A Journey’s Diversion

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Where’s that train? There it is, platform 3, departs in 5 minutes, better run! Phew just made it, find a seat, can see one, looks like the last in the carriage, eyes fixed on it to try and dissuade anyone else from grabbing it. Hmm, woman sat against the window scanning some paperwork, short jacket, mid thigh dress, tights and boots, two guys, both wearing suits, sat opposite chatting, they ignore me, she looks up as I approach, I smile, she smiles back then returns to her papers. I sit.

Wake with a start as the train slows, a moment of panic, no not my stop, couple of hours yet. Glance round, nothing’s changed, they’re still chatting she’s still reading. Then I realise that something has changed, my knee is now resting against hers, not only that but her legs are no longer crossed and are slightly apart, I also realise that she could easily move to break that contact, what do I do? Move it and apologise, press against her, move it to see if she reacts or leave it there and see what happens.

Let’s test the waters! I give a slight pressure and then break contact, after a second her knee touches mine again and stays! My heart starts to thump! What do I do now? God! No idea! Do something! I shift in my seat, shift to the side so that I’m leaning on my armrest, my lower body has moved a fraction so that my hip and thigh are now in contact with hers, can feel her warmth through our clothes, she doesn’t flinch, just carries on reading.

I’m intently watching the men opposite to see if they’ve noticed. Then, as if in answer to a prayer, they get up together and, leaving their stuff on the seats, head off towards the buffet car. Now what? I swear, if my heart beats any faster she’ll hear it! With a gulp, and half expecting a slap, I place my hand on her knee…her only reaction, a little smile dancing canlı bahis across her face.

I start to slide my hand up the inside of her thigh, feel the curve of muscle, and reach the hem of her dress, stop, back down to the knee, back up again, building the heat, legs part a little more, this time on reaching the hem I pushed against it, back down to the knee, back up, push a little harder, down to the knee. Feeling a tensing of muscles I move back up, this time, when I push against the hem, the dress slides up, my hand keeps going, knuckles brushing the opposite leg, I felt the heat of her. The meaty edge of my hand touches, now she’s biting her lip, eyes closed, I push gently against her, she pushes back, I start to slowly rub my hand against her, pressing…

I can feel her shape through her clothes, the bump of her sex, the bone at the top, feel the dampness, gently rubbing, she now rocking her hips back, sometimes I apply pressure to the top of her sex, others just rubbing up and down and then sometimes just press in between her lips. She’s constantly tensing and releasing her buttocks now, applying her own pressure against my hand, faster and faster, a small noise in her throat, a quiver builds through her body, suddenly her hands press flat on the table, thighs grip my hand, she pushes back against her seat, groans against her teeth, eyes squeezed tight shut! Slowly she sinks back into her seat releasing my hand, hands drop to her sides, she releases her breath. I give her a minute or two, then, leaning to her ear, I whisper, ‘follow me’…

Standing, I start to walk down the aisle, glance back to see her rise to follow. Passing through two carriages I reach the first class compartment at the back of the train, as I’d hoped, it’s empty. I hear her enter behind me. Moving into a group of seats bahis siteleri I turn to her, her hands grab my head and pull my mouth down, our lips devour each other with a deep hunger, our tongues dance, our bodies grind together! At last, releasing each other to breathe, I slid down her body, hands dragging across her breasts then hips, until I’m kneeling on the cramped floor.

I push her dress up over her hips, press my face into her sex, breathe her scent, pull her tights and knickers down over her thighs then her knees to the tops of her boots. I slide my hands up the backs of her legs, easing them apart, her hands grip my shoulders, my hands reach her bum, up onto her cheeks, hold her in place, press my face in, nose into her sex, I lick her, tonguing her lips, nibbling and teasing, hand pushing in between her legs, thumb easing into her vagina, pushing up, rubbing round all those sensitive places, lips suckling her cliteris, tip of my tongue rolling it round, sucking it in, my thumb pushing deep, teasing her higher and higher, her hands grip my shoulders harder and harder, her tummy presses forward, thighs start to quiver, her inner muscles start to grip my thumb, I can feel her tummy lurch and flip and she sags against me.

Easing her down she drops onto the seat, I pull off her boots, first one then the other, her tights and knickers follow, looking into her eyes I unfasten my belt and trousers to release myself, taking hold of her ankles I bend her legs to grasp her thighs and pull her to the edge of the seat, her pussy exposed I now take hold of my cock and rub the head up and down her labia, with a frown of concentration on her forehead she watches, I push forward with my hips, the head disappears, I still watch her face, her eyes flick up and again make contact with mine, slowly my cock bahis şirketleri slips into her, her mouth opens, she grips the edge of the seat. I feel her pussy gripping me, pulling me in, inch by inch until my hips touch her buttocks, I press in, feel her cervix, press a little harder, eyes still locked I lean forward and kiss her, a long kiss, tongues twist together. I flex my buttocks, pushing in and out, hardly moving inside her but enough to cause friction, her hips move with me, our mouths break contact.

With one hand she reaches between her legs, fingers touch my cock, feel it sliding in and out, faster, slower, sometimes long strokes, sometimes short, just the head inside or all the way in, just the smallest of movements. I shift, rub the head along the top of her, feel the ridges bumps and grooves, back to long deep strokes, feel the soft liquid grip on my cock. I feel her start to quiver again, look at her face her eyes wide open staring at mine, she starts to mew quietly, the quiver becomes a shudder, she pushes her head back against the seat staring at the ceiling, starting to cum. I can feel a tingling behind my balls, not long now, long fast thrusts!

Suddenly I can feel it, the bubble bursts and the hot, thick fluid burns towards her, one last thrust and I press hard, my pubic bone against her clit, she grabs my forearms, gripping tight, it pulses out, fills her, she shudders yet again, joining me in orgasm. My thighs tremble, I groan, long and deep, pulses continue then begin to subside, the tingling fades, my breathing slows, her head drops and her eyes seek out mine, we both smile weakly at each other. I lean forward and kiss her again. I sit back lowering her legs, my cock slides out, I can feel the cooler air on it as I tuck it, still wet, back inside my trousers, she pulls her dress down and shuffles upright, I sit on the seat opposite and watch as she dresses, we sit for a moment, grinning at each other, then, on an unspoken word, stand, come together and kiss, turn and slowly make our way back to our seats.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32