A Family Affair

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The scrawny kid who had allowed my inexperienced fingers to probe around in her knickers all those years ago had grown up into a stunningly beautiful young women. She was tall, too tall to become the ballet dancer she had trained to be since being nine years old, and slim. If her breasts were on the large side it was to her advantage for she carried herself with confidence. Her brown hair was long and she wore it naturally so that it swirled about her face as she swung her head.

This was the first time that I had seen my cousin since she was twelve, living as she did, way down in the south in times when travelling was not so easy as it is today. On this occasion she had accompanied our grandmother to my mother’s house for a holiday at a time when I was also home on leave from the RAF.

I have to confess that I had always been attracted to Amy but I had always felt that it was not right for cousins to have such feelings. However, because we had grown up together and were of similar ages, we had always been company for each other and comfortable in each other’s company.

I had not known that she would be home when I arrived and was taken aback to see how beautiful she looked. She wore a short skirt that made you think her legs went upward for ever and a tight jumper that outlined, in precise detail, her superb breasts. She tossed her dark hair back as she greeted me and then gave me a very theatrical hug and kiss – a gesture common, I suppose, in ballet circles but somewhat out of place amid the smoking chimneys of Manchester.

“You look great,” I understated and she replied, whilst admiring me overtly, “So do you.”

“Amy’s here for a week, John. I hope you will look after her while you’re home,” said my mother from the kitchen.

“Sure,” I replied and winked at Amy. Grandma continued her knitting having said hello, insulated by her deafness from any conversation that was conducted at normal volume.

Over dinner I asked Amy along to meet a couple of friends whom I had already arranged to see that evening. She accepted and, after our meal we made our way to the appointed place where we met two other male friends, Tony and Mike and Mike’s girlfriend – Lisa.

Amy and Lisa, hit it off straightaway and chatted together, whilst we boys discussed ‘boy’s things’. However, I could not help but notice that Tony had been smitten with Amy from the moment he met her and was desperately trying not to stare at her whilst trying to maintain a semblance of interest in our conversation.

At about ten o’clock we all left and started to walk home together. In no time, Amy and I found ourselves walking alone as the others peeled off to follow their different routes. It was a warm, languid night and we walked slowly side by side.

“It really is good to see you, Amy. You gave me quite a shock when I walked in, I think you must have seen my mouth drop, didn’t you.”

“You’ve grown up yourself, John. Quite dashing in your uniform and so tall.”

“We have to wear uniform when we travel but I am glad to get into something more comfortable,” rubbing a hand down the leg of my blue jeans to indicate what I meant.

“You made a big hit with Tony, you know, I don’t think that I have ever known him to be so tongue-tied.” She laughed self-consciously and I began to realise just how shy she really was.

“I expect you have a boyfriend back home?” I asked, but the question made her blush.

“There hasn’t been much time for boys with the dancing. It takes up all my time.”

“Oh, come on, Amy, don’t tell me that you are all grown up and never been kissed?” I teased, but could see that I had touched a nerve. I stopped and faced her. Her head was bowed and I gently lifted her chin so that I could see her eyes. They were wet and sad and I could not help taking her in my arms,

“Eh, I’m only kidding. Look, I am sorry.”

She put her arms around me and clung on as if someone was trying to wrench her away and was shivering on that warm night.

Whispering in her ear I said, “If never-been-kissed is a problem then we can soon put that right,” and, turning her to face me again, I pressed my lips against hers. They were soft, giving lips which parted seconds after meeting and I felt her tongue dart into my mouth and duel with my own. She may never have been kissed before, but she bets10 was very quick to put theory into practice.

Eventually we pulled away from each other and I said,” There then, do you think you will grow to like it?”

She smiled coyly before lowering her eyes again,

“I am sure, with you as my teacher, I will be very quick to learn all sorts of things.”

She flicked up her eyes to meet mine and to judge my reaction.

“I believe some night school might well be called for here.”

I kissed her forehead and, taking her hand in mine, walked her home.

The house was in darkness when we arrived even though it was only a little after ten thirty. Grandma always retired early and my mother would have read for a few minutes before her sleeping tablet took effect and be sound asleep by now.

Embers of a dying fire glowed in the grate and I added a few more coals to prolong its life, each making yellow sparks as it fell onto the red-hot bed of ash.

Amy made a hot drink and we sat together holding our mugs in clenched hands on the settee in front of the fire. We sat close together and I could feel the heat from her beautiful body seep through both our clothes and warm me.

“I often think about you Amy, especially about when we were kids and you let me touch you, do you remember? I suppose I was a horny little sod even then.”

“It still makes me warm inside when I think about it,” she replied.

“It doesn’t seem as though we were kids playing, does it, but another erotic experience.”

All of a sudden I needed to finish what I had started all those years ago. I placed my mug to one side and, taking hers from her hands, I placed it next to mine.

“Before we can move on to the next part of the course we must recap what we did earlier,” and with that, I kissed her – longingly, deeply, wetly and she responded with unbounded enthusiasm.

My fingers traced the outline of her backbone up and down, loitering, then circling in her lower back causing her supple ballerina’s body to writhe against mine. It would have taken no effort to rip off her clothes and take her there and then but that would not be acceptable for Amy’s first time.

I put my lips to her ear and whispered,

“Slowly Amy, that’s the secret. Pretend you are making your favourite sweet last forever.”

I pulled away, just enough to allow me to undo the top three buttons of her jumper and plant a kiss on her lower neck, deliberately letting my warm breath fall into her cleavage. As I kissed her, I undid another button, then another until the whole of her jumper hung loosely open. Parting the woollen flanks I exposed her half-supported breasts. Then I cupped the left one in my hand and held it firmly but gently, letting her experience and enjoy, for the first time, the feel of a man’s hand on this sensitive part of her body. After a full minute I started to caress her though the material of her bra but soon unclipped the garment and let it fall aside.

Her breasts were magnificent, I am sure that I have never seen the like before or since and I told her so. She blushed and closed her eyes as I rolled her nipple between my fingertips. It grew to about half an inch long and became rock hard, so I took it in my mouth and teased it with my teeth.

She was beginning to breathe in short shallow gasps and her chest rose and fell with each breath. Some women can be brought to orgasm by such attention but I had planned that Amy’s orgasm would come later, so I stopped fondling her breasts and return to kissing her.

Writhing together on the settee had caused Amy’s short skirt to ride up so that by now, her stocking tops were exposed as was the pale band of skin between them and the black silk panties which she wore on top of her suspender belt. For an inexperience young lady she could surely dress to kill.

I laid a hand on the soft cool skin of her inner thigh and caressed it lovingly. Her legs parted, a little at first, but as my hand slipped further between her legs, they opened wider. A darker stain on her dark parties bore witness to her rising excitement and I stroked her mound with a lazy forefinger, tracing the line of her panties along her groin and between her legs. After a few minutes of such teasing I increased the pressure of my fingers on the bulging area bets10 giriş of damp silk.

Bending my head down to her crotch I kissed the taut material covering her mound. She smelled sweet and musty and good enough to eat so I slipped off the settee and knelt on the rug before her and between her thighs. She looked down at me and ruffled my hair as I buried my face deep into the vee between her legs to gnaw harmlessly at the pleasure filled silk.

Her legs opened further and she pushed her pussy forward into my face. Her smell was narcotic and my head reeled as I rolled her panties down her thighs in a tantalisingly slow removal. What lay before me was a beautifully trimmed pussy of dark curly hair, her vulva lay open like a flower unfurled revealing cherry red inner lips. I placed the tip of my tongue on these lips and followed its outline all around.

Then, forcing my tongue further inside, I repeated the exercise. On the third lap her clitoris popped up and I sucked and rolled it between my lips. By this time she had pulled her long legs up and held them raised by slipping her arms under her knees. I could now place my arms under her thighs and fondle her breasts whilst my mouth excavated her slippery crevice.

The throbbing against my tongue told me that she was cumming and I began to suck and tongue her with increased vigour until a long gasp, escaping from her relaxing body, told me that her pleasure was complete.

I sat beside her again and she leaned against me and put an affectionate arm around me.

“Thank you,” she said at last, ” that was marvellous, but what about you.”

She placed her long fingered hand on the bulge in my jeans and rubbed me.

“Well, I could make love to you now Amy but in the state I’m in it wouldn’t last more than ten strokes and that would be nothing to remember. If it’s OK with you I would like you bring me off now and then we can fuck when my excitement has subsided a little.

Besides, we will have to cover all the positions if this is going to be a comprehensive lesson.”

I smiled as she raised her eyebrows to this.

“What do I do?” she asked kissing my lips.

“Whatever you feel like doing,” I replied.

She leant over me and undid my shirt, then my belt and then pulled down the zipper of my jeans. Her dark brown head dropped to kiss my nipples whilst her fingers slipped inside my open jeans to rub my penis up and down outside my shorts. I placed my hand on hers.

“Don’t masturbate me or I’ll cum too soon. I want to enjoy being touched. Use the ends of your fingers,” – then added provocatively, ” or your tongue.”

She didn’t need a second invitation and ran her little, dart-like tongue down my chest and over my stomach until it reached the top band of my pants. Here it met the tip of my penis, glistening with pre-cum. She pulled the waistband down and I helped by lifting my buttocks clear of the seat long enough for her to remove my jeans completely and leave my lower regions completely naked.

“Are they all this big?” she asked, taken aback by my length and girth. I replied that I didn’t know but had been led to believe that I was well endowed. She grinned then bent down and kissed its end before taking the whole of my bobby’s helmet into her mouth and sucking it like an expert.

Her left hand fondled my balls exquisitely and then she teased me by running her fingernails up and down the underside of my staff. My groans and twitches told her where my most sensitive regions were and she learned quickly. It was difficult to believe that I was in the hands (and mouth) of a shy virgin.

I pushed myself further into her mouth and she sucked me until my tip touched her throat. She raked the shaft and head with her sharp little teeth and this heightened my pleasure to a point where I was ready to explode. I lifted her head and told her I was near and to grab a handkerchief if I wasn’t to cum in her mouth.

“Cumming in my mouth will be part of the lesson won’t it?” she replied and resumed her oral activities which, by this time, included pumping her free hand up and down the exposed length of my shaft until it erupted. I believe she had no idea how much cum a man ejaculates because it seemed to fill her mouth to overflowing. She stopped pumping at the first spasm but I covered her hand bets10 güvenilir mi with mine and made her continue until the last throb had ejected the last drop. She swallowed and wiped her mouth and then looked up at me with a huge grin of pride on her face. I stroked her hair and cheek and she laid her head back down on my chest.

We lay like this for some time before starting to stroke and caress each other again, first in non-sexual places and then more sensitively. I fondled her breast as she twirled my pubic hair absentmindedly with her fingers. We became aroused at the same time and turned to face each other. She held and squeezed my penis while I rubbed between her legs with the side of my hand, occasionally allowing my thumb to delve inside her. Her moistness increased, as did her breathing rate until, finally, she pulled me towards her using the handle she still held.

“On the floor.” I said authoritatively and allowed her to slide down onto the hearthrug. She lay on her back looking beautiful in the fire light as I stood up to remove the remainder of my clothes and retrieve a condom from my wallet on the mantelpiece.

“We don’t want any accidents, do we?” I whispered as I fell to my knees between her long legs.

“It won’t hurt will it?” she asked as I lay on top of her.

“Maybe a little at first but it will be worth, you see”

Initially, I coated the end of my cock with the honeydew that glistened on her lips then slipped the head of my penis a little way into her vagina and moved it about with my hand to renew her excitement. It only took a short time before her movements gave away that she was ready to become a woman.

I pushed further in, trying to gauge where her hymen was from the resistance I felt. When I did break into her inner chamber it was with comparative ease. She did not have a very strong membrane, probably due to the ballet exercises or maybe because of her own administrations. She was certainly a very sexy girl who might well have catered to her own frustrations. As I opened her, she grimaced slightly and gave a little whimpered cry to indicate that the place was passed.

“God, that feels huge, John,” she said and pushed herself against me in a circular motion.

At this point I threw caution to the wind and drove into her up to the hilt, meshing our pubic hairs and feeling those wonderful vaginal muscles, made powerful by years of dance training, encompass me.

“That’s fantastic,” she gasped and clamped her legs around my back.

I began to fuck her with long slow strokes, trying not to think what a truly wonderful fuck she was for fear of cumming too soon.

After several minutes I withdrew and told her to turn over, place her knees apart and to push her bottom into the air. She quickly assumed the doggy position then grinned back over her shoulder towards me and waggled her bottom.

Her engorged pussy hung low and open, shining wetly with desire and I knelt behind her and re-entered her in a single smooth thrust.

The excitement built quickly again and I felt myself close to an eruption. She had taken up my rhythm and was pushing her pussy back onto me on my forward strokes. Her breathing was coming in shorter and shorter gasps as her orgasm approached until a moan escape her lips and her vagina rippled and spasmed around my sensitive penis. I had held off but I now let myself cum. Again, my head reeled as my penis burst forth its seed. Three or four long strokes depleted my reserves and my once-swollen staff softened. I pulled it out of that glorious hole and fell back against the settee, she had fallen forward to rest but then rolled over and joined me.

“Thank you,” she smirked at last, ” I have to say that I have just had one of the best lessons of my life from a wonderfully, gentle teacher.”

“Thank you,” I replied, ” that was the best ever for me too.”


The following morning I was eating breakfast with Grandma when Amy came bouncing down stairs, “Good Morning everyone,” she said gaily and sat herself at the table next to me without a glance. She wore another mini-skirt but this time she had on a white cotton blouse and looked and smelled, fantastic.

My mother brought a full teapot through from the kitchen and a spare cup, which she gave to Amy.

“Your Grandma and I are going to your Aunts’ today, can you two look after yourselves?”

She poured milk into the empty cups and then added the tea.

“I suppose so,” I feigned a sulkily reply and Amy pushed my arm playfully and said,

“Of course we can Aunt May.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32