A Hot Night with Girlfriend

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My girlfriend and I are both cuddled together with a nice thick blanket and lots of pillows on the living room floor, we each have a glass of cold white wine and are watching a movie on TV.

I sit up and take my shirt off, saying it is getting a little hot in here tonight. You then lean against me and run your fingers through the hair on my chest playing with my nipples until they are like little hard buds sticking out from the flatness of my chest. I ask you if you are getting hot and you mumble the word yes as you are licking and sucking on my little nub of a nipple.

I then roll you onto your back and undo your pants and pull the zipper down, then move down to your feet and take off both socks. Then I reach up and grab your pants at the waist, you raise your hips off the floor and I slowly pull them down and off your legs.

I start to kiss your feet and suck on your toes one at a time. Kissing you all the while I move slowly up your legs until I get to your panty clad crotch. I see that there is a wet spot showing between your legs so I lean in and start to lick it and you moan and spread your legs as wide as possible. I grab your panties with both hands and tear them off you exposing your pussy to me in all its swollen splendour. I clamp my mouth on it while pushing two fingers inside you at the same time; you are so wet there is no resistance. Your juices are running out of you so fast and in such a large amount that I am having a hard time licking it all up and some runs down the crack of your ass and drips onto the blanket.

I am moving my fingers in and out of your cunt and nibbling on your clit then licking all around your pussy lips and back to your clit so much that you are starting to shake. You then remove your own top and start to pinch and roll your nipples with your fingers. Your hips begin to buck up against my mouth faster and faster, you raise your legs up and place them across my shoulders with your feet crossed behind my back applying pressure to the sides of my head as I continue my oral attack on your pussy.

All of a sudden with a yelp and a moan my mouth is filled with so much sweet nectar that there is no way I can swallow it all fast enough and your legs have locked my head in a vice like grip while you are trying to push my face as far into your pussy with both hands pressing on the back of my head as hard as you can.

As you start to relax from your orgasm you release my head and roll onto your side still shaking a little. Your eyes are closed as you lay there and as I start to kiss the back of your neck you roll onto your stomach. I kiss my way down your back and rub your ass cheeks while sliding a finger through the crack you start to moan once again. I pour a little of my wine down the crack of your ass and lick it up so you raise your hips up a little giving me better access bostancı escort to your treasures. I pour more wine on you while cupping my hand under your pussy so that some of it goes right in. I then position my head under you and start to lick all the wine from your cunt inside and out.

Slowly you turn around keeping your pussy in contact with my mouth. You lean over and undo my pants and push them off me. You grip my rock hard cock in one hand and play with my balls in the other, slowly moving your hand up and down the length of my prick you place your mouth over the head and start to lick it like it was your favourite flavour of ice-cream. With your other hand you alternate rubbing your fingers between my anus and playing with my balls.

Finely you wrap your lips around my cock taking me all the way into your mouth, keeping one hand wrapped around my cock still stroking it up and down very slowly. All this time I am still gently licking your pussy. Also I am playing with both your tits as you lean over me. All of a sudden I explode in your mouth without warning but you never let go you just keep on sucking and swallowing every drop. You keep my cock in your mouth running your tongue around it until it goes soft.

You have not had a second orgasm yet but I am still unable to move because of the intense pleasure I am still feeling from mine. You curl up next to me and pull a blanket over us and we start to cool off as the sweat from our exertions begins to dry.

As we finish drinking our wine you place your hand on my now softened prick gently stroking and pulling on it. I am very surprised that it begins to get hard again so soon after just having such an intense orgasm. As soon as it gets to its full length and hardness you throw your leg over me and mount me sliding my now very stiff prick right into your still very wet pussy. You lean forward so that I can suck on your nipples as you ride up and down on my pole. Every so often you slide down a little and we kiss, our tongues exploring each other’s open mouths I can taste myself on you as you can still taste your own juices on me. You start to move up and down a little faster and with more intensity with each stroke you make. We are both looking at each other’s faces when we come at the same time. It is not as intense as the previous ones but it feels much more pleasurable to us both and seems to last forever.

Once we have both finished you do not move off me, you keep my cock buried deep in your cunt and lay down on my chest with your head on my shoulder. Neither one of us wants to move at this point; I pull the blanket over us as you fall asleep in this position. You feel so light that I hardly notice any weight atoll as I gently stroke your back as you sleep.

Soon you awaken and realize that I am still inside sancaktepe escort you although I am no longer hard but soft now. You just give me one of those beautiful smiles and saying thank you, you give me another deep throated spine tingling kiss and ask if I would like to join you in the shower before we head off to bed. I am wondering to myself if this is going to lead to another round and if I would be able to perform. But as I watch you walk towards the shower you are looking back at me with so much love in your eyes that my prick actually starts to swell up once again. With a big grin on my face and a stiffening cock leading the way I join you in the shower to continue our play.

When I step into the shower you already have the water running, you pass me the soap and turn around facing the wall; putting both hands against it you push your butt out towards me. The warm water is cascading down your back and between your cheeks running onto the floor in a steady stream. I start to soap your shoulders and back rubbing gently almost like a massage; you just turn your head and look at me with a smile and moan quietly to yourself.

You put your head down and spread your legs a little wider as I run my hands down to your ass. As I rub the soap onto your ass I pay particular attention to your rose bud, it is actually pulsing as I run my fingers around and over it, pressing against the opening but not penetrating. I reach around you and start playing with your tits my hand is still slippery with soap and they glide over and around your nipples as they stand up proud and hard. I slip a finger into your pussy while continuing to rub your asshole with my thumb. As I start to slowly move my fingers in and out of your pussy your moans get a little more intense and you start to push your ass back against me a little more urgently.

I get down to my knees and start running my tongue around your asshole pressing against it, as if I was going to push it right in. I can feel your pussy gripping my fingers with a quickening pulse, I don’t want you to cum yet I want to make your pleasure last longer. I turn you around and you straddle me pulling my face in as close as you can with both hands. I gently start to nibble on your clit pulling on it with my lips as I continue to work my fingers in and out of your dripping cunt. You start to hump my face faster and harder as your breathing starts to quicken and your moans are getting louder, I know you will not be able to last much longer so I quicken my pace with my tongue on your clit and my fingers jammed in your cunt.

All of a sudden I am drowning in such sweet nectar as your entire body begins to shake, you pull my face so hard into your pussy that I can’t even breathe now. Slowly you release me and slip to a squatting position holding onto your knees zeytinburnu escort as the last few shudders start to subside.

There are tears running down your face but yet you are smiling at me, as I stand before you I feel your fingers gently fondling my balls and you start to trace circles around and over my asshole. With your other hand you pace my now soft prick into your mouth running your tongue around the head. I very quickly start to get hard once again, but am still very sensitive from our earlier love making yet. I attempt to pull you off of my cock but you resist my feeble efforts. Finely with one last lick you stand before me giving me some reprieve and we embrace kissing passionately our tongues exploring hungrily in each other’s mouth, as the warm water washes away the last trace of soap and the sweat from our passions.

After gently patting each other dry I lead you to the bedroom and turn down the sheets. You light a few candles and turn off the lights, as a gentle breeze wafts the scent around the room it begins to smell like rosemary with a slight hint of lavender. You slide between the sheets next to me and I can barely see with only the soft flickering light coming from the candles. And yet I do not need to see you with my eyes I know your looks and your body intimately inside and out as well you know mine. In all this time we have yet to speak but it is not required our love is so deep.

You take my hardening shaft into your hand and slowly stroke it to its full length. I snuggle into your chest taking a nipple into my mouth and suckle just as a babe would; I slowly move back and forth from one to the other and back again. You pull harder on my prick guiding me over you and into you in one motion. You wrap your legs around my butt and dig your fingers into my back as I slowly start to thrust myself in and out of you with long slow strokes.

I feel like I can keep this pace for hours but realize I cannot, after all I am only a man and have my limits. As I speed up my thrusts you start to push up matching me stroke for stroke. I try to keep it slow with long deep strokes and to my surprise and dismay I cum with such suddenness and force that I am caught off guard. So intense is my orgasm that I do not notice if you even had one. Yet you are gripping me with your legs so tight and digging your nails into my back I realize that you came at the same time as I did.

Your tears are flowing freely now but they are tears of passion yet not to be ignored. I stroke your hair as I tenderly kiss away the tears tasting the saltiness of them on my tongue. You close your eyes and roll onto your side, I blow out the candles and snuggle up to your back cupping a breast in my hand I feel that your nipple is no longer turgid and hard, but it is now soft and smooth with a silky feel that I now hold in my hand. I feel your heart beat slow down as you start to fall asleep, I lean over and as I tenderly kiss your ear I whisper I love you and to my surprise with your eyes closed and a slight smile on your lips you murmur back that you love me to. We both drift off to a much needed sleep our passions now stilled and complete.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32