A Fuck Just For You

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“I’ll be home soon, we should get together,” Tad said. Emily could hardly believe it. He was the perfect guy for the job.

Tad was very sexy with a Jim Morrison vibe. He was a free-spirit with a taste for travel and women.

He had been gone a while and they hadn’t seen each other in over a year.

When he stepped off the plane he called to make plans to have a late dinner and drinks downtown. Over dinner Emily kept thinking of how she was going to ask him to do this huge favor.

There had been sexual tension between each of them for a while, and Tad had pursued Emily on numerous occasions.

Emily was extremely petite with soft curves and an impressive rack for her small frame. She was very expressive and warm, always showing an interest in what Tad was saying.

At dinner he was aggressive with his flirtations and Emily reciprocated with soft touches and provocative glances.

After they eased into conversation and had a few drinks she asked innocently, “What are we doing after this?”

He smiled and replied, “I have a few ideas.” He brushed back her hair. “You look so beautiful.”

She was flattered by his come-ons but wanted to stay focused on the agenda. “A few ideas? I have one, and it’s a really good one,” she smiled.

“Oh yeah,” he quipped, “is it the same idea I have?” He took a napkin and wrote down the words, “We should fuck.”

He passed it over to her and as she read the words she could feel her pussy become wet with desire.

“I think that is a definite possibility, ” she said. He grabbed her hands and began caressing the inside of her wrists. “But first I want to know how you like your dick sucked.”

He leaned in and challenged her, “Show me how you suck dick baby.” She too leaned in locking eyes with him and grabbed his hand and brought it to her mouth.

She delicately traced her tongue from his wrist up the palm of his hand. Her tongue tease continued to the tip of his ring finger. She then drew his ring finger slowly inside her mouth while gazing up at him.

The softness of her tongue and heat of her mouth drove him wild. He knew he was about to fuck her and his dick became extremely hard under the table. He could feel the release of pre-cum and was ready to put her mouth to work on his stiff cock.

“Excellent”, he said with excitement. “If you can do that half as good on my cock…we’ll be just fine.”

He couldn’t wait to get her home, but he still had no idea what was coming.

“I think we need to leave,” he said.


It was early Spring but there was a chill in the air still. As they walked out through the alleys he threw his coat around her and stopped.

He directed her to the wall and pressed his body tight up against hers.

She let his hands wander all over her body. “So what are you going to do with me exactly,” she teased.

He bent down and whispered in her ear, “I’m going to take care of that wet pussy of yours tonight.”

He then gently pulled her lips to his and they agreed to the terms with a passionate kiss. As he began to work his kisses down her neck she knew this was the right moment to ask him.

She grabbed his ass and pushed her pussy hard up against his super hard cock. Emily then asked, “Would you ever consider letting someone listen to us fuck?”

“Do you live with someone or something,” he replied. “Like a friend or a boyfriend?”

“Well it’s complicated,” she began. “But I’ve actually been seeing someone who lives out of state and he has given me permission to fuck other guys as long as he is somehow involved. Is that something you would be up for?”

“If it means I get to spend the night with you then fuck yeah,” he replied. “What do we need to do?”

Emily explained, “I’m going to call him when we get back to my place and while we fuck I’m going to have him in my ear so he can talk to me while we fuck. Is that cool with you?”

Tad wasn’t sure what was about to play out but he knew he had to have her. “I’m halkalı escort in,” he said as they rushed to his car.

“You know I’ve never done this so I hope you don’t think this is completely fucked up,” she said. She was really nervous but couldn’t think of two better guys to test drive this form of voyeurism with.

Sensing her nerves were beginning to kick in Tad grabbed her hand and said, “Don’t worry babe, we’ll take of this.”


As soon as they arrived at her place she would call Curtis. He had been hoping she would agree to fuck another guy and let him listen-in for months now.

“I want you to have thoughts of me while you fuck him. I want to hear you be a slut and moan with pleasure, ” Curtis had told her.

“Do you want some wine or something,” she asked Tad when they got to her place. “I’m going to have some.”

Tad nodded yes, and came behind her putting her tits in his hand. “Jesus Christ you are fucking hot, Em.”

She turned to face him. He continued to feel her body, and began to slowly undo her jeans.

He worked his hand inside her jeans and began fingering her pussy. She leaned back on the kitchen counter and allowed him to play with her.

He could feel how wet and tight she was. “God damn Em you’re absolutely soaked. I love it,” he said with surprise.

She was ready to fuck Tad and wondered how he’d be in bed. There were lots of rumors of his bedroom skills, and she was hoping they were all true.

She dipped her finger in the Ste. Germaine in her glass and traced his mouth with it.

She edged closer to his lips and looked up at him.

Their eyes locked. He reached for her hips and pulled her in even closer.

They fumbled toward the bedroom as they kissed and began to recklessly remove each other’s clothing.

Tad picked Emily up and just before they got to the bed she asked, “Do you think we should video tape this too?”

Tad reached for his cell phone now on the floor and propped it up on the dresser.

“It’s rolling,” he said with complete satisfaction.

Emily placed her blue tooth in her ear.

Tad grabbed Emily and pulled her on top of him on the bed. Staring up at her he leaned up and kissed her neck.

He undid her lacy black bra and whispered in her ear, “All I want is you. You gonna give me that?”

He laid back down taking her bra with him. Her breasts were soft and supple as he began licking and sucking her tits. Her nipples were erect and bright pink with arousal.

She was ready to do some sucking of her own.

“I should probably call him now,” she said. Her pussy was throbbing for a hard cock and Tad’s sexy smirk implied that she was going to get what she wanted.

“Why don’t we start without him,” he prodded. “I at least want to have a little bit of you to myself.”

She could feel how large and hard his cock was beneath her. She reached down and gripped his cock and said, “Nice. But we need to test drive it a little.”

As she slinked down to his cock her hair brushed against his thighs and she began licking the length of Tad’s dick.

She placed one hand on his cock and began to move her hand in sync with her mouth. She placed the other hand on Tad’s balls and massaged them with soft sexual aggression.

Soon she moved her mouth down to his balls and began to suck and tug on them gently. Her tongue moved down a bit more and she licked just beneath his balls moving all the way up to the top again.

Tad grabbed her hair and pulled his dick toward her face and begged, “Please don’t stop. Suck that dick baby.”

Emily grasped his cock with both hands and motioned with her head to have him come to the edge of the bed. She kneeled down in front of him and began firmly stroking his dick with both hands while they kissed.

He reached down to feel the heat and wetness of her cunt. She spread her legs a bit more for him.

She şişli escort then put her mouth around the tip of his cock and made a tight seal with her lips and tongue and her mouth and hands worked Tad’s cock effortlessly.

His hands held her head in place and he moved her hair back to make full eye contact.

“Shit…I’m gonna cum,” said Tad. “Shit. Fucking suck my cock baby. Suck that cock. Oh God.”

Emily looked up at him and could feel that he was ready to release. He grabbed her hair and began to fuck her mouth. She went down on him a few more times taking in his entire cock with strength.

She swirled her tongue around the tip and he unloaded his cum right into her mouth.

His orgasm burst through up into his voice as he moaned with intensity.

She gave a subtle swallow and licked her lips with satisfaction. “Oh fuck! Was that good,” said Tad. “Every girl should know how to do what you just did. God damn!”

“Now it’s my turn. I want you to sit on my face babe.”

Emily replied, “I’m going to save it up for Curtis if that’s OK with you.”

Tad grabbed her phone, “Call him now. I need to put my dick in that tight pussy of yours.”

Emily dialed the number, and Curtis knowing that tonight might be the night was waiting for her call.

“Curtis, we’re on,” she said to him.

Tad looking on in disbelief scooted her up and gripped her ass in his hands and with a wink whispered, “Let’s do this.”


“Are you ready to fuck me Curtis? Because tonight it’s just you and me.”

“I’m so fucking ready baby,” answered Curtis, as he began to stroke his dick.

Emily was determined to detach herself somehow from Tad. She wanted to be able to do exactly what Curtis had asked of her.

Inhaling all of Curtis into her mind she asked, “What do you want tonight baby?”

“I want you to touch yourself and then grab my dick and rub it up and down your pussy,” he answered.

She closed her eyes and put one hand down her panties. She slowly rubbed her clit while she grinded on top of Tad.

She grabbed Tad’s dick, as he pulled on the sides of her panties, and rubbed her pussy slowly up and down his dick. She asked, “How do you like the feel of my pussy baby?”

Curtis responded, “I love your pussy baby. How wet are you right now?”

“I’m so wet for you.” I want you inside me,” she moaned.

She had all thoughts on Curtis and kept her concentration on him while using Tad’s body.

Feeling left out Tad grabbed her ass and lifted her up so she was inches from his face. “Let me tongue fuck you,” he begged.

Hearing Tad’s suggestion Curtis asked, “How bad do you want my cock baby?” She replied, “So bad. I want you so bad.”

Tad began to gently play with her pussy spreading her open. He started moving his fingers slowly around her clit, and brought himself up to her pussy.

He put his whole mouth on her clit and began kissing it. He inserted three fingers into her and stroked the inside of her pussy. He could feel her squeezing his fingers with her cunt and her clit began to tighten. He rolled her over and continued to lick and suck on her.

Hearing Curtis’s breath and slow “mmmmmm” her body shook with intense pleasure as she grabbed Tad’s hair and begged him to finger fuck her deeper.

“Oh yeah baby,” sighed Curtis.

She arched her back and began to pant with passion letting out a huge, breathy moan that lasted as long as her cum.

Curtis prodded “That’s a good girl! Be my little slut.”

“I am your good girl but tonight I’m gonna be bad, ” she moaned. ” Tell me what you do to bad girls.”

Tad came up to meet her mouth and as they began to kiss he slid his rigid dick inside of her.

Her pussy was swollen and juicy with wetness. They moved their hips in sync and he sat up taking her with him.

She wrapped her legs around him and rocked her body up and down on his cock.

Curtis could hear sarıyer escort them breathing and their bodies meeting as they fucked.

Emily threw Tad down and squatted over him, slamming her pussy around his dick with such intensity he unloaded into her digging his hands into her ass. Their juices mixed together and his cock was slippery with cum.

Curtis loved hearing her get another guy off. “I want to hear you cum again baby. I want to hear you fuck him. Use that cock.”

Tad sat back up and lifted her onto his waist. He carried her over to the wall and wedged her up against it. He pushed his dick inside of her again and spread her ass wide. Her wet cum dripped down his balls.

They fucked each other while they stared back at each other not saying a word. The hot wetness kept coming from Emily’s pussy. “Give it to me Curtis. Get nasty with me,” she moaned.

Having Tad inside her and hearing Curtis’s voice in her head she couldn’t help but wonder what Curtis might feel like. How would they fuck if he was there.

She kissed Tad as if he was Curtis and continued to let Curtis’ voice go through her.

Tad directed them to the edge of the bed. She came off his waist and came down over the bed giving Tad full access to her smooth pussy from behind. He ran his hand down her back and again spread her ass. His dick entered her from behind and she grabbed the sheets as she leaned into him for deeper penetration.

Her ass was tight and Tad could see her back flexing with pleasure.

She tucked her knees under her and leaned against his chest. They pivoted and he sat on the bed with her in his lap. Her legs were spread open and leaning back against him she fingered herself.

She closed her eyes and felt Curtis behind her eyes taking in his breath and voice.

“I’m fingering myself baby thinking of you. I want your hard dick inside me Curtis,” she teased.

Tad pulled them up further onto the bed so he could watch her ass crush his dick.

Still facing away from Tad she tucked her legs behind her and leaned over his legs pounding on his cock. She slid her hands down his legs and grabbed his ankles.

As Tad watched from behind he smacked her ass and felt her ass muscles working on his dick.

She started to seductively lick the inside of his legs on her way back up and then adjusted her seating allowing her legs to be beneath her.

Tad sat up to grab her tits from behind and eased her back down against him. She drew her legs up to her chest and he cradled them rocking her back and forth as she supported herself with her arms.

With one hand she began to stroke herself and moaned for more.

They rolled up together and he pushed her down on the bed. He penetrated her with a stiff thrust and began to pound on her pussy.

Curtis could hear their bodies slapping together. “I’m gonna cum baby,” he moaned. Ahhh shit. Fuck me baby. Fuck my dick hard.”

She clamped down on Tad’s dick locking her legs around him. “I’m gonna cum,” Tad exclaimed.

“Me too,” she moaned. “Fuck me Curtis! Deeper babe…fuck my pussy.”

Tad grabbed one of her hands and put it behind her interlocking their fingers tightly.

She placed the other hand on his ass and placed her fingers on Tad’s anus and applied slight pressure and began to massage the area.

“I want you to come inside me.”

Tad exploded inside her. She called out “Oh fuck Curtis!”

Tad came on top of her and Curtis came in her ear. Her body arched up with pleasure.

She had Curtis in her mind and in that moment he was there and the feeling of him with her was so real.

She moaned with such intensity it drowned out both men as she dug her fingers into Tad’s back.

Her breath was shallow and both Tad and Emily were dripping with sweat.

Her heart was beating so fast. They could barely catch their breath.

She rolled over and looking into the lens of the cell phone that was recording their tryst said, “Happy Birthday Curtis.”

She blew him a seductive kiss.


Author’s Note: To inspire your sexual fantasy Ms. Dagger recommends the following companion songs to this story:

Jeff Buckley – “So Real”

*These songs are selected based on the parallels of the song lyrics and the relationships of the characters featured in a “Dagger Story”.

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