A Girl Name Desiree Ch. 01

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Alexis Texas

She was on top of me riding me like a cowgirl. I rubbed her peachy ass and pushed her aggressively against my nice hard rod making her moan. As I rest my head on her boobs I tease them with my tongue. Her legs vibrate up against me and I am almost about to cum but then she stops. Someone was ringing our door bell. Who could be ringing our bell at 5 a.m.?

“Ignore it,” I said as I continued to savour her marvelous boobs.

“We can’t just ignore it, honey, what if it’s an emergency?” she replied.

“Oh they can wait,” I whined.

“No, go and see who is there!” she said while getting off of me and crossing her arms.

I reluctantly get up and slide on my briefs and go to the door to see who the S.O.B was that interrupted my hot sex session.

When I opened the door there was a beautiful blonde girl standing there who couldn’t be older than 20. She was in ripped and tattered clothes and she looked sweaty like she had been running a marathon. I am gobsmacked at the situation, luckily my wife comes in.

“Are you alright?” my wife asked.

The voluptuous girl hardly had enough air to breathe so we ushered her inside our home.

“Some people are after me, they put me in a closet and I was all tied up,” the girl said.

“Calm down, I’ll get you into some fresh clothes,” my wife said.

My wife takes her to our room to get some clothes and in the midst I hear that her name is Desiree. My wife reassures her that she can stay for as long as she wishes. When my wife came back out she was already dressed to go to work.

“Take care of that poor girl,” she said while kissing me goodbye.

After I closed the door I went to my room and pulled out one of my playboy magazines. Since my wife was gone I had to finish the job on my own, so I took out my cock and started imagining that I was fucking all the sexy women inside the magazine. I had just been halkalı escort laid off by my job, so I thought masturbation was a great way to start the day before working on my resume. As I work my cock up and down all of a sudden I hear Desiree ask for a towel from the shower so I had to stop once again. When I went to the laundry room all I could find was a tiny tea towel that wasn’t enough to dry a wet body but it had to do because beggers couldn’t be choosers (no pun intended). Upon opening the washroom door I was surprised that the shower curtain was completely exposed. As I handed her the towel I stood there mesmerized as she wiped her magnificent wet body. She rubbed her succulent big boobs leaving her nipples rock hard making me think she must have taken a cold shower. She then rested her legs on the landing and began wiping her long tanned lustful legs as if no one was watching her.

“Where do I put this?” she said while holding up the wet tea towel.

“Leave it anywhere,” I said while salivating at the sight.

And with that she tossed the towel on the floor and strolled out of the room. I followed her out to the doorway and watched as she put on a tiny black thong, short shorts, and a tight white t-shirt that was close to see through. Again she left the room unaware that any one was watching her greedily. I laid on the bed and tried to calm myself from the sight. My cock was harder than ever and I wanted to make hot passionate painful sex with that girl, but I knew that would be very unfaithful to my wife. At that instance I heard Desiree scream from the kitchen so I ran out and found Desiree lying on the floor.

“Oh my god. Are you alright?” I said breathlessly.

She was lying on the ground so seductively that I am sure she sees my erect friend.

She then stuck out her ass şişli escort and said, “I slipped and hurt my bum can you see if its ok?”

I lift her to the couch where I begin to massage her beautiful ass.

“Is that better?” I asked.

“A little,” she said softly.

Without knowingly my hands caress her smooth thighs. My cheeks then fall against her milky soft skin.

“How can I repay you, Mr. Kelling?” Desiree asked while stroking my hair.

“By letting me fuck you,” I said desperately.

“Oh please do,” she replied while giving me a passionate kiss.

I hastily proceeded to take off her short shorts and then she told me to wait. She got up from the couch and took off her t-shirt revealing her big juicy round tits again.

Next she lowered herself and took off my briefs, freeing my hard cock.

Upon seeing my rod, Desiree smiled widely and asked, “Ohh Mr. Kelling, I take it you like what your seeing?” She then sucked and licked my dick as if it was a popsicle.

I pushed my cock deeper and deeper inside her sexy mouth.

“Is it tasty?” I asked while smiling down at her.

“Mmm…,” she said as she closed her eyes and continually went up and down my thick shaft.

Desiree then released my cock from her mouth and swirled my cock around her pebble liked tits. My cock now dripping wet from her saliva was now wetting her boobs.

“Ohh, Mr. Kelling do you like that?” she said seductively.

“Yes, but can my cock take a trip between those boobs?” I asked shyly.

With that Desiree grabbed her big boobs and rubbed them between my gigantic cock.

“Ugh yeah…” I said as I furiously slipped my cock in and out of her boobs.

With each thrust she licked her tits and my cock.

Next I pulled her up and kissed her. She jumped on me and I quickly grabbed her thighs. sarıyer escort I pump my cock inside her dripping tight wet pussy and she moaned loudly.

“Oh Mr. Kelling I want you so bad,” Desiree said frantically.

I respond by saying, “I wanted you the minute you walked in.” With that I pounded her hard making her scream in pleasure. I then laid her on the coffee table and spread her legs apart before pumping her again.

“Ohh god, faster Mr. Kelling,” Desiree panted. As I give it my all, sweat beaming down my face I released my load inside her.

“OOOoohhhhhh…” she cried.

I drop on the couch exhausted.

She then fell on top of me and pleaded, “Now Mr. Kelling you don’t want to keep a girl in need waiting do you?”

I am pooped from the session but clearly she is still wanting more because she starts sucking my cock again. She gives great head and after a few minutes I am revived. I bring her close and kiss her.

“I want you to fuck me,” she whispered.

I close my eyes and nuzzle her sexy boobs. I wrap my tongue around her titties and nibble them. Sliding my finger in her mouth I watched as she seductively sucked. Desiree then pushed me back down on the couch and rode the cock-rocket express. I watched as her fuckable boobs bounce up and down giving me a show. Reaching out I help myself to the boobie buffet.

“Oooohhh yeah hop up and down for me”, I said.

With that Desiree hopped up and down like a horny energizer bunny. Afterwards Desiree went over to the couch and bent over, ushering me to come. Following

behind her I inspected her ass and decided to give her a spank.

“Ouch, Mr. Kelling” Desiree said with a pout.

“I am sorry how about I make your feel better?” I asked and with that I grabbed her hips and rammed my hard rod into her.

“UUUUUGGHHHHHH,” Desiree screamed out in pleasure.

I keep pumping her from behind and as I am about to explode the phone rings. Reluctantly I grab the phone and it was my wife, who is coming home early because her boss let her. I didn’t realize it but we had been fucking for 6 hours. So once again my session was cut short and Desiree and I had to put our clothes back on and pretend like nothing had happen.

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