A Midnight Woman Ch. 4

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Deanna awoke, lying in the middle of the living room carpet, with Brian’s arm around her. She carefully lifted his arm and rolled away from him. She glanced at the clock and it was 3:45. They had been dozing lazily on the floor for over two hours.

Deanna stood and looked down at Brian. “Poor baby,” she thought, “he had a strenuous night and wake-up!” Deanna chuckled quietly to herself. She grabbed a coke from the refrigerator and sat back on the sofa in the living room to wait for Brian to awake. She lit a cigarette and leaned her head back on the cushion, blowing smoke-rings at the ceiling.

Brian stretched and lazily opened his eyes, yawning. “Hey, I must have been tired, I never take naps.”

“I guess I wore you out, huh Bri?” Deanna teased.

“Maybe a little, but I think I’ll be okay,” he jabbed back, “what time is it?”

“Quarter to four,” she answered. “How about we go someplace nice to eat, my treat?”

“Sounds great to me, but you don’t need to pay, Dee.”

“No, really, I want to. I can afford it, don’t worry about it, Bri.” Deanna knew she could afford dinner and much more, but she wasn’t ready to tell Brian everything just yet.

“Okay, okay, I’m not too proud to take a free meal. The advertising world must pay better than I thought. Let me call around and see where I can get us a reservation. “

Twenty minutes and numerous calls later, Brian finally found a small neighborhood Italian place he had been to a few times. He liked it. It had great food and wine and the atmosphere was very romantic. Lots of small dark booths for intimate conversation and a couple of roving violinists really set the mood.

“Okay, we’re all set for 6:00 at Gino’s. That’s the only time we could get calling this late. Anyway, you’ll like it, great Bolognese sauce, almost as good as Mom used to make.”

“Ooh, sounds wonderful,” Deanna replied, closing her eyes as she did. “I can still remember her standing there stirring that sauce and feeding us spoonfuls ‘just to test it’, remember Bri?”

“Yeah, she was a great cook. I still miss her a lot,” Brian said wistfully. “I wonder what she would think of us now, Dee?” His eyes dropped to the floor.

“Well, I doubt she would approve. On the other hand, she always wanted us to be happy, and I am happy, how ’bout you?”

“Yeah, I’m happy, but I still feel a little guilt, somehow.”

“I know you do Brian, but you just have to let it go. Now we’re gonna have a great meal together, some nice wine and maybe even a little dancing, Whaddya say big brother?”

“Right,” he said raising his eyes to hers, seeing the brightness there.

She put her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth.

“Okay then, we’ve got a couple of hours. Hmmm, come with me, I’ve got something I want to give you.” She took his hand and led him into his bedroom. She pushed him down on the bed and said, “Wait right here.” And she left the room.

Brian sat wondering what in the world she would be giving him. She called from the hall, “Close you eyes.” He did.

Deanna stood in front of Brian and said “Okay, open your eyes.”

She was standing in front of him, all of her clothes off, her breasts proudly addressing him with stiffened nipples, and her hands behind her back.

“What’s behind your back, Dee?”

“These,” she said, and held out a pair of men’s silk paisley boxers. She rubbed them against his cheek. “Nice, huh?”

“Yeah, they feel real soft, but I wear cotton briefs, I can’t wear those.”

“Oh yes you can, Brian, and what’s more, you’ll love it, because that is not all I’m going to give you.”

“Really, what else?” He looked around the room and saw nothing new.

“Well, be patient. First, let’s get you out of these clothes.” She pulled his sweatshirt over his head, then leaned forward and sucked one of his nipples into her mouth, causing him to moan just a little. They were still sensitive from the night before.

Then, she untied his shoes and pulled them and his socks off. She took his hands and pulled him to his feet. Her hands slipped under the waist of his jogging pants and pulled them and his white cotton briefs down to the floor. She softly pulled on each calf, and he raised his foot in response. She flung the pants away. Still kneeling, she grabbed his ass cheeks in each hand and pulled his half-erect cock to her face. She licked the very tip, teasingly. Then she stood.

“Hey, what’s the deal here?” Brian panted.

“Hold on, big boy, just hold on.” She stood and went into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Brian’s heart raced a bit faster at the thought of another shower like the one they had shared that morning. He followed her into the bath.

“Okay, Brian, sit down.” She pushed him onto the toilet seat. She pushed his knees apart. And then she reached into her travel case and pulled out a small pair of scissors.

“Wait a minute, what are you doing?” Brian said, with some concern creeping into his voice.

“I’m going to shave you, but bahis firmaları first I’m going to trim you down. It will make the razor work more smoothly.”

“Wait, Dee, you mean you’re going to shave my groin? You can’t do that, I mean what will I look like? How could I go to the gym?” Now he was definitely concerned.

“Actually Brian, that is exactly what I’m going to do. Cock, balls and all! And you know what, don’t worry about the gym, it will grow back if you want it to. But, you like how I feel shaved don’t you?” He nodded. She smiled her most wicked smile. “Okay then, sit still. I want to feel you the same way.” And she began to snip at his pubic hair.

When she had cut it as close as she could, she put the scissors away and lifted him by the hands. Then she pulled him into the shower. She kneeled down and took his cock into her mouth and began to suck him to full attention. It didn’t take long.

“It’s easier to shave when it’s hard,” she explained, smiling. He wondered how she knew that. She pulled him from the spray and sat him on the plastic stool, spreading his legs completely apart, giving her complete access. Taking some shave cream in one hand, she used the other to lather his balls and the space between them and his ass. Then she lathered his cock, rubbing up and down as if giving him a hand job. Brian watched, oddly fascinated, as his whole groin turned white.

Deanna put the shave cream aside and picked up the safety razor. She studiously began to stroke away the short vestiges of hair. She was delicate in her handling of him. Brian watched in utter amazement as his groin began to appear from under the white shave cream, bare as a newborn. The feeling of the razor sliding across his scrotum almost made him cum right in Dee’s face. But, he held on and managed to control himself. Finally, she put the razor down and pulled Brian into the warm spray. It felt strange, but in a pleasant way.

Deanna looked into his eyes and said, “Now, let me see how you taste without all that hair tickling my nose.” With that, she kneeled again and took his balls into her mouth. He moaned as she rolled the now hairless pouch around in her mouth. “Oh, much better,” she said releasing his balls and then sucking his cock through her lips.

She looked up at Brian’s contorted face and taking her mouth off of him momentarily, she said, “It’s okay, Bri, let it go, I know you’re ready,” and she sucked him back in just as she felt his cock begin to tremor. She grabbed his ass and pulled him to her, slowly allowing his cock to move all the way into her throat, until her nose was touching his now bare belly.

Brian practically screamed as pulse after pulse shot out of him and down Deanna’s throat. She held him tight, swallowing every wave, until she felt his whole body start to relax. She carefully moved her mouth to the very sensitive tip of his cock and just held it there, allowing the last tiny drops to ooze into her mouth.

Brian shuddered.

“Oh my god, Dee, that was the most erotic thing I’ve ever done.”

She pulled her mouth from his softening cock and stood. She kissed him, parting his lips with her tongue, fucking it into his mouth. He tasted the last remnants of his own seed. And it tasted good to him. She stood back and looked down at him.

“Glad you liked it, Brian. Matter of fact, I hope you loved it. I know I did. By the way, you look great. Now, you go ahead and finish your shower. When you come out, we’ll put some cream on so you don’t get razor burn. Then, I think you may change your mind about the silk underwear.”

She left the bathroom with Brian staring after her. Where had his little sister learned all of this stuff? It was unbelievable.

He finished washing himself, grabbed a towel and stepped out of the shower. He stepped in front of the full-length mirror in the corner and almost gasped when he saw himself. He was as bare as the day he was born. He cradled his balls in his hand and was amazed at how soft he was without the hair. He actually thought it didn’t look too bad. As a matter of fact, he thought his cock looked bigger, which wasn’t all bad.

Deanna stepped back into the room, a towel wrapped around her. “Well, what do you think?”

“I think I look different, but not quite how I thought. I actually think my cock looks bigger, don’t you?” To Deanna, he seemed like a little boy with a new toy.

“You never have to worry about that, Brian, you’re plenty big, with or without hair. Now let’s get some lotion on that ‘big’ cock of yours.” She laughed.

She pulled a bottle of lotion from her case and poured it onto her hands. She then applied it all over his entire groin, not missing a single spot. She even used the lotion to insert one of her fingers into his asshole as she massaged the lotion into him. Unbelievably, he started to get hard again. She pulled away.

“Whoa, big boy, save that thought ’til later. Now put these on.” She handed him the boxers and he slid them up his legs and over his hips. They were cool on kaçak iddaa his skin and his sister had been right, he liked the feeling.

“Okay, now leave so I can get myself ready for our date. By the way, don’t worry about calling a cab; I already took care of it.” She stepped into the shower.


Brian was sitting on the sofa reading the financial section from that morning’s paper when Deanna stepped into the doorway. She looked stunning in a short black evening dress with spaghetti straps across her shoulders. Her legs were covered in dark nylons and she wore spiked heels. Her long dark hair perfectly framed her sparkling brown eyes and luscious red lips. “Oh my god,” he thought, “a brother shouldn’t think these thoughts when he looks at his sister.” But he did.

“You look unbelievable,” was all he could say.

“I feel unbelievable,” she responded. “And how are you feeling?” she asked, looking directly at his zipper.

“Well, ‘smooth’ is the word I guess I would use,” he said, trying to push his growing hard-on to one side of the boxers. This was a much easier process with briefs!

“Good, now let’s go, our carriage awaits.” She took his arm and they left.

When the two stepped out the front door of Brian’s building, Brian asked the doorman to whistle up a cab. Deanna stopped him.

“Brian, I told you, I already took care of it,” and she pointed to a shiny black limousine waiting curbside.

“We’re going in that?” he asked.

“Absolutely, nothing is too god for my big brother.”

“But that will cost a fortune, this isn’t necessary, Dee. I don’t want you paying for this.”

“Brian, get in, it’s no problem, don’t worry about it.” And as the driver held the door, Deanna and Brian got into the backseat.

Brian looked around the plush interior and then turned to her. “Dee,” he started, but she put her finger to his lips and quieted him.

“Just enjoy,” was all she said as she slipped her arm through his.

The ride to Gino’s took about ten minutes. Neither of them spoke much. Deanna just looked out the windows at the passing lights of the city and Brian sat wondering where Dee was getting the money for all this. Nevertheless, he was enjoying.

“Good evening, do you have a reservation?” asked the maitre d’.

“Yes, at 6:00 under the name of Sterling,” Brian replied.

“Yes sir, right this way.”

He led them to a small booth in a dark cozy corner near the back. Brian let Dee slide in and then followed her. The maitre d’ gave them both menus and introduced their server for the evening, Anthony. Anthony was a very handsome 20’s something young man with an authentic Italian accent. He asked if they would like a cocktail before ordering. Brian ordered a bottle of Chianti. And then they were alone.

“Well, what do you think of the place?”

“I think it is perfect, Brian. I love the atmosphere. When do the violins start?”

“Not sure, probably a little later. Dee, tell me what’s going on here. I mean the limo, you buying dinner, and everything.”

“Not now, Brian, let’s not talk about it now, I’ll explain later.” She smiled and then he felt her hand on his thigh under the tablecloth.

“Name a state,” she said.


“Name a state of the union.”

“Um, Nebraska.”

“Wrong,” she replied and moved her hand further up his thigh toward his groin. “Name another one,” she laughed.

“Boy, that’s an old one,” Brian said also smiling.

“Yeah, but a good one,” said Dee, moving her hand onto his soft cock.

“You know how you see couples holding hands in restaurants, Bri? Well, I prefer holding other things,” and she squeezed his balls lightly. His reaction was that of any normal male: he groaned and his cock rose immediately to attention. “There, that’s better,” she said.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Oh yes, and as soon as Anthony takes our order, I’m going to show you how serious I am.”

Brian gulped.

Anthony brought the Chianti and two glasses. He set them down in front of Brian and Deanna and poured a small taste into Brian’s glass. He noticed that Brian seemed a little nervous as he picked up the glass and sipped. He also noticed that Deanna only had one hand on the table. He smiled at her, and it seemed to him that she winked back.

“It’s fine,” Brian said, and Anthony finished pouring them each a glass of wine.

“Would you care to order now, or would you prefer more time,” asked Anthony.

“Oh, Brian let’s order, I’m so hungry, I’ve just got to get something into my mouth.” Deanna said it to Brian, but she was looking directly into Anthony’s eyes, smiling. “Order for us Brian.”

“Okay,” Brian semi-squeaked, as he felt Dee’s hand slide up his now engorged cock, under the table.

“We’ll have two orders of linguine with Bolognese sauce and two Caesar salads, no anchovies for me.”

“No anchovies for me either, Anthony,” added Deanna.

“Very well, then.” Anthony turned and left.

“Christ, Dee, he knew. I kaçak bahis could see it in his eyes; he knew what you were doing.”

“Really? You think so? Well, let’s see if he can figure this one out.” Deanna picked up her spoon and dropped it onto the floor. Quicker than Brian could imagine possible, his sister ducked under the tablecloth and was pulling down his zipper, freeing his swollen cock. And before he could resist, he felt the velvety smoothness of her lipstick-covered mouth engulf him. She sucked him powerfully toward her throat and then drew back, then sucked him in again. She did this several times more, bringing Brian to the brink of cumming and then without warning, she popped back up above the tablecloth, saying, “Here it is,” holding up the spoon.

Brian was speechless when he heard and saw Deanna wave Anthony over to the table. “Anthony, I’m afraid I dropped my spoon and got it dirty, would you bring me a clean one, please?”

“Certainly, Miss,” he said in his charming accent.

“He’s kind of cute, don’t you think, Bri?”

Brian managed to nod as he struggled to put his inflamed cock back into his pants. But, Dee knew what he was doing, and grabbed his hand, pulling it away from his groin and toward hers. She had hiked her dress-front up almost to her waist and she put his hand onto her bare mound. Brian turned his head to look at her realizing she was wearing no underwear. She smiled as if nothing at all was happening. Keeping her hand on top of his, she began working his middle finger along her well-lubricated pussy lips. Once his fingers stopped resisting, she laid her head back on the seat and looked around the room. No one seemed to be paying them any attention. That was okay, she supposed, although she wouldn’t have minded if they had! She grabbed and stroked Brian a couple more times and said, “Keep this where I can get to it.” It didn’t sound like a request to Brian.

Suddenly, Anthony reappeared carrying the romaine and ingredients to make their salads tableside. Brian immediately removed his hand from Dee’s pussy and straightened up, his face feeling a slight blush. Dee, on the other hand, kept her hand on Brian and started chatting with Anthony as he prepared the salad.

“What part of Italy are you from, Anthony?”

“Sicily, actually, Miss, er excuse me, maybe it is Mrs.”

“No, it’s Miss, Anthony, isn’t it Brian?”

“Uh, yes, it’s Miss,” answered Brian, trying to regain his composure.

And then they heard the violinist as he moved toward them.

“Good evening Signore e Signorina, would you care to hear something, just for you?”

“Oh Brian, it’s just like in Lady and the Tramp. Remember when they were eating the plate of spaghetti? What was that song, you know, something about ‘tonight is the night, such a beautiful night’?” Dee looked at the violinist for help.

“I think you mean ‘La Bella Notte,’ signorina.” And he began to play. Deanna loved that song.

Anthony served the salad onto their plates and placed them on the table as the violinist finished the song. Brian handed the musician a ten-dollar bill. He thanked Brian profusely and moved on to another table.

“Enjoy your salads, your linguine will be ready soon.” Anthony turned and left.

“Okay, Brian eat your salad. Geez, I sound like Mom used to!” Dee laughed and stabbed a crouton. They both loved Caesar salads. Just as Brian put the last bite into his mouth, Anthony reappeared and removed their salads. He then placed two steaming plates of linguine in front of them. He re-filled their wine glasses and then said, “Is there anything else I can do for you, right now?” He looked from Brian to Deanna.

“Not yet,” said Dee with a mischievous smile, which Brian didn’t notice but Anthony certainly did.

“Very good, then, enjoy your meal.”

They ate and drank their wine almost in silence, savoring every bite. At one point, Dee turned to Brian with a long linguine noodle hanging from her lower lip. Slowly and almost sensuously she sucked it up over her chin and into her mouth. “I love sucking, don’t you Bri?” The double-entendre was not missed by Brian.

“Well, Dee,” Brian countered, “that’s why it’s there, to be sucked.”

“Too bad you didn’t have clams,” laughed Dee.

They both almost had a laughing fit over that little sexual reference. The second bottle of Chianti was definitely having its effect.

When dinner was finished, Dee excused herself and went to the ladies’ room. Brian remained seated just kind of drifting through the past 24 hours in his mind. He thought of the unbelievable sexiness of the entire time, of the erotic nature of the relationship developing with Deanna. How would it go forward? Where would it go forward? Did he want it to go forward? So many questions unanswered.

“What the hell,” he thought, “I’m not gonna worry about it now.” He took a big gulp of Chianti and refilled his glass.

While she was in the ladies room, Deanna pulled a small notebook from her purse and scribbled a note on it. She put the notebook back away and looked into the mirror at her reflection. She touched up her lipstick, fluffed the flip of her hair and smiled back at what she saw. She was irresistible and she knew it. She was having fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32