A Handyman

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“Jack, today is March 1. Every three months I’m going to ask you up to the house to help me out with what you might call my domestic situation. OK?”

“Well, sure Mr. Harris.”

“Now, I know you get along with Alice, don’t you? Say hi to Alice.”

Mr. March’s live-in girlfriend Alice Harper was standing by the fireplace, staring into the fire, and not looking too happy. I drove her someplace just about every day, so this all seemed a little strange.

“Hello Ms. Harper.”

“Hello Jack.”

” Alice is going to give you a quarterly bonus. Aren’t you dear?

Ms. Harper didn’t turn around, but she did barely nod.

Now Alice, don’t behave badly. We discussed this and you agreed, now didn’t you? Be a good girl and come over in front of Jack where he can see you.”

Ms. Harper turned away from the fireplace and walked towards me.

Mr. Harper had hired me as a driver and handyman. Mr. Harper was like a zillionaire who had cashed out of dot com’s at their height and got into energy before anyone had heard of a rolling blackout. You’d expect a guy like that to have a hot woman. And did he ever. Ms. Harris was a fox. But even a guy like me could see that she had, like, class. Or maybe you could call it grace. There was a whole lot more to this broad than tits and ass. So while I lusted for her, the way any guy would, I liked and admired her as well.

Ms. Harper was dressed to go out. You know those little black cocktail dresses that so many women wear at museum galas and art openings and stuff like that? I see those dresses all the time when I drop the two of them at various functions. Anyway Ms. Harper was wearing one of those dresses with a strand of pearls at her neck. She has this real pretty auburn hair that she often wears braided and up at night, though now it was down around her shoulders.

She walked up to within a couple of feet of me.

“Alice has agreed to give you a choice. Haven’t you, dear?”

There were tears in Ms. Harper’s eyes.

” Alice will kneel down there on the floor and she will jerk you off. Or if you prefer you can jerk off on her face. Isn’t that right, dear?”

This was just too weird. Ms. Harper was just standing there unsuccessfully trying to hold back tears. Mr. Harris was a good guy yet he was saying such rotten things in a such a condescending manner. This was like the perfect couple gone totally crazy. It was clear to me that these two were playing some sick game. To my own credit I didn’t even have to think it over-I’d be damned if I’d get involved in this.

“Well I appreciate the offer-I think” I managed a smile “you are both good people and I’m not getting involved in this.” I turned to walk out.

“We were sort of hoping you would say something like that,” said Mr. Harris.

I turned and looked at him. ” We both think you are a fine young man, and having said that, you proved us right.” Nodding at Ms. Harper he said softly ” Isn’t that right?”

For the first time that evening Ms. Harper smiled, albeit weakly. Mr. Harper turned and walked over to the fireplace mantel and picked up an envelope and a riding crop. He waved the envelope and said “This is $5000. It is yours no matter what happens tonight. We are sorry if this bothers you, but please hear us out. Alice take off your dress and tell Jack here what your alternatives are.”

All that held the dress up were spaghetti bakırköy escort straps , but it was fitted snugly, so that Ms. Harper had to wiggle a bit in order for it to fall to the floor. She was stunning. She had not worn a bra. Her nipples were easily silver dollar size, vermilion in color with nubs larger than a pencil’s eraser. Her breasts were large, but from their graceful asymmetrical curve I could see they were natural. She was wearing garters, black stockings and heels. Despite all that had gone before, despite my uneasiness with this little psychodrama, I sprang a class A boner. My back was to Mr. Harris, but Ms. Harper saw my erection and smiled ruefully through teary eyes.

“Jack ,” she said, ” I’m not going to tell you why we are doing this. I’ll just say, though it is difficult, I do agree to this. Peter has a riding crop in his hand and I will have to let him whip me if you won’t let me service you.” I hesitated, stepped back and turned away. Suddenly Mr. Harris took three quick steps toward Ms. Harper, raised the crop and slashed down on her exposed ass. There was no sound but the hiss of the crop through the air and the smack of leather on meat. Ms. Harper gasped and fell to the carpet; Mr. Harris backed a couple steps off.

Ms. Harper got to her knees and crawled to me. She put her hands on my hips.

“Don’t let me take anymore, Jack. ” She begged “Please let me do you, Jack, I’ll be good.” She was fumbling with my belt. “I’d suck you off, Jack, but I’m not allowed. But I’ll get you off good. Do you want to come on my face, Jack?”

Maybe it was the promised five large or maybe I didn’t want her whipped again, or maybe it was just my raging hardon, but I was going to get off. Right then. Fuck their stupid game and fuck her watching boyfriend.

She was unbuttoning my pants. I reached down for a handful of her delectable tit and said “hurry up.” She got my cock out and my pants down. Ms. Harper cradled my balls with one hand and pumped me with the other. She looked up at me, the most gorgeous women I’d ever been with, and said “Are you going to come for me, baby” I shot four loads of cum onto her face, one of them into her open eye.

I had forgotten about Mr. Harris until there was a flash of a Polaroid, Mr. Harris said “You did fine Alice. I’ll tell you what, be a good girl and lick off any cum that’s left on his cock. “

She leaned in to comply, but she was having some difficulty wiping my cum from her eye. The more she rubbed at it the more it spread. Finally she got her vision back, she licked off my cock and she even pulled my trousers up and fastened them. As she stood up and started to pull her dress back on, Mr. Harris said ” Don’t forget your manners, darling, be sure you thank Jack.”

As she looked at me I couldn’t really tell where the tears started and the cum ended. Her mascara had run, so that she presented quite a sight; one that I wasn’t bound to forget any time soon.

On my way out Mr. Harris handed me a manila envelope. When I opened it in my room, the envelope with the 5 G’s fell out along with the Polaroid of Ms. Harper’s come covered face and a used pair of her black lace panties. I fell asleep with the panties over my face.

In the days after that, there was no mention of the incident. Mr. Harris’ demeanor was unchanged; he was affable as always. Ms. Harper was beşiktaş escort quieter than she had been formerly, and she seldom made eye contact. Otherwise I saw no change in her deportment. I, too, comported myself as always. But I was angry.

It was similar to incidents that used to occur to me when I drove a hack in New York City. A couple would get in and start to have sex in the back seat. Now before I drove a hack, I would have guessed that I would get a big kick out of it. I’m no prude and I enjoy fuck films. Instead, it irritated the hell out of me. Part of it was that I wasn’t included, although that was not the problem here. Mainly it was that they thought so little of me that they would fuck like I wasn’t there. It was as if I didn’t exist. You fuck in front of a dog without thinking about because the dog is inconsequential. So, I too, was of no consequence.

In the end, though, practical considerations won out, just as they had when I drove a cab. It was a good job, she was a fox and most of all, five thousand dollars was a bonanza to me; even though it was chump change to Mr. Harris. So I continued driving them to their parties and doing odd jobs around the house. If we ever were to have a session like the last one I sure would do things differently.

Three months to the day after the last session, I got a call to come up to the house. Again they were in the living room. Mr. Harris, a drink in hand, greeted me heartily.

“Jack, my boy, come on in. It’s that time again. I hope you are ready for some more fun and games. I know Alice is. Isn’t that right, sweetheart?”

“Yes, Peter,” she quietly replied.

“Speak up, darling ” Mr. Harris was talking in a tone one might use with a recalcitrant child. Don’t make me use your friend here. He waved a riding crop and Ms. Harper shuddered visibly.

“Tell Jack what he can do tonight”

“He can fuck me” , she spat back.

WHAP The crop caught her across the upper thighs.

“Be nice, sweetheart. Next time you’ll be out the door. You know I mean it.”

Ms. Harper spoke through her pain and humiliation “Jack, we decided you could fuck me. Just tell me how you want it. I’ll make it good for you.”

“I bet you will, Alice,” I said. I continued,

“You’re just a horny slut tonight, aren’t you?”

Alice’s eyes widened in surprise and she looked over at Mr. Harris, who choked on his drink, guffawed and broke into a wide smile.

I walked over to Alice, reached my hand under her skirt, moved it up her thigh, and palmed her crotch. She wasn’t wearing underwear. Her bush was dry and crinkley. Keeping my palm flat on her crotch, I raised my hand a couple inches so that she came up on her toes with most of her weight distributed through her pussy onto my hand. I pulled her in closer.

“You best get yourself ready little girl,” I whispered.

“Hump it,” I lowered my hand so she could get a purchase. She was now able to bend her legs, she put her arms on my shoulders and began to dry fuck my hand. I tore the top of her dress and grabbed her tit with my free hand . The nub of her nipple grew large in my hand. I grasped it between thumb and forefinger and tweaked it hard. She squeaked. No shit, sort of like a mouse. Again. I tweaked, she squeaked. With the other hand I lifted my middle finger slightly above the rest of my hand so that as beylikdüzü escort she dry humped me my finger slipped easily into her crack. This was a horny bitch!

“You’re almost ready for me, let’s finish the job.” I stepped back. ” Take off what’s left of that dress and sit in that armchair.” As the dress came off I again marveled at her fantastic body. I stepped over to an end table where the riding crop lay and picked it up. I handed it to Alice.

“Ok,” I said, ” Slide your ass out to the edge of the seat and bring your feet up to rest flat at the edge too. Spread your knees all the way apart. This is what we call a split beaver. And darling, you look simply marvelous. ” I looked back at Peter Harris. He had his hand on the front of his trousers and otherwise appeared mesmerized. I turned back to Alice, who looked glassy eyed; split legged, and idly rubbing her pussy with one hand and still holding the riding crop with the other. I told her to use the crop. She looked at me blankly for a moment and then nodded and brought the handle up to her cunt and rubbed it along her slit.

“Put it in , bitch”

Tears came to her eyes. “It’s dry leather. Don’t make me put it in, I need some lubrication.”

“All right” I moved my hand to my mouth and gathered a huge mouthful of slobber. I slathered it over the opening of her cunt. “Now use the crop, bitch”

She slowly inserted the riding crop up her snatch. I started undressing.

“It looks like you ‘re ready, now its my turn. Hand me that crop.”

I pointed to the floor in front of me. “Kneel”

Alice looked to Harris and pleaded “Jeffery, please auwwww.”

The crop had tapped her ass.

“Suck me, cunt”

Alice hurried to mouth my member. After a moment she took her mouth off for breath and her hand circled my shaft and pumped. Auwwwww. The crop had come down again.

“Don’t use those whore tricks on me, slut. When I say suck, you suck.”

Her hands disappeared; replaced by her warm mouth. This bitch was a first class cocksucker. It wasn’t long before I had to tell her to stop. I wasn’t ready to blow my load yet.

I had her bend over the back of the armchair, her butt way up and her hands grabbing the legs down by the floor. Her pussy was wide open. I grabbed her hips and thrust into her in one plunge. She issued a guttural grunt and she continued to grunt every time I slammed into her. It only took a couple minutes to get close to cumming. I slowed down. Without warning I jammed two fingers up her ass. She screamed. Before she recovered I pulled out of her cunt and thrust my swollen cock up her ass. It wouldn’t go all the way in at first and I had to push hard. Her head come up as she tried to escape, but I grabbed a handful of hair and pushed her back down.

She was pinned in that vulnerable position and all she could do was squeal like some sort of wounded animal. At this point it seemed pointless to wait for her to have her orgasm, so when the moment came, I did. Came like a fire hose. I pulled out and walked around to have her lick the gooey crud off my cock. Realizing that this wasn’t very healthy, I just wiped my cock off on her hair. I told her not to move, grabbed my clothes and walked back to Jeffery Harris, who had not moved an inch this entire time. He did have his dick out.

I stood next to him and we gazed back at Alice, still bent over the chair, her body heaving, brown tinged cum leaking from her asshole. The thing I’ll never forget is the way her asshole had stretched out to a golf ball sized hole that still had not contracted back. Harris handed me an envelope of cash and told me thank you.

I said “Sure,” turned, and walked out thinking “You’ll get yours, asshole.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32