A Matter of Time Ch. 06

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“Up on stage now,” the announcer/owner of Dazzler’s shouted into his intercom, “is the always sexy, always ready, Candy and her 34C’s of pleasure for your eyes.”

She ripped around the stripper pole, her strawberry blonde hair bulleting around her neck as she did. Here, she wasn’t Janet. Here she was Candy. Always sexy, always ready.

Janet absorbed herself into her persona. Maybe she could seduce Marty again. Maybe he could save her. She remembered bits and pieces about him. He was smart and shy and had a nice cock. His cum even tasted, well, good. It had been a one-night stand — even less than that, just a one-night suck. But maybe it could have been so much more.

He seemed so much sweeter than her boyfriend, Marco.

Or maybe Yvette was right. Maybe just love her lover and leave the area and her family.

Marty and Martin, himself 35 years older, looked at the 21-year-old body. It’d been a while since either of them had seen a naked woman who wasn’t either in her early 60s or a two-dimensional version of a porn star.

On the speaker system, “You Give Love A Bad Name” rocked Dazzler’s. It was one of four songs Candy used. And it was her favorite. It spoke to her on so many levels. And she loved Jon Bon Jovi.

The club reeked of smoke and Martin coughed. In his time, the year 2023, strip clubs barely existed. After the attacks of 2019, everything became very buttoned-down again. But even when there were adult fantasy establishments, they were non-smoking.

She zipped back around and looked at the two men. It was always odd when sons and fathers came to the club together, but that’s how it appeared. Candy came down the stage and broke the fourth wall to say hello.

“You’re a beautiful woman,” Martin said, sliding a $5 bill into the middle of her bikini top. She never took it off until the second chorus.

“Thank you, sir. You’re very kind.”

Janet, still feeling Candy inside her, looked at the younger man — a lover of one night.

“And, do you have anything for me?” she asked.

About seven inches, Marty thought as he adjusted how he was sitting to accommodate his stiffening eight inches, which he underestimated. But he was embarrassed he didn’t know how to react or what to say. All he knew was his week was bizarre on about 37 different levels.

Martin gave his younger self a $5 bill and he, in turn, tucked it into Janet’s bikini bottom — his fingertips touching her moist, smooth skin.

“Thank you, Marty. For so much,” she smiled. “You two are big spenders. I usually don’t get fives until the fraternities are stealing those bills from their freshmen inductees.”

“You deserve so much more than fives,” the older man said. “I’m Marty’s uncle, by the way,” he continued. It had been a long time since he’d seen her. And although the older man knew this stripper was the reason he spent a decade in couple’s counseling and partly the reason he wasn’t able to conceive a child, she was intoxicatingly sexy.

“Hi, Marty’s uncle,” she said. “I’m Candy. He knows me by another name. And I hope he remembers it long enough to give me a call sometime soon,” she said as she untied her string bikini and let it fall off her shoulders onto the small, round table the men shared.

Martin regretted spending that time with her, but he also loved that intense memory. It’s the crippling thoughts of the cheater. The emotional toll that each kiss took on their lover; the pleasure of the moment and the erotic memories that are burned into their minds.

Candy’s breasts — so recently sucked on by Yvette güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri — were full and her nipples hard. Candy loved being naked in public; while her life as Janet would still freak out a bit by being seen in the nude.

Marty looked at her breasts, realizing he’d never seen them — only grabbed them through her T-shirt while she sucked his cock freshman year. Martin looked at her breasts, realizing he’d never touch them again. Realizing that he’d be erasing most of his memories of sucking on them, cumming on them, as he took his younger self out of Dazzler’s in a few minutes.

The perils of time travel.

Candy swept her legs down in front of the two men again and leaned forward, whispering in the younger Marty’s ear. Martin remembered the whisper and the smell of her warm perfume.

“I need to get fucked,” Candy said. “Please meet me in front in an hour.”

Marty nodded his head in agreement, almost automatically. Interesting, his older self thought. Was Candy, well, Janet, so seductive that he’d try to fuck her even though his older self was here as well?

Candy smiled big, holding her breasts to him, and walked back onto the stage. She stepped high to go give some attention to the other few men in the strip club.

“Holy shit,” Marty looked at his older self.

“It can’t happen,” Martin told him. “Trust me, I know.”

Martin thought back to 1989. To this day. To what happened. And to what couldn’t happen.

On this day 1989, a hour later, Marty nervously stood in front of Dazzler’s. He wondered if anyone driving by along Walnut Avenue would look over to the parking lot and notice him. If Victoria would someone hear about this incident. He watched Dazzler’s front door, awaiting Janet, when she tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey sexy,” she said. She was looking like Janet again. With a button up jean jacket and tight Levi’s. In her mind, she was still in Candy-persona.

“Oh, hi,” Marty responded.

“Don’t say too much,” she said. “I just want to feel you. All of you.” She turned around and Marty looked at her long hair as wind lifted it like a patriotic flag. Her jeans were shaped, almost painted, to her hips. He could bend her over right here. He paused. He had a virgin girlfriend he lived with at home. He was to be faithful to her.

That virginity sure got in his way, though. He had to jack off in private for any sexual relief. He wanted to …

Janet turned around.

“Please, Marty,” she said out loud. “I want you to fuck me.” She didn’t stop walking, stepping to her car, a blue 1985 Pontiac Grand Am. It was about the hottest thing to drive, she thought.

Marty stood there, thinking about running back to his apartment; thinking about running to the Grand Am.

Candy sat in her car and twisted the key in the ignition. She leaned to her right and popped open the passenger’s side door. Marty looked at it and decided he shouldn’t run.

He walked toward it.

She drove him to a road off Lake Monroe as they listened to Q-95 radio with the latest song from Bad English on the radio. “When I See You Smile.” Janet smirked as she looked at Marty. He was cute. A bit skinny. A bit scared. But cute. And she remembered he had a nice sized cock. Not too big. Not small. And he was nice. They could be a good couple together — if she could convince him of it through hot sex.

The road was gravel.

“Where are we going?” Marty asked.

“My future home,” Janet said.

They pulled into an unfinished drive that led to an unfinished house. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri It had been under construction, but a lien on the property owners stalled it. A fence stood around it.

“Your house?” Marty asked,

“Sure. Why not?”

It was a mansion, really. On the edge of the state’s largest man-made lake, a reservoir that was also the state’s largest body of water — not counting Lake Michigan that defined the northwestern border of the state.

“Um, is this really yours’?” Marty asked.

“For the next hour it is,” she responded, climbing up and over the metal fencing.

He looked at her. It was an autumn day and a leaf fell down into her hair. She unbuttoned her jacket and pulled it off her shoulders. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Her breasts were full and nipples hardened in the breeze.

Marty scaled the fence and jumped down the other side. He walked up to her, thinking about her body and remembering her mouth. He was going to cum here one way or another, he knew that. He thought about Victoria and her moods. Her fears of sex. Her cold attitude toward the physical.

And Marty needed to get laid.

“I need to get laid,” Janet said, turning around and walking up into the empty home. Marty was sporting wood and followed her inside, seeing the view of a few boats in the distance on the lake. It was a beautiful site. A million dollar view. Their steps echoed in the mansion.

She turned around and walked to him, leaning up and kissing his lips. Any resistance from Marty was gone. His hands crept from her hips to her ribs to her neck. Janet’s tongue swam into Marty’s mouth. He was a nice guy. He could provide for her. He could save her life. She didn’t need her boyfriend. She didn’t need her girlfriend. She just needed one guy to care for her. And she could have him now.

Janet pulled his shirt off and kissed his neck. She grabbed him by the belt loops of his jeans. He reciprocated, holding her by her beltloops as they kissed, his chest touching her breasts softly. It was going to happen. His third orgasm with other person was minutes from happening.

“Kiss me. All of me,” Janet said, unhooking the buttonfly on her Levi’s. She leaned back onto a storage box that had a countertop packed inside. Marty kissed her lips and looked at her eyes and then let his lips wander. His previous sexual experience had been fumbling moments followed by a quick cum. He wanted to take his time with Janet, or was she Candy? He wanted to remember this moment for the rest of his life. He kissed the rise of her shoulder and down her left arm. He looked up to her eyes as she looked at him and smiled. She cupped his head and moved it to her breasts, leaning back as his mouth touched breasts for the first time. It was as erotic as he thought.

He grasped her left breast with his hand as he suckled the right nipple, and then her right breast with his hand, thumbing his saliva along her nipple as he kissed her left breast.

It was his first time for so many things. He’d never kissed a girl like this. Just humped in the dark that one time after senior prom. And got head from Janet his freshman year of college.

He looked up and kissed down to her belly. Marty unzipped her jeans and pulled them off her strong hips.

“Kiss me,” she said. “All of me.”

She wasn’t wearing panties. He imagined that was on purpose. He’d never seen a woman naked. He’d never explored. He licked, sparingly, unsure what was going to happen. Janet spread her hips wide, offering her pussy to his eyes and lips and güvenilir bahis şirketleri fingers. Marty’s curiosity got to him. He kissed her vagina and slipped his tongue inside.

Her hands ran along his scalp. He tried to take in the taste of woman. She was sweet, like cherry lipstick. He was tasting the lipstick of her lover, Yvette, but had no clue. He just licked and sucked and wanted this moment to last forever.

Janet grabbed the back of his head and pulled her up to her mouth for a long, exotic kiss.

My tongue was just in her pussy, and now it’s in her mouth, he thought. It was a revelation in erotic that he thought only happened in XXX movies.

“Fuck me,” Janet breathed as she reached down and unbuttoned his fly. She pulled his T-shirt up and over him, and held onto his cock. The first time a woman had. He shuttered in pleasure and apprehension.

“Condom. I need a condom,” he said.

“It’s alright,” she said. “I’m on the pill.”

He looked down as his cock slipped slowly into Janet’s wetness. She wasn’t on the pill, but he never knew any different. His eight inches pressed all the way inside as she moaned in pleasure. Her fingernails held onto the storage box as she spread her legs to welcome in this lover. He stood up and held onto her knees as he fucked her. He felt like a minor god as Janet encouraged him.

“Feels so good,” she said. “I love your cock.”

It was words he thought were only said in pornography. He loved hearing it aloud, hearing it directed at him.

She bucked her hips down on him and drew him deeper inside by guiding his hips with her ankles. Her breasts recoiled as his hips slammed against hers. She bit her bottom lip and slid two fingers along the misty lips of her pussy, adding to the sensation of his naked, throbbing cock.

“Cum inside me,” she said.

He didn’t need much time, and not much encouragement either. He burst inside the stripper, his first time cumming inside a woman. He nearly blacked out in pleasure, but instantly felt a shadow of guilt envelop him. He was cheating on his virgin girlfriend. And this moment of pleasure was going to cause decades of pain.

Martin looked at the younger one as he drooled at the stripped stripper on the dance stage. He couldn’t let that moment of pleasure happen. He grabbed him by the shoulder and said “Time to go, my friend,” he said to his younger self. Marty was confused but followed Martin out.

“So, what was that about?” the younger version said.

“Marty, you should know that, in 1989, you stayed here longer. Watching her and flirting with her,” as they exited Dazzlers.

As they were, Janet’s steroid boyfriend showed up and stood outside smoking a cigarette. He overheard the duo talking.

“I had sex with Janet down near Monroe Lake,” Martin told Marty as Marco — a bit moody from his extra steroids — listened. He glanced at the two who weren’t looking his way. He was enraged but decided to take in the information. He wanted reason to kick her ass — and this old man.

Marco wanted to think he was just talking, but how would he know Candy’s actual name was Janet?

“Trust me,” Martin told his younger self, “you love having sex with Janet, but it’s not worth it. Just remember how she loved your cock freshman year. That’s the only sex you get to have with her.”

“Well, OK. That’s a bit of a bummer.”

“I’ll explain more later,” Martin said. “It’s something we need to talk with the Victoria’s about.”

Marco had thought about seeing Janet at work. In 1989 — at this day in place at this moment — he had decided to hunt down a girl he’d seen on campus. But in this new time, he was angry. He’d seduce that girl, whether she wanted to be seduced or not, and then kidnap the woman of this guy who’d fucked his girlfriend. He’d prove his point.

It was steroid wisdom, and Marco was following it.

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