A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 02

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His soft, insistent kisses pulled me out of my dream. I did not even bother to open my eyes as my arms went around him and pulled him deeper into the kiss. As he pulled the blankets off my body, I felt his weight settle on the bed and his hand start to explore my breasts. I enjoyed my mornings with Alonso, as he was always more affectionate early in the day, at least at the beginning of the session.

The afternoon and evening sessions were nice, but over the past month, we had fallen into a set schedule for our breeding and knew what to expect. The morning sessions always started with him waking one of us up with kisses. His hands explored our bodies before he crawled up between our thighs and made love to us. That night we would get a second round with him. He would kiss and suckle on our breasts as he fingered us, before climbing on top and pounding us into the mattress.

Whoever did the afternoon session would only have him once for the day. He made up for it by eating us to multiple orgasms while fingering our asses before giving us a solid fucking. Teodoro also fit in to the schedule, and whomever Master took in the morning gave Teodoro a blowjob during the afternoon session. He always returned the favor by licking us to a nice orgasm. Teodoro also gave whoever was not with Master at night a good hard ass fucking.

They were both nice enough to make sure we had at least one orgasm during each session, but I craved a bit more variety sometimes. I was already wet, but I had been having a dream about my real Master taking me from behind, so I had woken up that way. I spread my legs to let Alonso know I was ready for him, and as he shifted position, his lips finally left mine. “Sex pet Amanda is more than ready for her morning breeding Master,” I said in a low throaty voice.

Alonso chuckled at my joke as his cock slid into my pussy. “You are always ready for me my dear. I just wish I could enjoy you and your mother more often. It seems like three times a day is my limit. I know we managed a few more than that the first couple of days, and the two of you certainly inspiring enough to try more often, but it wore me out so bad I could barely stay awake at work.”

“You are doing just fine Master,” I purred as he stroked into me. “Even if you had to cut back to only once a day with each of us, we are doing what we can to help. Mother and I have both been staying on our backs with a pillow under our hips for a full hour after each time you are with us to increase the chances of getting pregnant.”

“I know you do my pet,” he said breathlessly as he stroked into me faster. “I appreciate the extra effort you both put into this, and I hope my old body can keep up this pace long enough to get at least one of you pregnant naturally.”

I smiled and moaned as I thrust my hips up to meet him. He insisted on missionary position because it gave the best chance of pregnancy, but there was no reason to just lie there. My dream had me worked up already and I wanted to feel his cum pumping into me when I climaxed. I knew the contraction of my cervix during climax would pull his seed into my womb and increase my chance of getting pregnant, but I did not care at this point.

I started squeezing his cock every time he pulled out and he moaned as he began the thrust faster. Our bodies were slamming together on every thrust, and after a minute, I felt him stiffen. I stopped holding back and started to climax as the first spurt of his seed hit my cervix. I held him tightly and he kissed me as our mutual climax washed over us.

Unfortunately, as soon as our climax ended he lifted my hips and slid the pillow under them before pulling out. Elizabeth leaned over from the other side of the bed where she was watching our morning coupling and spent a minute cleaning him up before he pulled back.

Alonso got off the bed and leaned down, gently kissing both of us. He thanked us again before leaving the room. A tear trickled down my face as I lay there, praying I would not get pregnant. I would do everything I could to help him impregnate me, but I did not want him to anymore.

“Why mom, I can see it in the way he looks at me that he loves me, but it is always the same. He is so distant and treats it as if it is a mechanical process. I would not mind being used for sex if that was all it was, but he is trying to get us pregnant, and I thought I would feel the love,” I cried to her.

She cuddled up with me, letting her love wash over me as I cried. “I know how you feel baby girl, but don’t be upset with him. He does love us, but he is afraid of getting hurt. We have to go back to our Master once the contract is finished, and if he gets too close, it will be harder on him when we leave.”

“I know all of that, but I wanted my child to be conceived in love, and now I am praying I don’t get pregnant,” I admitted to her. “I wish there was something we could do to help him. If we could find a way to keep him from being lonely güvenilir bahis after we left, it would make him happy and he would not be afraid to show us more affection while we are here.”

Elizabeth looked at me with a curious expression on her face. “What are you talking about sweetie? You know he had two failed marriages and is not looking for a new wife. He would probably be more upset with us than anything if we went looking for one.”

I shook my head as I got more excited over my idea. “No, not a new wife, but what if we tried to find him his own pet. He lets us use his computer while he is at work to send messages to Master and our sisters. Why can’t we use it to at least look and see if we can find someone for him?”

“I am sure they probably have personal ads for that kind of thing,” She replied with a grin. “I don’t think either of us knows enough Italian to read them though. It would not do much good to find someone in another country.”

“Neither of us could do it alone, but if we do it together, and use that Italian to English dictionary Teodoro got us, we could probably figure it out,” I told her. “Please mom, it is breaking my heart to be here like this, and all I can think about is when we get to go back to Master. If we are at least looking, it will help me make it through.”

Elizabeth sighed, “Alright sweetie, I will help you look. We cannot mention anything about this search to Alonso or Teodoro unless we find someone. If we find someone, and after talking to her decide we want to meet in person, then we can ask Teodoro to drive us. We can just say we met a woman on-line and wanted to get together for coffee or something.”

I pulled Elizabeth closer to me and kissed her. “Thank you. I promise we will be discrete. We will get started as soon as I can get up.”

She smiled at me and chuckled, “For someone who does not want to get pregnant, you seem to be trying fairly hard to do just that.”

“I would never disappoint Master,” I replied. “Even if my heart is not in it, I will do everything I can to fulfill my contract. My personal feelings have no bearing on my duty.”

She kissed me again as her fingers slid done between my legs to my clit. She looked down, and I nodded in response to her unasked question. Alonso’s cum was still pooled at my cervix, and another climax would help pull it into my womb. Master’s wishes were all that mattered, and he wanted Alonso to breed me. At least I would feel mother’s love as she brought me to climax.

Her fingers deftly worked my clit, and her head descended to my breast so she could suck on my nipple. I held her tightly as she slowly worked my body over. This was no rushed mechanical fuck. She knew what I needed, and gave me the slow, sensual love that I was craving right now. As her fingers pushed me over the edge, tears of joy ran down my face. Once I came down from my climax, she cuddled up next to me and we held each other as Antonio’s seed worked its way into my womb.

The next few months passed uneventfully. We spent our free time perusing personal ads, searching for a pet that would help Alonso get past his fear of being hurt when we left. He continued to try to breed us, but after four months, neither of us had gotten pregnant yet. That was when we found an ad we just had to answer.

‘Lost Kitten looking for her master. My master will be a loving older gentleman, who is not afraid to let me explore my kitten fetish. My only desire is to be pampered and showered with love and attention, which I will return in spades to the right man.’

I looked over at Elizabeth and we smiled as our eyes met. After several e-mails, we decided that we had to meet Felicia in person. Despite her challenges, she appeared to be the perfect match we were looking for. She was fifty-six years old and had been forced into an early retirement due to her disability, but was living comfortably off her pension and the sizable reward from the accident that caused her injuries.

We arranged to meet her the next day, and Teodoro was happy to drop us off at the little bistro we chose for lunch. As we walked in, it was easy to pick her out from her description. She was five foot three and slim, but with enough curves to show she had a nice figure. She was average looking, but when she saw us she smiled and it transformed her. Her gorgeous smile and the happy twinkle in her eye brought out her true beauty.

After we hugged her, we all sat down at our booth and she slid a notebook across the table with a quiet “raow.” The first page of the notebook contained her story, but she had already told us most of it in our messages.

Her name was Felicia Caro, and she was a fifty-six year old widow. She had spent her life working for the government, helping people who were deaf or had speech impediments. It was ironic, that the car accident that claimed her husband’s life eleven years ago had left her with apxria of speech. Her job had kept her on, using türkçe bahis the same teletype devices her clients used, until she hit early retirement age and they chose to let her go.

Her disability was also the cause of her fetish, as the only sound she could make now came out as that quiet ‘raow’ similar to what a cat would make. She wanted to be loved and treated like a kitten, but had never explored that desire.

We spent a couple hours telling her about Alonso and our unique arrangement with him. She had many questions that she scribbled down in her notebook for us to answer, and we told her more about our lives on Fakahina with our Master. Before we finished, she asked if we could arrange for her to meet Alonso while we were there, and help her explore her desire to be a kitten.

Elizabeth and I shared a smile, telling her we would take care of the arrangements. We asked her to meet us here for lunch in two days, so we could get her ready to meet him as a kitten. We kissed her goodbye and called Teodoro to come pick us up. The timing was perfect, as we got home shortly before Alonso. I had just enough time to get out to the solarium and get my full outfit on before he arrived.

I looked around the solarium and smiled. Despite Alonso being a bit distant with his affections, he certainly was accommodating to us in everything else, and the solarium was an example of that. Our first full day here, Alonso had taken us out back to his pool and told us it would be fine if we wanted to sunbathe in the nude, as none of the neighbors were close enough to see anything.

That was great until October rolled around and it started to get cold outside. We were accustomed to spending several hours a day out in the sun, and after the fourth day that we were stuck inside, Alonso walked into our room to hear me complaining that I would start to fade and get fat if we were stuck inside all winter. He just laughed and apologized for forgetting as he led us down to the solarium.

Nicolina, Alonso’s cook, had been using the space as an indoor herb garden, but the planters were all along the outside walls. The middle of the room was empty with padded mats on the floor, and a pair of lounge chairs with sun lamps next to them off to one side. Teodoro had apparently told him about our afternoon exercise sessions, so the two of them had set up a place indoors for us to exercise and bask in the sun without getting cold.

I remember that weekend fondly, as Alonso let us reward them for their hard work and thoughtfulness. We had an orgy right there on the mats, as Alonso fucked Elizabeth’s pussy and Teodoro pounded my tight little ass as if he would never get to again. After they both climaxed, I crawled on top of Elizabeth and we ate each other to another climax, putting on a show as the men recovered.

Once they were hard again, we repositioned and switched partners, so Alonso was giving my pussy a long leisurely fuck as Teodoro did the same to Elizabeth’s ass. It was the first time in months that he had taken both of us that close together, and he even stayed to cuddle for a while after he finished. At least until he jumped up in embarrassment as Nicolina walked in to get the fresh oregano she needed for dinner. I am not sure why he was embarrassed, as she just shook her head, smiled, and murmured something about wishing she were young enough to enjoy that kind of thing still.

When we cornered her about it later, she told us that at eighty years old her juices just did not get flowing the way they used to when she was younger. Then she blushed and admitted that her room was right next to ours, and on a couple occasions the sounds coming out of our room got her worked up, and she would take care of herself before bed. We both hugged her and told her there was nothing to be ashamed of before promising to make more noise in the future so she could enjoy herself more often.

I was still reminiscing when Alonso walked in to the room and smiled as he saw me in my full outfit. Mother and I had taken to just wearing our corsets, tails and boots around the house, and usually nothing but our tails of we were out by the pool or in the solarium.

The meeting with Felicia had me feeling hopeful again, so I was in a playful mood. I had taken an extra minute to put on the elbow length, lion skin gloves and the hair band with my cute little lion’s ears on it. I even went a step further than I normally would, and used my sister Shelly’s trick of drawing on whiskers with an eyeliner pencil. I thought they looked a bit childish, but I hoped they would help Alonso catch my mood and let me play.

I was sitting in the middle of the mats on my heels, with my knees open and my hands on the floor between them. I looked just like a little kitten, so I cocked my head to the side and let out a quiet meow. I had seen Shelly act like kitten before, but it was a first for me. Master put us in these outfits because they were extremely sexy, not because güvenilir bahis siteleri he expected us to act like an animal. I just hoped that Alonso would roll with it, or our plans for Felicia were hopeless.

My excitement ratcheted up a couple notches when he walked over and ran his fingers through my hair. “Is my little pet feeling playful this afternoon?”

I saw Elizabeth pump her fist in the air at his response to my act as I nodded and drug my nails down his legs. “I had a rough day, and seeing you like this had definitely lifted my spirits up. I think a bit of fun would be a wonderful idea, just try not to make me cum until I am inside of you. I would hate to not have anything left for your mother tonight.”

I nodded with another quiet meow as I saw Elizabeth slip out of the room to find Teodoro. Alonso had just gotten out of the shower, and knowing he was coming down to breed me had just slipped on a pair of boxers that I quickly relieved him of. His cock was already hard as it sprang out of his shorts, so I nuzzled against it and ran my tongue up the full length before pulling back and patting the mats next to me.

As he sat down, I pushed him back on the mats and crawled on top of him. I nuzzled into his neck and began licking and kissing until I felt his hand come up to my hips. Pulling back, I hissed and pushed his hands back down to the mats before leaning back to kiss his neck again.

Alonso chuckled, “Alright my pet, you want to play with me for a while, and I am just supposed to lay here and enjoy it. Let me know when you would like me to play with you as well.”

I pulled back, smiled and nodded before moving to kiss along the other side of his neck. Normally I would not object to him touching me as well, but I really did want it to be all about him for the moment. When I finished with his neck, I moved down and alternated licking and kissing my way across his chest. Listening to his quiet moans of pleasure, I licked and gently bit at his nipples before my lips started to travel down his stomach.

After a couple kisses down his stomach, I pulled back a bit and slid further down between his legs. I am sure he thought I was about to take him in my mouth, but I was not ready for the playtime to end. Flipping my hair to one side, I let it hang down between his legs and then ran my tongue from his waist up to his chest, with my silky hair dragging over his cock the entire way up.

His sharp intake of breath was as clear sign he enjoyed the sensation, and I repeated the motion several times as I worked my way across his stomach. Hearing the slight whimper in his voice, I flip my hair out of the way, straddle his hips and slide down his shaft right as he starts to cum. I keep forgetting he does not have my real Master’s ability to hold back until he wants to cum, and now I am going to end up frustrated.

I held him through his climax, and then looked down at his face with an apology in my eyes. “I am so sorry Master; I forgot how stimulating that can be. I was not trying to get you to cum that quickly. Damn it,” I say with tears forming in my eyes. “I wanted to play with you a lot more than that, and now I won’t be able to.”

He put his arms around me and stroked my hair as I started to cry. “It is not your fault my pet. I never would have thought that such a light touch could push me over the edge like that. It felt amazing, and my only regret is that you did not get more out of it. Well, that and the fact that most of my cum will run out of you when you get up so there is almost no chance of you getting pregnant this time.”

“I won’t lose much of it Master,” I said with a little sniff. “I have fairly good muscle control down there, so if I keep clenching as I roll off of you, most of it will stay inside of me.”

He nodded, so I slid off him, clenching tightly as I quickly rolled onto my back and raised my hips. I saw a few traces of cum still on his cock as he got up and went over to the lounge chairs to get a pillow. After he placed the pillow under my hips, I pulled his hips closer to my face and took his softening cock in my mouth to clean him up.

I moaned as I savored the taste of us together on his cock. While I was still secretly hoping not to get pregnant, I was looking forward to when mother was, so I could clean his cum out of her again. Normally he would pull away after a minute when we were cleaning him, so I was pleasantly surprised when he did not pull away. It got even better when I felt his hand running through my hair as the other started to stroke my clit.

“There is no reason we cannot play a bit longer. It will just have to be my turn to play with you,” he said as I moaned around his cock again. “I feel a bit bad that my quick trigger ruined your fun and I am going to make sure you enjoy yourself as much as I did.”

He continued to play with my clit and let me suck on his cock until he got hard again in my mouth. I was shocked when the hand that had been stoking my hair got a firm grip on the back of my head and Alonso started to fuck my face. He had not let mother or I give him a blowjob since that first night, and here he was fucking my face while he played with my clit.

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