A Birthday Present Ch. 1

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Lauren stood at the terminal window, waiting for Ryan to exit the plane. She tried to remember every detail of him before: his blond, disheveled hair; blue laughing eyes; big smile…She trailed on, lost in thought until a man tapped her lightly on the shoulder. She turned around quickly in shock.

“Ryan!” she cried, hugging her brother tightly.

Ryan stumbled backwards, feigning a loss of breath. Lauren laughed and hugged him tighter. Finally, she let go of him, standing back to take in his view. Yep, this was the same Ryan. He had come home from his first year at Harvard to help her celebrate her 18th birthday. She was so excited about her “mystery present” that he had mentioned on the phone the day before. All the way through the baggage claim and the car ride home, she tried to guess what her gift was. Just as they pulled up at the house, she sighed, “I give up. I guess I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.” She then flounced inside, sashaying her ass the whole way.

Ryan, still seated in the car, let out a breath of relief. He had been planning this present for her for years. He must have been twelve when he first noticed how lovely she was, but he hadn’t thought of her as a sexual object until they were in high school. At first, he had just chalked it up to hormones, but he had recently accepted the fact that he had a thing for his sister. He was in love with everything about her. Her legs, her breasts, her ass… He shook himself out of his reverie and dragged his luggage into the house, up the stairs, and into his room. Ryan decided that unpacking was out of the question. He was only staying for the weekend. After all, finals were a few weeks away and it was not a good time to be missing his classes.

Later on, Lauren poked her head through his doorway and said in her giggling voice, “Hey Rye, wanna go swimming with me later? The water finally hit 85. “

Ryan laughed at his sister. She was so scared of cold water. He pulled on his trunks and went to meet her downstairs. He had just opened the back door when he gasped. There she was, massaging her legs with tanning oil in the smallest swimsuit he had ever seen. And he lived across the street from a sorority! Lauren’s suit was made of white mesh with quarter sized polka dots that conveniently covered her nipples and the top of her pussy. When she stood up to say hi, he noticed that the bottom wasn’t even a thong…it was a g-string. He felt a familiar tingle in his loins and casino siteleri decided that now was the perfect time to sprint to the pool. He dove in, barely concealing his hard-on.

Lauren, taking his hint, jumped in right after Ryan. She wasted no time in starting a tickle fight which caused much splashing and laughing on both parts. Ryan was glad things were still the same at home, well, except for his incestuous lust…

He decided to play the “evil big brother” role, and started to snap the back of Lauren’s top, hoping the clasp would snap off. Lauren turned around, winked, and said, “Oh, is that bothering you?” in her oh-so-innocent voice. She unhooked her triangle-top and tossed it out of the pool. Ryan’s eyes almost bugged out of his head. Thank God mom and dad aren’t home, he thought. His little sister’s 34C and very perky tits were staring at him in the face. He gasped and stared. Lauren just smiled and tried to continue the tickle war, but Ryan couldn’t concentrate on anything except for the melons bobbing in front of him.

This wasn’t how he had planned the weekend. He had been planning to play big brother until after the party, then seduce her into sleeping with him afterwards. In a last effort to salvage what pride he had left, Ryan began to hoist himself out of the pool. But Lauren had other plans, she grabbed her brother by the waist pulling him back into the pool, but not letting go. Ryan was a strong guy, but detaching a persistent sister in the water is not easy. Especially when her bare breasts are pushing into your lower back. Eventually, Ryan admitted defeat, and relaxed his grip on her ever-tightening arms. Lauren laughed and crawled out of the pool. Ryan shook his head at his teasing sibling and joined her.

That evening, dinner was a “quiz-session” as Ryan aptly called it. His parents asked him ever possible question about classes and then moved onto dating. Ryan nervously shifted in his seat. It wasn’t that he had girl-troubles, he always had a girl either with or out after him–he was just embarrassed by his parents probing questions. After a desert of oh-so-exciting vanilla ice cream, he crawled off to his room. While brushing his teeth, he decided that his life had always been vanilla ice cream. He dated the blond cheerleaders, lived for football and his scholarship, and hung out with the same guys since kindergarten. He knew in that moment he was going to fuck his little sister.


THE canlı casino NEXT DAY

Lauren awoke to the smell of a pancake breakfast. She yawned , stretched, and silently told herself happy birthday. She was finally legal. Remembering that her parents had already left for work and only her brother was home, she bypassed changing clothes and skipped downstairs in a filmy tank top and tiny panties. She laughed at her reflection in the foyer mirror. From the hem of her shirt to the top of her very brief panties, there was at least seven inches of skin showing. Combined with the almost see-through shirt that displayed her prominent nipples and her tousled blonde hair, Lauren decided that she looked like the ultimate tramp. She laughed again, wondering what her brother thought, hoping it was the same as her own idea. After all, she was legal.

Lauren pranced into the kitchen and gave her brother a big hug.

“Happy birthday, princess,” he said in reply. Then he bent down to kiss her cheek as customary, but she tilted her head and his lips planted on hers. At that instant, instincts took over and they both began passionately kissing each other. Their tongues tangled in the vicious tango of love and the two lusting siblings began pulling at each others’ clothes. Breakfast was disregarded for the moment as the two accepted their love for each other.

Their kiss only broke to pull shirts over heads and then it resumed, as furious as before. Ryan’s hands magnetically went to Lauren’s breasts and he began kneading them as if they were bread. Lauren moaned into her brother’s mouth as she fumbled for his cock. Standing straight out at ten inches, it was not hard to find. She pulled it toward herself, inadvertently squishing herself to the kitchen island with the weight of her brother. Ryan took advantage of this opportune moment to nudge his cock into the moist slit between his sister’s legs. He knew he should take things slow and make things wonderful for his virginal sister’s first sexual experience, but his cock made the decision for him, slipping into the folds of Lauren’s pussy until it encountered her cherry. Ryan whispered “I love you.” into her ear and then pushed past the barrier.

She had become a woman. And by her own brother too–that thought alone brought Lauren her first orgasm of the day. Her juices cascaded out of her engorged pussy lips and onto her legs and her brother’s. Ryan began to pick up speed, kaçak casino knowing that his sister’s tight walls were going to make him cum soon. He held out for several more strokes, and blew his load into Lauren’s pussy within minutes of entering her. But neither of the love makers cared about that. They had no sense of time or reason.

“Let’s go wash up before we eat,” giggled Lauren, who was still on her sexual high.

“But not before I eat you,” said Ryan, who fully intended to suck on his sister in the shower.

Together they headed upstairs into the master bathroom where the magnificent shower was. Inside there was room for 5 people and a shower head for each one. Since they had left their clothes in the kitchen, the two walked into the shower, still holding hands. They both shivered as the water began cold and then warmed up to the perfect temperature.

Ryan kissed Lauren and said, “I hope you like your present.” He knelt between her knees and pushed her backwards until her back rested against the wall. He then reached up with his head and began to rub his nose into her slit, noting all her moans of ecstasy as her began to center on her clit. Then, ever so slowly he began to ease a finger into her pussy while still nibbling at her sensitive clit with his teeth. As he continued his ministrations, Lauren began to come. And did she ever! She began screaming at her brother to “Fuck me!” and he generously complied. He pushed her onto the floor so he could mount her doggie style and watch her boobs swing with every thrust.

He slowly pushed the head of his cock into her swollen pussy and then rammed the remaining nine inches to the hilt in one fluid motion. Lauren let out a scream of pure lust. For the second time, Ryan thanked God for keeping his parents away from home. Because he had just come minutes earlier, he could last much longer for this second fuck. Determined to make this pure delight for his sister, he reached forward and began to tease his sister’s nipples, rubbing the sensitive nubs between his thumb and forefinger.

Lauren began cumming continuously and so Ryan decided that it was his turn to get pleasure out of sex. He returned his hands to Lauren’s hips and began slamming into her pussy with a vengeance. Lauren let out a series of short screams as the assault on her pussy was renewed. When she began panting for breath, Ryan decided that she’d had enough for one morning and came deep inside of his sister. She let out one last “Oh my fuckin’ God” before collapsing under her brother’s weight. They both lay, dazed on the shower floor.

Lauren rolled over and looked into her brother’s eyes and said, “What’s the rest of my present, gorgeous?”

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