3 M’s, My Many Mothers Ch. 02

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This is a story I can finally share. It is a tale that covers many years so if you are looking for a quick read you can stop here. Like I have mentioned many times I am not a true writer but so far my submissions have been well received.

This story is the one that truly started it all, even though it is not the first story I submitted. It is about a real person I was introduced to through a close friend. I met Daniel years ago having purchased a home from his grandfather and years later Dan himself.

I learned his story first hand and since then have documented much of his life for you to share. Daniel is his real name, the others have been changed for their protection. I offer you his story that has been updated just this year, 2016.

Enjoy and vote if care to.


Chapter 2


Basketball was over at the end of February. My only focus now was deciding what college to attend. With the money I had saved and college funds from Uncle George and my grandfather Charles, money wasn’t a deciding factor.

Mom was pushing for me to attend the state college that had a campus across town. Nikki attends there and I could also live at home. I was leaning towards going upstate to the other university and live on campus. They were even offering a partial sports scholarship. I knew I wouldn’t get to play much but I would have the benefit of using their state of the art work out facility and all the other perks jocks get on campus.

I was sitting down at my desk paying bills and looking over college brochures when I ran across the paperwork from Kat’s emergency room visit. I decided to look and see exactly what they charged the insurance company.

Shocked at some of the charges I sat it to the side wanting to go over it with Kat later. I finished paying bills and looked over more college propaganda. I decided continuing education was just a new way of making money. I threw them all away except the final two.

Fall enrollment started the end of March. To get the classes I wanted I needed to make a decision soon. Days later I made my decision but decided to have a bit of fun with it. My plan required the help of an accomplice. I had a feeling that wouldn’t be a problem.

I called the office and asked to talk to Ms. Peterson.

“Hello this is Sharon Peterson.” She said happily.

“Ms. Peterson this is Dan Masters. Do you have a minute?”

“Please Dan call me Sharon. I have all the time you need.” She replied. I filled her in on my plan asking her to keep it a surprise. “Dan you’re a tough negotiator. What do I get in return?”

I was stumped then it hit me. I saw the picture of her kids on her desk. I love kids. Mom loves kids.

“You do this for me and Kat, and I’ll come babysit for one day! No charge!” I gushed. I could hear her laugh on the other end.

“You would do that?” She giggled.

“Is it a deal?” I asked.

“Consider it done.”

“Thanks Ms. Pe… I mean Sharon!”

My plan was in place now, I just needed to set the rest of it set up.

Wednesday night I told mom my truck was in the shop. George dropped me off after work. I asked if I could use her car the next day taking her to work and picking her up. She readily agreed and the plan was in motion. The next night I picked mom up from work in her car. I had loaded our supplies into the trunk last night. Thursday night as I turned onto the expressway she looked over at me.

“Dan where are we going?” She was concerned but calm.

“I have a surprise in store for you. We’re going on a bit of a trip!” I reached my hand out and she took it. She didn’t ask any more questions until we were about two hours away.

We mostly talked about her new job and how much she liked it. We talked about Sharon and what a pleasure it was to work for her as her personal assistant. We talked about all of the previous clients she retained and about her bonuses. She told me about how she was getting to know more people in the office and how much gossip went on. She was happy and I was happy for her.

“Daniel where are we going?” I could tell she was getting concerned.

“I told you it’s a surprise!”

“But I have work tomorrow how far are we going? How will I get back in time?”

“Kat check your phone.” She opened her purse retrieving her phone. Opening the screen she saw there was a message. “See you Monday. Luv. S”

“She really put love in the text?” I asked.

“She spelled it luv silly. That doesn’t mean what you think. You are starting to have such a dirty mind!” mom teased.

“Kat, everything means something. As for dirty minds I believe you are the one that started that whole process!” I teased back. “Speaking of dirty minds here’s our first stop.”

I pulled off the expressway and turning a few blocks away we were at our first hotel. I chose a mid-level major chain based on George’s recommendation. I checked us in, the room was nice sized with a king bed, a desk and a table with chairs. I brought just one izmir escort bayan bag in and another with our toiletries. We spiffed up and headed to a nice restaurant for a late dinner.

Kat pried all through dinner trying to find out what was going on. She must have trusted me because she eventually gave up as we started to leave.

I knew she thought we would fool around but I had a plan and tonight that wasn’t on the agenda.

I showered first and was in bed when she got done. It was still early but I faked being tired from the drive. Still she curled up inside me her ass lodge tight against my soft cock. This was her favorite position and on those few occasions when we allow ourselves the treat of sexual contact this was where we started.

I had purposely brought the least sexy pajamas for her to wear tonight night. She still filled them out nicely. It was all I could do to not get excited and ruin the plan but with all the planning and trying to keep it a secret I was truly beat. Jacking off in the shower just now probably helped too!

I was up early in the morning and brought her breakfast in bed. She looked content as she sat up against the pillows.

“So what do you have planned for today?” She gave me a teasing smile.

“Well you’ll need to get dressed in the next thirty minutes to find out.”

We were on the road as planned the next leg taking just a bit over an hour. I pulled into the hotel we would be staying at tonight. I left her in the car and checked in making sure my last surprise had arrived.

The woman behind the counter didn’t look too happy with me when she looked at it, but hey it was a last minute thing. She would get over it. I took it to our room and hid it in a drawer and ran back down to continue on our journey.

I started downtown and we saw some sights. It was awesome seeing some of the old houses and historic places. We had lunch at a small cafe sitting along the walk out front. I checked my watch and decided it was now or never.

As soon as she saw the sign I could tell she was upset. She pulled her hand from me and crossed her arms. God I hoped this works. I didn’t want to punish her. We parked the car and followed the temporary signs. Entering the lobby I signed us both in. Without a word to me she followed the lady to her assigned room as I headed to mine.

We were at the university that offered me a partial scholarship. The school mom didn’t want me to attend. This was a special tour of the campus for athletes and their parents.

We started at two and by four thirty we were finished. I walked into the lobby and saw the parents starting to come out of their room. I went against the grain and stood just inside a giant lecture hall.

I found mom her back to me. I could see her release a big sigh and stand to leave. She put on her best fake smile when she saw me waiting for her. I wasn’t done just yet. I needed to sink the hook in just a little deeper.

As we walked to the car I spouted about all I had learned making everything sound like it was just what I wanted. Kat played along but I knew she wasn’t happy in the least. I drove her back to the hotel. The same lady was at the counter as we walked past to the elevator. She glared her disapproval at me once again. I waved in response.

The game had gone on long enough. I knew that anymore would ruin my plans for the night.

“Why don’t you go take a shower first? I have something special in store for you tonight.”

“Daniel can we talk?”

“Shower first. Talk later. Now go!” I kissed her.

Kat responded weakly. She turned and went into the bathroom. I took the key and rushed back to the car and pulled out a hanging bag that lay flat in the trunk. I was back in the room the shower was still running. I laid out all of her clothes and beside them I laid out mine.

I was ready when she finally emerged, her demeanor hadn’t changed. I slipped past her into the bathroom, I closed the door making sure not to lock it and jumped in the shower. Why was it taking so long?

I put it right under her dress. Did she not see it? Had I played this game too far? I was just about to go check on her when the door opened.

Mom pulled back the shower curtain. It was my turn to be surprised. She had put it on with nothing else! Stepping into the shower with me the white material soon turned opaque. I could see her areolas and hard nipples through the shear material. Her pussy was only partially covered.

“I hate you!” She pulled me down and kissed me with a passion I have not experienced to date. Her tongue forced its way in my mouth made easier by my desire to let it in. Then she did something I didn’t expect. Kat grabbed my cock. I broke free.

“Kat no!”

“Yes. I hate you! She tightened her grip and stroked me harder.

“We need to talk!” I responded feebly.

“Cum now talk later. I hate you!”

“Later. We can do this later?” I was so close the argument would soon be moot.

“Now Daniel. Cum for me now! izmir escort Then you can cum for me again later!” Kat insisted.

My cock heard her words and a stream of milky white man juice landed on the name of the school on the tee shirt. The school I was going to attend. The school that was the hated rival of the one I toured today. The one the woman at the counter glared at me over. That school was just across town from where we lived almost four hours from here. I was going to State and live with my mother. God help me.

A second stream landed next to the first. Kat closed the distance and kissed me again. About the time my cock stopped twitching I could hear the voice in my head ‘if you want more than this, fix the problem’. Like the phrase about the lake I had no idea what it meant, but something told me I would need to find some answers. It had been months since he last contacted me. It always seemed to be when I was intimate with Kat.

Kat looked magnificent in her new dress. Nikki helped me pick it out one Saturday afternoon when I got off of work. Shiny black it hugged her body just right ending mid-thigh. Spaghetti straps and low cut front was daring but appropriate for a woman her age. The shoes were a pair she had in her closet. The garter and stockings was my idea of course. I wore a new suit. Black pinstriped to match. Dinner was at one of the finest restaurants in town. We walked along the banks of the water to get there. When we were finished eating we were walking back holding hands.

“Daniel. Why did you bring me here?” Kat finally asked. We stopped and looked at the water.

“I wanted to find a special way to tell you where I decided to go to school.” I replied coming clean.

“And you did. Thank you. But I really do hate you!” Mom teased me. “Daniel why did we drive four hours and spend money on hotels for something you could have done at home?”

“I wanted to reward you for your new job. For being such a good mom and friend.” I said.

“Is that all we are mother and son? Friends?” Kat turned to face me.

“Well maybe friends with benefits!” I replied. I looked at her she seemed at a loss. “Is that a problem?”

“Oh Daniel you know it isn’t. You do know that? Right? I just want …”

“More?” I asked.

“I know it’s wrong but I need to tell you how I feel. Sometimes I think you feel the same way and yet…” She looked to me for answers.

“Kathryn. I want so much more too. I want to take you and bend you over that park bench and show you what kind of man you raised. But I can’t right now. There is something in here that won’t let me do that.” I put my hand over my heart.

“Is it because I’m your mother? Because if …” Mom stopped suddenly!

“I wish I knew.” I replied. Questioning why she stopped mid-sentence.

“Is it because if Nikki?” Kat questioned.

“In a way she is part of it. But it’s something deeper than that. She wants more also. She isn’t my mother and yet I can’t seem to get past this …” I pulled Kat to me we kissed like lovers.

“This is something I need to figure out. Until then I still want you. I still want the ‘benefits’ we share if that’s ok with you. I just can’t take that final step. Not just now. Not until I figure this out. Are you ok with that?”

“Take me to bed and I’ll show you my answer!” Mom replied.

“We were in the room when Kat started to undress me, soon I was standing just in my briefs. She sat me on the bed I leaned back against the pillows as she stood on a coffee table in front of me. Slowly she swayed as she started to disrobe.

With only a dress covering her body it didn’t take long before she was in just her garters, panties and stockings. She unhooked the stockings and slipped her panties down her legs and kicked them in my direction.

I watched as her fingers played with her pussy and the watched as one slipped between her hairy but trimmed pussy lips. She moaned as she spread her lips for me to see the pink waiting inside. I slipped my briefs off and started stroking my cock.

Kat looked on as precum oozed from the slit. Stepping down she walked over to the side of the bed. Pushing my hands aside she took over stroking me. Kat kissed me and then bending at the waist kissed my cock head before sliding her mouth over my cock!

A new line had been crossed. The pleasure offset any apprehension I was feeling at that moment. It had been done and I was going to enjoy it for now. Besides this was the first blow job I experienced and I had no desire to remember it as anything other than fantastic. I let my animal instincts take over and thrust my hips hoping to get her to go deeper. ‘Lake Danamanski!’ popped in my head.

Conversely the second thing that popped into my mine is the night she bit the assholes cock! Not wanting the same fate I decided to just let her control the situation.

Kat was close enough I could reach her tit, so I did cupping the weighty mass in my hand. Hanging down it formed an almost perfect cone the nipple escort izmir begging to be sucked. I knew about the sixty nine position and had thoughts of trying it now so she would get pleasured also. We had all night so I figured I would let this be all about me and then it could be all about her. All of this taking place in my brain in a matter of seconds. I realized how truly inexperienced I was.

Instead of thinking I just started to savor the moment and let Kat pleasure me. I held out as long as I could but again my inexperience showed as I started to feel my pending release.

“Kat I’m gonna…cccccuuuuuuummmmmmm!” I groaned.

I couldn’t tell you if it went in her mouth or all over her or all over me all I could feel was my balls tighten and a sweet release. Fuck. I didn’t even have my eyes open. Her mouth was on me now I could feel the warm wetness. Opening my eyes I looked around and couldn’t see a drop.

Kat let me cum in her mouth! Sweet! She looked up at me after my cock was thoroughly deflated. Her lipstick was smeared. Traces of cum clung at the corners of her mouth. She grinned like a little girl in a new frilly dress. She moved over me her tits dragged over my chest her pussy pressed against my limp cock. I could feel her wetness coat it and my stomach as her face hovered above mine.

“Are you ok with this? Too many benefits?” Kat teased.

I pulled her into a kiss I tasted the remnants of my cum. It could have been a mouthful of shit and I probably would have enjoyed it. It wasn’t bad but I wouldn’t pay money for it either. Still I licked the corners of her mouth and fed that to her. She gave a strange look but said nothing. I think she was impressed at my boldness.

I may be inexperienced but I am no idiot. I’ve heard guys talk and even a couple of girls once. I do read and there is always the internet. Most guys don’t like cum. I got it. Most girls don’t either.

They don’t swallow it because they like it. They do it because they love the person they are with and know that doing so is a sign of commitment and devotion. I did it because I wanted to acknowledge I understand her devotion to my happiness and I wanted Kat to know that I’ll return that devotion myself.

“I am definitely surprised and ok with it! That was awesome!” I beamed.

“Was that your first time?” Mom asked. Her question took me back a bit. I struggled with the answer. “I’m sorry Dan. It’s a question I had no right to ask. Please forgive me.”

I could see she was upset with herself. She was concerned that her being my mother and asking a motherly question would ruin the night. I had no intention of letting that happen. I rolled her over and pinned her to the bed her hands above her head.

“Don’t move a muscle.” I sat up at the side of her near her waist. “This is awkward for both of us so let me make it easier for you.

“I have never fucked anyone.” I said almost bragging.

I grabbed her tit and massaged it gently.

“I have never had a blowjob until just now.”

My hand moved across her stomach stopping at her navel before moving to the scar on her abdomen.

“I have never gone down on anyone male or female ever.”

My hand moved to her pussy and then down her leg. I pushed them apart, Kat willingly allowed me.

“The first I hope to avoid at all costs!” I replied laughing.

My hand slipped back to her pussy. I slid my finger along her lips feeling her juices starting to flow along her slit.

“The latter I was hoping to learn about this very night if I could find a willing teacher?” I gave her a naughty grin.

I slipped two fingers in her pussy. Kat arched her back and moaned. She started to bring her hands down.

“No moving!” I reminded her. She raised her hands back into position.

“I have never masturbated myself with anyone watching nor have I watched anyone masturbate save for the brief show you gave me tonight. I might add that I hope you will repeat it in the future to completion.” I whispered.

I started fingering her pussy. Her breathing picked up she looked at me with begging eyes. Kat wanted to say something but I had her right where I wanted her, and she was mine at the moment.

“I have never seen a woman completely naked in person until the night I helped you take a shower. You were my first. I never touched a pussy until you forced me to finger you like I am doing now.” I explained.

Kat was panting she was so close I could see her stomach tense up and then contract. I pulled my fingers from her pussy her moan of frustration was gone the minute she took my fingers in her mouth and licked them clean. I pulled them from her mouth and slid them on either side of her clit. She thrust her hips desperate for more contact. I slipped them in her pussy and fucked her hard. Then I stopped!

“I have never cum on another person until you used your ass cheeks to stroke my cock!”

I slipped my slimy fingers down her pussy across her perineum and across her asshole.

“Oh god Daniel don’t tease me any longer!” Kat hissed through clenched teeth.

“Quiet mother. I am not done answering your question!” I said firmly.

I slipped my fingers back in her pussy she gave a slight shudder.

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