A Fleshlight Fantasy Fulfilled

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I am a 40-something woman who is interested in meeting a man for a casual encounter. He will come to my home and masturbate himself with a fleshlight until he orgasms. I will be watching, but you won’t see me. Feel free to use the facilities or grab a snack when you are done. You may stay for up to three hours and during that time you can masturbate as many times as you want. Email me for questions. I will not send pictures and I do not need yours.


Geoff’s dick throbbed as he scanned the words in the personal ad. His mind reeled at its strangeness. He squeezed his eyes shut and read it again. For some reason, he hoped she was real. If she was, he’d have to buy a fleshlight. Geoff was usually satisfied with his own burly hand, calloused from years of working as a mechanic in a small shop he owned. He was a hairy man, and dark hair grew like grass from his forearm to the back of his hand. His hand, then, would retire, and he would hire a newfangled sex toy for men, in the interest of a curious woman’s sexual desire.


I’m intrigued by your personal ad. Can we set up a date? I must warn you, I’m not a young man.



I am not concerned with looks. I want to see you fucking a fleshlight, and I want to see your face when you come into it. Please allow me to watch you. I can pay you.



He was struck by the vulgarity of this message. He wondered if she had ever done this before.


No need for cash. When can I come?



ASAP. I have attached a map of where you can find my apartment. Do some searching. I live in the one with the dirty note under the welcome mat. I will hide when you come.



Geoff opened the attachment. It was a map of about 20 apartments in a complex 20 minutes from his auto shop. His breath was coming rapidly. He noticed his fingers twitching on the keyboard when he responded to her with a simple, “Now, then.”

He could not understand his own feelings, but was driven by a strange desire. He knew it was in part a sexual one, as his dick had remained stiff since he laid eyes on the ad. Yet some other part of him felt like he must be a participant in this depraved act, whether out of boredom or simply out of a desire to belong to something secretive.

Geoff had never been married. His sexual experiences were quick and dirty, the end result of a drunken night at the pub round the corner. He settled quickly and fucked quickly. Most nights he spent jerking his cock to porn, fantasizing about perfect women who would probably cringe at his naked form. This shamed him sometimes, afterward, when he was washing the cum from his hands. He wondered if he’d feel the same shame at masturbating in front of a woman, hiding, who clearly got off on this in some way.

He walked out of his house feeling scared, but driven. His teeth chattered on the way to the sex shop. He clamped his mouth shut when he paid for the fleshlight, but let them loose on his way to the woman’s apartment. He prayed to God in his head that this wasn’t a scam, that he wouldn’t find himself a part of some cruel joke. He cringed in embarrassment thinking about his naked form, his thick cock being suckled by a plastic pussy and his big, hairy arms hanging around him. It drove him forward knowing that perhaps this woman could be attracted to him, to this image. He wondered if she would come out of her hiding place and caress his shoulders, whisper into his ear and ride him to release. He imagined her like some divine woman, floating out towards him effortlessly, kindly, and without judgment. Smiling at him as he held his cock in his hands, nodding at him, encouraging him. His dick flexed brutishly against his denim jeans — he wanted to fumble it out of his pants and pump it furiously until he came all over his steering wheel. He left it there, though, but pushed his hips upward towards the air.

The road to her apartment was long. A strange thick of fog hovered just over the ground, and the air was humid. He felt sticky in his spring jacket, and pulled it off. His teeth chattered slightly and he willed it to stop. His knee bounced up and down, and he flexed the muscle to relax it. Calm, he said, calm. Geoff liked mantras. He used them once when he was bahis firmaları court-ordered to go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings after driving home drunk. It was a stupid mistake, he knew. He should have simply stayed home. But still, when he thought his drinking was too much, he’d think, calm, calm, and his breath would slow. His teeth wouldn’t chatter.

He stopped at a gas station to grab some water. He had suddenly felt parched. He blamed it on the air conditioning he had blowing towards him in the car, to offset the heat he felt inside of himself. As he opened the door to the store it chimed merrily, and a middle-aged, stout woman looked up at him and smiled. He walked with his hands in his pockets to the drink refrigerators and took a minute to himself.

He wondered what the woman in the ad looked like. He wondered what kind of sexual fantasies the woman at the counter had. He wondered if she was a good lover. He didn’t know if he would have sex with her. If she loved him, maybe.

He paid for his water and entered the humid air. Fog clouded at his feet. He entered his car again, and figured he was very close. He decided now that he should take the fleshlight out of it’s plastic case, to prepare it. He used his Swiss army knife to puncture the packaging, and teared away at it gingerly. The plastic cut at his skin, drawing a small amount of blood. It popped out of it’s package and flopped onto the passenger’s seat.

Geoff stared at it for a while before touching it. He rubbed a finger along its pussy lips, which were cold and lifeless. He wondered if it would warm up when his cock was deep inside of it. He felt his cock stiffen in his pants. He held the fleshlight up to his crotch and breathed deeply. He wanted this, he knew it. His hips rose up to press against the toy.

As he drove on the toy lay bare next to him. Geoff was now rubbing at his dick in his pants, indulging in the friction. He wanted to pull over to the side of the road and masturbate himself with the fleshlight, but he worried that if he did that he would turn straight around and go home.

When he made it to the apartment complex he studied his surroundings. It was in a well-lit area, situated across from a McDonald’s and a beat-up thrift store. The light from the street hit against the windows, but they were all dark. He walked towards the ground level apartments, as he was given no instructions on which one was hers, except for the dirty note. Not many of them had welcome mats, he thought, and breathed a sign of relief. He stopped in front of number 4, the number hinged slightly on its side. The welcome mat was a slick black that said nothing. He hated the way it felt under his shoes, so he stepped off of it, kneeling down to check underneath.

No note, he sighed. He tried to look through the window but it was dark, and blinds shielded the insides from view. He righted himself and breathed heavily, walking up a flight of stairs to the second row of apartments. There was one with a door mat, at the end of the line. A light above him flickered and as he looked up he saw a burst of insects squirming towards the light, flecking themselves off of it and on it again.

He saw the curtains move in the window on the apartment with the door mat. He tried to swallow back his nervousness, his clammy hands holding the fleshlight now housed in crumpled newspaper from last Sunday.

Underneath the door mat, a note: “Come in darling. My pussy is wet for you,” and a key. His dick throbbed at the word pussy. He hoped she would talk to him, mention his presence. He wanted to please her, to be noticed. He took the key in a trembling hand and opened the door.

The apartment was so dark Geoff fumbled around for a bit to find a light. He almost crashed into a standing lamp but had his hands outstretched in expectation of it. It clicked it on from its metal chain and blinked a few times to adjust to the newly lit room.

Geoff noticed how sweaty his palms were after clicking on the lamp. His hand nearly slipped off the chain before he could pull it strongly enough. He wiped them off on his pants and looked around.

The apartment was very plain. The walls were white and there were no photographs, no paintings. The rest of the place was similarly bare. There were two white, leather chairs in the corner near a mahogany coffee table with nothing kaçak iddaa on it. There was no television set. It had nothing in it, but it seemed lived in, somehow. The lamp was situated between the leather chairs and was the most interesting thing in the place. It was old, with a large, golden colored metal base. The shade was also a golden color with flecks of black, nearly like leopard skin. The light emanating from it was dulled by the dark shade. The room seemed very golden because of this light.

There was no one around, obviously. Geoff walked forward slightly and noticed a coat closet to his left. He wondered if the woman in the ad was resting in there, staring out at him through the shutters.

For a moment, fear shot through Geoff. What if the woman in the ad wasn’t a woman at all? What if it happened to be a strange serial killer, seducing men back to his empty apartment to sneak up on? Or, perhaps worse, a male rapist, waiting in the dark to tie him up? Geoff’s dick went limp at the thought. However, he knew himself to be a ferocious looking man. He was tall, nearly 6’2 and weighed an intimidating sum. He wasn’t obese, but slightly overweight. His hairy features, a trait given to him by his full Greek parents, were off-putting and scary to some. Like he was some sort of monster. Like Bigfoot.

Geoff decided to call out. “Hello?”

He waited a felt stupid for saying anything. Of course she wasn’t going to answer. “I’m just going to look around a bit before I start,” he said, to the woman he hoped to God was there.

He wandered down a hallway to the left of the entrance. To his right was a kitchen, cramped with brick walls and a mustard yellow stove. It was spotless. There was a tiny table, with a single blue folding chair, and a bowl of fake fruit in the middle. Geoff wanted to look in fridge, but he decided against it. Next to the refrigerator was a small pantry, but an adult wouldn’t fit in there, so he didn’t bother to investigate further.

Walking down the hallway again, he saw three doors. Two were closed. The one on his left was a bathroom, and the door was open. He glanced inside. It was bare, with only a blue bath mat and a few towels on the towel rack by the shower. The shower curtain was a solid blue. He pulled it open, half expecting to see the anonymous woman sitting inside. But it was empty. Hanging was a basket with soap and shampoo. He read the label. Pomegranate shampoo for people with color-treated hair. He relaxed a bit, taking this as a sign that there was indeed a woman living here. A pink razor was situated in the corner of the shower, with a small bottle of shaving cream, strawberry scented.

He didn’t want to pry into her drawers or her medicine cabinet. He didn’t want to make her upset. So he retreated from the bathroom and tried to decide which door to open first.

The decision was made for him, though — one was locked. He tried the one on the right, next to the kitchen, and it opened. The light was already on. Geoff’s heart was beating rapidly in his chest, and his hands were sweating again. He wiped them off again on his jeans, suddenly self-conscious.

“Hello?” he said again, expecting no response. “It’s Geoff.”

The room was vibrant, with magenta walls and spotless white carpet. There was a queen-sized bed in the middle of the room, with a comforter that matched the walls. Still, though, there were no paintings or photographs. Geoff wondered if she had taken them down before he got there.

On the left, a closet took up the entire wall. The doors had shutters on them and it seemed like someone could peek through. Geoff assumed the woman was sitting in there.

To his right was a dresser, and to Geoff’s surprise a fleshlight was on it, with a note. It read, “I got this just for you. Leave it when you’re done.” She sighed it with a P. He wondered what her name was. Penelope? Penny? Patty? Pam? Priscilla? Then he felt silly standing there with his own newly bought fleshlight in his bag. He set it down on the floor and cleared his throat.

Looking at the provided fleshlight, he decided it was clean. It smelled like antiseptic and Geoff ran his finger around it. It was dry. He wondered if she had had other men in here, doing the same thing, cumming into the same fleshlight.

He heard a slight shuffling sound behind him and turned abruptly. The sound kaçak bahis stopped, and he heard a small sign escape from the closet. Then, a giggle. A surge or arousal shot through him. The giggle and sigh were distinctly feminine, Geoff thought, and he confirmed to himself that it was really going to be a woman he would masturbate to.

He sat down on the bed, and unbuttoned his jeans. His dick was throbbing painfully against the denim, and it broke free was Geoff unzipped his pants. He scooted his pants down slightly, but didn’t take them off all the way.

“Please, Geoff, take off all of your clothes.” Again, the voice from the closet. He dick surged once more, and he noticed precum dribble from the tip of his dick.

“Yes ma’am,” he responded. He took off the rest of his clothes, too horny to care about how he looked naked.

He sat down on the bed again, naked. He certainly was a giant man. Not unhealthy looking, though. He had some fat on his body, but his height and large limbs were enough to entice the eye. Geoff had hair on what seemed like every part of his body, especially by his dick and balls. His crotch was a shock of dark pubic hair, and in it, a red, glistening dick stood out proudly, the tip of it nearly purple with desire.

He wondered if P would say anything else from the closet, but she was silent. He took the fleshlight and forced it to swallow his entire dick, a near 7-inch length with a profound thickness. Geoff grunted, surprised at the tightness. It really did almost feel like the real thing, if not slightly plastic-y.

He lifted the fleshlight up onto the tip of his dick and spun it around, enjoying the sensations. His hips bucked slightly, his dick wanting to be engulfed once more. He popped his cock back into it, sliding down with ease, lubricated slightly from his precum.

Soon he got into rhythm, his hand moving at a moderate pace and the sex toy masterfully milking his cock. He let out a small, guttural moan, and, to his surprised, he heard an equally loud moan from the closet. He swallowed hard and pumped the fleshlight quicker, hoping that he was pleasing P.

He began moaning more freely, getting into his role. “Oh yeah. Fuck this feels good. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!”

Moving faster now, he even stood up from the bed and squatted slightly for better access to his dick. He pumped it up and down, the thick walls of the plastic pussy sucking on his dick, making suckling sounds that egged Geoff on further. Moans were continually heard in the closet, and Geoff knew he was going to come soon.

“Fuck this is good! Oh god! Yeah…fucking christ. Uhhh…I’m going to cum! Oh god, oh fuck, oh fuck I’m going to cum!”

Geoff’s hips bucked wildly, slamming his dick into the fleshlight and bringing his hand down just as forcefully.

From the closet he heard a frantic, “Come inside of it! Come inside of it now!”

Geoff nearly squealed with delight and felt that familiar pressure in his balls, that familiar warmth. His eyes glazed over and his orgasm surged through him, his entire body shaking and Geoff gasping for breath. His legs buckled beneath him and he flopped onto the bed, taking the fleshlight off of his cock. One small spurt of jizz came up and drooled over his cock head. Geoff had never felt so satisfied from a masturbation session. He heard shuffling in the closet and a short, stifled moan. He wondered if his peeping P had orgasmed.

He lay there a few minutes, coming down from his orgasm and waiting for instructions. Only, there was complete silence from the closet. He had hoped she would say something, anything to him.

He sadly pulled on his boxers and pants, then his t-shirt and coat. Would she say anything to me, even though I just did…that…for her?

He put the fleshlight, filled now with his hot cum, onto the dresser, making sure none of it spilled out. He collected his bag from the floor and looked over towards the closet. He choked out a “thanks” and walked out into the hallway, his legs still slightly sore and wobbly.

Not knowing what else to do, he simply left, turning off the golden lamp and closing the door. Outside it was still foggy. He began walking away, when he heard something behind him. Turning, he saw a note slip underneath the door. He hastened to read it. All it said was, in a quick, barely readable scrawl:

“Thank you. Come again soon. -P”

Geoff smiled a big grin, like a kid getting an A mark in school. He looked into the windows but it was still dark. He walked away and to his car, wondering when he’d come again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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