A Change of Routine Ch. 2

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Have you ever gone into a situation blind and totally unprepared? Prompted by my son’s note, I had driven to his place of choosing, at his order. My heart was beating like mad underneath my breast.

Oh god, I was nervous… so nervous. I’d never done anything like this before! I felt… I guess the word would be, as if I was “blazing” – I knew that I stood out. Stepping into the dark and shadowy italian restaurant, it felt like all eyes were on me, and more than likely they were. I stood out like a sore thumb in my meager covering, flushing pink as I walked past a group of gawking teenage boys. I located Gary in the far back corner of the room, sitting at a small round table for two. He was not looking at me.

Every step that I made took effort. You know how I am. I had the overwhelming sense that what I was doing was so wrong. He didn’t see me. It would have been so easy to turn tail and run… but there was something else. Inside me, a deep feeling, a heat from my loins. It intensified as I looked upon my son, sitting there so casually, waiting. I succumbed to this feeling.

Then Gary turned his face toward me. As his eyes washed their heat over my body, I could see that he was pleased. An utterly irresistable boyish smile curled at the corners of his lips. He brought a hand up onto the table, and pressing his fingers to a set of napkin-wrapped silverware, pushed the object forward and sent it over the edge of the table, and onto the floor. I looked at him strangely. Amusement and a hint of mischief glinted in his eyes. ‘Pick it up,’ he whispered.

I bent at the knees and began to stoop myself downwards to retrieve the fallen object, but suddenly I found my son’s hand firmly around my wrist. ‘No. Without bending your knees.’ he said with a grin, releasing my wrist. I nodded slowly, and looked at him, confused. ‘What are you waiting for?’ he asked. Then his voice, lower, more forceful. ‘Do it … mom… NOW.’

I bent at the waist, and awkwardly stretched my arm out to retrieve the silverware. I felt a tight stretch in my legs, and I tottered a bit in my high heels. A whooping arose from behind me in the direction of the table with the teenage boys, and my face grew flushed as I realized that I had just exposed my panties to the entire restaurant! I rose quickly, trying to preserve what remaining dignity I had. Gary was grinning. ‘Sit… mom.’ he said, simply. I nodded stupidly and slid into the booth, the vinyl covering sticking to the back of my exposed thighs.

I stared across the table toward my son as we sat in silence.

‘You look… hot.’ he finally offered, and I stared at his mouth as he spoke. It was as if I could see his lips in slow motion, and the slight brush of his tongue against his lower lip every once in a while as he formed his words. Immediately I felt heat rising to my cheeks, and I knew that my entire body would be flushing red.

‘Th-thanks..’ I stammered, reaching up a hand to brush a lock of my hair back. I saw his eyes follow my hand, then drift downward toward my breasts, which were pushing over canlı bahis şirketleri the edge of the high table to rest on the surface. Then his foot found mine, his lower leg brushing against my own in a suprisingly exciting gesture. I nearly jumped in my seat, but was brought back to reality by the waiter who was approaching our table.

The waiter gave us our menus, and filled our glasses with water, departing for a time to allow us a decision. I scanned over the menu, not really seeing the words but feeling very uncomfortable- and yet deliciously excited. Gary interrupted my feigned interest in the menu by speaking once more.

‘We aren’t eating here.’ he stated simply.

I peered over the top of my menu toward him. ‘Gary? We aren’t?’

He only shook his head slowly, a mischevious grin on his face before he explained. ‘We are going to be kicked out of the restaurant.’

I quizzicly raized an eyebrow, but he offered no further explanation. Soon the waiter had returned, and stood at the end of the table, a pen and tablet in hand.

‘Have you made your decisions, Sir? Madame?’ the middle-aged man asked.

Gary nodded and the waiter stood attentively to take down the order. Instead of ordering, my son leaned back against the booth, with his hands behind his head. ‘Isn’t this woman beautiful?’ he asked.

I was stunned to silence. The waiter seemed to be as well, but finally he spoke out, cautiously, his voice filled with shock and uncertainty. ‘Yes…. yes, sir. She is quite… lovely.’ The waiter’s eyes avoided me.

‘Look at her.’ Gary demanded, and the waiter turned his eyes toward me. ‘Now… tell me again. Is this woman beautiful?’

The waiter swallowed hard, his eyes respectively focusing on my face, then darting away after but a moments glance. ‘Yes, sir. She… is a beautiful woman.’

Gary nodded as I glanced over to him, with wide eyes. I glanced to the waiter, who seemed even more uncomfortable than myself. ‘Her tits…’ Gary continued, ‘Wouldn’t you love to wrap your tongue around them?’ I gasped softly in astonishment, and the waiter seemed frozen in place. ‘Well?’ Gary urged.

The waiter took a step backward, and paused, then uncertainly nodded his head. I could hear my son chuckling softly, and felt my cheeks grow even more heated, if it was possible. ‘This guy needs a tip, mom. Take off your panties.’

Had I heard right? Did he actually expect me to remove my undergarments in public? It was my turn to be frozen in place. ‘Gary?’ I inquired.

‘You heard me,’ he stated.


‘NOW.’ he demanded. Oh, to hear him say that. Do you even know what that word does to me?

Of COURSE I found myself obeying almost instinctively, raising my rear from the booth, and trying to remove my miniscule undergarments as discreetly as possible. The waiter looked as if he would bolt for the hills at any moment as I leaned forward, struggling the red cloth from my legs, snagging the panties on the heels of my shoes. Finally they relented, and I pulled the pile of lace up and canlı kaçak iddaa onto the table, holding it out to Gary.

‘No… give it to him.’ he said, motioning toward the waiter.

My hand moving slowly, I held my panties out toward the waiter as his eyes took on first a look of lust, and then I saw reality set in. The waiter cleared his throat, glancing to either side and then spoke quite firmly. ‘I’m going to have to ask you two to leave.’ Gary laughed outloud and clapped his hands. ‘Please…’ the waiter continued.

Gary stood and bowed mockingly toward the confused man then snatched the panties out of my hand, walking toward the front of the restaurant. I stood quickly, and followed my son toward the exit, brushing past the embarrassed waiter. As we passed the group of teenage boys, Gary tossed my panties to the middle of the table. The last thing I heard upon exiting the restaurant was the sound of loud cheering behind me.

I followed closely behind my son as he walked down the sidewalk, away from the restaurant parking lot. I knew better than to question about where we were going, so I walked silently beside him, glancing his direction on occasion. The silence was awkward, but my mind was screaming to know what he hand in mind. I knew the street well, and it seemed as if we were walking toward a small part that was hereabout.

Sure enough, he led me toward the park and down a sidewalk that cut through the center of the park, leading toward a small fountain. It was early autumn, and already the water to the fountain had been shut off. Our footsteps were muffled by the sound of traffic on all sides as we approached a bench, one of four near the fountain. Gary took a seat on the bench, and I glanced to it, then back at him with question. He shook his head slightly in answer.

‘My lap.’ he stated, and patted it, his eyes roaming down my long, exposed legs. I paused a moment before I turned around, slowly sitting back onto his lap and glancing around to see if anyone was in the vicinity. There was busy traffic from each side, but the park itself seemed empty. Gary’s hands found my hips, smoothing over them, and I could feel the hardness of his cock pressing against my ass. I turned my head back over my shoulder, and opened my mouth to speak to him.

Gary spoke before I could. ‘Eyes forward.’ he said, and I quickly faced forward, uncomfortable and unsure what to do. His hands move up my sides, brushing through the thin cloth of my dress to move over my breasts. I noticed for the first time that my nipples were hard, and aching. The mixture of pleasure and pain made me gasp as he pinched the hard nubs, weighing my breasts in his hands. ‘I’m hungry…’ he whispered, and then his hands were moving again, downward and over my stomach, down further, grazing over my thighs and over my groin.

I made a soft noise in the back of my throat. His lips had found the back of my neck, and his warm breath was falling on the tender skin there. He kissed my neck tenderly, then nipped, grazing his teeth along the surface and sending canlı kaçak bahis shivers of desire down my spine. ‘I’m hungry…’ he repeated, as I leaned back toward him, my lips parting and my eyelids fluttering shut.

Then his hands were moving underneath me, fumbling with the fastenings of his bluejeans. I raised slightly to help him in the task, and soon his pants were down to his knees. I raised the skirt of my dress slightly, exposing my bare ass to the air, and placing a hand on either of my hips he guided me downward. Soon my son’s hard cock slipped deep into the slippery warmth of my willing pussy.

He grunted loudly, covering the sound of my soft moan and he pulled on my thighs, trying to drive himself farther up into me. For a while we sat there, traffic buzzing around us, and then he began to move slowly under me. Gary buried his face in my back as I sat on top of him, his cock moving slightly and slowly within me. ‘I’m hungry…’ he murmered into the fabric of my dress, and I could feel the heat from his breath catching in the cloth and dancing against my skin.

I raised myself slightly over him, and could feel the strain in my thighs from the action. He began to move with an increased range of motion, drawing out his manhood a ways before pressing it deeply back into my aching cunt. My body hadn’t tasted a cock in years, and the feeling was exquisate. His hands found my breasts once more, squeezing them hard. ‘Mom… I’m hungry…’ he whined, and finally I knew what my baby needed.

Standing up, I turned around, touching his cheek. His eyes had taken on a bid of childish excitement and love, and for a moment I was reminded of Gary as he had been, much younger. Carefully, I crawled over him, straddling his lap and settling down onto his cock with a moan. Facing him, I slipped the straps of my dress and bra downwards, wriggling them down to my abdomen and exposing my tits to the night air.

‘Poor baby…’ I said, placing a hand behind my son’s head and guiding his mouth toward my breast, which he readily began to suckle. ‘Poor baby…’ I repeated, and cradled his head in my arms, rocking him softly and kissing the top of his head. I could feel my vaginal muscles tighten around his hardness as his mouth sweetly wrapped itself around my nipple, tugging and sucking at it rhythmicly, sending waves of heat and pleasure throughout my body. I purred softly, stroking my fingers through his hair as I began to move over him once more. In answer he began to move underneath me, his cock slipping in and out of my cunt with slow, delicious friction.

I arched my hips to meet his thrusts. Our groins were rubbing together firmly, my clit blushing against his pelvis persistantly- a feeling I had never experienced before except on accident. Just when I thought I would die of delight, he suddenly began to slam his cock violently into me as he bit down on my nipple. A note of pain seared through my body, which dissolved into passion as a sudden orgasm made itself known. I could feel my pussy contracting around his cock as I bounced in his lap, his mouth latched firmly onto my breast. I shouted outloud, not caring who heard me or saw me sitting here on this park bench, half naked and reeling.

I was experiencing the first orgasm of my life. I was fucking my son.

(to be continued)

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