A Lost Love

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I want to dedicate this story to my wife. With all my heart I love you.

A special thanks to BlackShanglan, editor and friend. Without your help this would have not been possible. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration.

A second special thanks to sxy_kitten. Without your initial help I would not be here writing now.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated and always replied to. I hope you enjoy my first story.


The sun slowly dipped into retreat at the sight of the pale glow from the growing moon. The crickets began their nightly symphony as the birds quelled the chirps of the day. In the scenic, central park of Worchester, Katie sat on the rose wood bench observing the Van Gough painting forming above her. The starry sky signaled the love lorn couples taking their evening walk that it was time to go home. Katie took one final look at the full bloom roses rushing into their final hours. Sighing she followed the public example and began her journey home on the muggy autumn evening.

Katie strolled down the cracked sidewalk, dodging the newly formed puddles. The faint, yellow light of the street lamps safely guided her back to the two floor studio loft. Looking back with nostalgia one last time, Katie walked up her porch steps, opened the heavy oak door, and reluctantly entered her empty home.

As she closed the door, Katie saw the flashing red light of her answering machine.


“Hey Katie. It’s Shannon. I won’t be home tonight. I’m going out with Shawn. Don’t wait up sweetie. I’m not sure when I’ll be home.”


Katie took a look around the living room and saw the mess left behind. “Shannon, you have got to be the worst roommate ever,” she thought. “Nah, I guess your just your normal Shannony self.”

Katie snatched up a trash bag lying on the kitchen counter and began to clean her friend’s mess. She was tossing empty pop cans into the bag when she saw her high school year book lying on the end table.

She dropped the bag of trash and slowly opened the cover reading the signatures and sayings from her former friends.

“Hey Katie, good luck with college. I hope we can keep in touch and still be friends. I had a blast this year. Thanks for all the good times.” ~ Jen.

“Kat. Stay cool. Don’t let that dork Alex bring you down. J/K. Seriously, you two look so happy together I hope everything works out. At least you’ll be going to the same school, so that’s cool. You know where I’ll be if you ever need a friend, or someone to talk to. I still care for you honey, even if we’re no longer together.” ~Rick

“Katie, my love. You’ve made these past few years the best ones of my life. I can’t wait until the summer passes so we can finally be married. It’s all I’ve been talking about at home. Mom is excited. You know she really does love you. You’ll always have a family with us. Remember that. You mean more to me than mere words could ever describe. The thought that brings me the most happiness is knowing that I’ll get to take care of you the rest of your life. For the rest of my life. Only a few short months. Then we get to be married. I can’t wait. Especially for our wedding night. Just think about it. Romantic candles. Soft music. Most importantly. Us. Alone. I can’t wait…to see you naked. He he he. I love you. I always will. You mean the world to me. Someday I’ll give it all back to you. I’ll give you the world. I better stop now. I seem to be taking up most of this page. You don’t want to read me blathering on and on anyway. You know, on and on, not really saying anything. Just taking up space so no one else can write. You know those people. I hate those people. Just keep going and going and…Ow! I better stop since you just hit me…” ~ Alex

Katie had to put the book down. Reading what Alex wrote always made her depressed. She dragged herself over to her beige, plump couch and plopped down. Instinctually she turned on the television, but didn’t pay attention to the flashing images or the piercing sound as her mind drifted.

She began to softly hum a romantic song that was played during the senior prom. A smile formed slowly on Katie’s face as she recalled the way Alex slid his hands around her hips and drew her in close to dance. She giggled as she thought of how terrible he was at dancing but did it anyway because she enjoyed it.

Katie couldn’t believe that Alex proposed to her during prom. As she sat on the couch her cheeks blushed deep red when she remembered him bending down to one knee.

Ron Popeil began to pull her back to the living room. As she watched the same infomercial that always aired at this time of day, she began to notice her body becoming needing.

She thought to herself, “Damn you Alex. You always know how to get me going. Now you’re not even here to take care of my needs. Well, I’ll just have to take care of myself…again. At least I can always imagine the wedding night that I never got. I think I’ll take my time tonight. Shannon’s gone. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri The place is quite. I’ll have a little bit of fun.”

With that thought she smiled and began to let her mind slip further away from reality as the picture of her wedding night came into focus.

Katie was being gently placed on the floor, just beyond the threshold of her new apartment, by her new husband. She lifted her hand to brush his beaming cheek. She couldn’t wait to give him the best wedding present she could think of, herself. Staring into his soulful blue eyes, she grazed her finger tips down the side of his firm cheekbones and danced them across his full lips. Gliding down the corner of his mouth to the base of his chin, she wrapped back up the nape of his neck and held the base of his head as she pulled his lips to hers.

His breathing became short and shallow as his excitement and anticipation grew. As his lips brushed intolerably close, Katie pulled away and used her hands to loosen his tie and tuxedo buttons around his neck. Her teasing became a torment as Alex grew in want and desire. She eased off his tie and tossed it down on the couch. After unbuttoning the top buttons of his shirt, she pulled him into her quick and hard. Her lips thrust at his and parted them without delay. Her tongue found a home safely in his mouth. Playing and toying with his, Katie’s tongue explored all the new sensations that he provided.

His soft whimpers filled her with delight and joy. She always wanted to reduce him to putty in her hands. For so long his broad, strong arms cared for her and nurtured her. This was her gift of repayment. She wanted to please him in every sense. She wanted to be a good wife.

Her gasps quickened and became more labored in the confining dress. She pressed her arms against his shoulders and pried herself away from him. She was enjoying every delicious taste, but wanted to savor each moment. She glanced into his eyes once more and saw a fire building. He lusted after her. She could see it. She wanted it.

He lunged for her and wanted to drink deep from her kisses again, but she stepped back and held him firmly by the hands. She looked sternly at him, trying to calm him down. He was moving too fast for her.

“Not just yet my love,” she said to him.

She paused to capture his every movement. His lips moistened slightly. His arms balked at the confinements of his tight tux. Beneath the clasped buttons she could see his well defined chest begging to be set free. Her eyes ventured lower to observe every little detail of her new husband. She wanted to keep this picture in her mind forever. As her looks wandered lower, she saw his growing bulge. She giggled to herself inside. She had never seen him naked before and was still a little shy.

She wormed slowly into his body. Her soft breasts pressed firmly into his chest and rubbed his tight arms under his shirt. She inhaled his scent and let out a slight sigh of content. Committing this moment to her memory forever, she snuggled firmly into him.

After the moment passed she slid from under his grasp and began to unbutton his shirt. Teasing him more she unfastened the top three clasps and then stopped. A delectable torture he endured. She had no notion that he may have taken her forcefully and decidedly at any moment if he so desired. After being with her for years and never experiencing her fully, Alex was overcome with passion that he held back to enjoy this night. She was four inches shorter than him and weighed considerably less. His athletic build had always been a reason for jealously amongst the other boys in school. Now that he had grown up some, his tone was one that would rival any pro athlete. Katie took the most pleasure in running her hands through his soft, brown hair that fell just shoulder length.

He wrapped his arms around her tight and squeezed hard with a firm hug that nearly took the wind out of Katie. She always felt safe and secure in his grip.

When he placed her back down on the ground, her lips puckered softly against his, parting them both slightly. As the moist air passed between the new opening, soft heat built around them. When her mouth began to shy slowly away, his lips stiffened and sucked her back to him. Biting gently to keep her in place, his tongue parted and penetrated her luscious lips. The corners of her mouth began to drip slightly as she exhaled with passionate submissiveness. Struggling no longer she allowed him to command her quivering lips any way he desired.

Her knees began to quake and she fell into his loving embrace. After the sudden haze lifted from her, she pulled his lips away from hers. She couldn’t stand another jolt shooting through her body like that again, not yet anyway.

She paused to regain her composure and put her hands back to their intended purpose, undressing him.

Alex brushed her flowing red hair with his hands as she undressed his shirt. Each time she moved to a lower button, he took the opportunity to peer güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri drown into her bosom. He wanted badly to remove the garb covering her sleek, slender body.

Katie undid the last button of his shirt and stopped above his pants. Her head was lowered to the point where she could have unzipped him with her teeth. Kneeling down, she looked up at him and saw a grin wider than she had ever seen before. She leaned in slightly so she could kiss his thick cock through his pants. He moaned and chuckled as she encouraged his want.

She slowly raised herself from the floor, allowing her ample breasts to rub firmly against his covered cock. She pushed his shirt off of the shoulders and rubbed his chest greedily with her hands. He began to form beads of sweat. She stooped to lick his sweet skin. She pressed her lips against his breastbone and kissed. She lapped at him coyly and moved over to his erect nipples. She flicked her tongue across the firm tip of his pink nipple and glided her hand across his chest as she sucked. She used the tips of her fingers to squeeze and pinch his other stiff nipple. Alex leaned his head back and let out groans of approval. She lifted herself so that she could push him down onto the couch behind him. Making sure that he would be safe, she slammed him down onto the couch.

Katie laughed quietly as he landed with a thud, and before he could regain his composure, Katie inhaled his nipple once more. She licked and sucked with a wanton fervor. Alex was all hers now. She took of him eagerly.

Breathing harder and getting hotter, she kissed down the center of his chest. Stopping at his belly button, she let her tongue play while her hands unfastened the button and zipper of his pants. Once free from the tuxedo pants, Alex sat nearly naked on the edge of the couch.

Katie grabbed his pants from his ankles and threw them across the room. He sat now only in his boxers, and soon Katie freed him of those. She dropped the band of his underwear just enough to let his thick head poke out. Her mouth watered as she imagined the taste of him. She removed his shorts enough to expose the entire length and girth of him.

Her desires began to take over and she wanted to be fulfilled. She wanted to be filled. She gave herself to him freely. She dipped her lips down to the tip of his cock and slowly tasted him. She licked him like a lollipop. She wasn’t sure what to do really, but his grunts and moans confirmed that she was doing something right. Her mouth opened and enveloped the top of him. Her tongue swirled around the head of his dick as her hands became familiar with his long shaft. Squeezing firmly with her hands, and lower gradually with her mouth, she acquainted herself with him.

Alex pawed his hands through her fashioned hair. Her mouth continued to take in more of his meaty dick as she worked her hands around his base. Katie could taste for the first time his pre-cum. She didn’t know what it was and lapped at it curiously. In a moment she felt his cock in her stiffen. She wasn’t sure what was going on, but she soon found out. He yelled out a primal moan as his cum filled her mouth. Shocked at first, Katie pulled up and away. After realizing what was going on, she licked the tip of his cock clean. She wanted to taste her new lover. Katie voraciously devoured the essence left behind by Alex.

The echoes of the television began to dissolve the haze around her. Drifting back to her empty loft, Katie was overwhelmed by her physical need.

On the couch in the middle of her living room, Katie ran her petite hands over her erect nipples. Rubbing them through her shirt, she unbuttoned her blouse and lifted it above her head. She cupped and held her breasts firmly as she fantasized about her wedding night. Lifting her bra, exposing her breasts, she fondled them and played with her stiff nipples. Katie stopped for a moment, and remembered that she had the television on. She picked up the remote and turned it off.

Walking down the hall topless, Katie entered her bedroom and settled down cozily onto her bed to enjoy her waking dream better. Katie could feel a small drip running down her creamy inner thigh. As her panties moistened she slid off her denim skirt and took off the rest of her clothing. Lying naked on the bed, she wriggled under her thick blankets and absorbed the heat she was generating.

She wrapped herself firmly in her scent soaked covers. After nightly abuse, her blankets had forever soaked her body’s drops of passion. Katie’s clit began to throb as it was being rubbed by the thick cotton. She spread her legs wide under the covers removing all boundaries to her waiting pussy. She let out a hungry moan as the cool sheets caressed her skin. When the fur from her fleece comforter probed in her lips, her eyes widened and she fell back in ecstasy. Bumps began to form on her skin and chills overcame her. As her hips motioned and rubbed against her blankets, her free hands began to cup and caress her voluptuous güvenilir bahis şirketleri bosom.

Her nipples had long been hard, and now Katie gave them the attention that they demanded. She took the tips of her fingers and flicked lightly at her pink mounds. As waves of pleasure began to swell inside her, she began to place her hands at her most sensitive area. She slid them down her stomach and rested them just above her glistening lips. When her hips could no longer hold out, she let her hands open her slightly and find her pulsating clit. As she fingered and teased her luscious center, she began to focus again on Alex. Every action her hand made, she pictured his hands doing the same to her.

She closed her eyes momentarily. When she opened them she saw Alex. She remained in her bed, but the room was different. The white was faded and the warm glow of the lighted living room came back into focus.

Alex sat on the edge of the couch, spent and dripping. Katie stood up and used his nearby boxers to clean herself. With his physical need met, Alex was better able to tantalize Katie. She took great joy in knowing that she was the reason for the glow in his face. She did this selfless act to prove her love for him. She gave him a gift she would not give another man.

After Alex returned from his orgasmic bliss, he rose in front of her. He ran his hands over her covered breasts. He longed to free them, but layers of her wedding gown prohibited such an act. He wanted to tear her out of her dress and devour her, but he knew this night would only come once. He had the rest of his life to fuck his wife with a primal, animalistic lust. Tonight he would give back to her the happiness she gave him.

He held her hand and led her down the hall to the bedroom. She was nervous to be naked to him, vulnerable to him. Her body cried out to be free. It yearned to be filled, to be used. She wanted to submit herself to him. She trusted him fully and knew he would never harm her.

She could still smell his sweat and odor. She never imagined she could be so aroused by simply smelling him.

When they reached the bedroom, Katie fell on the bed. As she landed she rolled slightly onto her back raising her long skirt just enough for Alex to view her dampened panties. Her intoxicating scent began to spread through the room. When the delicious odor of Katie’s excited pussy hit the flared nostrils of Alex, he breathed deep and lost all restraint.

He had waited so long to touch his virgin bride. He was hungry for her. Before Katie fully recovered, Alex was down on his knees in front of her. He lifted her legs high and rested her knees on his shoulders. He was also glad to be already naked. As her legs rested on him, he moved his hands down her slippery thighs and stopped at her pulsating pussy. He rubbed her lightly through the thin satin panties and teased her playfully. He enjoyed touching her every bit as much as he enjoyed being touched by her.

He tried to view her face and see her reaction, but the layers of white obscured her. He wanted to know if she was enjoying his touch or not. He didn’t have to wait long. As he went back to his slow exploration, Katie said, “Damn it. Just fuck me.” Alex was shocked. She had never been so vulgar before. He understood her desire though. He felt the same way when she teased his cock through his pants. Not quite fully recharged from his recent expenditure, Alex decided to stall before filling his beautiful bride. He needed to prepare her tight pussy for his thick dick. He didn’t want to hurt her.

He slid her panties off, finally putting her legs down. He then made the journey up her full skirt. The prize was worth it as he took his first taste of her. As the moisture of his tongue dropped gently onto her wanting lips, Katie said, “Alex, honey, I can’t breathe. Get me out of this dress! I’ve been in it all day.”

Alex knew of Katie’s discomfort. He could see the tight bodice pressing into her chest. He didn’t want to suffocate her, but he didn’t want her free just yet. He glanced up at the taught strings stretched crossed the front of her ornate bodice. He slid his slick form along side of her and gently tugged at the trapping strings. As the last one loosened and fell out of its eyelet, Katie’s breasts relaxed and slouched every so subtly

Hearing her sigh of relief, he maneuvered his way back to his coveted position, between her thighs. He was once again in a blissful state. Even when she wasn’t in control she still managed to tease him. Now Alex was in a position to return the favor.

He saw her shiny, dripping lips crying for attention. He grazed his fingers across her soft hair as he spread her growing moisture. Instinctually her hips bucked at his contact. Not able to control her actions, she raised her hips off of the bed to meet his exploring hand. Alex backed his hand away to prevent from entering her. He wanted to reserve that first penetration for his tongue.

At the top of the bed Katie began to moan. Little more than purrs at first, guttural sounds began to take shape and cries of passion began to escape. Her hands rubber vigorously along the designer patterns of her dress. She wanted to be free. She wanted out and filled. She waited patiently for Alex to stuff her, but she was quickly approaching the verge of taking.

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