5th Wheel

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A Family Affair: 5th Wheel

This short story is another one which will be the starting point for a novel. Just for fun, I was writing about the women after their reunion and one of them mentioned something in passing that… Let’s just say that she sparked my imagination. So, you will definitely hear from these two lusty women again.
     My grateful thanks to Valphund, my editor, for his patience and forbearance. Any mistakes left are all mine.


Two hour ago, I was primping myself to go to the coolest beach barbecue party of the summer. My hair was blow-dried and brushed to its utmost fullness. The slightest breeze would make me look like those models in the pictures where the wind blows their hair, making them look all sexy.

I had chosen the purple snakeskin-pattern top after hours of debating and trying different ones in front of the full-length mirror behind my closet door. This one gives plenty of support to my double-Ds and, after I place them correctly, pushes my tits in a cleavage sure to make all the other women jealous and the men horny, especially since I made sure half of my aureolae peek out.

I debated going commando under my Daisy Dukes, but what if I ‘have to’ take them off? So I put on an itsy-bitsy g-string. You know, the kind known as ‘pussy floss’. I have a tiny ass so I need all the advantage I can get. At least it’s so tight you can literally bounce a quarter off it (I know, I tried) thanks to endless hours of exercises.

Although I’m five ten, any kind of heel gives my long legs a fantastic shape. My calves are elongated and stand out at the same time. Damn sand! I have to settle on a pair of purple and white Converse sneakers. Not the best choice, but I can always take them off if the sand isn’t too hot.


Ninety minutes ago, I was ready to go out the door when my fucking landlord ‘happened’ to walk by. As soon as he saw me, he ‘remembered’ that my rent was due.

Why did I let him fuck me six months ago when I couldn’t come up with the cash? Okay, three months ago too… Well, last month also, but I’d sworn to myself I’d get a better job so I could pay the rent on that sorry excuse for an apartment. At least I didn’t live up North where the winters are so cold it actually snows. Imagine people living there year-round. Brrr! I get chills simply thinking about it.

Which didn’t help with the landlord. He wanted my money or my ass. I didn’t have the first and I didn’t want to have to take another douche before leaving for the org,,, err… party. So we bargained. Three blow-jobs before the end of the week with the first one right then. Brushing my teeth and gargling was quicker than the alternative.

So, I got on my knees… Damn fucker wouldn’t even close the door. I pulled his pants down as little as I had to. At least he showered this morning.

I had him hard in no time. I would have deep-throated him, but he has such a small dick that it was more like shallow-throating. I used every trick I know, a nibble along the shaft, running my tongue on the ridges under the edge of the cap, tracing the big throbbing vein. I had him spewing in five minutes flat.

He was too easy, but what a load! I swallowed the whole thing. I didn’t want any to drip on me or my top. Of course, I had to lick him clean. He said he was on his way to apartment 4C to collect the rent from Mrs. Kominsky.


An hour and fifteen minutes ago, I was trying to start my fucking lemon of a car. It’s fairly reliable once it’s started, but that’s the part that gives me trouble half the time. As I should have expected, the ever helpful jock who lives across the street is sitting on his stoop, drinking beer.

He walked over and offered his services for a slight compensation. I swear the bastard fucks with my car so only he can get it to turn over. With a resigned sigh, I asked if he would take it on a lay-away until tomorrow. Of course, he wouldn’t. He never does, even if it makes me late for work, then I have to make it up to my boss, but that’s another story for another time. I’m in a hurry.

He fiddled under the hood while I sat at the wheel. When he called, I turned the key and the stupid thing started on the first try. See what I mean? The fucker!

Once it was running, he slammed the hood and crooked his finger at me with that self-satisfied smirk. I walked to the front of the car, unsnapping my shorts. He had me face the car and pulled them down himself. He gets a kick out of it. With a push between my shoulder blades, he had me flat on the vibrating metal. It was still cool, but I knew it would be near burning hot by the time he had collected his due.

At least he always has good quality lubricated condoms. Still, he has to slide it up and down my slit to ‘make it better for me’. Ha! I relaxed as much as I could as he pulled my cheeks apart, but I knew it would still hurt. And it did. Damn fucker! Why can’t he ever go easy? But no! He rammed bahis firmaları his thick cock in my ass in one thrust, until his belly slammed against me.

Finesse? Technique? Those aren’t in his vocabulary. He fucked me like an animal. I only pushed back because of the sharp edge of the hood. I swear. At last, he yelled that he was cumming in my fucking ass. I cried out too… Well, it hurt. Okay?

Now, I was all wet, but no way was I going back upstairs to clean up. The fucker would mess with my car again. Once a day was enough… If only he was a little gentler.

I had a dirty t-shirt in the car and I used it to wipe some of my own cum. What? Of course, I happened to brush against my clit, which had my recently violated ass hole clench, which… You get the picture.


An hour ago, finally, I was ready to go. I was in luck, traffic was minimal and the red lights were all green, for a change. I swear, there’s a fucker on the traffic camera in some office who enjoys having sexy women wait at every light so he can ogle their tits. I bet that doesn’t happen up North where they wear snow suits year-round.

Guess what? As soon as I set a wheel on the seashore highway, traffic stopped. I mean, not even crawling forward. Total parking zone. I looked behind me, hoping I could back up, but there was an asshole up my bumper smiling at me sheepishly and throwing his hands in the air. Bastard! I was too close to the car in front of me to get on the shoulder, and I bet there wasn’t even an inch of space behind my car. ‘That’s it!’ I thought. ‘No beach party with all the gorgeous hunks and their big cocks bulging in their Speedos. I might as well diddle myself.’

Thank fucking god, two butches on their bikes came toward the exit with lights flashing. One went down the ramp while the other stopped beside my car. I could see her eyeing my cleavage. Reflexively, I took a deep breath. What can I say? If you’ve got it, flaunt it, I always say. And I got it in spades.

“Didn’t you hear that the fucking highway is closed? It’s on every station.”

“Sorry, bab… ma’am. My radio doesn’t work. I was in a hurry to go to a beach party.”

“Well, you won’t get there anytime soon this way. We’re going to have all you morons back down the ramp. Then you take the state highway west to the third light and go straight for five miles. At the stop sign, you go right. Two miles down that road, you’ll be at the beach. Got that?”

I lost her at ‘west’. All my attention was on those big boobs straining to burst out of her uniform with every breath. I only reigned in my imagination when she snapped her strong fingers in front of my face.

“You’ll never remember all that.” She told me. “What if I write it down?”

I could only nod, hypnotized by her full lips blowing kisses at me as she spoke.

I wasn’t the only one distracted. Her eyes were glued to my heaving chest.

“Scoot down.” She ordered in that sensuous voice. I had to obey. She was an officer of the law, after all. “Now pull down your pants. Didn’t have enough material to make panties, I see? Too bad there are so many people around or I’d show you a little known use for the baton. Spread them, cunt.” I swear I thought she meant my lips. “You’re an eager beaver, aren’t you?”

She reached down with one hand and up with the other to fondle my tits. She pinched my nipples while fingering me roughly. How did she know? She echoed my moans as she watched my nips try to pop through my thin top. That was some wrist action. Her shoulder didn’t move as she fucked me better than I had been in a long time. I had to slap both hands on my mouth so she was the only one to hear me scream as I came. When I slumped back in my seat, she stuffed her fingers in my dry mouth, so I obligingly licked them clean. Fucking prude! I was parched, that’s all.

She explained that she and her partner (she gave a funny accent on the word) were going to get the cars to back up and that I could do the same, then take the road she had told me about. All that time, she was scribbling on a small piece of paper which she dropped between my still spread legs before walking away. I saw her rub her fingers under her nose. What can I say? I do my part for those women in blue.

I took the business card so I could wipe myself dry… again. It had a phone number scrawled on the back with the words ‘CALL ME’ in capitals and underlined five times. Cool! It’s always useful to have well placed contacts. As I dried myself, I remembered her comment about the nightstick…

I hurried to pull my cut-offs up when the car in front of me honked.


Half an hour ago I was on my way west… Well, roughly west.


Fifteen minutes ago, I hadn’t seen either a road sign or another car in a while. That couldn’t be normal on a state highway, could it?

I had just decided to turn around when the steering wheel started bucking in my hands. What the fuck? I only had time to pull kaçak iddaa over, inches from the ditch, before the piece of shit died on me and white smoke poured out of the wheel wells and front grill.

I’d seen that before. I was done for. I would have cried, but it would have made my make-up run, so I screamed in frustration. I would never get my hands on those chiseled abs. I would never get to grab their dicks ‘accidently’. I would never get to flash my boobs until a couple of them took me in the dunes for some fun in the sun.

All that shit and I wouldn’t even get fucked! Aaaarrrrgh!


Now, I’m standing on the side of the road ready to use my thumb to go back home when I’d rather use my other fingers to stroke a cock until it’s hard enough to fuck my brains out

Damn used car salesman! Why did I agree to let him bunghole me in his office in exchange for his ‘personal guarantee’ that this was the best car on the lot? At least he knew how to use that dick. Still. It was pretty underhanded… but he sure knew how to use those fingers with his hand under me as he pounded his… Damn fucker! Hmmm!

I haven’t seen a soul in half an hour, let alone a car to pick me up.

At last, a cloud of dust appears down the road. It gets bigger. Then I can see a dark shape at its base and hear the roar of a souped-up engine or a busted silencer. You never know.

Yep! It’s one of those tricked-up giant pick-ups. The sun glints off all the chrome accessories and reflects on the shiny black paint job.

It means either a jock or a redneck. Beggars can’t be choosers, I always say. I only hope he took a shower this week, at least. I don’t have any high expectations.

With the blazing sun, I can’t make the driver out. He doesn’t make it easy either. He just sits there and waits. Whatever happened to chivalry? He could have come out and asked what the problem was. But noooo! He has to play it cool. Well, two can play that game.

I sashay over to the passenger side, swinging my hips with that little thrust of the pelvis that drives men wild and just enough bounce in my step to send my boobs a-bobbing.

Damn, the thing is huge. I have to grab the bar handle and step on the running board to see the most beautiful… woman.

She looks at my boobs, appreciatively, I’m sure, so I instinctively take a deep breath. What can I say? I’m proud of my puppies. She nods approvingly, then locks gazes with me.

She doesn’t do the obvious opening lines.

“You’re going my way.” She simply states.

“I am.” I reply meekly. There’s something about her.

At last, I understand why men can’t look me in the eye.

I once looked up the definition of the word ‘voluptuous’. If there had been pictures in the dictionary, hers would have been right beside the word. She’s hefty without being fat. ‘Big boned’ is the p.c. term, I think. She had plenty of flesh to tantalize with. Those must be at least H-cups of jiggling beauty. It’s overflowing from the tight white bustier she’s wearing. Even seated, I can see the hourglass figure it gives her. Her ample thighs strain the seams of her tight jeans. How the hell did she get in them? She’s barefoot, but there’s a pair of emerald snakeskin stiletto slingbacks on the floor. I come back up to see that she’s staring at me with those incredible sea-blue eyes. Her blood-red lipstick stands out on her pale white skin. How can anyone have such light skin down here? What really catches the eye is the thick mane of natural red hair. If she told me she was fresh off the boat from Scotland, I would believe her unless she dyed her eyebrows and eyelashes too.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Aren’t you going to kiss me hello?”

I can’t scoot fast enough all the way across the huge cab to kneel within easy reach. I hesitate a second, unsure how to proceed. She sets me straight by pulling me in with a hand behind my neck.

What a kisser! Her technique is impeccable. I’m creaming by the time she snakes her tongue past my parted lips and explores every inch of my mouth thoroughly. What a tongue! I feel it lick the back of my throat. I’m almost afr… I hope she pushes it in. It must be the longest tongue I’ve ever had in my mouth, let alone…

Her second hand isn’t idle either. She has both my tits out of my top in a jiffy. She fondled my mounds roughly. I moan in delight. She must like my long pencil eraser-type nipples because she doesn’t stop pinching and pulling them until they’re double their normal length. I have to push against her fingers. I want… I need… I must have more of the same!

All of a sudden, my nips are free, my mouth is empty. I whine before I realize what I’m doing. I stop as I open my eyes. A girl must have some dignity, don’t you think? She’s staring at me again.

She looks me up and down, from my hanging tits and my heaving chest to my contracting belly and my humping hips. Fuck! Damn reflexes!

I slump back in the seat, expecting to lean kaçak bahis against the door, but the fucking thing is too far and I end up on my back, spread legs in the air.

Before I can recover, her hand is pushing against my cunt through the short shorts. In that position, I know half my cheeks are peeking out so I want to put my feet on the seat. It’s like she can read my mind.

“Keep those up, bitch!” She growls. Her husky voice sends chills right where I know she wants it to. “Hold your knees up and spread them.”

My eyes glaze over as I obey. She hasn’t stopped stroking me. I’m glad for those belly dancing classes. At least I can buck against her rough hand with my hips alone. I’d bet a million dollars she knows exactly when she has me teetering at the edge of this fantastic cum because that’s when she takes her hand away.

I cry out in frustration. I would have finished myself off, but she ordered me to hold on to my knees. I shudder to think what would happen if I let go before she allowed. I try to do it simply by humping, hoping the friction against the bit of denim will be enough.

That’s when I hear a metallic snick. I freeze, eyes tightly shut. I’ve heard that sound before. She snakes a finger through the crotch of my cut-offs and pulls on it roughly. Shit! I wasted a perfectly good pair of jeans because if gave a nice shape to my ass, now… I feel it when both ends fly apart.

“You might as well take them off completely.”

Once I’m bare assed, she grabs my top. I hold on to her hand. The thing cost me missing out on rent last month. She taps my clit with the flat of the blade. I let go of her hand. Ah, well. I can always fuck the fucker again next month.

When she has the tatters of my clothes in hand, she powers her window down and throws them out. Why the fuck did she have to do it? She had me in her grasp anyway. Fuck cheap make-up. I wish I could afford tear-proof shit.

“Put your hands on your tits so you’re not tempted to get yourself off.” She orders. Damn that voice.

Without another word, she shifts in gear and pulls away. I have serious vehicle envy at that point.

I might as well sit up. Nobody will see my boobs if I’m holding on to them. I should have known.

“Lock your fingers behind your neck.” She orders as soon as I’m up. Fucking bitch. What did I do to her? “Stop that! Spread your legs.” Damn! Nothing gets past her.

We drive on for about half an hour. I thought I knew the area, but I’m lost. Even if I wanted to run away, wearing less than an ounce of material, where would I go? At least we were on the highway for only ten minutes or so. Only fifty people had seen me pushing my chest out. After the first ten, I was mortified. After the next ten, it didn’t bother me so much. That’s when I remembered my motto. I gave the last thirty something to jack off about. Yep! I’ve still got it.

We pull in a trailer lot. Too bad it’s mostly empty. I’m on a roll. She parks beside an enormous trailer. It’s almost a mobile home. Now I understand why she needs such a big ass truck.

She gets out and walks to my side. I can see the top of her red head bob in front of the truck. She isn’t an inch over five six. She pulls my door open and waits. When I raise a perfectly shaped eyebrow at her, she opens her arms. She flexes her hands in a clear invitation and promise that she’ll catch me. Just as I lose my balance, she turns away.

“What?” When she turns back, she looks up where I was, then down where I am. “Oops. I thought I heard someone call my name.” Yeah, yeah, I heard that one before.

She slams the door shut and pushes a button on the fob. The chirp tells me that I’m locked out, bare ass naked for anyone to ogle. As I manage to get on my feet, I see the door to the mobile home close. Bitch!

I stand in front of the door. I can’t even knock with my feet. My Converse followed my clothes out the window. So I sit on the ground to wait for her next move. The steps are diamond-cut metal. Perfect to clean dirty boots. Not so much to put my unprotected ass on.

I hear a couple of wolf whistles. I close my eyes and sigh. Ah, well. It’s been a shitty day all around. A rape won’t make it much worse. I’ve just decided to make the best of it when the door opens and she’s looking down at me, disgusted.

“You’re damn useless. You have two perfectly good hands. Why didn’t you open the door yourself?”

Before I can answer, she closes the door in my face. I hear the snick of the lock engaging. Fucking bitch!

I turn around to face two hillbillies coming my way, holding their crotches. I suppose it’s what passes for courtship up in the mountains, but what are they doing down here? I might as well get it over with. So I hump my hips their way. They’re pulling off the shoulder straps of their dirty overalls when I hear the door open behind me and another familiar chick-chick. The… men stop in their tracks and shuffle away.

“You’ll fuck anything, won’t you? Get your skinny ass in here.”

I jump over the steps before she can change her mind. I lose my footing and end up sprawled on a couch… well, a loveseat, so I bump my head on the arm rest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32