A Maid Made for Me

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John, my husband of twenty years, pulled his head out of the newspaper one morning at breakfast and out of the blue said, “I think you should hire a maid for you-personal attendant, so to speak.”

It was one of the few times a month he was home for breakfast and one of the even fewer times he actually started a conversation with me. I held my toast in mid-air completely taken off guard by his comment.

“Why would I want to do that?” I asked. “We have plenty of kitchen staff, gardeners, cleaning staff-why would I want a personal attendant?” The whole concept seemed quite pretentious to me.

I had married John when I was 19 and he was 24. He’d taken out big student loans and sought every grant and scholarship to get his law degree. He worked hard to establish himself in the corporate community while we both worked full time-John as much as 80 hours a week at times-to pay off his student loans. Soon he was known as THE attorney to handle the buying and selling of big corporations. He’d insisted long ago that I didn’t work because he could afford to ‘provide for our finances’ so I spent a lot of time volunteering to keep myself occupied. We went from a moderate house to one to what I can only describe as a 20 room mansion with 10 acres of manicured grounds and gardens. I could understand his desire to maintain an image of wealth-many of the people he dealt with came from old money and he had a need to prove his worth. A prestigious home with plenty of ‘servants’ was his way of showing his ‘new money’ was just as good as their ‘old money.”

I was only 39 and had kept myself in good shape, working out and swimming in our pool was a good way to occupy my time when John was away so much. I recognized the ‘looks’ I was given by other men over many corporate social gatherings I attended and hosted with John. My thick blonde hair worn just past my shoulders and green eyes as well as my toned body seemed to appeal to the men, but I’d never given them a second thought. I still loved John but he was gone so much of the time, my best friend had become BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend.) As long as I kept the batteries fresh, I had sex.

“Well,” said John from behind the newspaper, “I know I’m gone most of the time and it’s not like you can befriend the cook or cleaning maid. I was thinking it would be nice if you had a companion, attendant, whatever who would help you manage your schedule for volunteering, help select and attend to your clothing for social events…..and someone you can converse with as a ‘friend’ while I’m away.”

“I only want you to hire a woman,” he winked. “I don’t want some man stealing my babe when I can’t be here.”

Over the next few weeks, I found myself mulling the idea over and over. It would be nice to have someone help shield the demands of all the organizations seeking my free help… a third party to say, “no, I’m sorry. Michelle is scheduled elsewhere at that time. Let me take your name and number and if an opening comes up, we’ll get back to you.”

And someone I could have a decent conversation with.

I placed an ad in the paper and on-line through the local work force and began interviewing. I had a number of women older than I interview who thought they should be my mentor or substitute mother; had a number of young ladies fresh from high school that expected to be my nanny……..I was really to give up when I interviewed Alexis.

Alexis was 32-a few years younger than me-with a bright and spontaneous sense of humor. She was divorced with no children and had worked as an LPN and was now pursuing her RN degree. We both loved to read and easily found conversation discussing favorite authors: James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell, and Janet Evanovich. She was also a beautiful young woman with long light brown hair and piercing blue eyes. By the end of the interview, I knew we clicked as companions-we were able to have a fresh, lively conversation and felt comfortable in each other’s company.

“Only one thing I need to add as far as the job requirements” I said to Alexis. “My husband insists on a uniform when we aren’t in public or swimming. Would that offend you?”

“Not at all,” she smiled. “Might even fulfill my favorite fantasy.”

I think I blushed a little.

“It’s a pretty ‘non-descript uniform and nothing that would be the basis of any fantasy, but I know the thought of a uniform can make someone feel subordinate and I don’t view this position as my subordinate- more as an extension of myself -a companion, so to speak.”

Alexis threw her head back and laughed out loud. She patted my hand and said, “I was just funning with you, Michelle.

“Sometimes I forget that you have to know me a little to understand my warped sense of humor. The image of a ‘uniform’ conjured up the thought of running around here in a little French maid’s outfit-and me stuffed in THAT uniform is just plain funny.”

She was a very attractive lady but the thought of her in a skimpy French maid’s uniform WAS completely out of character for her. canlı bahis şirketleri

At that point I knew she would be completely right for the job.

“When can you start?” I asked.

“Next Monday?” she replied.

“That would be wonderful!” I replied as I stood and took her hand. She patted my hand and I felt an unusual twinge as she touched my hand and looked straight into my eyes.

The next Monday she reported to work and I introduced her to the staff.

As the days passed and she became a familiar sight around our home, I found that Alexis was the perfect fit to the household, being very personable to the kitchen staff, cleaning staff, and chauffeur-she was also very comfortable in her conversations with me; she was quite intelligent and witty and was able to give a well thought out opinion on politics, literature, and about any subject we chose to discuss.

John insisted on a uniform but I chose one that set her slightly apart from the other staff. I selected a basic black shift, button down with a collar instead of the black and white dresses of the kitchen and cleaning staff. For being such a blasé

uniform, she actually looked very attractive in it.

When we attended non-profit affairs together, she dressed professionally and when we swam together in the private pool, her suit was of her own choice-a two piece that showed the swell of her large breasts and her rounded butt cheeks. The more I got to know her, I saw what an attractive woman she was; with long golden brown hair and piercing blue eyes, full lips and a nice body. I found myself glimpsing the hint of cleavage her buttons exposed and actually found myself checking out her tight ass.

She WAS a very sexually appealing woman and at times, my mind drifted……Sometimes when Bob was being my best friend and vibrating in and out of my cunt or gliding over my clit, I found my mind wandering to the image of Alexis’s breasts might look like or the image of her dress riding up to show me her ass…

After our daily swim, Alexis would change into her uniform in one cabana as I threw off my swimsuit in another cabana and donned only my black satin robe before I retired to my salon.

My salon was just off my bedroom-adjoined to another-mostly vacant room John would sleep in on the few occasions he was home. My salon was my escape……..mirrors on three sides with a ‘hair salon’ chair in the middle of the room. I’d slide in the chair and relax as Alexis would brush my wet hair as it dried and we’d talk about what was on my schedule.

She would bend over my shoulder as she brushed my hair and I could see how her breasts strained against her uniform in the side mirror. More and more I found myself thinking about how it would be to unbutton her uniform and run my hands around her boobs, maybe circle her nipples with my fingers, maybe even reach my lips in to suck them.,,,

Alexis never gave an indication she was anything other than “professional” while brushing my hair or giving me a manicure or pedicure.

One day when my schedule was open, I decided to have a couple of drinks while swimming. I was free for the day and evening and asked the kitchen maid to bring a couple of shot glasses, salt, lime slices, and a bottle of Jose Cuevero gold.

“Here’s the deal,” I said to Alexis. “We swim three laps and drink a shot of tequila. We swim another three laps and have another shot and so on. I don’t expect we’ll get past 9 or 12 laps, but we don’t have anything scheduled for the rest of the day or evening so let’s just make it a fun day.”

Alexis giggled and said, “On it! GO!” and she plunged to start her first lap. I finished my third lap as she was pouring the tequila into the shot glasses. We each licked our hand and doused it in salt.

“Ready?” I asked.

We licked the salt, downed the shot and bit into a lime slice.

“Man, that’s potent,” she said. “Are you ready to go again?”

I didn’t answer but pushed off to my next lap- and finished the next three laps first to pour the next shot as Alexis swam to the pool edge. We licked the salt, swallowed the shot, and bit into the next lime slice.

“I’m getting a bit confused,” Alexis giggled. “Are we supposed to suck the lime first and then lick the salt after the shot? Or the other way around?”

“I’m not real sure of the order anymore,” I replied. “Doesn’t matter. Let’s see who gets to pour the next shot.” And I pushed off to swim the next three laps. Alexis finished close behind me and I was pouring the shots when she reached the side of the pool.

“There’s only one lime slice left,” she noted.

“No problem, we’ll drink the shot and share,” I replied. We both swallowed the shot and I bit on half of the lime slice and offered the other half to her. Alexis bit the other half and I realized our lips were less than a half inch apart….I was startled by the realization that I actually thought about closing the gap and kissing her. She sucked on the lime as her eyes kept contact canlı kaçak iddaa with mine and I thought she might come a little closer to my lips….

“I can’t swim anymore.” She said as she backed from the lime. “I MIGHT be able to do another shot, but I’m too worn out to swim.”

A bit disappointed, I got from the pool to pull my suit off in the cabana. I was just sliding my robe around me when I heard Alexis from the other cabana.

“Aw, shit, Michelle! My uniform dropped from the hanger and it’s all wet and splotchy from the chlorine”

“Wrap the beach towel around you and come into the patio doors off my bedroom,” I replied. “I’ll get you a robe from there.”

She followed close behind me as I grabbed one of my robes and she slid it around her before the beach towel fell to the floor.

I slid into the salon chair as Alexis moved behind me to brush my hair. The robe I gave her was only gathered by a belt and as she bent to brush my hair, I could see her round breasts quite exposed in the mirrors. I found myself gazing at them and tried not to make it obvious, embarrassed that I was so intrigued.

“Alex, maybe I’m being too personal, but I’m surprised that you’re divorced. I mean, you seem to get along with everyone and are so easy going; you’re intelligent and are very attractive. Was your husband a drinker or a loser? Or what’s the scoop, if I may be so brazen to ask such a personal thing?”

She paused. “I don’t normally share the story…….but then I guess I can with you. Guess “Jose” loosened me up a little,” she giggled.

“Quite some time ago, my ‘then’ husband thought it would be an ‘adventure’ to have another woman join us in bed.” Alexis brushed my hair softly and I listened, as my eyes continue to take in her the curves of her body in the mirrors; my eyes kept returning to watch her breasts move as much as I tried to divert them…and listened to her story.

“He invited a young thing, Debbie, from work that he said was ‘hot” to join us for sex. I really didn’t like the idea of a threesome with another woman and it took him months prior to this night to convince me that I was being a prude and that an ‘adventure’ would be good for our marriage. After he worked at me for months, I finally agreed and he invited this young lady over to our house.

“We had quite a few drinks and talked for awhile about nothing in particular, ” Alexis continued. “I was feeling no pain when my husband suggested we retire to the bedroom. This-Debbie-gal and I sat on the bed and my husband took a seat in the chair, watching us.

“She started by kissing me lightly on the lips. It wasn’t repellant, like I had expected; it was soft and slow and completely different than my husband’s pursed kisses. She continued to kiss me and her tongue slowly slipped its way into my mouth. I found my pussy tingling as our tongues began to dance as we continued to kiss. I would suck her tongue and then she’d suck mine and soon I found myself roaming my hands over her breasts through her blouse. Before long, I was kissing her and reaching my hands down her blouse to play with her nipples.

“I only glanced once to my husband, who had unzipped his pants and was slowly stroking his cock as he watched us.

“I unbuttoned her blouse, still kissing her, and began to run my thumbs lightly over her nipples. They were hard and I was turned on knowing she was getting hot by my touch.

“From the corner of my eye, I could see my husband slowly stroking his cock as he watched. I helped her pull her jeans off and then stripped off all my clothes before I leaned in to kiss her again-this time with my fingers lightly trailing her wet pussy lips. Her breathing became heavier as I ran my tongue to her nipples and then ran my lips down her belly. I slid my tongue around her pussy lips as she became wetter and wetter.”

“I was really enjoying her pussy in my face as my tongue slurped her wet clit. She began to buckle and push her pussy in to my face when my husband suddenly appeared at the side of the bed and tried to slide his cock into her cunt while I was still running my tongue in her pussy.

“This gal was grinding her wet pussy in my face and gasping for air as she pushed him away and said, “Not yet,” she said, “Your wife is getting me off better than you have for the last two years.”

“I never had a clue that he was fucking her for two years while he was still married to me.” Alexis said quietly.

“I pulled back in shock and after a few moments that I couldn’t say a word, threw on my jeans and my sweatshirt, not even bothering with underwear, grabbed my purse and car keys and drove to a motel.

I filed for divorce the next day and never saw her or him again-my lawyer handled it all and he even managed it so I didn’t have to appear in court to finalize the divorce……. and even though I hated how her words made me feel, I really enjoyed kissing her and licking her nipples- and I loved having my tongue sliding up her wet pussy.”

“It was a bad outcome, canlı kaçak bahis but I discovered that I got off licking her pussy. I haven’t done that since that evening, but I find myself looking at other women in a whole new perspective.

She was quiet for a moment.

“Michelle,” she said, “Can I kiss you?”

“I…uh…” I didn’t know what to say but I felt a rush in my pussy.

“I find you very attractive,” she continued. “If you don’t like it, I’ll back off. Promise.”

She sat the brush down and came around to scoot my legs over and sit next to me on the chair, facing me. She raised her hand to caress my cheek, looking me in the eyes as she slowly bent to kiss my lips. It was a short gentle kiss at first and then her lips opened slightly and her tongue glided over my lips. My pussy was tingling and I found myself kissing back, reaching my tongue out to meet hers and we continued to kiss. Her hand was lightly playing on my cheek and I felt this something I SHOULDN’T be doing, but I didn’t want to stop. I gently pushed my tongue in her mouth and she sucked it for minutes before she released it and pushed her tongue into mine.

“Mmm” I moaned into her mouth. I felt her other hand raise to my neck, her fingers lightly tracing my collar bone and then shoulder as we continued to kiss. Alexis gently pulled my robe off my shoulder and then her fingers traced lightly down my side as I sucked her tongue. Her fingers grazed down my rib cage to just below my breast before she cupped my breast, not touching the nipple but caressing the underside of my breast.

I moaned in her mouth again; I knew my nipples were hard and I could feel my juice running down my crack.

Her hand continued to cup my breast and then I felt her thumb rub across my nipple; a jolt of pleasure shot through me.

Her thumb still rubbing my nipple she pulled back from our kiss.

“Do you want me to stop, Michelle?” she asked quietly.

“Oh, fuck no” I breathed. “You are making me so hot…….you can’t stop now.”

She smiled and stood before offering her hand to help me up. She stood facing me as she untied first her belt and then mine, pulling our robes back and leaving our bodies completely exposed to each other. She slid my robe off my shoulders to the floor and moved her arms back to drop her robe as well.

She pulled me close to kiss me again and this time our breasts and legs were touching as we kissed. My body tingled as our skin touched and I felt her large breasts pushing in to mine. She placed one of her legs between mine and I found myself pushing my pussy into her leg and pushing MY leg into her pussy. My hands were drawn to her breasts and I stepped back a little as I began to fondle them. I ran my fingers lightly over her nipples and felt them harden, sending a thrill of delight to my pussy. I was enthralled with how hard her nipples were getting when she pulled me close and kissed my neck.

“I’ve wanted to touch you and lick you for so long….” She whispered in my ear. “I fantasize about sucking your nipples and running my tongue up your hot slit. I lie in bed sometimes with my finger in my pussy and think how lovely it would be to have my finger in your pussy while licking your hot little ass.”

“Oh, Alexis” I moaned in her hair. “I’ve never been attracted to a woman before but you are making me so hot. I want you to lick me everywhere.”

My body was squirming with pleasure as she began to run her tongue down my neck and kiss down to my breast. She lightly rubbed one nipple with her hand as her tongue reached my other nipple sending a shockwave down my body. I moaned and arched my back to push my nipple into her mouth as she wetly sucked it. She kept sucking and I felt like I was ready to cum when she switched her mouth to my other nipple and sucked on it and then pulled away.

“Sit back, Michelle. I want to lick every part of you.” Alexis whispered.

Then she gently pushed me back to my salon chair as she placed her naked body between my legs. I could feel her hard nipples graze up my belly as she slid her body over mine to kiss me again. Alexis kissed her way down my neck and to my shoulder before running her tongue down my arm to lick the inside crease of my elbow before bringing my hand to her lips. She kissed the palm of my hand and licked it lightly before taking my middle finger in her mouth, sucking it as her eyes watched my face.

The feeling was exquisite and I watched her through half-closed eyes, breathing loudly and squirming in my chair. Alexis let go of my finger and came back to kiss my lips. She gently lifted my legs over the arms of my chair, completely exposing my pussy to her.

I always leave a trimmed triangle of blonde hair in front, but have shaved my pussy and ass for years.

“My, that’s pretty,” Alexis whispered, gazing at my hairless pussy. I felt a little self-conscious as she looked so intently at my pussy, but it thrilled me at the same time.

She moved closer to place her lips on my nipple and cup my other breast in her hand, brushing her thumb over the nipple. She ran her tongue up my jaw and lightly kissed her way up to whisper in my ear and I could feel her hard nipples grazing over my stomach and breasts as her mouth reached my ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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