A Girls Holiday

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A girl’s holiday is just what I needed and that’s exactly what I was about to embark on. One week sunning myself on the golden sands somewhere exotic. Well it wasn’t exotic it was benidorm, but it could have been anywhere. As long as it was hot and carefree that’s all I cared about. So the 4 of us headed off.

I had all the silly thoughts of how much it would be nice to relax, put my feet up all day and dance all night.

We start as we mean to go drop the bags, quick change and hit the bars. One or two dozen drinks later I’m in full holiday mood, not a care in the world.

Only a couple of hours later I was dancing the night away, sweat dripping from every pore. I didn’t care I was having such a fabulous time, my mates and me.

We didn’t stop laughing all night. We got the usual drunken guys hitting on us, but we had made a pack to have no men ruin our holiday. I wondered who would break this rule first; it wouldn’t be me that’s for sure I’d had enough of men to last a lifetime.

Next morning we were rough but who cares? A quick shower and change, a full breakfast and down to the beach we go for a full days tanning. Finding the best spot is never easy and after what seemed like an eternity at last we found it. Not too near the sea, but near enough for a dip. Not too far from the bar, yet close enough. And not too near the young lads that think they are gods gift to women.

So now we’re all sorted out!

Laid there basking in the sun thinking this is what a holiday is all about, I have my book to read so I can lay all day and soak it all up, absolute heaven.

Before I know it, its so hot, its hard to remain sat still for longer than a couple of minutes. I’m never able to sit for long at the best of times, but in this heat there’s no chance. I ask the others if they fancy a drink, I don’t get much of a reply, they could sleep anywhere, anyhow.

Walking across a beach alone in a bikini, is a daunting task, but the heat was so unbearable it had to be done, if I was going to feel any better. Just a few paces felt like a marathon, feeling like every eye was on me.

Every guy doing the usual, look at the boobs, quick glance at the arse and if that seems ok, make eye contact. When will men ever realise we know if a guy likes us or not by how quick he is to make eye contact.

Women are no better, we all weigh each other up, hoping our insecurities are worse on someone else, in the hope ours will be over looked and when we see someone we believe to be better, we immediately dislike them for it. It’s rather strange when put into perspective yet very true.

Just a few more steps now and I’ll be sipping something ice cold. Just as that thought begins, I step onto the hottest sand I have ever felt beneath my feet. So I’d stupidly left my shoes by my lounger and now have to cross the busiest part of the beach with out looking like an idiot. There’s no going back now, I do my best to look cool as I bolt across the sand laughing, trying to hide my embarrassment.

I made it in one piece, with out making too much of a fool of myself, then wonder why I cared as no one knew me anyway.

Once I have my drink, I decide to sit in the shade for a while at the bar, I can see my friends from where I am so can watch if they wake.

Looking around the busy bar, I notice I’m not the only one sat alone. A few tables away I notice a guy who I’m sure keeps looking at me, then turns away when I look at him. I make the most of the opportunity and take in a good eyeful of him. Very short bahis firmaları dark hair, slightly thinning on top. A slight tan, must have been here a few days. A light stubble, giving him a designer look, rather than the rough and ready look. A young but weathered face and brown eyes. No top on so I can see the full picture, toned but not over the top. He’s fit but doesn’t take it to the extreme.

I find myself thinking a good looking guy like that would never look twice at me, ‘Miss Jo average’ as I consider myself. So why does he keep looking, have I spilt something and not noticed, is something less supported than it should be? No. So maybe he is curious, maybe he does like me.

I decide to take the bull by the horns, walk over and ask if the seat opposite is taken. It never occurred to me until that point, he could be with someone. It was too late to change my mind by then.

“No, please sit down.” his reply came. I’m determined now to be confidant, not to let him know how scared I really was. Once I had introduced myself and we got a few basic questions out of the way, the ice was broken.

It didn’t seem long before my friends came looking for me, as soon as they walked over I felt myself blush. They know the real me, no confidence and no way would I ever go up to a guy and ask him out. In their eyes he was chatting me up and I wasn’t going to tell them any different. They asked me if I would be joining them as they were going back to the hotel to shower and change before heading out on the town.

I didn’t realise at the time, I had been sat there for most of the afternoon. I bid my farewells and asked him if he would be going into the town for a drink later, in the hope he would meet up with me again. He said yes but didn’t know when or at what time until he got back to his hotel and spoke to his mates.

I was silently gutted, thinking he had just been a polite guy who liked a chat. Where as I fancied the pants off him! A brief kiss on the cheek and off I went.

Later that night I had done my best not to think about him and enjoy my holiday. A few too many tequilas later I was up with the rest, dancing the night away. Id had a great night but it was time for home. Just as we were about to leave, I noticed the guy from the beach bar from earlier that day. Now I was torn, do I leave with my friends and risk not seeing him again or do I stay and risk being blown out by this terribly handsome guy? It’s a hard choice, I ask my friends what they think and they sing almost in chorus “go for it” and decide to stay a while longer to make sure I was ok.

This time confidence was not an issue; the huge amount of alcohol consumed sorted that out. As I was about to walk up to him, he turns towards me and smiles, he starts walking towards me. One thing I hadn’t thought about was his name, why didn’t I ask him before? I don’t no, maybe nerves.

I reintroduce myself saying I’m a little tipsy and I couldn’t remember if id already told him, in the hope he would tell me his name and lucky for me he did, Carl.

I don’t know anyone called Carl, so with a small amount of hope I may remember that name. My memory is not the best, even when sober. I was determined I wouldn’t be forgetting this though. Carl asks if id like a drink “id love a drink of something none alcoholic please” well I had a skin full and thought it wise to try sober up, before I make a fool of myself.

He passes me a coke in the biggest glass known to man and I think to myself, don’t spill it oh god please don’t spill it. As kaçak iddaa well as the bad memory, I’m rather clumsy. But this time I was lucky, there was a table nearby and he had got a straw for me. I placed the glass down, far enough away not to knock it over but close enough to reach the straw. Mad, but things I have to think about to prevent people wearing my food and drink.

Chatting with Carl came so naturally, there were no awkward silences, any silences there were, and we just sat smiling at each other. It felt like he was someone I had known for years, such a cliché but it was true.

A few dances later, it was time to go. Carl was staying at the hotel next to mine, so we walked back together, hand in hand. Both of us were sharing rooms; so neither of us had the option of inviting the other in for coffee. Instead we decided to go into the hotel bar and have a night cap. Walking through the hotel foyer, I felt the proudest woman in the world to have this gorgeous guy, even if it was for only one day. As we passed the laundry room, I had a thought, if this is for only one night I may as well make the most of it, and push open the door. Carl looking a bit bemused by my forwardness, didn’t know whether to follow or run, luckily he follows.

Once inside I close the door and lock it, pull down the blind and walk up to him. I kneel down before him, undo his zip and let his trousers fall to the floor, closely followed by his boxers.

One hand on his balls, I take his semi hard cock into my mouth and start to caress it with my tongue, taking the whole shaft into my mouth, wondering how big I can make it grow, if at all.

Moving all the way down, back up and across the top of his cock, rolling my tongue along underneath. I soon get the response I had hoped for! His cock became so large I had to pull back a little, until I got used to the size.

Once it was as big as it was going to get, I could again continue using my mouth, to suck it. Taking it in as deep as I could in slow but firm motions, rising to the top, twisting and moving back down the other side.

Then, moving nearer the top, I start to move faster, concentrating more on tip I begin to move faster and can tell by how he moans quietly, he is getting extremely aroused now. He holds the back of my head and lets me know exactly what he wants, just how deep and how fast he would like me to go. Once I could feel he was close to coming, I stopped.

“I was almost there,” he whispers to me.

“I know.” I tell him as I begin to undress, leaving only my bra and pants on. I want to leave him something to take off me.

We kiss for quite sometime, in a heated way, and then move to the floor.

“I want you to use your mouth, your tongue, and your hands to make me come, but not your cock yet.” I want him to know what I want but be able to adapt it to how he wants to do it. He starts by kissing my neck, moving slowly down by body, stopping at my breasts, one hand caressing one whilst he sucks, nibbles and kisses the other, then swapping as if one may feel left out.

It feels so good and the anticipation of his next move turns me on even more.

He moves across my stomach, pulling my pants down slightly, kissing across my knicker line, then he takes off my pants, opens my legs kisses the inside of my legs and moves his mouth onto my wet pussy. Using his tongue, he soon finds the right spot and has me almost instantly begging him not to stop.

He sucks, licks and flicks then inserts a finger inside my pussy, moving his finger kaçak bahis slowly whilst continuing to please me with his mouth.

I let him know when I’m about to come. I take hold off his free hand, he has placed by my side and squeeze as the orgasm begins to rise, I can not speak now but pray he doesn’t stop, and as if he heard my pray he carries on until it peaks then falls.

I have to move him away now, as I’m too sensitive to be touched for a while. I lay him back, kiss him and can taste myself on him.

I climb on top of him as he pushes his cock inside me, moving slowly up and down to start, before finding a rhythm and increasing the speed, as soon as he begins to get close he stops me.

We take it slow again until it ebbs away then I again start to move. As I feel his cock pushing into me, I tell I’m how badly I want it.

“I want you to fuck me.” I whisper to him.

I let him take the lead now, he quickly spins me over, places my legs on his shoulders as he begins to penetrate me deep and hard.

The feeling of being pinned there soon washes over me and I start again to orgasm, moaning louder now, almost pleading with him not to stop. I feel his large hands on my thighs, holding me tighter as he thrusts his cock with as much force as possible without causing me injury.

Soon my orgasm is upon me and I feel his start too, I can’t speak, my pleasure comes through solely as a whimpered attempt at a scream. Feeling him come with me gives me the complete satisfaction I hoped for.

We lay there in silence, waiting till we can breath normally again, before we decide to move and get dressed and head off to the bar. Once arriving at the bar we realise we had been quite some time as the bar had already closed, so I suggest maybe its time for bed and he agrees. We head off in different directions, neither of us making any attempt to meet up again as both too caught up in the moment.

Back in my room I get bombarded with questions from my friends, how did it go? Did I give in to him? Am I seeing him again? My answer was brief “It went ok, no I didn’t give into him and no I won’t be seeing him again while on holiday.” I’d already made my decision I was not going to have a holiday romance. Id enjoyed tonight but it was not going to be anymore than what it appeared. I hoped he felt the same way too.

Next morning we were woken by the noise outside, a coach had pulled up to take a group of guests from the neighbouring hotel back to the airport. As I stood there on the balcony watching, I saw Carl, walking towards the coach. He turned around and looked up at me, I smiled and waved and watched as he mouthed the words, thank you.

The rest of the holiday went as planned, Sun, Sea and plenty of drink, but no more sex. I was more than happy with what I had already had. I had a great holiday, had no regrets about what id done and now it was time to go home.

First day back at work, id planned the best outfit to show off the new tan, something light and reflecting. I want everyone to know I’ve been away somewhere hot. Walking into the building heading towards the lift, I get the attention I wanted, one or two heads turn as I bid good morning to my colleagues. Once I arrive at my desk, I sit down, look across at the desk opposite and wish a good morning to my colleague Carl, he smiles at me and tells me how well I look and how much good the holiday must have been for me. I agree and ask how his holiday went, he lets me know it was just as good as mine had been if not better.

Later in the day we discuss, how much fun it had been, that none of our friends knew what was going on and would never had guessed it was planned. The stranger fantasy we planned had worked better than hoped for!

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