A Haitian Master’s Tale

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“My submission is a gift from me to you, Master Jericho, but remember the submissive is always the one in control,” Mercedes Duchene says with a coy smile as she kneels before her Lord and Master. The tall, curvy and absolutely stunning Haitian-American Amazon cut a striking figure genuflecting on the carpeted floor of their basement, and as her eyes met those of her lover, matching his in intensity, a shiver ran down her spine.

“It is a gift I accept and treasure,” Master Jericho Marcelin replied in that deep baritone voice that made Mercedes tremble with anticipation. Sitting on a throne-like chair, his nude, sculpted chocolate body a vision of masculine beauty, the Master looked like an ancient African prince magically transplanted to modern times. Mercedes could barely restrain herself from drooling over this ebony knight.

From the moment they met, Mercedes sensed that she and Jericho were meant to be together. The tall, handsome young Haitian brother born and raised in Montreal was a newcomer to lively and at times turbulent Miami, where the local ladies found his French-inflected accent oh so charming. Jericho transferred to Mercedes’s school from the University of Montreal, and found more than he bargained for in sunny Florida.

Until Mercedes met Jericho, she’d been wary of Haitian guys, whether foreign-born or local. The men of her community were charming, lively and undeniably masculine, but quite notorious for their player ways. Like a lot of female students at FSU, Mercedes always noticed the cute new guys. Looking at Jericho, Mercedes knew that he was trouble with a capital T…and she did not care. A real go-getter from the cradle, Mercedes always went after that which she desired, whether in academia, sports or her personal life. She just hoped Jericho didn’t find her too hot to handle…

“Watch where you’re going, bro,” Mercedes said to Jericho, with all the haughtiness she could muster. This as the tall, well-dressed brother accidentally brushed against her while entering the Pollo Tropical restaurant located within walking distance of the FSU campus. The brother looked her up and down, smiled and stroked his goateed chin, and she cocked an eyebrow.

“Feisty, aren’t we? Well, ladies first, anyways,” Jericho replied with that trademark smirk of his, and then he held the door for her, and Mercedes huffed, then walked ahead of him. Jericho noted the tall sister’s mahogany skin, her thick Afro, and that provocative “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt she wore. Hot damn, this woman was something else. As Mercedes lined up at the counter, she could feel his eyes on her ass. Barely repressing a smile, Mercedes turned around, and her eyes met Jericho’s. If he was surprised at her catching him checking her out, the brother definitely didn’t let on. Poker faced to the max, that’s Jericho Marcelin in a nutshell.

“Like what you see?” Mercedes asked, licking her lips, and Jericho smiled and shrugged. Most guys would have found Mercedes attitude and directness an affront to their manhood, but Jericho was a master of the game, with experience belying his years. Most men fancied themselves the chasers, they decided when and where they approached a woman, or so they thought. Most of the time, it was the other way around, as most women knew, but the fellas didn’t seem to be catching on.

“Beautiful, elegant, and a tad bit ferocious, mademoiselle, you must be from the bahis firmaları islands,” Jericho said, and paused for effect. Mercedes looked him up and down, a smile slowly spreading across her full, sensuous lips. The tall, handsome brother spoke with an accent she didn’t know, and didn’t carry himself like a local dude. Nope, this guy had out-of-towner written all over him. Still, his quiet confidence and undeniable swagger appealed to her, so when he asked her to join him for a quick bite, she hesitated all of ten seconds before accepting. That’s how it all began…

Mercedes Duchene, born in Boca Raton, Florida, to Haitian immigrant parents, is a star athlete on the Florida State University campus. As captain of the women’s varsity rugby squad, she attracted a lot of attention. Five feet eleven inches tall, athletic and sharp-minded, a star athlete with the brains of a genius, and the looks a supermodel would envy, Mercedes intimidated a lot of men. The curse of being a strong black woman in a world full of weak, insecure men. A burden Mercedes willfully embraced…until she met the man who made her weak in the knees.

Jericho Marcelin of Montreal wasn’t intimidated by Mercedes Duchene’s athleticism, intelligence or on-campus popularity. Nor did he find her outspokenness about black politics and human rights issues a problem, unlike the majority of the guys she met. Jericho grew up as a black youth in Montreal, Quebec, where the French Canadian population is quite outspoken about its dislike of minorities, especially those of African descent. Nope, he wasn’t intimidated by Mercedes. When he looked at her, he saw a kindred spirit, a fellow fighter, someone who could understand and relate to him. Thusly, Jericho decided to take this Mercedes for the ride of a lifetime…

“You are so beautiful, my pet, come to me,” Master Jericho said, and Mercedes smiled, then rose to her feet. Slowly, moving with deliberate provocativeness by swaying her hips this way and that, Mercedes heeded her Master’s call. Deep down in her soul, in places Mercedes didn’t even want to think about, she knew the absolute truth. She was a submissive, and Jericho was her chosen Master. The only man to bring out her long-repressed but ever-present submissive side.

“Yes Master Jericho,” Mercedes said, and she stood inches from him, so close she could smell his cologne mixed with masculine funk. Jericho was a fine specimen of man, no doubt, but it wasn’t just his Afro-Caribbean good looks that attracted her to him. Jericho was the only man who understood her, perhaps a bit better than she understood herself. Jericho sensed the caged lioness hiding behind Mercedes’s façade, and knew exactly how to bring it out…

“So beautiful,” Master Jericho said, and he tenderly stroked her face, then wrapped his big, manly arms around her. They shared a passionate kiss, and then, just like she knew he would, Jericho got right down to business. Gently he caressed Mercedes’s breasts while his tongue snaked down her throat. Pulling her close, Master Jericho sat Mercedes on his lap, and she felt his manhood harden underneath her. A gasp escaped Mercedes’s lips as Master Jericho’s hand slipped between her thighs…

“Oh shit,” Mercedes whispered, and Master Jericho grinned, a fierce gleam in his dark brown eyes. Smiling, Mercedes licked her lips even as her lover’s expert fingers slid inside of her, entering her spot, and kaçak iddaa teasing the hell out of her already wet pussy. With his free hand Master Jericho gripped both of Mercedes wrists, holding her hands firmly behind her back. Bringing his handsome face closer to her chest, he sucked on her breast, teasing the areolas with his tongue.

“Look at me,” Master Jericho said sharply, and Mercedes bit her lip, then looked into her lover’s eyes. Locking eyes with her, Master Jericho thrust three fingers into Mercedes’s cunt, and she cried out. Grinning wickedly, Master Jericho kissed her, silencing her scream. Letting go of her wrists, Master Jericho suddenly rose, boldly lifting Mercedes up without removing his fingers from her cunt.

“Woof, what are you doing to me?” Mercedes asked, and Master Jericho smiled and said nothing. He carried her over to the nearby couch, and laid her there. Still silent like only a taciturn man could be, Master Jericho raised Mercedes’ long, muscular legs in the air and slowly pulled his fingers out of her cunt. Soreness mingled with pleasure in Mercedes sweet spot, and she sighed happily.

“Whatever I damn well please,” Master Jericho finally said, and without waiting for Mercedes reply, he kissed her pussy, then stuck his tongue inside of her. A happy moan escaped Mercedes’s lips as her lover began pleasuring her and tormenting her in the most wonderful way possible. While his tongue danced inside her cunt, Master Jericho’s fingers caressed her bum, and Mercedes tensed. Next thing she knew, his index finger went into her ass, filling her tight, tight hole.

“Oh fuck,” Mercedes whispered, and Master Jericho’s digit continued to probe her asshole even as his tongue made her pussy quiver, and a happy squeal escaped her lips. Her screams changed in tune when Jericho added a second finger in her asshole, and this drove Mercedes over the edge. Writhing madly on the couch, Mercedes cried out as she came, violently. Master Jericho licked her pussy dry, and didn’t let up until Mercedes begged for mercy, having ingested all of her girly ooze…

“That was fun,” Master Jericho said, a happy grin on his handsome face. Mercedes looked at her lover through moist eyes, and her eyes roved up and down his body. Without a word, Mercedes grabbed her Master’s manhood, and stroked it gently…after shoving him on the couch. Master Jericho sat there, resisted the urge to say anything and instead watched his pet intently. After making love countless times, they knew each other’s bodies and needs, cravings and wants, like only kindred spirits could.

“My turn,” Mercedes whispered, and then she took Master Jericho’s manhood into her mouth. Master Jericho sighed happily as Mercedes began sucking his dick, and he closed his eyes, a look of contentment spreading across his handsome visage. A deliciously wicked idea sprang in Mercedes’s mind. Gently she caressed Master Jericho’s balls while fellating him. Reaching the underside of his shaft, she ‘accidentally’ slid a finger into his asshole.

“Oh, um, whoa,” Master Jericho said, and his eyes snapped open. Looking down at his pet, he was startled to see a look full of mischief in her lovely eyes as she fingered his ass while sucking his dick. Master Jericho gritted his teeth, conflicting feelings warring within him. On one hand, it felt kind of good to have Mercedes’s finger up his ass. On the other hand, Master Jericho kaçak bahis was a self-respecting heterosexual black man who believe certain acts separated real men from “suspect” dudes. Receiving anal play from a female was one of them…

“Oh, shut up, relax and enjoy,” Mercedes paused to say, as if reading his mind. Stunned, Master Jericho smiled and said nothing. Winking at him, Mercedes added a second finger up his ass, and marveled at how Master Jericho’s dick got even harder in her mouth as a result. Soon the tall, burly brother was groaning and moaning, clearly enjoying himself, and when he came, Mercedes flicked her tongue over the head of his dick…

“Freaky mama, that was fun,” Master Jericho said, laughing, and he pulled a smiling Mercedes off her knees and into his arms. A wicked grin spread across Mercedes lovely features. Master Jericho looked at her, beholding Mercedes in all of her glory. His busty, big-bottomed, Afro-sporting, gorgeously dark-skinned Haitian goddess. Even though Jericho was her dominant, her alpha and her king, there were days when he wanted to worship at her altar…

“I know, babe, I was there, now eat this ass,” Mercedes said, and she laughed as she got on all fours, shaking that big dark bum of hers from side to side like a pendulum of epic temptation. Jericho hesitated for all of ten seconds, then got right behind her. Spreading her big ass cheeks wide open, Mercedes exposed a fairly obvious target. Jericho began munching on her ass, licking her asshole with glee, and Mercedes grinned, happy at last. Nothing she loved more than getting her ass eaten, except maybe receiving oral sex from her man…

“Love this ass,” Jericho said, playfully slapping Mercedes’s big butt cheeks as he licked his lips, loving the taste of her ass on his tongue. Jericho was an ass man through and true, like most brothers from the islands. Nothing he loved more than a thick, dark booty. And his lady love, his priceless Mercedes, had one of the best. Turning around, Mercedes winked at him, then pressed her derriere against his groin suggestively.

“Don’t just stare at it, big man, fuck it,” Mercedes said, huffing impatiently, and Jericho grinned, then stroked his long and thick, dark dick. Just like that, he grabbed a condom, rolled it on his fuck stick, and then rubbed it against Mercedes’ ass. The sight of her big butt staring at him invitingly spurred him to action, and he eased himself into her. Mercedes sighed happily as Jericho slid his dick into her cunt, and felt his strong hands grip her hips, holding her firmly into place.

“The things I’m going to do to that ass,” Jericho said, playfully slapping Mercedes’s thick rump as he thrust into her. Mercedes bent low and thrust her ass back, grinding it against Jericho’s groin, driving him deeper inside of her. As Jericho fucked her with all of his might, his dick filling her cunt completely, Mercedes finally let go. Jericho pulled her hair, yanking her head backwards and barked cuss words as he fucked her, and at last she felt…it. The feeling of being completely and utterly dominated, that which she craved as a submissive. Letting go, she felt complete at last.

“That was wonderful,” Mercedes whispered, as a smiling Jericho kissed her on the forehead. They lay on the couch, deep within the depths of the vast basement apartment they shared not far from the FSU campus. Just an ordinary young couple enjoying an intimate moment. In the eyes of the world, they were the eternal other due to their skin color, but here, together, they were one. United in love and giving each other strength, beautifully defiant against a hostile world.

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