A Fantasy For Jake

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Big Tits

This fantasy started late one night as I tried to express the thoughts that had been coursing through my mind ever since I began a friendship with a very special Literotica fan. I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Jake…this one’s for you, love!


Words could never truly express the deepest passions you evoke in me. Your absence makes me yearn for a satisfaction I have yet to taste, an awakened need that burns liquid silk from my molten core.

You ask me what I want, and I answer with a confession of my midnight dreams. You tell me you are stroking yourself to my thoughts, and I paint a vision of us to scorch the distance that separates us. In a world of extreme desire, I say to you…

If you were here right now, my body would move for you. I would play ‘Insatiable’ because that’s what I am, and you would sit and watch as my curvy hips swayed back and forth in front of you, enticing, luring, wanting you to touch them. I would rotate my hips, turning slowly to stand with my back to you and my ass just out of reach.

Infused with sexual rhythm, I’d slowly slide my hands over my bare thighs, caressing my hips and gliding them to rest against my round thickness. As my hands climbed higher, the slinky material of my nightgown would rise a little, giving you a peek at the soft, caramel flesh beneath.

Then slowly, my eyes meeting yours over my shoulder, I would bend over until my head touched my leg, my eyes still on you as I licked my moist tongue against the soft skin just above my knee. My ass would be bare now…big, open and round, begging you for attention. I would thrust it out just a little, to tease you.

Feeling your tense gaze devouring my every move, I would pull away smoothly, dropping low and curving around until I was on the floor in front of you. My legs splayed, my body arched on the ground, I would writhe and stretch, every movement like a cat in heat.

When I opened my lust-hazed eyes to see you rock hard and stroking your growing erection through your pants, I would roll over onto my knees, my back to you with my legs slightly parted. I would look over to you and tell you to come to me.

You’d drop to your knees behind me. I would feel your heat against my back; your stiff rod thrusting against me would seem like cloth-covered steel. Your hands would reach around my waist and sensually stroke up my body as your hot mouth kissed its way from my shoulder bakırköy escort to my neck.

I would moan as I felt your teeth gently nip the tender flesh beneath your lips, your tongue licking to incite the wanton within me. I would impatiently cover your hands with my own, eager for you to cover my straining mounds, the peaks so hard from wanting you.

Together, we would start to rock our hips to the music, each forward push bringing your cock against the crevice of my plush cheeks. In search of your closeness, my hands would venture around to the back of your thighs, pulling you tighter to me while your magic fingers pinched moans from my rock-hard nipples. And then, seeking out my deepest want, you’d let one of your hands fall away and drift down my satin clad body to reach beneath the edge of the flimsy gown material.

You’d find me wet and burning with need. I would cry out and grind against your huge pillar as you teasingly tweaked and massaged my clit. I’d longingly turn my head towards yours, nudging you until you lifted your lips to my own.

Boldly, your tongue would thrust into my mouth as your lips meshed against my mine. As your mouth devoured me, you’d set your rhythm. Your tongue would stroke deeply as your fingers dipped to my dripping cunt; the thrust of your hips against my ass would be synchronized with the pinch of your fingers against my aching breast. You wouldn’t stop your assault as I whimpered from the pleasure you flooded me with.

It would seem like hours before you tore your mouth from my own, and asked me what wanted you to do. I would tell you that I want to feel your long, thick flesh deep inside of me. You’d ask me how badly I wanted it, and I’d promise to do anything, as long as you fucked me with your massive cock. You’d whisper huskily in my ear that you intended to cash in on that promise before pulling your incredible heat away from me.

I would hear your clothes rustling as you dropped your pants and hurriedly rid yourself of your shirt. You’d come close behind me, the weight of your heavy arousal causing your swollen staff to dip and sway between my thighs. I’d feel the warm touch of your hand as you guided me down until my hands were flat against the floor. It will be easier this way, you’d say as you positioned the leaking head of your meat against the slick petals of my tight opening. But you wouldn’t push forward right away.

You’d ask me if I really want your cock beşiktaş escort inside of me, and I’d moan out yes, wiggling against you in lusty encouragement. After a few teasing brushes of your swollen tip against my glistening sex, you’d groan out my name as you inched forward to penetrate me.

The fit would be achingly tight, and I’d let out a shocked cry before spreading my thighs further to give you better access. I’d feel you stretch me more than anyone ever has, your giant mushroom head spearing through my tiny, slick canal.

You’d say sexy things to encourage me through the subtle pain: you’d talk of how unbelievably tight I was, of how badly you’ve wanted to fuck me, of how the thought of my tight pussy taking every inch of you made you harder than you could’ve ever imagined.

Each word would make me hotter, wanting desperately to take as much of you inside of me. As my tiny canal adjusted to your amazing size, I’d close my eyes and savor the feel of you, your huge hands gripping my hips as you pushed deeper into my cunt.

Finally and with acute pleasure, you’d hit the end of my tunnel, your jutting head prodding the tip of my cervix. You’d pause for a minute to let me adjust to the feel of your solid length inside of me, our breaths coming in quick and heavy gasps.

When the subtle tingle inside my belly ripples through me, causing me to want more, I’d squeeze my pussy around your hard staff in an unspoken invitation. I would hear you moan out my name before you slowly withdrew, careful not to hurt me as you worked your enormous dick through my delicate channel.

I would feel each vein scorching my slick walls, the friction increasing the liquid flooding my passage. You’d thrust slowly back into me again, a little quicker this time and brining amazing heat with your push. I’d whimper out your name: I’d tell you of how good you felt inside of me, of how each thrust was making me weak and wanting more. In and out, strong and steady you’d drive your way into my shuddering body.

Once you’d eased and stretched the way so that we were both gone in sexual haze, you would relax your hold on my hips and let your hands caress my back and my ass. As you began to piston faster, your arms would pull me up so that you had better access to my straining peaks. You’d feel so good that I’d start to work myself against you, meeting each plunge with a welcoming push.

Together we would rock, you into beylikdüzü escort me and me onto you. My senses, deliciously assaulted as you caressed and pinched my nipples, would drown in pleasure once my hands once again began to rub my clit.

God, you would feel amazing, thick and hard and deep, working into me like a huge, hot stake.

You would have me mindless, my mouth uttering my need to have you fuck me until I creamed all over your beautiful dick. Your hips would start thrusting harder, slamming sharply against my cushioning globes. My moans would begin to come more frequent, each one ending with your name on my lips.

Our skin would glow with sheen of moisture: the sticky, sweet slap of your body against mine would fuel the heat coursing through us. Within minutes, you’d feel my tight crevice start to squeeze and milk you, and you’d know I was close. You’d pull me in to you, wrapping one arm around my waist and letting the other reach down to allow your hand to take over stroking my pleasure button.

You’d whisper in my ear about how good it felt to be buried so deep inside of me, about how you wanted to feel me shatter and tremble in your arms. Your wet tongue would trace the curve of my ear as you continued to pummel into me, each thrust coaxing a cry from my quivering lips.

As my arms reached behind to grab your ass, my fingers sinking into the firm flesh and pulling you harder against me, your fingers and cock would work furiously to break me. Like a man possessed, you’d ram your way through my melting walls.

And, when my head fell back against you in surrender, you’d bite my neck triumphantly, stroking as deep as you possibly could while your fingers rocked me into a blissful rush. The forceful, possessive thrust of your hips would be my undoing. Shudders would rack my body, and my pussy would throb around your engorged rod, your stabbing plunges prolonging the ripples running through me.

Then, when I’m completely lost in you, I’d beg you to cum inside of me, to let me feel the hot surge of your seed hit deep inside of me. I’d plead over and over until you’d squeeze me tight, bite harder into my shoulder and let the first heavy stream of your liquid shoot into my hungry hole. You’d pump hard as each load jetted into my body, your hip’s thrusting slowing as the waves of crippling ecstasy washed through you.

Long after you branded me with every drop of your sweet cum, you’d continue to hold me to you as we collapsed to the floor, your breath burning against my shoulder. When my pulse slowed and my strength returned, I’d turn my head to brush my lips delicately over yours. Languidly, you’d open your beautiful eyes, look at me, and smile, satisfaction simmering beneath your smoldering gaze.

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