A First Meet

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A short story of a fantasy meet.

We find each other on a web site just like this. We chat for weeks and finally decide to meet in person.

Turning up at the pub, I am suited and booted, and look to find you in a sexy black dress that enhances your every curve. You look stunning. We find a quiet table at the back, we chat and soon find we get along really well. We move closer as that talk gets sexual. We talk about what we like, what we have done, when suddenly I feel your hand on my thigh under the table.

You move it up to my groin. Finding me hard, you squeeze me. I repay the favour. I place my hand on your knee, watching the other people in the pub, walking past, chatting, oblivious to our kinky meet. I move my hand higher, finding the tops of your stockings, I linger a bit, playing with your suspenders. Moving further up your creamy thighs I reach the top. No knickers. My fingers cum away damp from your completely shaven area. You feel my cock grow an extra inch in your hands. Releasing me you take my hand and move it to your mouth and suck them. God so hot.

I can wait no longer and suggest we leave. You agree immediately and we get a taxi back to the hotel. In the back seat we are all over each other, kissing and groping. istanbul escort The taxi driver nearly crashes as he looks in his rear view mirror to see my fingers buried deep inside you.

Back at the hotel, we practically fall through the door. I push you against the wall and kiss you hard, our mouths attacking each other as our tongues explore. I grab your lower lip and gently bite.

You place your hands on my chest and push. You push me to the other side of the hall. Smiling at me, you drop slowly to your knees. Reaching forwards you grab my trousers and undo them slowly, looking me in the eye the whole time. Pulling them down, you eventually look. I have sexy, black silk boxers on. My bulge showing clearly through the silk. You reach forward and encase my cock in your fingers, tracing the shape through the silk.

Grabbing the sides of my boxers you pull them down, my cock slaps against my stomach as you release me. You lean forward and trace your tongue over my balls, going higher till you reach the small amount of precum oozing from my glands.

Lowering your head you take me deep. All the way as you start to bob your head. It feels great, I reach down and grab you by the hair. avcılar escort Trapping my fingers, I grip tighter as I start to thrust my hips.

I grip your head harder and I start to fuck your mouth, you are loving it, wanting more. My balls start to tighten and swell as I build up the pressure. Gripping you tighter, I pull your head further onto my cock as I explode deep in your throat. Filling your mouth with my cum, and like a good girl, you swallow the lot.

Standing, you lick your lips.

I remove my trousers and shirt. Grabbing you by the hand, I pull you to the bed. Turning, I face you, and kiss you. Pushing you backwards, I fall on top of you, pinning you with my weight. I kiss you again, hard, before moving down your body.

Stopping at your boobs, I pull your dress down and start to kiss your nipples, flicking them with my tongue. You grab my head, “harder” you say, as I start to bite and nibble, making you gasp.

Moving lower, I pull your dress with me, till I pull it off completely.

I stand and look down, you are now completely naked except for your stockings, suspenders and high heels. You look up at me, legs starting to spread as I look down at you, completely at my mercy, just how şirinevler escort I like it.

I drop between your thighs, my hands under your arse as I raise your pussy to my mouth. I smell your sex, and see you are wet for me. I run my tongue over your lips making you gasp again, before sliding my finger inside you, then another. I hook my fingers and find that special spot, just inside your pussy. I start to rub it harder as I grab your clit in my mouth and suck hard. Rolling it between my teeth, I attack your pussy and finger you faster and faster, till you cum in my mouth, but I don’t stop and keep going. I bring you closer and closer to another orgasm before I stop and quickly move up your body, your thighs still on my shoulders, your feet by my head as I plunge my cock deep inside your sensitive pussy.

I grab you by the wrists and pin your arms above your head as I start to fuck you, and fuck you hard. My head drops to your nipple and I take it between my teeth and bite as I can feel myself build up to cum.

My hips move faster as I pin you harder to the bed and bite really hard on you nipple before I cum inside you, hard. Your thighs start to shake, your breath becomes faster and we cum together in a hot sweaty mess…

I collapse on top of you before I roll off. You smile next to me

“Did you like, sir?” You ask as you reach over and stroke my cock, slowly lowering your head to take me in your mouth and suck me clean.

“Sir?” I query.

“Yes, sir…” You reply, “anything to please my man”, as a thought comes to me….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32