A Daughter-in-Law’s Love

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It had been a year since my father-in-law’s wife passed away. Ed, who is retired, was not handling the loss well. It had been years since Ed lived by himself. He was lonely and depressed. It was winter and my husband Jon suggested he take a break from the cold of Chicago and visit us in Arizona. I always enjoyed Ed and welcomed his visit.

The first week was a bit strained. Ed was uncomfortable and stressed. I tried to get him to take part in various activities however, except for meals, he preferred staying in his room watching TV or reading.

Monday, Ed slept late while Jon and I ate breakfast. Jon left for work. Still in my night gown and robe, I puttered around the kitchen before sitting down at my work from home job, in front of the computer.

Wearing a tee shirt and pajama bottoms, Ed shuffled into the kitchen stretching as he moved to the coffee pot. I couldn’t help but notice his erection straining against the fabric of his PJ’s. Aware of his situation and showing embarrassment, Ed sat down at the table and quickly tried to push his stiff shaft down.

I felt so sorry for him….”Sleep well Ed?”

“Yah…. The best sleep I’ve had in a long time…. Felecia, I really appreciate all you and Jon have been doing to make me feel welcomed… but… ”

A tear rolled down his cheek as he continued.

” I miss Mary so much…. I miss ….. I miss the closeness we had… the intimacy..I hate living alone.”

Startled by his frankness, I dropped the spoon with which I had been stirring my coffee. Bending down to pick it up under the table, my mouth came even with his prick which had popped out of the fly of his pajamas.

I instinctively kissed the crimson head of his cock and slid my lips down his shaft.

“Oh….Oh…. Yes….Oh yes…” Ed whispered as he took my head between his hands picking up the rhythm of my head moving up and down on his dick.

“Felecia…. canlı bahis Felecia…” he called out over and over as the pace quickened.

My pussy juices were flowing as I brought him to a crescendo. His hot cum splashed against the roof of my mouth and flowed down my throat. Raising my head, I ran my tongue up and down his rod. As my lips reached his purple knob I swirled my tongue, lapping up any of his lingering cum cream.

Kissing the head one last time I rose from the floor. Ed looked at me with tears in his eyes. Smiling he said,

“Oh thank you Felecia. Thank you… That was wonderful… wonderful, just what I needed.”

We kissed and not another word was spoken. That evening Jon noticed Ed was in an upbeat mood.

“Wow, Dad was in a good mood this evening. What happened, what did you do… screw him?” He said with a laugh.

Not quite, I thought to myself. “We just spent some time together and .. talked. He just needs understanding … give him time.”

With that I leaned forward and stroked Jon’s joint until it was stiff and began licking and sucking… Not too much different than his Daddy’s. Jon fingered my pussy and we slid into 69, ending with my riding his rod. Hum… wonder if Daddy fucks as well?

The next morning Ed waited for Jon to leave before entering the kitchen. Smiling, he was less shy about the bulge in his pajama bottoms. He gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Good morning my beautiful daughter-in-law. So how did you sleep?……. I slept great in anticipation of what today might hold..”

Smiling I replied, “So you think yesterday morning was just the first of many to come?”

Ed nodded. “I would like to return the favor my dear.”

With that, he took me in his arms and turned my back to the kitchen table. He lifted me to the edge. Pushing me back, he lifted my nightgown, revealing my trimmed, black pussy pelt. Lifting my bahis siteleri legs and leaning forward, he ran his tongue up my inner thigh. First the left then the right. Teasing me he flicked my clit with his tongue, making it swell as his fingers found their way through the folds of my labial lips and penetrated my pussy. His lips and tongue joined his fingers in my sopping cunt.

“Oh… god….. Oh… Ed ….. Yes…. Yes…. Yes… suck it…. Lick my pussy…. Suck my clit… Oh Dad… Ohhhh…. You’re making me …. Making me… CUM… Oh Fuck… suck… lick…. Shit… Oh… Oh… Yes,Yes,YES!”

“I love eating pussy… and you my dear daughter-in-law, have the tastiest twat I have every had..”

Ed gave me multiple orgasms. I was so hot ….. so wet… But I wanted to pleasure him too.

“Oh Ed that was so good… Now it’s my turn.”

Holding his stiff shaft I led him to the couch. Pulling down his pants and taking off his top as he unrobed me. He held my full heaving breast, pinching my nipples. Leaning down, he sucked each ruby red knob until it was erect. Our naked bodies together, one forty-something and one seventy-something. I pushed him down on his back while I straddled him. My pussy just above his head and my mouth on his ample cock.

Ed’s tongue danced between my clit, my cunt and road up and down between the cheeks of my ass. My lips and tongue licked and sucked his pulsating prick as I felt his tongue dive deep into my love canal. I responded by deep throating his dick while squeezing his balls and fingering his butt-hole. Licking and sucking we reached the height of ecstasy.

Once recovered from the 69 we went to his bedroom. I sucked him to hardness, mounting his manhood, and rode his rod. Ed sat up kissing and sucking my tits as they bounced in his face with each downward surge. I came, he came and we did it all over again. We spent the entire morning and afternoon bahis şirketleri sucking and fucking.

I never told Jon about his father and me. He did comment how much his Dad’s attitude had improved and seemed to enjoy how sexual I had become with him. For me it was very fulfilling, fucking the two wonderful men I loved.

Jon was somewhat surprised when Ed announced he was going to move from Chicago to sunny Arizona. He found an apartment near our home. We continued our erotic relationship until he became ill.

Ed moved into a hospice home. It was sad to see such a virile man lay helpless and there is little you can do. I visited him every day. On one visit he asked the nurse if we could be alone. He instructed me to lock the door behind her.

Ed said, “Felecia, I would like one more blow-job before I go…… and I wanted a taste of that sweet pussy of yours.”

“Nonsense, you’re not going anywhere… but I’m not opposed to sucking that big cock of yours. Are you sure your up to expending that much energy?”

Smiling, Ed lifted the sheets to reveal his erection. I slowly removed the oxygen tube from his nose. He was breathing on his own. I pulled back the sheets and began stroking his cock.

I Pulled up my skirt and dropped my panties to the floor. Laying on my side, I slide next to him. Between strokes and kisses his cock throbbed as I engulfed him. My tongue and lips ran up and down his shaft.

Ed’s tongue found my pussy, lapping and nibbling as he penetrated deeper and deeper. I felt my love juices flow as I climaxed. Ed’s cock erupted. I took all he had to offer. His jiz tasted different, I suppose due to his medications.

Ed smiled, “Thank you Felecia… thank you my love.” We kissed as I replaced his oxygen tube.

“Ed, you know I love you.”

“Yes, I know Felecia… and I you.”

I gave him the usual goodbye hug and kiss.

That evening we received a phone call from the nurse that we should hurry to the home as Ed was in his last moments.

I held his hand, Jon stroked his forehead. Ed took his last breath with a smile on his face.

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