A Journey’s Climax

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I couldn’t believe what I was doing. This was by far the most spontaneous thing I’d ever done. I was sitting in the departure lounge at London’s Gatwick Airport awaiting the call to board the plane. My destination was to be Detroit, Michigan, USA. Having reached the end of a university course, I was very used to travelling alone, what with driving back and forth between my home in central England and my university in the south-west. However, I had never travelled by plane alone before, this would be a long daunting journey all alone; with no-one to turn to if anything went wrong. I must have been crazy. Yet in my head I knew that I wanted to make this journey more than any other I had ever made. The next seven hours of extreme nervousness would most definitely be worth it when I arrived.

I always enjoyed talking to people online. But one night I met someone who was different from anyone I’d ever met, online and in real life. Her name was Rachel. We seemed to just click straight away. We chatted about anything and everything, and she was so open. She told me everything, plus she loved to talk about sex, about her fantasies, how horny she could get. Imagine my surprise when she revealed that she was still a virgin. She talked like she was an expert, yet she had much to experience. As the weeks passed and we continued to talk to each other, we progressed to chatting on the phone. She had an incredible voice, angelic, and with a giggle that would just melt me every time I heard it. Plus on the phone, she was just the same as when I spoke to her online. Just as open about everything as she always had been. I felt so comfortable talking to her, sharing things with her I had never told anyone else before.

As the conversations developed, so did the relationship. We both realised we were starting to have strong feelings for each other. When I wasn’t talking to Rachel, it felt something was missing. A day didn’t seem complete if I didn’t speak to her, and I could sense that she felt the same way too. We didn’t hide our feelings from each other either; we made sure we both knew how we felt about each other. The feelings deepened until one night, Rachel said those three incredible words to me; “I love you.” I knew at once I loved her too and echoed it back to her. From that point we had one major priority; to see each other. The major problem was that she lived in Michigan, USA, whereas I live in England. But that was not going to stop me. I knew it would be expensive, but most definitely worth it. So within a month it was booked. Flights were sorted and I’d be staying at her place. It was now a matter of time before I saw my love for the first time. The following days individually seemed to take forever, yet the weeks appeared to fly by and before I knew it, I was waiting to board the flight.

Finally I was on the plane. There was absolutely no turning back now. I would be meeting Rachel in a matter of hours. I tried everything I could to make the time pass. I had my music, I watched the in-flight films, I tried to get some sleep, but nothing could kill or even reduce the buzz I was feeling. I counted down the hours as the plane got nearer and nearer to Detroit. As the plane descended I felt even more strange feelings in my stomach than I usually do on a descent. Finally I was back on firm ground as the plane landed and came to a stop. After collecting my bags and what seemed like an eternity passing through immigration control, I was outside the airport, ready to meet Rachel. Soon enough, she pulled up outside the terminal building in her car, she opened the door and I saw her for the first time.

I really couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. Sure I had seen photographs before, but what I saw before me couldn’t be expressed by a thousand pictures. She had long curly brown hair with blonde highlights, her blue and hazel eyes sparkled as she smiled. Her smile itself was heavenly. Her red lips shimmered, I just wanted to kiss them right there and then. She had a gorgeous full figure, wonderfully proportioned with curves in all the right places; in particular she had a very shapely ass.

I climbed into the car and we made our way to her house. There was never an awkward moment. We talked about anything as if we saw each other every day, our regular England vs. America arguments made an appearance as well. All the while I took in Rachel’s outstanding beauty and kept reminding myself I was actually with the girl I loved. The trip to her house didn’t take long, but it didn’t matter anyway, it could have lasted hours for all I cared.

When we arrived I unloaded my luggage and Rachel gave me a tour of the house. That lasted all of two minutes. We came to settle on the bed in Rachel’s room. For the first time, I could properly gaze into her eyes. They gazed back into mine. For the first time, we were silent. I knew what I wanted to do, and without hesitation, I leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips. She didn’t resist and kissed me back. It was short, but incredible. It felt so right. Her lips were anadolu yakası escort so soft. When our lips parted, she smiled at me. I moved myself closer and embraced her in my arms. Her skin was incredibly soft and silky. We kissed again, only for much longer. Our lips pressed against each other’s, a kiss filled with love and passion. I held her close to me and would not let her go. Eventually we broke the kiss. My heart was racing. I was in heaven and with my own angel.

She lay back on the bed and looked up at me. I positioned myself over her and leaned down to kiss her once more. As we kissed, she darted the tip of her tongue over my lips, teasing me so much. I began to move my kisses over her neck, and around toward her ears. I began to swirl my tongue over the curves of her ears. She had told me this was something she loved, and I could tell she hadn’t been making it up, as her breathing got heavier. Each time I returned to her lips, the kisses became even more passionate and intense than the last. I lay down beside her and began to glide my hand gently over her bare arms. She pressed her body close to mine and our legs intertwined. We were so close. We continued the intense kissing as I began to trace my hand up to her shoulder, down her side, and round to the small of her back, another of her more sensitive areas. I began to tickle it with the tips of my fingers and I could feel her begin to squirm, and press her body even closer to me. I knew she was enjoying every moment of this and getting turned on. I let my hand wander once more. I brought it round to her stomach and traced lines around her naval. She loved this.

Now I decided to be more risky. I slowly eased my hand up her body, underneath her tank-top toward her breasts. Rachel didn’t stop me. I got nearer and nearer, convinced she would stop me at any moment. I reached her bra-covered breasts and began to tickle them gently. Rachel giggled as I did, so I carried on. I attempted to remove her top entirely, only this time she did stop me, but still let me continue to tickle and trace my fingers over her breasts. Every time I came close to her nipple, she would gasp and squirm. I began to let my fingers dance over her nipple and her breathing became deeper. Only the material of her bra was separating my finger from her nipple, which I could feel was becoming very hard. She was squirming even more now. She seemed to be teasing herself as well as me by not exposing her breasts to me.

Finally she appeared to give in, as she sat upright, and pulled off her tank-top, followed by her bra, exposing to me a gorgeous pair of breasts. They were huge, about 36DD, round and extremely curvaceous. She lay back down and invited me to carry on with what I was doing, but not before I removed my own shirt. I began to play with her erect nipples. She gasped once more and began running her fingers over my chest and my arms, gently scraping her fingernails over my skin. The sensation was sending shivers straight through me; I had never felt anything like this before. I leaned forward and took one nipple in my mouth and sucked gently. I knew this was something new for her and I could tell she was enjoying it as she let out a low moan. I swirled my tongue over her nipple and began sucking a little harder. I switched to her other breast and carried on with my work. I was driving her crazy.

It was then when I decided to go for broke and as I continued to let my mouth play with Rachel’s nipples, I slowly moved my hand down over her stomach towards her pussy. This time there was no resistance and no tease. Rachel knew exactly what I had planned. She leaned forward, forcing me to stop teasing her nipples for a moment, and removed her capris and her thong. She lay completely naked before me. Her pussy was completely shaven and so smooth. She lay back and parted her legs, giving me full access. I moved my hand down and let it glide over her slit. She was so wet, my finger slid easily over her opening. Rachel took a quick gasp of breath before letting out a long moan, full of pleasure. She moved her pussy closer to my hand. I realised I hadn’t returned to giving her nipples the attention they craved. I leaned down and carried on sucking her nipples and tickling them with my tongue. My hand moved to the top of her pussy where I easily found her clitoris. It was so hard and begging to be touched. Rachel gave a high-pitched moan. Her moans and gasps where becoming more frequent now. I gently began to caress Rachel’s clit with the tip of my finger. This was becoming too much for her as she began to thrust her hips. I carried on rubbing her clit as I sucked on her nipples. She was in ecstasy.

I decided now was the time to try something new to both her and myself. I got off the bed and brought Rachel closer to the edge of it. Kneeling on the floor between her legs, I leaned forward and stroked my tongue over her wet slit. Rachel almost screamed with delight. I continued to lick away at her pussy. Her scent was divine and ataşehir escort her taste was heavenly. Then I took her clit in my mouth and began sucking softly on it, allowing my tongue to tickle it slowly. This was having just as much effect on her, if not more. Rachel was moaning and squirming so much, so close to cumming now. I resumed in licking her wet slit and pushed my tongue inside her. I moved my hand down and tickled her clit once more. Now nothing was going to stop me. I aimed to make her cum. My licks became deeper, faster and harder as I rubbed her clit faster. Rachel bucked her hips, trying to get as much of my tongue inside her as possible. I licked deep inside, tasting her sweet juices. She was so close. It wasn’t long before she was letting out high-pitched moans as she reached orgasm. I carried on, making sure she felt nothing but pure pleasure until she stopped cumming. Finally she did, and she lay back, so relaxed. I got up and lay down beside her. I traced my hands over her body once more, but she prevented me from going to her nipples or pussy as they were so sensitive.

I lay beside her for a little while, until Rachel got up. Without a word she began unbuttoning my jeans. She removed them, followed by my boxers. It was her turn to play now. She took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it. My cock was already rock hard and the head was so sensitive. She then moved me to the edge of the bed and got into the position I had been in previously. She took my cock inside her mouth and began sucking on it. Her head moved up and down as she went to work on my cock. Every so often she would pause to stroke it, each time getting harder and faster. She wanted to taste my cum so badly. As she resumed sucking on my cock, she took just the tip in her mouth and sucked vigorously on it. That sent waves of pleasure through me that I had never felt before. She then carried on taking my whole length inside her mouth. This time she began playing with my balls. The feeling was incredible. I could feel myself tense up. I knew I was ready to cum. Rachel could sense it too. I began moaning heavily as I shot cum right into her mouth. Rachel didn’t flinch. She just swallowed and carried on sucking, making sure she could suck me dry. The cum I was giving her just disappeared down her throat. As I stopped cumming, she kept my cock inside her mouth, making sure she had every last drop. As I began to go flaccid, she removed me from her mouth and lay back down beside me, cuddling up close to me. We were both so very relaxed. All we wanted to do now was fall asleep, naked, in each others arms. As we did, I couldn’t stop thinking how incredible the whole stay would be if that was just the first day.

We woke up the next day in the same position we fell asleep. Rachel was cuddling up very close to me and her head resting on my chest. Her soft hair pressed against me. The moment felt so perfect. I lovingly rubbed her arm gently up and down. I just didn’t want to let her go. We now knew something we had both been hoping for; I was hers and she was mine. We lay there, not saying anything for a good hour or so. Every so often Rachel would kiss my chest or I would kiss her head. Before we got up, Rachel arose and climbed on top of me before leaning forward and giving me a long, passionate kiss.

Throughout the day we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. However, being in public meant we had to keep our urges to ourselves and settled for frequent quick kisses and the occasional caress, along with much hand-holding and cuddling. I could have died right there and then a happy man. Little did I know that Rachel had much more in store for me that night than the previous night. I would experience an all new side to Rachel.

That evening, after a day of shopping, we decided to stay in and watch a film. Rachel chose the film; Serendipity, one of her all time favourites. I set it up on the DVD player in the living room, before cuddling up next to Rachel on the sofa to enjoy a wonderful night ahead. Rachel leaned her head on my shoulder as she cuddled close to me.

It took no more than fifteen minutes until we began kissing again. In the privacy of Rachel’s home, we had no restrictions, so our kissing was intense and passionate right from the start. We let the film play in the background as we kissed deeper and deeper until I found myself leaning back with Rachel on top of me again. I held her close to me as her lips pressed against mine. This time, she pushed her tongue inside my mouth and let it explore. I responded by massaging her tongue with my own. The moment my tongue touched hers she quickly withdrew it and giggled. She did this again and again, giggling all the time. She was showing just how much she liked to tease. Eventually she let me massage her tongue with mine properly, as we had the deepest kiss yet.

Suddenly, Rachel stopped kissing me and got off me. She took my hand, and pulled at me, indicating she wanted me to get up. I got up and she started to guide me toward ümraniye escort her bedroom. We didn’t care about leaving the film running. Soon, we were back in Rachel’s bedroom. Rachel led me to the bed and sat me down. She gave me a slow, sweet kiss then pulled my shirt over my head. She began kissing her way down my chest until she reached my shorts and quickly unbuttoned and unzipped them before pulling them off. With me sitting there only in my boxers, Rachel took a step back and began undressing herself. She slowly removed her tank-top and her capris and stood before me in her bra and thong, looking absolutely divine. Then she went to the chest of drawers on the opposite side of the room and pulled out four silk neck-ties and a blindfold. Rachel was beginning to bring out her kinky side, and I was getting increasingly aroused and intrigued. She beckoned me to get off the bed and go to her, so I did. As I got nearer, she pulled me in closer to her using one of the ties, and kissed me deeply once more. Then silently, she took the same tie and tied it firmly to her wrist, showing me what she had in mind. Understanding immediately, I led her back to the bed and lay her down. I tied the remaining ties to her body, one to her other wrist and the other two to her ankles. I tied the opposite end of each tie to a corner of the bed frame. I made sure she could not move at all, but made sure it didn’t cause any discomfort. I then placed the blindfold over her eyes, leaving her completely vulnerable. It was my turn to tease.

I began with a gentle reassuring kiss on her lips. Rachel moved her mouth closer to mine and I could tell she wanted much more than a quick kiss. As I broke it, she let out an almost silent whimper. I began to trace my fingers over her body. I knew all about her most sensitive parts. I began at her feet and began to massage them. I gave her a thorough foot rub, making sure I didn’t tickle her, making sure I was relaxing her feet. I could feel tension disappear. Then, I cruelly began gliding my fingertips over the sole of her feet, tickling her. Rachel began squirming, but could move very little due to her restraints. I moved my fingers up her calf toward the back of her knees. I knew this was her most ticklish point. I gently began to tickle her here, and she began to wriggle more and moan a little. She tried to stop me any way she could, but couldn’t. My tickles became stronger and faster. Her moans increased and her whimpers seemed to tell me to stop, but I knew she loved it.

After a little while, I moved my fingers up her legs, along her inner thighs. I got nearer and nearer to her thong, which already had a heavenly scent as her pussy was drenching them. I got closer and closer. Rachel gasped in anticipation. I rewarded her with a feather-light touch of her pussy over the material. Rachel let out a short gasp as I moved up her body, followed by another whimper, disappointed that I didn’t dwell on her pussy longer. I ran my finger around her belly button, and leaned down and kissed her tummy. She giggled as I moved further up her body. I was getting nearer and nearer to her breasts. Slowly I ran the tip of my finger over each breast. She gasped once more as she felt the sensation over her nipples.

Quickly I moved away from her breasts. I traced a finger of each hand up her arms, drawing swirling lines over her shoulders, over her elbows and her forearms to her hands and fingers. Each touch was so delicate. As my fingertips reached hers, I ended the touching. I stood upright and admired her, taking in her beauty. Rachel began to wriggle again, feeling vulnerable once more. It was then I had an idea, and left Rachel alone momentarily and headed for the kitchen.

I returned only seconds later, but to Rachel, I knew it must have felt like eternity. When I came back into the room she was squirming and softly calling my name. She had no idea where I was now. I slowly moved back next to the bed, trying not to make a sound. I held over her tummy one of two ice cubes I had brought from the freezer. It began to melt in my hand. Soon, a drop of ice cold water fell from the cube onto Rachel’s stomach. She gasped suddenly as the water touched her skin. Then she wriggled as the freezing sensation began to trickle down her side. More drips fell onto her and I held both cubes over different parts of her body; her thighs, arms, shoulders, her forehead. I made sure to keep away from her most sensitive areas, for they would be getting a much larger shock later. As the ice continued to melt, I began to glide the cubes over Rachel’s skin, moistening it with ice cold water. I teased her by running the ice up her inner thigh toward her pussy, getting so close, but not touching. Rachel was moaning and squirming so much. It was then when I gave her a real shock.

One ice cube had split into two from melting, which was very useful. I took these and placed one inside each cup of her bra, leaving them to melt on her nipples. Rachel began to whimper. I took the other cube and placed it inside her thong and let it melt over her pussy. I knew this could be too much for her, knowing how sensitive her clit could be, so I was prepared to remove it if she told me to. She didn’t. Instead she kept squirming, wriggling, whimpering and moaning as the ice melted, making her nipples so hard, and filling her with such an amazing sensation.

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