A Boy and His Mom: Book 02

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Like the first episode this involves a college student and his mother, both of whom are obviously of legal age…

As promised this is the second half of “A Boy and His Mom”. The first part detailed Billy’s sexual relationship with his long-divorced Mom. Eileen Hammond had finally begun dating Henri Pachard, a very suave 53 year old gentleman, and everything seemed to be going well – with Billy becoming less jealous of having to share and the two men actually getting along well – when something happened.

Henri had left his wallet on Eileen’s night table and since he needed it the next day he let himself into the Hammond’s house at dawn the next morning. What Henri saw in the bedroom shocked him a bit but not as much as it might have most men because he himself had a special relationship with his grandmother in his youth.

Henri tiptoed in and out without either Eileen or Billy waking up, but he called his girlfriend later that morning and told him about his visit and what he had seen. Eileen tried to make up excuses for Billy being in bed with her but Henri made it clear that not only wasn’t he offended, he had been aroused. So much so that he suggested that he would love it if they could all be in bed together.

Once Eileen got over the shocks of her incestuous relationship with her son being revealed and the suggestion that she would be part of a threesome with her boyfriend and her boy, Eileen brought up the subject to her son with a great deal of trepidation.

Billy was an only child and something of a Mama’s boy who was very sensitive and quite self-conscious about himself, although his fears were mostly unwarranted because Eileen always told Billy that he was much better in bed than his deserter old man ever was.

So Eileen mentioned it all to her son in bed that night, after he had slid the organ Eileen fondly referred to as his Mommy-pleaser into her pussy from behind. Billy was as shocked as she expected he would be upon hearing it all but the more they talked about it the more receptive the lad became.

At the end of the night Billy had agreed to it, and while he told his mother that he would do anything to make her happy, it was unspoken that Billy was also curious. So was Eileen Hammond.


As dinners went in the Hammond household, the meal on Friday evening was nothing spectacular, with Eileen declaring the chicken a bit dry while her son and her boyfriend told her it was as great as ever.

Eileen ate little of it, because her stomach was in knots about what was going to happen later, but her son Billy ate even less which was a first because while the boy was as lean as a whippet he usually ate like a horse.

Billy’s attention was on the man across the table, Henri who for his part had not lost his appetite in the least. The bearded 53 year old Frenchman had warned Eileen when they were courting that he was a man with voracious appetites for food and the flesh and he had done nothing to disprove it.

Henri had also won Eileen’s heart by befriending her son despite Billy’s early resistance, but now looking across the table at the curly-haired man who might one day be his stepfather he was scared.

Billy had enjoyed sex hundreds of times but never with anybody but his mother, save a sleepover where he and a friend had masturbated each other. Mom was different and had been patient and understanding so that his once inept efforts were now much more skillful.

But this was Henri, Billy thought as he picked at his dinner. Henry was a man and while he was only slightly larger physically than he was they were worlds different. The lad feared Henri was a man of the world and thus had probably forgotten more about lovemaking that Billy would even know.

Billy had heard him in there with his Mom. he had heard the bed groan and his Mom moan and while those things happened when he and his mother made love too, to Billy it didn’t seem as loud then.

Then there was the difference in their bodies. Billy was slender and except for a dusting of hair on the insides of his calves and under his arms, along with a tuft of golden curls over his dick he was virtually hairless and because the hair was so light and fine he looked even more boyish.

Now Henri, Billy thought as his nervousness grew, now he was a real man. Henri was a hairy chest and really furry legs, the hair as black as night and thick, and it looked like he had hair on his back as well.

Billy had gotten this information from a single peek at Henri out in the hall late one night when Henri had left his Mom’s bedroom and went to the bathroom, and although the look only lasted seconds it made an impression on Billy, especially the glance he had gotten of Henri’s cock.

It had been flaccid when Billy saw it, most likely having just been in his Mom’s pussy, and while his mother maintained that not only didn’t size matter there was hardly any difference between her son’s and her boyfriend equipment save a little thickness it didn’t seem that way to Billy because Henri’s sure looked big – a fat brown uncircumcised bets10 organ that looked like a sausage sprouting out of the bush.

Billy would see Henri naked soon enough and he would see him as well, although his Mom told him that Henri had seen him naked that time with morning wood and was impressed. While Billy knew there was certainly nothing out of the ordinary about him it had reassured him to hear that, only now the clock was ticking, the dinner was over and Henri was telling Eileen that the boys would clear the table and she could get ready for them.

“She’s nervous – your mother is,” Henri told Billy after they were alone, the slight French accent remaining in his voice despite having lived half his life here. “I know you are too and although I may not look it, I too am a bit jittery. More excited than anything else.”

“Me – I’m just scared,” Billy admitted, getting a pat on the shoulder and a laugh from his Mom’s boyfriend.

“I envy you Billy,” Henri said as they scraped the plates. “You see, I would have loved to have the kind of relationship with my mother that you do. I think many if not most boys would like to just once make love to their mothers, or have at least have fantasized about it.”

“Mom said that you and your grandmother…

“Ah yes, the dear woman taught me everything I would need to know,” Henri confided. “I had graduated from middle school and she beckoned me into her house, telling me that she didn’t have money to get me a present but did have something for me. That, my dear Billy, was an understatement.”

“Are you going to marry Mom?”

“It’s possible,” Henri admitted. “We’ve discussed it but I think in the beginning she was afraid that you wouldn’t take it well.”

“I was just jealous. I think I’m over than now, and like I told Mom, in a couple years I’ll be done with college and I would hate to leave Mom alone because who knows, maybe I’ll find a girl I love as much as Mom.”

“That’s a good way to think.”

“I don’t think so though,” Billy added wistfully. “Mom is special.”

“That she is, and so are you,” Henri said after they turned on the dishwasher and prepared to go down the hall. “Now I don’t know how you feel about being with another man, but regardless there might be times when we touch each other, either accidentally or on purpose.”

“Mom told me. I don’t really – I mean me and a friend – you know?” Billy said while making a masturbating gesture. “Outside of that, it’s just been Mom.”

“Well if you feel like you want to touch me I’m fine with that,” Henri said. “I greatly prefer a woman’s touch also but I am open-minded. I think it would be better for your Mom if we didn’t treat each other like we were radioactive though.”


“I bought your Mom an outfit for tonight – poor woman she’s so self-conscious but she’s lovely. So her breasts are a bit small and they’re starting to show signs of age? That only makes her better in my eyes because she’s real. I hate silicone and that sort of thing. I much prefer natural women.”

“I know.”

“So I think we should wash our hands and meet outside the bedroom door,” Henri declared before they headed to the two bathrooms, handing the lad a small bag. “Here’s something you can wear – I got us both a pair – sort of a family thing. That way we won’t have to get undressed in there. Five minutes should do it.”

Billy nodded and after visiting the other bathroom opened the bag and removed the black satin boxers Henri had gotten him. The boy undressed and as he stood there holding the briefs in front of him caught a glimpse of his image in the mirror.

“I can’t chicken out now,” he told the image as he reached down and took his dick in hand, trying to coax a little life in the flaccid organ that was much more impressive erect than limp.

After pulling on the little rubbery stem for a minute, his eyes closed as he pictured his Mom with her legs spread wide and her hairy pussy open and ready for him, his efforts started to work a bit.

“Can’t let Mom down or embarrass her,” he said as he opened his eyes and saw his semi wiggling there, and satisfied he slipped the boxers on and went back down to the other end of the house.

Henri was there waiting for him outside the bedroom door in his boxer shorts, the thick hair on his chest and legs blending in with the briefs.

“Ready son?” Henri asked, and after the lad nodded Henri opened the door to the bedroom where Eileen Hammond stood clad in the briefest of red nighties with a nervous smile.

“You look gorgeous love,” Henri exclaimed.

“You do Mom,” Billy seconded, having never seen his Mom wearing anything sexy because she didn’t own anything like this, and although the light was dim Billy was so used to coming into this room in the darkness that this look at Mom was unique.

“You men look handsome too,” Eileen said of their matching boxer shorts. “You like them Billy?”

“Yeah. They feel soft,” Billy said as he stared at his Mom’s teardrop breasts through the lace, the fat nipples clear as day bets10 giriş as was the thick triangle of hair between her legs.

“Of course, we don’t want them to stay on too long, do we Billy?” Henri said as he herded the lad over towards his mother.

Billy watched his mother kneel down in front of the bed, and while he thought that this must have been something Henri and his mother had choreographed earlier the lad was too busy trying to keep his trembling knees under him to think about it.

“My two special guys,” Eileen said as she brought her hands up and rubbed the fronts of their briefs. “I don’t know where to start, although I think my number one love should come first.”

“Absolutely,” Henri agreed.

“Then it’s settled,” Eileen said as she swiveled a little and took her son’s briefs by the elastic as coaxed them down his skinny legs, and after he stepped out of them Eileen grabbed his slim tube and pulled on it.

Billy had his eyes screwed closed as he felt his mother pull on his cock, trying not to think that Henri was standing right next to him watching, so close the boy could feel the heat radiating from his body.

“Mmm,” Eileen mumbled as she took Billy’s cock into her mouth and let her lips slide down to the base, sucking hard on it and feeling it begin to stiffen as his nuts rubbed against her chin.

“Oh dear that’s so hot,” Henri was saying as he leaned closer to Billy, his hairy shoulder rubbing against Billy’s bony arm. “You like your son’s cock, no?”

“You know it,” Eileen said after bringing her mouth back to the tip and dabbing the conical head with her tongue. “He gets hard so fast – and so hard I swear you could cut glass with it.”

“I believe you,” Henri said as he brushed Eileen’s brown hair back from the side of her face as her cheeks struggled to reach the nest of Billy’s curls now that he was erect. “Oh yes, suck that cock. I bet he’s massaging your throat with that prong by now.”

Eileen ran her lips back to the tip of her son’s now-stiff manhood just as Billy worked up the courage to open his eyes, and as he looked down and saw his Mom holding his arching dick that was slick with her saliva she winked at her son.

“What’s Mom’s name for this?” Eileen giggled as she wiggled his boner.

“Your Mommy-pleaser,” Billy said shyly as she pulled his cock upwards to first lick his balls and then pop the ping-pong sized nuts in her mouth one at a time.

“Ohh!” Billy groaned as his Mom snorted eagerly while sucking the orbs.

“Don’t want you cumming too fast,” Eileen said as she let go of Billy’s staff, and as his boner bobbed in front of him Eileen swiveled to face Henri and asked her son if he minded if she gave Henri some love too?

“No, go ahead,” Billy said as he watched his Mom pulled down Henri’s boxers, and when he reached up and grabbed her boyfriend’s cock Billy could tell that his cock looked nothing like what it had in the hall that night.

“Somebody’s excited already, aren’t they,” Eileen said as he gave Henri’s brown uncut cock a pull, a dick that while was pointing somewhat downward was apparently not limp.

“If you had sucked Billy’s cock a minute more I might have cum just watching you,’ Henri explained as Eileen peeled back the foreskin and licked the prominent ridge of the fat bulb before taking the glans in her mouth.

Billy watched Henri’s head roll from side to side as Mom’s lips slid down the fat organ, and as he seemed to grow even more under her efforts Billy realized that Mom had told a little white lie because not only was Henri’s cock considerably thicker it was also much longer as well.

To his surprise Billy found that he wasn’t upset about what his Mom had said and he wasn’t embarrassed about her boyfriend’s physical superiority either. He was actually enjoying watching his Mom suck Henri’s cock and his hand had gone to his own dick and had begun to stroke himself.

“Can you deep throat Henri, Mom?” Billy asked excitedly.

“No but she tries hard and maybe someday…” Henri suggested as Eileen rolled her eyes while struggling to get more than halfway down what was easily 8″ inches of now stiff flesh.

“Damn your cock is huge,” Billy said to Henri.

“You aren’t too shabby yourself Billy,” Henri said in response and then added, “Eileen, why don’t you suck us both at the same time?”

“Are you kidding?” Eileen exclaimed as Henri took his manhood from her mouth and turned towards Billy with his erection waving.

“Billy, bring your cock over and let’s see if your Mom can handle us both at once,” Henri said as he brought his dusky organ over so that his shrouded glans was touching Billy’s pink bulb.

Billy shuddered at the touch of Henri’s dick against his as his Mom grabbed both cocks and ran her tongue over the tips.

“Don’t think I can,” Eileen said before stretching her mouth to the limit and forcing the ends of the two dicks in her mouth briefly before giving up.

“Too much dick!” Eileen chirped. “Can’t believe I said that.”

“You did good love,” bets10 güvenilir mi Henri said as he reached down and lifted Eileen to her feet, and as Billy watched Henri nuzzle into her neck he tried to mimic what his mother’s boyfriend was doing, kneading her left breast while Henri did the same to her left.

“Omigod – this is amazing,” Eileen exclaimed as her breasts were mauled while the two men kissed and nibbled her neck and shoulders. “I can’t…”

“I knew you would like it,” Henri sighed as he chewed on Eileen earlobe. “You’re almost too much woman for one man – and look Billy! Reach down and feel your mother’s sex. She’s dripping wet.”

Billy glanced down and saw Henri had lifted the bottom of Mom’s brief nightie up and was playing with her pussy, and when his hand joined Henri’s and felt the soggy pubic hair Billy nodded.

“She never gets that wet for me alone,” Henri said and Billy added, “Me neither.”

“I think what we’ll do first is get this off you,” Henri declared as he lifted the nightie with Billy’s help. “And then I think we’ll have you lie down so Billy can eat your pussy – you do like to eat your Mom’s pussy don’t you Billy?”

“Yeah,” Billy exclaimed as Henri eased Eileen down onto her back and up towards the headboard, and then he was kneeling between his mother’s parted thighs with that lush wet sex gleaming and the feral scent filling the room.

Billy lowered his face into the delta and let his tongue splash around inside his mother, the touch of his tongue making Eileen writhe and squirm in the bedding while Henri smothered her with kisses.

With her son holding down her hips with his hands coming up under her butt and pressing her face in her fold, Eileen was kicking her legs around helplessly as the two men ravished her orally.

While Billy kept eating her out he looked up through his mother’s bush to see what Henri was doing. Her boyfriend was sucking on his Mom’s flattened breast and was raising his head as he kept the plump nipple in his mouth, stretching the loose skin up as far as he could before letting go.

Then he watched Henri kiss his way over from her breast to under her arm which he had pinned back at the headboard, kissing and licking and maybe even chewing the wisp of hair she had left unshorn for him. At that point Billy had to raise his lower torso from the sheets because the contact of the fabric on the underside of his boner combined with the visuals of his mother going wild was too much to bear.

“Get Billy hard again,” Henri was saying to Eileen. “I must watch him have you. Get him hard.”

“Won’t have too – he’s hard already,” a frantic Eileen Hammond gasped.

“How can you tell? He’s…” Henri started to say as he looked at Billy down at the other end of the bed out of sight.

“He always is,” Eileen said almost deliriously even before her son rose from the bedding, his arching prong swaying in front of him as he moved up between her thighs.

“She needs it son,” Henri said as he leaned back to watch. “Put it in slow so I can see it all.”

Billy nodded as he moved up against the backs of his Mom’s thighs and pulled his cock down between her dripping labia, rubbing the tip and making his mother moan and raise her lower torso a bit to try and capture his tool.

“That’s it Billy – make your Mommy beg for it,” Henri cackled as he stroked his own cock. “She wants her boy’s cock in her hairy pussy so bad. Make her beg for it.”

“Please honey,” Eileen’s voice wobbled.

“That’s it – nice and easy,” Henri instructed. “Slide that long dick of yours in slow.”

Billy went as slow as he could, fighting the urge to plunge in as the snug warmth of her pussy surrounded him, but by the time he had slid in to the hilt the feel and the sight of his Mom thrashing around beneath him had him on the verge of cumming already.

Making up his mind that he could not longer look at his frantic mother who was clawing at her breasts and thrusting herself to him, Billy tried to look at the picture over the headboard before he caught a glimpse of his mother’s boyfriend kneeling at the far corner of the bed.

Henri was kneeling there with his cock in his right hand and his balls in his left, and as the older man stroked himself it hit Billy that he was the star of the show. Henri was watching him fuck his Mom and he must have been doing it well because Henri was very excited.

Billy decided to watch Henri jerk off, not because he himself was particularly aroused by the sight or had any interest to doing anything to him, but because he just couldn’t watch his Mom without having to fight the urge to cum. In fact, even hearing her moaning and talking dirty was tough enough to try and ignore.

He would be watching Henri fuck his Mom soon, Billy realized. All those times of standing outside the room hearing this very bed creak and listening to his Mom carrying on while fantasizing what it would look like – and now he would see them in the flesh.

Her boyfriend’s long fat cock would go into the same pussy he was in right now, and as Billy watched Henri’s fist slide up and down his shaft with the plum-sized head playing hide-and-seek as the foreskin slid up and down, he realized that Mom wouldn’t be screaming louder for Henri that she was right now with him. No one could.

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