A Helping Hand

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“He said what?!!”

Jo spluttered over her coffee in shock. We met here every week, determined to keep in touch. We’d known each other since our university days ended 18 years ago when I was pregnant with Mikey. I laughed and told her the details. We had moved to a new home, complete with en-suite bathrooms. Not liking the decor downstairs, we redecorated and my husband, Tony, had to rearrange the furniture. Mikey had helped in moving the piano but sprained his wrist. The swelling had gone down, but it was still painful.

I took him a coffee this morning before I left to meet Jo. I asked him how his wrist was today.

“It’s still a little painful, thanks.”

“Well, I’m sure it will be okay when you go back to school after the break” I said, trying to cheer him up. Then it came.

“Mom…it’s been a week since I…uh…was able to…okay, I have to say it…a week since I was able to masturbate…and it’s so frustrating.”

We had always been open and honest with Mikey, but I was still surprised when he told me. I looked at him, not knowing what to say.

“It’s okay Mom, forget I said anything. It’s not important.”

I knew it must have been difficult for him to mention. I smiled and told him it was okay.

“I understand, Honey…I know it must be hard for you.”

We both realised my faux pas at the same time and laughed. The tension broken, it made it easier for him to continue.

“I can barely hold myself without pain in my wrist.”

“Have you tried your left hand?” I asked, wondering if I was being helpful.

“It’s barely better than useless…I can’t write with it…I thought I might be able to…but I can’t get…how can I say…I can’t get the timing right.”

“I see…” I began, not knowing how to continue.

“So, Mom…I was wondering if…I mean…would it be okay…”

He didn’t finish his sentence. I tried to guess what he wanted. Perhaps he wanted Zoë, his girlfriend, to come over and give him a hand so to speak!! But then I remembered things were not too good between them right now. He picked up where he left off. “Would you do it for me, Mom…please; would you help me?”

I felt for him, I really did. But I couldn’t say “Yes.” I didn’t say “No,” either.

Jo looked at me, not knowing whether I was joking.

“Let me get this straight…you told him ‘maybe’?”

“Not exactly…I’m not sure really…it was kind of unfinished.”

“I could help,” offered Jo with a wink. “You probably don’t realise, but Mikey is very handsome!!”

I wasn’t sure if she was serious, but I didn’t respond to her offer. I recalled how forward Jo had been in our Uni days; a bit of a man-eater if truth be told. However, she was right. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but now, driving home, I began to think of my son in a different way. There was no doubt about it; Mikey is handsome. I knew he’d had plenty of girlfriends and I also knew he was a virgin. Well, whenever he talked about them, he said they had not gone all the way and I had no reason to disbelieve him. In fact, this was the problem with Zoë…she wanted them to do it. He hadn’t felt totally committed to her, as a week into their relationship, she admitted to fucking another guy after he and Zoë had already been on a couple of dates together.

The more I thought about him as I drove on, the more I began to think he was sexy too. All those girls saw something and I tried to see him through their eyes. I could see it too. It made me think of Tony when we were younger. I really had the hots for him…I still do. But we were careless and I got pregnant too soon. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a single regret…but the fact is it wasn’t planned. I was glad Mikey was being careful. But now I was thinking if I could help him. Could I really masturbate him? Actually manipulate his cock for him so he came!

When he was 8, Mikey broke his arm. I often had to help him undo his fly and help him go to the bathroom. That involved handling his penis, didn’t it? So what’s the difference? I saw one immediately; back then it was his penis. Now I was thinking in terms of his cock! My son wanted me to handle his cock. To actually make him ejaculate! No…I was exaggerating; He didn’t want me to do it…he needed me to do it. He was suffering and I, as his mother, was in a position to help him. After all, it wasn’t as if he was asking to have sex with me was it?

Huh? How on earth did I get to that?!

I hung the keys on the hook in the kitchen and heard music coming from his bedroom. Mikey was still not up, it seemed. What had he been doing up there, sleeping? Torturing himself by playing with his cock? That word again. Had he been able to come? I felt a tinge of disappointment. He needed my help and I was too late to give it. Was I really disappointed because I hadn’t helped? Why was I even thinking this when I didn’t even know if he had? But somewhere on the drive home, I had made my decision.

“Hi, Mikey,” I began, walking through the open door to his room.

“Christ! Mom…don’t you bahis firmaları knock?”

“Sorry, honey…but your door was open and…”

My sentence stayed unfinished as I took in the scene before me. Mikey was propped up in bed reading a magazine. His bedding was down beyond his waist; further than he thought I guess because there was his cock lying across his abdomen. My eyes lingered there, noticing the way it curved from the base to its tip.

Mikey saw me looking and put aside his magazine. In doing so, he then realised he was exposing himself to me. His cock seemed to roll over as he reached to pull up a sheet. I was quite disappointed when I lost sight of it, but it allowed me to regain my composure and I moved towards his bed. I saw the mag he’d been reading. It was a stroke magazine; I never saw the name…just the picture of the semi naked girl on the cover. He had made no attempt to hide it; an example of the open relationship we had. But that didn’t mean he was going to flaunt his erection in front of his mother. Even if he had asked me to masturbate it for him. Openness…even nakedness does not mean such displays are acceptable.

The ease with which Mikey felt at the situation was shown as he spoke.

“I tried again, mom, I really tried. My hand aches so much, now, it hurts to hold that magazine,” he stated, before adding, “and that made it worse…looking at those pictures, because I couldn’t do anything about it.”

“It’s okay, Mikey,” I told him. “That’s what I came to talk to you about. I think I can help you.”

With that, I began pulling at the sheet that covered his cock. I could tell he was still erect, though not, by now, fully. But the sheet highlighted it nicely until I’d slid it right down, dragging his cock with it until it sprang back into place.

“You mean…you’re going to help me come?”

The relief was plain to hear, let alone the way the frustration left his body.

I knelt at the side of his bed and reached a hand across his thigh. I noticed how smooth his skin was as I looked up towards his face. Making a light contact with his shaft, his entire body jolted. I reached again for his cock and this time he allowed my fingers to feel their way around it, so I could hold it gently. I could feel him growing in my hand as I wondered how I should do it. Did it matter how I did it? Maybe all he wanted was to come. So I asked. “Okay, Mikey…you are fully hard now…” It didn’t sound very sexy. It wasn’t meant to be; he is my son after all. As I began stroking him I wanted to give him some control back and I asked him how it was and if he wanted me to do it differently. He could barely get the words out. “It’s great, mom…..really great. I love it I…I…aaaahhhh…”

And with that, he started cumming. His essence just pumping out and down over his cock and onto my hand as I held him. It seemed never ending; more and more liquid flowing from him, like a damn had burst.

Finally, it stopped and he said, “Sorry, mom…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to…” It was as if he was apologising for coming prematurely. My son was considerate!

“No need to apologise, Mikey…” I told him, smiling. “I see now just how desperate you were. Let me just get something to clean us up.” I went to his bathroom where I ran my hand under hot water, rinsing my son’s semen from my fingers, before wringing out a face cloth and returning to his room. I found him wiping himself with tissues. “Here…let me,” I told him, sitting on the bed and I reached over, placing the wet and warm cloth over his tummy. I mopped him there, before taking the cloth to his genitals where I gently rubbed his balls. The cloth was still warm and I could only imagine how comforting this was as he sighed in pleasure.

I continued to stroke him, before the heat was lost, sliding my covered hand around and over his cock. He began to stiffen again and I wasn’t entirely surprised. It wasn’t unusual for a teenager; Tony was the same years ago. Even now there were occasions when his recovery time was pretty quick. Usually this would be when we were fucking and I’d feel in the mood for having him in my ass and say so. Sometimes he’d be so close to coming in my pussy that he couldn’t stop himself. But he’d be so turned on by me telling him where I wanted his cock, that he’d be hard again in next to no time.

Anyway, I wanted to feel Mikey’s cock in my hand again so I took the cloth away and traced my fingers along his length before taking hold of him. As my fingers slid around it, he sighed with pleasure. “Oh mom…that’s so good.”

I kept my hand around his cock, enjoying the warmth, before resuming the stroking I knew would give him even more pleasure. I had become an accomplished ‘masturbatrix’ judging by the reactions from Tony over the years and I was just thinking that Mikey could benefit from my expertise when I realised he was easing his pelvis up and down; the movements causing his cock to slide through my fingers, as if he was fucking my hand. “Please, mom,” he whispered, hoarsely, “stroke me some kaçak iddaa more.”

So I began moving my hand up and down his shaft, sliding my thumb over the tip and feeling the pre-cum already oozing out. His breathing sped up as I wanked him some more and I was just establishing a rhythm when he started to ejaculate once more. I was again feeling my son’s orgasm as his cum, once again, began pumping from his penis and over my hand. I held him, waiting for his spasms to subside, saying, “You really needed this, honey, didn’t you?”

* * * * *

That evening my mind was in turmoil. Was I wrong to have done it? Had I crossed a line? I was worried I’d begun something that I couldn’t stop. I thought about what I’d said, just after Mikey came again; about him needing it. It was an understatement, but did it have another meaning? Did other sons want their mothers to hold their cocks…to masturbate them until they came? By the time I went to bed, I had things pretty straight in my head. There was an end to this. It was only happening because Mikey hurt his hand. I was partly responsible and I was in a position to help. I told myself it would end when his hand was better.

As Tony was between my thighs, thrusting, my mind was not really there. As he came, shooting his hot seed into my pussy, I had already decided to do a better job with my son’s cock the next day. Mikey deserved more than the quick hand jobs I’d given him.

* * * * *

I sleep nude, but as I usually keep my husband company before he leaves for work, I had thrown on one of his T-shirts. I had no panties on but you’d never know; the shirt covered me to mid-thigh.

After Tony had left for work, I went back upstairs and looked in on Mikey. He was still asleep and I returned to bed mulling over my decision. I was aware that part of me wanted to do this for personal pride; to impress my son. I know that sounds a little perverse, wanting him to be impressed with my masturbatory abilities. But, I told myself, I just wanted to make him feel good. And I knew I could make him feel REALLY good. Later.

The time came and I went into our bathroom and collected a bottle from the cabinet. We used it mainly as lube for anal sex, but occasionally I used it when masturbating Tony. I nearly returned the bottle to its place, thinking what if Mikey asked why we had it. As open as we were about sex, I wasn’t about to tell him the main reason. But even if he did ask, I could simply tell him about its secondary use. So, bottle in hand and butterflies in tummy, I approached his door. This time I knocked.

“Come in mom,” he called.

Entering, I found him propped up in bed reading a book. He looked up, smiling. I saw his eyes drawn to the bottle as I put it down on his bedside table. I answered his questioning look with a casual, “It’s a surprise.” I told him I’d been thinking about yesterday and that I didn’t think it could have been very satisfying for him, adding, “So I’m here to make it good for you…if you want.”

“Are you sure, mom?” he responded, immediately knowing what I was getting at. I nodded.

I sat on his bed and slowly drew the bedding away. Like me, he slept nude and my eyes were drawn to his cock. It was semi erect and seemingly already growing before I reached for it. I felt it twitch at my touch as I ran a finger over its smooth skin, before continuing to caress his thigh. As he grew and his cock moved, I stroked his thigh to his calf and back up again. I was determined this should last longer and made the same movements on his other leg…all the time, watching as he grew bigger and harder.

I drew imaginary circles on his chest, sliding my hand downwards. I couldn’t tease him too much, so I slipped my fingers around his cock and held it gently, resisting the temptation to wank it. I didn’t want him to come too quickly again. As I held him, I looked over his body. Not an ounce of fat anywhere. His skin was so smooth, everywhere; with barely a hair to be seen. Jo was right about Mikey being handsome. What would she think if she had seen him like this; naked and hard?

I studied his stiffening erection. It was about the same size as his father’s but he was leaner than Tony, and it appeared much bigger as a result. I could no longer resist and I began a slow wanking movement along his shaft. He sighed, moaned and twisted as I manipulated his cock, before transferring my hand to his balls and then leaving him to reach for the bottle. His hips continued to undulate; his cock stabbing the air as if searching out something to fuck.

I poured a little lubricant into the palm of my hand and from there allowed it to drip onto the head of Mikey’s cock. Before it dripped from there, I grasped him and rubbed; spreading the lube over its length. He was as hard as an iron bar as I pulled his foreskin back, revealing the dome of his cock; centred by that little hole I was to play with later. He was frantic, now, trying to fuck my hand as I deliberately kept to my slow stroking. I told him to hold kaçak bahis out a little longer and enjoy, but the urgency was getting to me too. I wanted to see him come…but I had to make him last a little longer.

The lube had now mixed with his pre-cum as my hand slid up to the tip of his cock and back down again. I played my fingers over his balls, giving him differing sensations. Then I held his cock again, ready to take him to completion. “Cum for me, Mikey,” I told him. “Show me what you can do…show your mother that you can come hard.” I was wanking him vigorously, now and I knew he would come any moment. I desperately wanted my son to come really hard.

He didn’t disappoint. I held his cock as the first spurt came. It was a small one…but then his hips shook and a huge jet sprayed out and up over his chest. Then another. I just held his cock as spurt after spurt flew out until his ejaculation subsided and he was able to speak. “Mom…that was unbelievable…the best…incredible…” and I smiled as I told him we hadn’t finished yet.

After I’d wiped him down and dried him he gave me a hug.

“You’re the greatest, mom. I really needed that. It was worth getting the injury for.”

“You think so?” I asked. “It was really good?”

“Of course. I never came so much and so hard before!”

I smiled with satisfaction. It’s what I hoped for. But I was curious.

“What do you normally think about; when you masturbate, I mean?”

“You really want to know?”

“Of course,” I replied. “I’m interested.”

He raised himself from the bed and crossed the room. I watched him; his athletic body gliding as he moved towards his chest of drawers. Seconds later, I followed and moved up alongside as he slid open a drawer.

“I usually read these magazines and imagine myself with the girls, sometimes taking an idea from the stories or letters; other times from my own thoughts.”

“Well…that’s pretty normal, you know,” I ventured, looking at the gorgeous blonde on the cover with her gravity defying breasts.

“I guess so,” responded Mikey, flicking over some pages. “But I like it.”

“Sure,” I replied, my hand reaching for his arm. I wanted to touch him. “It’s a bit tame though. I thought guys these days were into harder stuff.”

He hesitated before reacting. “Well…I quite like these too,” he said while reaching to the back of the drawer.

One magazine was called ‘Derriere’ and the other…well the cover was missing, but it specialised in blow jobs, with numerous pictures of pretty girls holding, licking and sucking various penises. Naturally they were all huge. I could see a ‘look’ on Mikey’s face. “Don’t worry,” I told him. “They are only this big in the world of Porno!” I opened the other mag. Page after page of models on their knees, standing up, on their fronts; all showing off their behinds. It appeared Mikey had a thing about asses. Like his dad. I asked him if he had a favourite. I noticed the signs of renewing erection as he flipped through the pages. My hand had since rested on his buttocks, stroking him lightly. “This one,” he almost choked out. I looked at the two girls kneeling, side by side, on a sofa looking back over their shoulders as my hand moved around to touch his growing penis. I stroked him, while he looked at the photo spread. It was so intimate; holding my son’s cock as it stiffened in my fingers. “Let’s go back to your bed,” I said with a gentle pull before closing the magazine and putting it away.

Mikey reclined on his bed as I lay on my side, head propped in hand looking over his physique. He sighed as I again took him in my hand and began a light stroking. He oozed pre-cum and I rubbed my thumb over it, spreading it to the ridge of his cock-head. He squirmed and gasped as I repeatedly rubbed my thumb over the sensitive spot before moving my hand down towards his balls. I touched them lightly with the tip of a finger. He jumped. I loved the way his cock bounced and I tickled him there again, making his body twitch and his cock jerk some more, before taking it in my hand once more.

Writhing and moaning with pleasure, Mikey’s eyes were closed as I began my next technique. His hips were soon gyrating and he realised he was experiencing an entirely new feeling. He forced his head up and opened his eyes. “What are you doing to me?” he exclaimed, eyes fixing on my forefinger; the nail of which was seemingly embedded in his pee-hole.

I recalled the shock on Tony’s face when I first did this to him. I must admit, it surprised me the first time I had done this to a guy. It looked like the nail was half deep in his penis, but it was really the softness of the cock-head creating an illusion. Like the others, Mikey quickly discovered the intense pleasure. He realised as his hips undulated in pleasure, so the sensations increased and he was really in control. I had begun the motion; a kind of stirring, with my fingernail, but Mikey continued while I held my finger in place, pressing slightly now and then. “Oh…fuck…what is it…I never felt anything like it.” That’s pretty much what Tony said too. A couple of minutes later, his body stiffened. Then he shuddered and exhaled as if he’d been holding his breath the whole time. I waited.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32