A Moonlit Encounter

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It is a dark, cool night. I am walking through a park of some kind. No childrens’ toys, just a few stone benches scattered around a small koi pond. I am wearing a long flowing cotton sundress with thin straps, a soft cardigan sweater, and ballerina style flat shoes. I stop to get a pebble out of my shoe, sitting down on one of the benches. I decide to take both shoes off and just relax for a moment when I feel warm breath on the back of my neck.

“Lay down.” The words are almost a whisper and I feel compelled to comply. I can’t help it. The moon goes behind a cloud and it is so dark I can see almost nothing. He is just a shadow but I can tell he is a big overpowering man. Warm fingers slide up my thighs, drawing the dress up above my hips. Even warmer lips trail kisses up the insides of my slightly parted thighs. I reach out to touch him but he grabs my hands, sliding them up over my head. His big strong fingers guide my slender ones to grip the edge of the stone bench above my head. “Don’t let go.” The words both thrill me and scare me a little.

He slides slowly back down my body, kissing every inch of flesh revealed as the tiny buttons down the front of my dress are released one by one. My bra clasps in front so that gets unsnapped too. He cups the plump globes of my breasts and nuzzles them. I can feel the roughness of a 5 o’clock shadow abrading my tender skin while his fingers and lips tease my nipples to tight awareness. He licks and nips a path from one nipple to the other, making me squirm against his big body, needing more contact.

“Mmmm.” I moan excitedly when he begins to pinch and nip my aching nipples harder, treating my a little rougher. The buttons continue to be released as he traces a line down my torso, the saliva cooling and making my nipples tingle. When the dress is unbuttoned and laying open, exposing my skin to the cool night air, I feel him pull away from me. My disappointed whimper draws a chuckle from deep in his thick chest.

“Just a moment, baby. These are in my way.” With that, he quickly strips the panties from my trembling legs and parts my thighs, spreading them wide and tilting my hips up to fully expose my wetly glistening pussy. I pant with eager anticipation, almost desperate to feel his lips and tongue devouring my dripping slit. I don’t have to wait long. He softly bites the tendon in the crease between my pussy and thigh before licking me with one long slow exciting slide bakırköy escort of his tongue from my anus to my throbbing clit. His big hands knead my soft white thighs while he buries his tongue deep inside my body. I can tell I’m going to have a few bruises from his aggressive grip but it just serves to make me hotter, flooding his tongue with my helpless juices. I can feel an explosive climax approaching and I grind my little pussy harder into his face.

“Oh! Don’t stop!” I can’t stop moving, begging for more as he pulls away. My skin sizzles as I feel his now naked body slide up mine, warming my chilled skin, brushing my nipples with the soft fur of his broad chest.

“You don’t get to cum yet. Not until I’m deep inside you, till I feel you cum all over my cock.” The quiet words are punctuated by one long slow deep thrust. I shudder and moan shakily. The orgasm starts slowly, building from the tips of my toes to the top of my head and racing back igniting all my sensitive places with intense fire. I clutch harder at the smooth edge of the stone bench.

“Oh god! You’re so big!” I can feel my pussy tighten around his incredibly thick shaft, feeling like I might split in two and loving every bit of it. His stubbled cheeks nuzzle against the side of my neck and I can feel his heart pounding heavily in his chest. “Give me more, baby, don’t tease me.” His breath tickles the side of my neck and he chuckles shakily, letting me know that he is just as strongly effected as I am.

“Is this what you want?” Slow deep strokes make my body shudder and I wrap my legs around his hard muscular torso, urging him to use my body, to fuck me harder. My cries and moans grow higher and more frenzied. Another climax crashes over me and he captures my lips with a growl, feeling my internal muscles grip and ripple up and down his incredible girth.

Our tongues dance together slowly in counterpoint to the now faster pace he begins to set. His hands skim down my body, pressing my thighs even farther apart and bending me nearly double.

“Give me your hands.” The gruff command thrills me and I reach out to him, somewhat suprised when he guides me to hold my legs wide for him. The bench is a little narrow and now I feel more exposed than ever. He rises up above me pinning me to the stone with his huge cock. His hands roughly massage my breasts and pinch my nipples making me squeal with passion.

His beşiktaş escort thrusts come faster now, shaking my body. The rough treatment drives me crazy and the new angle forces the thick shaft to grind against my g-spot with every earth-shaking thrust. Suddenly I tense and scream. Hot fluid gushes from my body to splash us both and I shake uncontrolably as my body erupts in an orgasm like I’ve never felt before.

When my body calms, I release my legs and gently push him back away from me. I stand and guide him to stand with me before dropping to my knees. My hands grip his wet thighs and slide up his narrow hips to his muscled belly, needing to feel him, touch him.

“I want to taste you.” His big hand gently cups the back of my head in shocking contrast with the near violence of moments before. My lips drop warm feather light kisses all across his groin, damp with my juices. I lap gently at his balls, taking first one and then the other into the warm wet cavern of my mouth. My tongue slides over the smooth globes drawing a groan from deep in his chest.

I move up the length of his cock, nibbling as I go. I know I am teasing him, goading him to take control. My lips reach the broad tip and I suck it hard and deep into my mouth, easily taking half of him. I moan a little, teasing myself too. My hands drop to my own body, kneading my breasts and slowly rubbing my clit while I greedily take more of his cock into my mouth. I can feel him bump against the entrance to my throat so I relax the muscles, letting him slide inside.

“Baby, you’re amazing. Aaaahhhh! Fuck! Nobody’s ever been able to take the whole thing before!” My nose is buried in his damp pubes and his cock is buried all the way in my willing throat. I make a swallowing motion, rippling my throat muscles around his thick shaft, starting to move back and forth, fucking him with my mouth. Saliva drips down my chin and I slip two fingers into my wet pussy, moaning and whimpering against his groin.

Suddenly he pulls back and leans down to kiss me deeply. He guides me closer to the bench again, leaving me on my knees spread wide and bending me over the cool stone. My nipples are abraded by the slightly rough surface. I squeal when he buries his tongue in my pussy.

“Use your hands to spread your ass cheeks.” The command both thrills and terrifies me. I feel very vulnerable and exposed but I comply imediately. beylikdüzü escort I feel his tongue slide up to circle my anus. “I want your ass, baby. Tell me you want it, that you want me to take your tight little ass.” I shudder when he stabs his tongue past the tight ring of muscle into my ass. He is so big that I am a little frightened but my pussy is literally dripping at the thought of it.

“Please! I’ve never taken anything as big as you but I want it. I need your big cock in my ass.” Even I am suprised by my words. He kisses a slow path up my spine, calming my nerves, his big fingers sliding into my pussy. I whimper softly and move my hips, reveling in his touch. He pulls his fingers out of my pussy and slowly rubs one against my asshole.

His finger is wet and slides in easily, making me moan quietly. I grind back against his invading digit, showing him my willingness with my quivering body. A second thick finger joins the first and I cry out, moving faster, needing more. I pant and my fingers dig almost painfully into the cheeks of my ass.

He pulls his fingers gently from my body and licks me, spitting on my asshole and making sure I am wet for him. When I feel his big cock press against my anus, I try to relax and the first couple of inches slips inside. I stop, panting, to allow myself a moment to get used to his girth. There is no pain but I feel incredibly stretched, incredibly full.

“More baby, go slow but please more!” I rest my upper body more fully against the stone, arching my back and forcing him another inch into my asshole. He leans over my body, The crisp hair of his chest brushing my back. One brawny arm wraps around my ribs and the other snakes around my hip, his hand slipping between my thighs to rub my throbbing clit. He makes one long slow thrust, burying himself to the hilt.

“Baby you are amazing. You feel so good.” He growls against the back of my neck while I work my hips back and forth, fucking his huge cock with my tightly stretched ass. My moans come faster and I can feel the beginnings of yet another incredible orgasm.

“Do it baby! Don’t stop! Fuck me harder!” His arm tightens around me and he thrusts hard. It feels so good, and I shatter, screaming out my pleasure to the night sky. The clenching and rippling of my internal muscles is more than he can take and he pounds my asshole like a man posessed, roaring while thick jets of hot sperm fill my bowels.

Still feeling aftershocks, I moan softly and he groans, his cock still twitching inside me. Finally he shrinks enough to slide out of my ass and collapses onto the soft grass. He pulls me down on top of his broad chest and strokes my sweaty back. I listen to his thudding heart and kiss his chest….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32