A Knight’s Tail Ch. 02

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The lamps burned in the windows of the old inn, nestled on the outskirts of Oxfordshire in a small, river-side town. It swept away, extended so many times to accommodate more and more ills, and it was bathed in white wash and rotten wood. What would have been a quiet night was disrupted by bursts of noise as the door of the “Olde Red Lion” pub, swung open periodically to allow some of it’s reprehensible inhabitants to fall in the mud and throw up bad meat and good beer. Carriages and carts gave the sprawling inn a large birth as the passed by, knowing all too well what sort of establishment it was.

The inside was a murky, damp, bustling and intimidating place, filled with soldiers, thieves, drunks and assassins. Candles cast distorted shadows on the once white, now yellowed grey and damaged walls, and they danced to the sound of thunderous singing, barbaric brawling and never-ending drinking. Stein’s slammed on rickety and often repaired wooden tables and the shouts of fat drunk men, leering at and leaching over the resident prostitutes, all covered in the thick, poisonous and cheap lead make-up that the alchemists produced, filled the air. Missing teeth, dead eyes and few clothes were all that were needed to inspire the libidos of the villainous crowd. This was a place of sin, death and as much a vision of hell as anything else on earth.

In one corner, quietly sipping his beer, sat Richard of Kent, lost in his own thoughts and oblivious to the mayhem surrounding him. He was thinking about Jenny, the farmer’s daughter who had saved his life by hiding him in a hayloft where they had made love through the night. The young woman’s perfect body moved through his head, and he hated himself for leaving her before the sun had risen. But if her father had found them he would have summoned his landlord’s men and Richard would have been more than fortunate to evade the killers twice. It was selfish, and he did regret it all, but he couldn’t risk himself, or her and this was the only way. He glanced up at the girls, plying their trade at the bars and exciting the animals who killed too much to care. Once upon a time, they would have done for him.

As he watched them, the door swung open, to reveal a Lady. A real Lady, with fine jewellery, expensive gowns and three servants in tow. A hush fell over the fetid room as animals and whores turned to stare at the rich, woman whose cape fell from her to reveal a beautiful, dark haired, Mediterranean skinned head, decorated with luscious, wine-red lips and smouldering dark eyes. Her older servant moved forward from the open door and implored to the static, festering crowd;

“Gentlemen, my name is Miguel and this lady is my mistress. She is Lady Isabella, daughter of Don Francisco of Madrid, in Spain. Our carriage has collapsed and our horses need rest. May we impose on you for food and shelter?”

As they stood by the door, a mountain canlı bahis arose from a large table. “Dead Fox” Smith, a man so notorious that Richard knew him as a barbaric killer who fought with a six foot long broadsword and reportedly ate his victims(or parts of them) after he had butchered them, wiped the beer from his matted, rotten beard. He stood at almost seven feet tall and was followed by eight or nine other bandits, who looked into his malevolent, grey eyes for orders and instructions.

“I’d say this bitch could lay with me! I’m sure I could find some room in my bed!” He boomed to the room in general. A chorus of laughs from his cronies were met with stares of puzzled fear from the new-comers.

Smith moved from his bench and slowly paced around his table as the laughter died away.

“And why not my dear?” He asked mockingly, still moving around the table “I’d wager you would find it warm! And I’d have a toy for you to play with, should you not drift off!” One of the lady’s servants, incensed by such insults, moved towards the disgusting hulk and was met by a dagger, flying through the air, which hit him square in the face. He dropped silently to the floor as one of Smith’s companions sat back down with a face filled with grim satisfaction.

“This, my girl is what happens when people deny me what I want. You won’t deny me, will you?”. Smith was now in front of the woman, stopping just a foot away from her, so that she could smell his fetid, diseased and disgusting body. As he lent forward, all hell broke loose.

Richard recalled later that everything happened in such a blur, that it went in still frames. There was a small metallic “click” and in a blur Isabella’s knee shot upwards into “Dead Fox” Smith’s gut. As he buckled, and blood trickled over the dirty floor, his band stood up, and were met with a hail of arrows as the woman’s two remaining servants produced two crossbows each. Chaos erupted all around Richard who pulled out his sword and dashed into the fray. The prostitutes screamed, beer mugs hit the floor, tables tipped and everyone scrambled to the doors. Richard caught one of Smith’s gang with a slash at neck height. He ducked a wild swing from another and rose to stab home his sword in the man’s gut. When he pulled his sword away he turned to be met by another blade. As he surveyed the room, he noticed it was now empty. Bodies lay on the floor, and at the end of the sword pointed between his eyes was Lady Isabella. Her servants and Smith’s gang all lay dead.

“Why do you help me sir?” She said in a voice dripping of Spain and sunshine.

“It is not to my liking to see a woman attacked” Said Richard, carefully avoiding any sudden movements. “But it would seem that me services are superfluous. You fight with great skill”. She lowered her sword and looked towards her fallen men.

“It would appear that I now need just one room, seignior. bahis siteleri But for safety’s sake I would ask to sleep in yours?”

They walked into Richard’s large room at the back of the inn. Spartan though it was, it’s white walls were illuminated by a single, thick candle. Richard went over to the small bed and pushed his things aside. As he turned to offer his mattress to her and suggest the floor for himself he was pushed to the bed. Isabella had leapt on top of him and was kissing him frantically. Her thick lips pushed against his and her tongue met little resistance as it pushed into his mouth. Jenny’s image flew from his mind as he kissed this sensational, seductive, Spanish maiden. His hands ran down her sides as she clawed at his back, bringing him closer to her. He felt her peachy, firm rump and squeezed it as she moaned and panted. Her dark hair fell over his face as she ripped his shirt in two and began to kiss his chest. Still in shock, he looked on as she pulled apart his jerkin and wrapped her mouth around his semi-erect penis.

His head fell back as she ran his cock in and out of her mouth, applying pressure with her lips and wrapping her athletic tongue around the shaft and head. His helmet swelled and his manhood began to stiffen as she took all of it inside her hot mouth, sucking and licking it and matching every contour with perfect oral movements. She pushed in all nine inches and gagged with joy as he shuddered and moaned in delight. For five minutes, she suckled at his penis, enjoying it and willing it to stiffen up and become her personal source of excitement. With one hand on the base of his shaft, she took the now solid dick from her mouth and shot the dazed Richard a cheeky smile before she kissed and swallowed at his balls.

“I want this beast inside of me” she said as she stood up, undoing the buttons on her dress. Her garments fell away with ease revealing a petite body with large firm breasts which held small, brown nipples. Her tanned legs lead to a shaven pussy, dripping with anticipation and as she moved towards Richard, she rubbed her breasts. Richard backed on to the bed, silent with delightful surprise as she straddled him. She sat on his cock and with one hand placed the head of his manhood in her wet cunt. She pushed down and sighed inwardly, with a determined glint in her eye. She began to rock back and forth and up and down as he moaned and she licked her lips. “Fuck me hard” she said in a low, determined voice.

His cock was now deep inside of her, feeling his way through the purple, convulsing tunnels, caught up in this fantastic moment. She pulled at her hard nipples, stimulating as much of her own body as she could. Isabella bounced up and down, enveloping him and guiding her blood to her most sensitive points. Her lust for pleasure made her work harder, with a determined look creeping across her face, as the beads bahis şirketleri of sweat began to form on her brow. Her hands moved up to her hair as she began to speed up, pumping her thighs as he stroked her legs and played with her clit. She was now rocking, leaning forward and grunting with satisfaction, fucking him harder than ever before. Her animal had taken over her body, and prehistoric, deep down lust was all it was concerned with. She came, shouting “fuck me. fuck me” and screaming with delight. Her juices ran down his cock and gushed onto the bed bellow as she came again. She slowed down, panting hard and full of lust.

She lifted herself from him and before he could get up, she had turned round and was pushing his eager penis into her arse. She sat briefly, enveloped in pure ecstasy before she began to rock again. Pushing against the back of her G-spot his cock rubbed away inside of her making her scream with joy. She had done this before and she knew what she was doing. He was her toy and this lady knew what she wanted to play. Forcing herself on to his piece, she shot her cum all over the bed and let out more, faster and louder moans. Her bent, squatting knees bounced in sexual frustration as she forced her body to do what she wanted. Richard pushed up and made her cum again, grunting with the effort, before, after letting out one last, fantastic moan, she got up again in fast determined speed. “Now for you, seignior” she said, pushing her unkempt hair away from her sweat covered brow.

Before Richard knew what was happening she had his cock in her mouth again, sucking and wanking like never before. Running her right hand up and down Richards pole, feeling it get hotter and tenser. Straining her neck muscles she pumped away so hard that it was not a minute before Richard came, shooting his spunk into her wanting mouth, and she sucked up each drop, revelling in this wonderful moment. She kept sucking, more softly now as his penis grew flaccid again, having berformed it’s duty. Calmer now, she moved her way up, and lay on top of the knight, slowly massaging his chest. It occurred to him that judging by her skin and face she could not be older than 20, yet she had fucked him like a professional. She now purred like a kitten as their skin stuck to each other in wonderful embrace.

He woke up to the sound of a cockerel welcoming the dawn, alone in his now bright room. There was no sign of Isabella, but there was a note on his table. It read;

“Dear Richard

Thank-you for a wonderful experience. I must confess that it was no coincidence that we met last night. Many good reports of your prowess had made it as far as Madrid, and now another will follow. I hope we meet again,


P.s. You didn’t even introduce yourself to me, you know? Feel free to visit me in my embassy in London should you care for some etiquette lessons.”

He dropped the note, and began dressing, still dazed from the whole experience. Who was this Isabella, and what would he do now? Go back to Jenny, or head to Isabella? Richard stood and gazed through the window towards the river. And he smiled.

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