A Conspiracy of Circumstances Ch. 11

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Walking through the back door after his golf game, Chris was amazed at how quiet the house was on a Saturday afternoon. “Wow, this is different!” he thought as he grabbed a beer from the fridge and headed for the living room. He half expected his wife to be sitting there reading; but the room was empty. He downed half his Corona in a few swallows, but when he turned to go upstairs something caught his attention. One of Annie’s bras was lying on the coffee table. “That’s a little odd,” he said out loud, but Chris just shrugged and went upstairs.

Cassie’s door was partially open. As he passed he glanced inside and froze; his daughter appeared to be asleep. That wasn’t what froze him though; she was topless! It was fortunate that her lower half was covered with the sheet, and she was lying on her side facing away from him. Still, she was clearly naked from the waist up. He pulled the door shut and went to his room. Annie was also asleep in bed; considering that he had just seen her bra downstairs it was reasonable to assume she was naked also. Shaking his head, Chris thought, “What the hell happened here today?”

He got undressed, tossed his sweaty clothes in the hamper, and started the shower. As the water warmed up, a funny thought was running through his head. A couple months ago, he would not have given these circumstances a second thought; but now? “Let’s see, two classmates of Cassie’s come over to discuss a school project, and…hmmm…Oh my FUCKING GOD!” The way things were going, something sexual must have happened; no doubt about it!

Chris started lathering up; the water felt great and just as he was soaping his cock, he felt a hand on his ass. Annie cooed in his ear, “Need some help with that?” She was nude and had sneaked in behind him. “So how was your golf game today?”

“Hi Beautiful! Pretty good cuz I won by three shots; but to tell you the truth, I’m way more interested in what my little adventurer and our daughter have been up to today!”

Annie started running her hands over Chris’s soapy body. She stroked his rapidly hardening dick, “What do you mean?” She said it innocently, but he saw the twinkle in her eye!”

Chris chuckled, “Why would your bra be lying in the middle of the coffee table?”

Annie’s eyebrows shot up, “Uhh…maybe it fell off accidentally?”

“Yeah, maybe it did!” he replied with a smirk. “Or maybe something happened that I would love to know about?”

She laughed, “Well, let’s see…” she turned him around so he could face the wall. Chris’s dick was steel-hard now and she wrapped her hand around it and began a slow-motion jacking.

Ten seconds of that and he reached for the wall to brace himself. “Holy FUCK, that feel’s good!”

“Do you want to hear what happened now or after I finish you off?”

“Now please…but don’t stop!” So, she stroked him…concentrating on the sensitive parts of his rod that she knew so well. Trying to make a long story short, she told him about the encounter and how they lured Carla into stripping. Chris was groaning now, and Annie reached her other hand between his legs to tickle the underside of his scrotum. His head was dropping and she could hear him groaning, “Ohh Goddd, yesss!”

As she got to the part about Carla eating her pussy and Robbi fucking Cassie, Chris cried out and lost it, shooting his load all over the wall in front of him! “Wheww,” said Annie! “That was a good one huh?” Chris didn’t answer; he just turned, grabbed her, and pulled her under the water with him. They stayed in there until the water started running cold!


The rest of the week was rather uneventful. That, of course, didn’t mean there was no sex; just that the fucking was like it “used to be.” To describe the encounters they had in one sentence was easy. On Tuesday morning Chris pounded her doggie; and on Thursday afternoon (Chris came home early because both of the kids were at school until later,) she rode him reverse cowgirl until her arm strength gave out!

That night she had a fun Skype conversation with Joyce, “Is it me? I feel like I’m more orgasmic than ever! This afternoon I must have had at least six of them.”

Joyce nodded, “Sweetie, orgasms are like candy…or maybe chocolate…the more you eat the more you crave!”

“It must be true! Maybe my hormones are changing too!”

“If that’s true, consider yourself lucky! Sometimes hormones go the wrong way.” They chatted some more about that, but then the conversation shifted when Joyce asked, “Speaking of orgasms, what was this Melanie was telling me about you, Cassie, and her new friends?”

“You mean their class project?”

Joyce laughed, “Yes, you might call what you did a ‘project!’ Mellie said you orchestrated a four-way with those young hotties!”

“I guess you could say that!”

There was a moment of silence as Joyce stared at her; then she smiled, “I’m so proud of myself, I’ve created a ‘fucking’ monster!”

Annie canlı bahis giggled, “I would have stayed out of it, but Cassie’s new friends are sexy little vixens! I couldn’t help myself!”

“Did you know that the our daughters are meeting them on Saturday morning? Ostensibly it’s for spending the day on their projects.”

“Well, Cassie’s not home yet. I think they started on that after school; they’re at the library right now.”

“Yes, they are; they’re gathering research. Mel says they’ll use Saturday putting it together.”

“Do you think something else might happen?”

Joyce cocked her head, “What did you call them? Vixens?”

Annie shrugged, “Perhaps in the middle of their work…they’ll need a break of some kind.”

That made Joyce giggle, “I think we are somewhat responsible for our daughters’ behavior, right?”

“Uhh, Hmm, maybe! I’m not so sure the word “vixen” applies to Cassie.”

“Tell you what, forget the labels; let’s just say they enjoy their fun like we do!”

At that moment Chris called her from the bottom of the stairs; Annie said, “I have to go, let’s compare notes after this Saturday. We should get the story pretty quick from the girls.”

“I have a date Saturday night; Sunday?”

“Talk at you then!”


On both Thursday and Friday nights Cassie got home around 9:30 because all four girls were at the library researching their reports. Cassie and Robbi’s project was on the causes of World War II, and Melanie and Carla had selected the globalization of the British Empire. When Cass got home on Thursday night, she told her parents how impressed she was with Robbi and Carla’s ability to flesh out the main points of the topics. She and Melanie took the notes while their partners scoured the books and other media.

“The way they go about things is awesome,” said Cassie, “it’ll really be helpful when I get to college! I wish I had learned some of these techniques when I was a freshman!”

“Better late than never,” said Annie. “But forgive me for being nosy; did the subject of your ‘partnership’ come up?”

Cass smiled, “Not really…but there were several hints thrown around. We were too busy getting organized. We’re going back tomorrow after school and finish the notes and outline we need.”

Annie nodded and didn’t say anything more; and when Cassie got home on Friday night, it was more of the same. Annie asked her, “So what’s the plan for this weekend?”

“Tomorrow morning we’re going over to Robbi’s house and start putting it all together. Everyone’s bringing their laptops, and we should be able to get lot of it done all at once.” Annie gave her a knowing look and Cass smiled, “I still don’t think anything will happen; Robbie said her mother will be there to facilitate things.”

Annie laughed, “Maybe she’ll facilitate like I facilitate!”

Cassie cracked up, “You really are SO bad, Mom!”

“Shall I quick make some cookies for all of you?” Her daughter just rolled her eyes and headed for her room.

On Saturday morning at 8:45 Melanie picked Cassie up and by 9:00 they were knocking on the Fogler’s door. Mrs Fogler answered it, “Hey there! Good morning girls, my goodness, you are so prompt!”

“Hello, Ms Fogler,” said Mel, “prompt is good; if we’re lucky we’ll finish this project today!”

“Well c’mon in and I’ll show you to the dining room, Robbi and Carla are already set up in there.”

Ten steps later they were saying hello to their new friends and plugging their computers into the surge protector strip in the middle of the table. Robbi and Carla had stayed up late last night and put together some chronologically accurate charts they had made to guide the report. Cassie looked them over and made the comment she had already been thinking for three days, “Oh my God, no wonder you girls always get ‘A’s;’ stuff like this never even crosses my mind.”

Robbi smiled, “Tell you what, you can keep those as a template for future projects…if you think it will help?”

“Wow, thanks; it definitely will!”

“Hey, I’m thinking we need to make a copy for me,” Melanie interjected.

“We’ll get that done,” Carla added, “now, let’s get to work!”

At around 9:30 Robbi’s mom appeared and placed some cinnamon-raisin bagels, cream cheese and orange juice on the table for them. “You girls working through lunch? Shall I order a pizza or something?”

“That would be nice, Mom; thank you!”

“I’ll figure on 1:00pm unless you tell me you’re hungry earlier.”

For three hours the four of them worked to hammer out the final product. There was quite a bit of conversation which included a lot of laughter and anecdotal stories of the last four years. Cassie was really enjoying these two; even though she knew that a deal had been struck, she also thought to herself that a lot of time had been wasted within a small circle of friends, and fun people like Carla and Robbi bahis siteleri had never been given a chance in her life. Robbi had a wicked sense of humor, and she also had this knack of telling even a boring story and making it interesting. Carla was very naughty! She was always making sexually charged comments but never in such a way as they came across slutty. It was no wonder she was attracted to Melanie; they were a lot alike!

They ate pizza at 1:00 and by the time 2:00pm rolled around the reports were just about finished. In reading over what they had, Cassie was positive that her report with Robbi was going to get an “A,” and she said so, ” Oh my God! This thing is perfect!”

Robbi looked over at Carla in a knowing way and then said to Cassie, “It had to be perfect; we made a deal. It wouldn’t be right for our side of this bargain to be half-ass.”

Carla giggled and made one of her suggestive comments, “Right, I would grade Melanie’s ass as perfect! So it’s only right these papers get the same grade!”

They were all laughing at that and Mel said, “You think my ass is perfect, huh?”

Carla leered at her; “Are you kidding? You just don’t hang in my circle. I have several friends who have said so!” When Melanie blushed, Carla added, “You should see yourself from behind more often!” They all roared with laughter!

So Mel tried to deflect, “And what do your friends say about Cassie?”

Now it was Cassie’s turn to blush, “Do I have to be brought into this?”

Robbi ignored that and said, “Well, the only thing I will tell you is…a while back we were at a party;” she looked Cass right in the eye, “this was just a few weeks after you started going with Steve. Some of the guys were moaning about you being ‘off the market’ so to speak. Wanna know what one of them said?” Cass was still blushing but when she nodded, Robbi continued, “One of them said, ‘Dammit, now I’ll NEVER get a look at those tits!” Robbi was grinning and Carla and Melanie were breaking up with laughter!

“Oh my GOD! Who said that?”

Robbi smirked, “I’ll never tell; that would be so wrong! But maybe I’ll tell you what he said next!’

“I’m not sure I want to hear it…but okay, go ahead.”

“There were around four of us girls sitting there in this conversation and he said, ‘Hey girls, since I’m never gonna see them, have you seen Cassie’s boobs in the locker room?’ and Nancy Macdonald said, ‘Yes, eat your heart out!’ You should have heard everyone laughing!”

“OH MY GOD!” wailed Cassie.

“What are you upset about?” Robbie grinned. “Are you sorry that your boobs are amazing?”

Cass blinked at her, “No, but a bunch of people were talking about them!”

“Like you’ve never talked about people, right?” She giggled, “Since you’re into guys, you’ve never-ever discussed what a boy’s dick might be like with a friend? If you say you haven’t then I will think you’re lying!”

Mel spoke up laughing some more, “If she says she hasn’t, I will KNOW she’s lying!” Even Cassie had to laugh at that one!

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” said Carla, “Nobody was shaming anyone, it was all very complimentary even!”

“Did Nancy say anything else in that conversation?”

Carla was about to answer when fate intervened in a huge way! Robbi’s mother came in; she had changed her clothes and looked like she was going out on a date. “Robbi, Daddy called and he’s stuck up at Uncle Mike’s for a while yet, so I’m going to drive up there. They want to try that new Indian restaurant; we’re going to have dinner there and we should be back around 7:30 or 8:00.”

Cass was watching Robbi’s face the whole time and one of her eyebrows raised up when she heard her mother say that. “No problem, Mom…have a good time; we’re just about finished here anyway.”

“Will you girls be going out later then?”

“Probably, we’re gonna need something to eat again,” she looked at her friends, “unless you girls want cold cereal or something!”

Melanie spoke up, “Personally, I have a date tonight so we’ll need to finish this on time.”

“Well, don’t be out too late; Dad and I will be here when you get back.”

Robbi got up to lock the door behind her, and then she turned to the other three, “How perfect was that?”

Melanie stuck her tongue out and winked at Cassie, “Yeah, it was SO perfect! Like it was planned or something!”

Robbi stared at her and smiled, “Are you saying that I would be so devious that I would plan my mother’s exit like that?”

Cassie and Melanie said it together, “Yes!” They all laughed.

“Well, you would be wrong! I AM devious, right Carla? But not this time…this was sheer luck!”

Mel tapped Cassie on the arm, “Umm, I think she’s assuming that we’re gonna close our deal right now, Cass!” Then she looked up at Carla, “The only problem with that is, I’m not very horny at the moment. Plus, I was kinda saving myself for Jimmy tonight!” Cassie just sat there grinning, so Mel said to her, “What are YOU smiling about?”

“I’m smiling because bahis şirketleri you’re lying!”

“About what? I do have a date tonight!”

“That’s not the lie; the lie was when you said you’re not horny; you’re ALWAYS horny!” The look on Melanie’s face said it all and the other girls laughed until their tummies hurt!

Finally Carla said, “Honestly, I am horny! I’ve been thinking about this moment with you since Robbi and I dreamt it up!” She looked over at Cassie, “Tell me she’s not gonna disappoint me, Cass!”

“Don’t worry Carla, she was kidding before…and I’m thinking she’s gonna rock your world in a minute!”

Carla took Robbi’s hand, “She’ll have to go some, I’m in love with an expert here!”

Mel took her other hand, “I’ll give it my best shot!”

“Okay, Okay! Enough chit-chat,” said Robbi. “This part I didn’t expect. Who’s gonna go where? We can use my room; but my bed isn’t big enough for four.”

“It’s YOUR bed,” Melanie replied, “You go ahead with Cassie, I’ll stay out here with your girlfriend on the sofa.”

Robbi stepped over to Cassie; her eyes were smoldering hot, “Last weekend was a fun warm-up, you sexy bitch! But this is the main event!”

Looking over at Mel, Cassie whispered loudly, “Holy Shit! What have we gotten ourselves into?”

Mel just giggled, “We’re going to have some fun today! Work’s over; we’re gonna get our ‘A,’ and now they’re gonna receive their end of the deal! So don’t hold back, Cass! Fair is fair; give them your best, they gave us THEIR best on this project!”

Robbi led Cassie into the kitchen, she grabbed a couple bottles of water out of the fridge and they headed for the stairs. Mel teased Carla by saying, “Wanna watch my ass wiggle over to the sofa?”


“Okay, watch!” Mel pulled her shorts halfway down her ass and did an exaggerated “wiggle-my-ass” walk into the living room; Carla followed giggling all the way!

They sat themselves down close together on the couch, and Carla stared at Mel, “You really are so beautiful, Melanie! I’m really happy you said ‘yes’ to being my partner!”

“Don’t sell yourself short, Carla; you’re incredibly cute and so funny too! I can’t believe how much we’ve laughed together these last three days!”

“Yeah, it’s been a lot of fun! Do you think we’ll still be friends after this project is over?”

“Of course we will,” said Mel in a very matter-of-fact manner, “maybe only one thing could prevent that.”

“Like what?”

“Discretion; I value my privacy.”

Carla smiled, “You don’t have to worry about that! But what will people think when sometimes you’ll be sitting with the ‘weird’ girls. You could end up taking some shit for that!”

“I won’t mind, you’ll see; but you know what? Let’s not think about that right now.”

“Yeah, let’s complete our deal, okay?”

“Deal?” Mel pulled Carla closer and kissed her lips tenderly, “What makes you think I wouldn’t have wanted to do this even without the research paper?” Carla didn’t answer; she just looked at her new friend with a mixed expression…a combination of pleasure and surprise. So Mel gathered the smaller girl into her arms and started kissing her jawline and nibbling her neck; and in between she whispered, “The only thing holding me back would have been you and Robbi, but I see that’s not a problem now!”

She had Carla moaning from the ministrations on her neck, and Mel’s hands gripped her ass cheeks right through her shorts. She pulled her tight and the making out took off like a rocket! Carla’s kisses were so perfect and they stirred Melanie unbearably! Her pussy was gushing wet from just the kissing, and she let her left hand slip under Carla’s top. Fumbling with the clasp of her bra, she finally got it undone; and as her fingers played along Carla’s spine, the kisses got more physical and wetter!

Carla worked a hand between them and it closed on Mel’s left breast. She could feel how hard the nipple was; Mel’s bra wasn’t padded. Both girls were groaning into each other’s mouth and grinding their hips together as best they could. Ten minutes into it the kisses got so physical their teeth bumped a couple times; that made them stop to breath!

“Oh my God!” gasped Carla as she wiped her mouth, “when you told Cassie not to hold back, you weren’t kidding!”

Mel giggled and grabbed the hair on the back of her head and pulled her face in for another two minutes. While her tongue was plunging into Carla’s mouth, she managed to say, “No…this is for fun, not for a deal!”

When they paused again, Mel raised her lover’s arms up and pulled off her top. Carla was braless and her teats looked like bullets on her smallish tits. Melanie pushed her up onto her knees and sucked in the right nipple. Right then she discovered how sensitive the smaller girl’s nipples were because Carla cried out the second her tongue began flicking the nub, “Ohhh Fuuuckkk YESSS! Suck my titties, Mel! Oh Godddd, yesss!” Mel sucked as much of Carla’s boob into her mouth as she could, (which was nearly all of it!) and simply lashed the teat as ferociously as she could! THAT made Carla wail! “OHHH FUUUCKKKK!! Oh MY GODD!” When she switched to the other tit, Carla said, “Oh God, Mel…I’m gonna cum if you keep doing that!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32