A Mid-Summers Night

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Since puberty, I had always fantasised about my friends sister. Her name was Sarah, she was 18 years old (like me), blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned, D-cup and a great body, all the curves in the right place.

She was my best mate, Dan’s, twin sister. He told me she had a crush on me, which gave me confidence. I knew that whatever it took I was going to fuck her one way or another. I had been over to Dan’s place on many occasion so I had had the chance to sniff Sarah’s panties quite a lot, she smelt divine, I only hoped she tasted better, one day I took my chance.

It was a warm, sticky mid-January night. There was no way I was going to get any sleep, for I was too depressed and lonesome. Suddenly an interesting and rather tempting thought crept into my head, an idea which I had frequently pondered over in the previous weeks. To be honest, this thought aroused me, especially down below.

I As I lay there in my itchy damp four poster, I couldn’t take it any longer, I had to be with her, I had to be with Sarah. I quickly pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and sarıyer escort snuck out. When I was about halfway up my street, I felt a few drops of rain on my head. “Shit” I exclaimed, and went like stink. 10 minutes later I was there. I was absolutely soaked, but it didn’t matter, because Sarah would be in the same state by the time I finished with her.

I tiptoed onto the verandah and a smile crept onto my face, Sarah’s window was open, she was waiting for me. I moved up the drainpipe in a slug-like motion and slid into her open window. There she was, the apple of my eye, Sarah. She was just lying there, so peacefully in her underwear. I scrambled onto the window sill and paused. There was a murmur from the darkness. My eyes adjusted to the blackness and there she was, my angel.

I tiptoed to the bedside and whispered in Sarah’s ear. She opened eyes and grasped me. Before I could say a word she undid my fly and took my hard tool in her mouth. She was obviously a pro and had given head many times before. Sarah esenyurt escort licked a drop of precum that had appeared and sighed in satisfaction of the taste. She jerked my shaft and took the knob in her mouth, constantly swirling her tongue around it. I lay back against the bed in ecstasy as her head bobbed up and down on my cock.

She fondled my cum filled balls as she worked my cock and gazed at me through her sky-blue eyes. I was about to come and Sarah sensed it and slipped her mouth off. I lay her down and kissed her neck, slowly moving down I came to her huge, round tits. Her nipples were already erect and I licked them like a mother’s baby. I kissed past her pierced belly button and pulled back her panties to reveal a shaven cunt. I wasted no time and dove in. I lapped her box while she fingered her clit. I licked her labia and tongue fucked her hole while she furiously worked her clit. She tasted like sweet nectar. Her juice ran down my chin and onto chest.

I flipped her over and grabbed my cock and placed it at the entrance avrupa yakası escort of her pussy. I shoved it in and began to fuck her, my dream was a reality. My balls slapped her ass as I drove to the hilt. Sarah’s pussy was so wet and tight. I was in heaven as I fucked her doggystyle with all my strength, she willed me on and moaned. “fuck me, oh yeah, I want your cum in my face.” She pushed back against my cock in time with my strokes. I was on the brink but I was not finished yet. I grabbed her and flipped her over.

I picked Sarah up and she clasped her legs round my waist with her hands round my neck. I held her ass and picked her up and placed her on my cock. Sarah bounced in time as I lifted her up and down. She moaned with sheer pleasure as I fucked her. I felt her pussy contract. That sent me over her edge, Suddenly, I let out a huge moan and straight away Sarah knew. She jumped off me and got on her knees. I jacked off a few inches from her face. Sarah pushed her golden hair back as I came. Seven powerful spurts landed on Sarah’s face and in her mouth during the strongest orgasm ever had.

Sarah winked and gave me a sex kitten look as licked her lips and cleaned up my cock. She stood up and pashed me, our lips locked and tongues played and I could taste my jizz in her mouth. We showered, changed and I scampered out the window, just as the golden sun was beginning to rise over the horizon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32