A Game with Benefits

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I stood outside the student union for the first time feeling rather nervous. I had left my state for the first time to attend this university. I was doing a Geography course, not that it mattered to me much. I was the daughter of a very rich businessmen who had made and sold various computer related goods. As a result I was slight, well ok very nerdy girl and being an only child as well very spoiled. At a young age I played it all and collected everything I could, card games, table top games, and was a hard-core gamer to boot, heck I (well dad) had spent the best part of $4000 on a computer gaming rig that was constantly updated. As a result I spent a lot of my early teens with boys playing these sort of games, until at around the same age I discovered how amazing other girls were.

Girls had been my friends of course, but and during my mid-teens I started to notice so much more about them. Their eyes, their bodies, there boobs. I never had the courage to date one or do anything sexual with them, and had dated a few boys, although I never went far with any. This was one reason I had chosen this University, the other side of the country to get away from everybody I knew and start again at a place where I could explore without any pressure from family or friends.

Equally though I was incredibly nervous, I was just under 5ft 8, and luckily for me I was gorgeous. Blonde, blue eyes and incredibly smooth skin, with some generous tits to match I had the attention of anybody I wanted with a smile and giggle. Some minor imperfections nagged me, slightly bumpy nails and I wasn’t a fan of some of my freckles, although equally some people adored them. I also was a complete lightweight although I had enough pride to ensure that I never did anything too stupid, and was very shy and flat out refused to get nude for anybody unless I wanted to (and to date I had never had the desire to.)

Almost shaking I gathered my thoughts together and walked into the student union, it was just after 8:30 and despite being fresher’s week was still rather empty. I noticed a group of 4 girls near the bar and walked next to them and ordered a drink.

“Hello I’m Jessica,” said the closet girl. She was about an inch taller than me, brunette with long flowing hair and chocolate brown eyes . She pointed at here two friends, “this is Bella and Sara.” Bella was 6ft also with dark hair and blue eyes, whilst Sara was about 5ft 3, blonde with green eyes.

“Hi, I’m Abby” I replied.

“Lovely to meet you Abby” replied Jess. “You just got here?”

“Yeah, just arrived, literally just had time to unpack my stuff in my room in the Borneth house and get here.” I replied.

“No way! I live there too,” exclaimed Sara, her voice full of shock. This was a bigger co-incidence then might be expected, the houses at the university were designed for 3-6 people as they had been brought when the local housing market had collapsed. “I got here last Friday, and was wondering who the other housemate was, we’ve got a 5 bedroom house, but seems its only us in there. Jessica and Bella live next door, with a few others.”

Wow I thought, living with another girl away from home. Mild fantasies arouse but I quashed them. I still had never tried so much as kissing a girl and was at best bi-curious rather than lesbian.

I was about to reply before a powerful male voice from behind the bar said “Ladies and Gentlemen, I apologise but the DJ tonight is unable to make it. We apologize for the inconvenience. The bar will remain open.” At this most people started to head out.

Sara then said “Hey girls, why not come round my, I mean mine and Abby’s house, I’ve got loads of drink there and I can’t be assed to go over to the night club.”

Jessica and I agreed instantly, and I heard Bella say quietly as we were leaving, “You shouldn’t keep saying assed, yours is so lovely” before both Bella and Sara giggled quietly. I wondered if they were lesbians/bisexual or just good friends in on a joke.

I couldn’t help but notice how good looking my new friends were. Bella and Jessica were both beautiful in their own way, but bahis firmaları Sara was ravishing. In a tight black and red dress she looked almost edible, I could see in the light she was well tanned compared to the other two who were more pale like myself, and she had a lovely curvy body, and seemed to stick her ass out at me every time she walked. I had to stop myself staring at it as we all introduced ourselves and our backgrounds to each other. 15 minutes later we were back at the house, it was a quiet place right on the edge of the campus, and apart from Bella and Jessica’s house there wasn’t much around for at least a 5 minute walk. I was about to ask what to do before Sara shouted “OMG OMG OMG, is that what I think it is?”

She was pointing at my new games console in my room, plugged into my large TV. “We had to play that racing game,” Sara continued on “every race whoever finishes last has to drink a load, third drinks a bit and second gets a small drink.” I was excited about this, I was very good at the game and loved playing it.

A few rounds set in and I did very well. I consistently finished in the top two, mostly first although I couldn’t help but feel Sara wasn’t trying her best. Even so I was very drunk, when suddenly Sara came up with a plan.

“I’ve got an idea, another race on the small map, and the person who finishes first can command whoever comes last what to do, and no matter what they have to do it. And to stop anybody chickening out we have to take a photo of our self nude in the mirror showing of our tits and pussy, which only get deleted after race, or for the person who was last, after the command so they have to do it no matter what, or its going on the internet!”

I was shocked, and about to refuse before Jessica and Bella agreed instantly.

“No way I replied, I’m not taking a picture of me naked!” I said.

“Oh come on Abby, nobody will look at it unless your last and don’t do the command, besides your normally first, its Jessica and Bella that should be worried.”

That convinced me, Sara was good I knew, as was I, but Jessica and Bella clearly hadn’t played much before. So I agreed. Sara rushed off to the bathroom after the flash of light, Jessica went in, then Bella after. I took the camera after Bella had come out, and was immediately tempted to look at the images. However I thought I saw a noise outside, and thought they might be watching. After a while, and no more noises I took of my clothes, took the picture, re-clothed and headed downstairs.

The race was three laps on a small course. The first lap I lead, Sara close but Bella and Jessica weren’t far behind, same on the second lap. The third lap however half way through Sara suddenly rammed her car into mine, flying me of the track. Bella and Jessica flew past me to the finish line, and suddenly I was in a race against Sara for third. Bella won the race, Jessica was second but suddenly despite my best efforts I had finished last, for the first time that night.

Bella looked at me threw her blue eyes and said, “I’ve always wanted a pet, Abby, you’re going to be my pet.”

I looked back, “What do you mean?.” At this point I was very nervous.

Bella smiled, “You’re going to be my pet, my slave, until I say otherwise, anything I say you have to do.”

“No way, the race was for one thing!”

Bella smiled even more “Yes I’m doing one thing, that one thing just means having to do other things, Jess, Sara what do you think, deciding votes.”

At this point they were all smiling more than they had all night, they both nodded.

“What sort of things are you thinking of?” I said

“Well, Bella replied, firstly you will take all your cloths of and sit on my lap.”

I nervously laughed at this, “Very funny I said” although I knew it was true, and in part slightly curios “you can’t do that.”

Bella smiled “Yes I can, firstly it’s the rules, secondly I have a nude picture of you that will be on the internet in one minute unless your nude and on my lap.” To reinforce the point she pulled out her camera and plugged it into Sara’s laptop.

I kaçak iddaa instantly stood up and took my shirt of, thinking they would ask me to stop when I was in my underwear. I slid out of my jeans, and was now the centre of their attention, clad in only my bra, panties and tights. The tights came of next, and I moved to sit on Bella’s lap.

“Uh uh, completely nude” came the command from Bella.

“But I….”

“Not buts, apart from yours on my lap” Said Bella, it was a bad joke but Sara grinned anyway.”

Nervously I slid my bra of, the three other girls now staring at my flesh, I paused then, hoping that this was the end of it, and this was just a joke.

“Aww are you having trouble, need a hand?” Said Jessica. At this she stood up and stood behind me. She hugged me once, then placed her hands on my tits. I thought she was going to leave them there to cover mine, before she ran them down my thighs and took my knickers off.

I went red with embarrassment, here I was stark naked in front of three fully dressed girls, all looking at me. Jessica then picked up my cloths and threw them in a corner, Sara took my hand and took me out of my room and into her room, before turning around to look at me again.

“This is your room key” she said, before she handed it to Bella. Lock her room. Bella disappeared of before Jessica came up close, and hugged me, I hugged her back, awkwardly, but hard, determined to keep myself as covered as possible. Suddenly I felt something cold on my hands. Jessica moved away, and I discovered that Sara had handcuffed me. She then brought up, what was unmistakably a bright pink dog collar with a lead.

“On all fours you go.”

I slowly lowered myself down, a much harder job with no hands. Before Sara barked at me.

“Get up, that’s not how you get down anymore. You lean forward with your bum in the air, then when you’re on the ground you get on all fours like a dog, bum high up in the air and proud.”

I was shocked and did as she said, by face felt like it was burning, as I held my bum up, Bella gave me a slap on the bum as I went on all fours. At this point Bella was behind me staring at my bum and pussy, whilst Jessica and Sara were on the sofa, looking down on me. Sara then put the dog collar around my neck, and gave the lead to Bella.

“Oooh this is awesome” cried Bella. She looking like a child in a sweet shop. “What to do, what to do?”

At this point I had hopped, that this would be the end, humiliated and nude in front of three people, how much worse could it get?

“I’ve got an Idea” Jessica said, and without further warning she stuck her fingers inside my pussy. This was the first time anybody had done anything like this to me and Jessica was rather rough. Forcing his fingers in deep and she thrust deeply inside me. I wanted not to like it. I didn’t mean to moan loudly. I felt used, I felt humiliated.

But I felt alive, and I had never been so horny in my life.

Bella stood in front of my now, the leash dangling, seemingly taunting me. She then took of her dress, and slid out of her knickers, pushed her pussy in my face.

“Lick it,” she barked, “lick it hard you dog”

I waited for a second, unwilling to open my mouth, until Bella’s hand came down hard on my ass. At that I gave out a small whelp of pain.

“Come on dog, lick it now!”

At this I stuck my tongue out and started to lick her pussy, whilst mine was still being ruthlessly fingered by Jessica, Sara by this point had her hands in her knickers, and I saw her hands moving around her pussy, clearly enjoying my discomfort. I continued to lick Bella’s pussy, slowly at first but slowly enjoying her taste more as I grew used to it, forcing my tongue against her harder. Mean whilst Jessica, hand tiring stopped fingering my pussy and went out the room. I was, still the only one nude at this point (baring Bella’s pussy which only I could see.) Bella was clearly enjoying the experience of having her pussy licked, her eyes were closed, her hands were on my head pushing me into her and she was moaning copiously. Eventually she had her kaçak bahis orgasm, hard and load right in my face. I licked her pussy clean of juices.

“Aren’t you a good pet” Bella said. “Now let’s decide what to do with you next.” At this point I was told to lie on the table, looking up at the ceiling. At this point Jessica had come back with another set of handcuffs. This time they were placed on my ankles, and soon after I was tied to the table by some rope to the table. Unable to move Jessica put her hand back in my pussy, exploring it to the maximum. Then she put it into my mouth.

“Suck it pet” she said, instantly I obeyed, tasting my own juices. It wasn’t the greatest taste ever, but it was defiantly on the good side, something I was relived about as she kept them in there until I had sucked all her fingers clean.

“Hmm good pet, what do we do with her now?”

“I’ve got an idea, come with me to the kitchen” said Bella.

And with that they all left me. I was left starting at the ceiling, wondering how this had happened so suddenly. My pussy was still warm and wet, but I was unable to do anything about it. I was unable to do anything. It took a while for the other girls to come back, for a while I wondered if they would at all. But they all came back and crowded around me. I was vaguely aware that Sara was carrying a bag, but I didn’t really care that much after I saw Jessica with a camera.

“Now it’s time to play another game,” Bella’s voice was full of delight, clearly excited by this, “it’s quite simple and we all love the idea. Firstly you need to get on all fours again.”

At this point I was untied briefly by Jessica, I resumed my position on all fours with Jessica’s ‘help’ which involved a small amount of helping to move myself whilst in handcuffs, and a large amount fondling my tits and making sure my bum was nice and high. Then she and the other girls all stood behind me. As I turned to look around Bella continued talking:

” Uh oh, no turning around or you will be punished with this up your bum.”

Sara came out from behind holding a dildo. It was blue and 8inches big. I wasn’t sure I wanted that in my pussy, never mind my ass which I had never even considered being used sexual.

“So the rules,” Bella continued. “One of us will check to see if your moving your head and gets to touch your tits and/or mouth with whatever they want to. One of us will get to spank you, either with their hands or one of these objects (at this point I couldn’t see what they were and didn’t want to now) you have to guess which one of us is the spanker. Get it right and the spanker has to take of their cloths. Get it wrong and the spanker gets to choose to either take a picture which you have to pose for, or do something to you of their choice.”

I stood stunned, this was hardly fair I thought briefly, before realising my situation. Basically they wanted to have as much fun with me as possible, and preferably wanted to be nude as well as some point, but they loved games and enjoyed the power feeling of having a nude girl at their beck and call whilst being clothed and in total power. I also didn’t like the idea of them having more photos of me nude, especially with me doing poses for them!

“What will you do with the photos? How am I meant to tell who is who?” I asked

“Photos are for personal use, not going on internet and guess, you might learn about our how each of us spank you,” came the reply from Sara.

In my mind I briefly wondered how learning about who was spanking me would be a useful thing, but before this thought could develop, I felt a sharp pain on my buttock. Considering Sara was still on me, I instantly guessed it to be Jessica.

“Uh uh said Sara, “after were done spanking you, you can guess.”

I felt a hand come down 9 more times after that. All the while Sara was fondling my tits with one hand, and turning the dildo round and round in front of my face whilst this was seeming a tease, it was a helpful reminder not to look round, something I did need to remind of as I desperately wanted to turn around. My ass hurt like never before and this was only the start. “Is it Jessica?” I guessed after the slaps stopped.

“Nope came the reply,” in what was unmistakably Bellas voice, as my hopes sank, what would they do next?.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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