray. The water ran the cum down Logan’s face as they kissed, letting it seep into their mouths as their tongues played with each others. Spencer pulled himself away, still breathing heavy.

“Ready for the big leagues?” He asked as their erect penises rubbed against each other under the water stream. Logan only nodded and Spencer guided him down. Logan was on all fours as he looked at the water spinning down the drain in between his hands. He felt Spencers hands spread his buttcheeks allowing the water to spray around and into it. Logan shifted feeling the water penetrate. Spencer’s hand snaked around his torso grasping Logan’s erect penis stroking it softly. Logan took in his breath sharply as he felt the head of the penis press against his own tight hole. Spencer stroked him faster as he pushed the start of his penis inside of Logan’s own body. The sensation of a pulsating wet penis bahis şirketleri inside of him was unlike anything he’d felt before. The penis dove deeper and deeper into him feeling that there was no end as he shifted and grimaced from the pain. He clenched his toes and fingers as the water ran around his hands and feet as the penis dived deeper. He let out a loud moan as he felt balls press against his butt. He leaned his head as far back as he could, arching his back downwards moaning from the intense pleasure.

Spencer was in love with the cute teen on all fours before him. He had pushed himself as deep as he could go into his hole. He was pumping on Logan’s penis and groaned feeling the tight hole wrapped around his own penis. He pulled his penis out slowly so only the tip was in.

“You alright Lo?” Spencer asked as the teen panted.

“Please don’t stop.” He cried out. Spencer grinned reaffirming his love for his new friend. He pushed himself back deep into the tight warm hole as he pumped his arm harder. He began to pull himself back then back in with a sma

ck as his balls smacked into Logan’s as he cried out. He grunted as he pumped his hips back and forth sending his penis deep into Logan himself.

The sound of balls smacking filled the room as Logan felt the large penis inside him pumping away. He felt the rain passing off of spencer onto him along with the sweat and steam in the room. All his muscles tightened as he felt the rough tugging on his penis as another’s entered deep inside him. He pushed himself against Spencer as all his muscles tightened painfully as he felt the smacking and penis inside him as he orgasmed powerfully. The cum hit the tiled floor and he nearly collapsed.

Spencer felt the pulsation in his hand and felt the penis go soft. Logan’s pumping slowed. Spencer stopped gritting his teeth and clenching his muscles letting himself orgasm a second time deep inside of Logan. He leaned on Logan’s back breathing heavy as he pulled out his penis as the cum stuck inside his hole. As Spencer moved to the side the water came and washed out Logan’s now much more open hole. Logan laid onto his back breathing heavy as Spencer lowered himself onto him and kissed him passionately playing with his tongue. He finished the kiss and rolled to his back next to him.

“How was your first time Lo?” He asked affectionately. Logan only panted laying feeling the cum drip out of him. “That good huh?” They both chuckled exhausted laying in the water as it rushed around them.

“That was amazing.” Logan said finally catching his breath. Spencer laid on his side his now soft penis laid on Logan’s waist as he rubbed his nose playfully. He planted a kiss on his lips once more. Spencer stood and walked to his stuff and picked up his phone seeing a missed call from his wife. Logan followed, turning off the shower and picking up his clothes as Spencer held up his phone. It read a missed call from Ada, and Spencer smiled.

“Just wait til you meet the wife.” He said humorously as he began to get dressed. Logan rubbed his now sore hole as he began to get dressed as well.

“Wait, what?” Logan asked looking up surprised.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32