A Dangerous New Level Ch. 03

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* * * * *

This story and all the characters in it are completely fictional. To all those who have enjoyed this series so far I’d like to say thanks for the feedback, and as always, this one’s for you. To all my new readers I’d like to say that I hope you enjoy reading this, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

* * * * *

My sister Catherine and I have been living together for a while now, and it has been great. We have had sex on every surface of our apartment. The fear of being found out has only made the sex more passionate. Things are getting dangerous though. We need each other too much. It’s getting harder and harder to keep our love and longing for one another concealed from the public.

Last night we did something very dangerous. We were out at a very nice bar in the city with her friends who were trying to find me a girl. They couldn’t believe that I hadn’t dated anyone since I’d come back home, and they aimed to help me fix that situation. Neither Catherine nor I were very enthusiastic about the situation, but we thought it would look too suspicious if we objected so we agreed to go out with them that night.

I played my part and flirted with a few girls that Catherine’s friends pointed out, trying very hard not to look at Catherine from the corner of my eye every few seconds as I did so. It was very awkward for me. You see I was doing well with the ladies that night because I truly had no agenda with them. I acted toward them as a friend and confidant, and they were taking to me. Whenever I laughed with one of these women though, I swear I could almost feel the fire burning within my sister’s eyes. She started flirting too and she was better at it than I was. She had the richest, smartest, best looking men in the bar wrapped around her finger. When she danced with them she made me furious, but I tried not to let it show.

After one particularly sensual dance with a tall well built rich boy, my sister excused herself from the dance floor, shot me a knowing glance and walked toward the bathroom which was on the opposite side of the bar. I waited a minute or so, finished my drink with the girl I was currently talking too, and then slipped away to the bathrooms myself. Before I could reach them though, a girl grabbed my hand and dragged me to a dark corner at the back of the bar, just behind the dance floor. It was Catherine. Before I could speak she pulled me into a kiss so tight, so warm, so juicy and passionate, I thought I would lose myself within the softness of her lips. The next thing I knew her hand was down my jeans and underneath my boxers, but something was in it. It was soft and silky and it felt amazing as she caressed my cock with it. My face was red and I was so hard. I was getting hot, looking into her intense eyes as she continued to jerk me off with increasing intensity.

“Do my panties feel good against your cock brother?” she whispered in my ear.

“Yes” I breathed softly in her ear.

“Good,” she said, “They’re staying there so that you don’t even think of fucking around on me tonight.”

“Oh you’re kidding.” I said my breath coming in gasps as she continued to tug on my manhood. “Haven’t you figured it out yet; I’d rather die than lose you. I love you Catherine. You’re it for me. God, I want you, I need you, I yearn for you. Ohhh, you’re going to make me cum! But not before I return the favor. God, you’re everything to me. How can’t you see that?” I kissed her passionately once more and slid my hand behind her skirt. My fingers soon found her moist exposed pussy, and began massaging it gently.

“Oh canlı bahis God, Aaron!” she whispered with the hint of tears in her eyes, “I love you, I need you, I’m sorry. Oh my god, fuck me with your hand! Oh I want you so bad. Please don’t stop. Fuck me, fuck me. That’s it.” She breathed

She kissed me and pulled harder and faster on my dick. Her body was pressed tightly to mine and her back was to the wall, so it would’ve been hard for anyone looking to tell what we were doing even if it weren’t so dark in that corner. However, the fact that we were doing it in public really turned me on. I reached behind her with my right hand and then buried it under her skirt, softly and rhythmically caressing her moist exposed pussy, drawing whispered gasps from her as I did so. I was about to explode as my hand continued it’s work beneath her skirt drawing shuttered choked back moans of ecstasy from her lips, which were quickly drowned out by the music. But we’d been there too long, I realized. Fuck it, I needed her too badly. I pressed my mouth to hers even more tightly, seeking to devour her as I pushed my fingers inside her.

“Catherine” I whispered longingly, my dick growing warmer and warmer, while my breaths grew shorter.

“Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhhh!” she came on my hand holding in her scream, as I shot my load in my pants. The music was so loud that I don’t think anyone heard us and when we were done she whispered quickly in my ear. “I got sick and you saw me coming out of the bathroom. You’re taking me home now. Lend me you’re shoulder; I’m going to lean on you as if I’ve just been throwing up. Now head back to my friends and tell them the news.”

I did as my sister instructed, and she played her part brilliantly. I told her friends that I thought someone might have put something in her drink, but whatever the case she wasn’t in any state to stay out the rest of the night. I was going to go home and take care of her.

The second we were in the cab and away from the bar, I told the cabbie just to drive and then we were all over one another. My hands were under her blouse, massaging her breasts, my fingers rubbing her nipples. Her hands went under my shirt, and up my back. Then she removed one hand and used it to pull my head closer to hers so that she could envelope my lips in yet another passionate kiss. I was hers, hers completely; at that moment I’d have done anything for her. I was lost in our embrace. Her hands felt so good on my back, on my ass, and in my hair, while our mouths sought desperately to devour one another. Her tits were rock hard, and her breasts were so soft and smooth. I couldn’t get enough of her. I had to have her, and when she unzipped my pants I knew she felt the same.

I continued our passionate embrace as I rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her soft pink slit. When I finally pushed in she let out a gasp and her warmness embraced me. It felt like heaven; so warm, soft, tight and whet! I had to have her. I immediately began thrusting into her with a hard intense rhythm, one hand on her tit the other holding the back of her head from underneath her back. She was shuttering with delight as she rocked back into me, Faster, and Faster and Faster; our pelvises banging against one another in the heat of our passion. Oh my God, it was so warm, so tight, so unbelievable. Waves of ecstasy coursed through my body as my breaths became harder and harder to come by. I was losing my mind. It felt so good to be inside her. I was going to cum. Oh my God I was going to cum.

She was breathing at the top of her lungs, “Oh my God! Oh my bahis siteleri God! I’m gonna… I’m gonna…….. Cuuuuummmm! Aahahhhaaaa…oooohhh! Shit!”

“Oh Fuhhhhccckkkhhh!” I whispered right back as my sperm exploded inside her. The feel of her box gripping down on me so tightly was the height of euphoria.

I got up, zipped up and told the driver to let us off a couple of blocks away from our apartment. He did so, and when we got there I gave him a big tip. Since he didn’t know who we were or exactly where we lived, I figured we were safe.

That night we went home and got really kinky.

“I have something special planned for you tonight big bro.” she said once the door of our apartment was safely closed behind us. “You’re not getting any sleep tonight because we’re gonna try it in the ass together.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that I’m going to give you a pleasure beyond that of your wildest dreams and then I’m going to make you return the favor. I’m not giving you a choice in this. Just shut up and thank me.”

“Now tell me brother, have you ever fucked a woman in the ass before?” she asked smiling.

I nodded, “Yes.”

“How much did she love it?”

“Quite a bit” I said smiling; remembering exactly how much the last woman I’d fucked in the ass had enjoyed it.

“Now, hasn’t it ever occurred to you that you could feel that good too? You have the same nerves after all. Wouldn’t you like to experience that level of ecstasy with a woman?”

“Well yes, but…”

“Oh for heaven’s sake… Do you love me?”

I nodded.

“Do you love my body?”

“Oh God Yes!”

“Do you love my pussy?”

“More than you can imagine.”

“Then don’t worry you’re not gay and nothing I can do to you will make you gay, but you can still enjoy what I’m about to do to you because you are human. Now shut up and let me pleasure you, and pay attention because I’m going to make you return the favor.”

She grabbed me by the hand and led me to the shower, where she immediately began to undress me. My lips sought hers as I pulled off her blouse and unfastened her bra. I felt a rush of air and my genitals were exposed. I pulled down her skirt, and picked her up, my hands under her ass and her legs wrapped around my waist. The kiss seemed to last an eternity before her legs found the ground again, and my hands once more sought to caress every crevice of her body. I was still intoxicated by the feel of her soft smooth skin. I kneaded her breasts and her ass, and felt my way down her arms and legs. Her skin was so soft, so malleable. My god it was heaven! I wanted to live in that skin; never to be parted from it.

She soaped my ass a lot running her smooth soapy fingers over my asshole as I kissed her and fondled her breasts. It felt tingly and good. She pressed a finger in and it felt odd for a moment. My ass was hot, tight and tense, but as I relaxed and she pushed in farther it felt nicer. It was all tingly and warm and when she pulled back I felt my breath escape me in a sharp gasp. She started going in and out in a faster rhythm and it felt incredible. My breath was coming in gasps and I felt this overpowering wave of euphoria. She stuck another finger in, and I was practically in heaven. Her fingers went deeper and harder in and out of my ass touching on every wonderful nerve, and I could no longer repress the shutters of joy and euphoria I was feeling. God it was so warm. My ass was getting hotter and hotter by the second. God it was burning. I felt like I was going to explode. And then I had a feeling bahis şirketleri in the pit of my stomach as if I were holding in my breath but it was building at the same time. I needed more. I leaned back against the wall of the shower and shamelessly rocked my ass back onto her fingers in rhythm with her thrusts. The burning and breathlessness built together. We fell to the floor and she kept going, drawing moan after moan out of me. It was incredible. I had never in my life experienced anything close to this level of pleasure before. I was going to explode, the burning inside me would erupt and the breath burst out of me in a moan of such enormous pleasure that I could not possibly hope to contain it.

“Fuck me baby,” I urged “Oh Fffuuuucck, OH Fffffuuuuuckkk, OH Shhiiii OH OH OH OOOOOH FUH HUH HUUUH CK!!!! OOOOOOOHHHHHH! OH! OH! OH! Oh!”

She kept going even after my orgasm, but more softly.

“So, how was that big brother?” she said smiling.

“That was fucking incredible!”

“Oh it gets better than that I can assure you, but we’ll leave that for another night. My ass is hungry too. I got soooo horny listening to you moan like that. I want your cock in my ass brother. I want to feel it pounding up into my stomach. Come on, lube up my ass with soap, and fuck me till I can barely breathe through the orgasms!”

I did as she asked lathering a thick amount of soap over her cute little asshole. My god she was adorable. I wanted her so badly I was rock hard. Lathering up my dick with soap I whispered to her that I was going to clean her ass good. She told me to put it in slowly and rock back and forth to get it deeper. She would let me know when to go all out.

The feeling of her soft tight tiny little asshole sliding over the tip of my soap lathered cock was so amazing that it took all of my will power to keep from plowing in there and screwing the shit out of her immediately. I slowly worked my way inside her warm incredibly tight ass, until finally I reached a point where her muscles seemed to release a little bit and she started to rock back on me clenching her nipples as she did so. She was letting out moans similar to the ones I had been making, as she worked my cock rhythmically within her ass. It wasn’t until she pulled back a bit and then started pushing in that the real gasps of pleasure began, and she finally gave me the okay to fuck her at will. Her ass was incredible. It was so tight and so warm I felt I was going to burst. Rhythmically I fucked deep into that hot tight hole, harder and faster drawing moans of unfathomable ecstasy from her as I did so. I felt her shiver with delight as my cock pounded deep into her ass. The warmth and softness of her ass was unimaginable. My dick was getting so, hot, hard and tight. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold it. This was amazing

“Oh God Yes!” she cried, “OH God, OH God, OOOHHH GOOOOH OOOOOOOHHHH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OOOOOOHHHHH!” she squeaked as her ass clenched down on my dick so tightly that I swear she practically squeezed the sperm out of me. I exploded, and her soft tight clenching ass coaxed out every last drop of semen I had left inside of me. It was so fucking warm in there I loved it, and I loved her. God did I love her! She was amazing. Once more I gazed into those heated blue green eyes, ran my fingers through her dark silky hair and over the soft supple skin of her buttocks. Then I sought immediately to devour her lips with my own. Desperately I drank of her lips, and she returned the kiss with a passion that equaled my own. My hunger for her was insatiable. She was my world. I needed her as I needed oxygen and without her I felt that I would surely suffocate. I didn’t care about taboos anymore. Something that felt this good and this right just couldn’t be wrong. I loved her and that was that.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32