A Mother’s Desire Ch. 02

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Sally awoke as the sun streamed through the bedroom window. She half opened one eye to gaze at the clock on the bedside table. It was just past 9am. Thankfully it was a Saturday and she wouldn’t have to go in to work.

She sat up in bed, a thin smile appearing on her lips as she remembered the events of the previous night. Tommy had been practically insatiable and they had spent half the night fucking before they fell asleep. She wondered who was actually the insatiable one. Maybe it was her and not her son.

The other side of the bed was empty. In a way she was kind of glad that Tommy had gotten up before she did. She didn’t want him to see how she looked first thing in the morning. All her wrinkles and lines seemed to accentuate themselves first thing in the morning.

Her thoughts went back again to the previous night. How things had changed. Her life was altered now. Their lives were altered! From being a loving mother to her son she was now loving her son. Loving him completely and without any reservation. She had given herself completely to her son and in a way that she shouldn’t have.

In the light of day and with lust no longer clouding her senses, she began to feel guilty. She should have been able to control the situation and not give in to her son’s lusty advances. Her mind started to wander, thinking about all the implications of incest. Incest. The word hit her, sounding filthy and degrading. But there was no denying it, she was an incestuous mother. Sally swallowed hard, feeling a strange queasiness in her tummy.

She made her way to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was all messed up and she looked like a fucked out slut. A slut fucked by her own son, she thought to herself. She suddenly felt very dirty and stepped into the shower. The hot water cascading down her refreshed and revived her, but her mind was still tortured by the recent events.

Sally dried herself and pulled on her robe. She opened her room door and smelled the aroma of fried bacon. She padded down the stairs and into the kitchen to find Tommy busy preparing breakfast. How sweet of him. She thought to herself. She found her eyes focusing on his firm arse and then working up to his broad shoulders.

Oh, don’t do this. Stop looking at him like that, he’s your son. She thought to herself.

“Morning Mom!” Tommy sang cheerfully as he noticed his mother standing in the doorway. He walked over to her and tried to hug her but Sally moved away.

“Mom! What’s wrong?” Tommy asked, a little taken aback.

“N-nothing. I — I Oh Tommy!” Sally stuttered. “We need to talk. Sit down.”

Tommy placed a plate of bacon on the kitchen table and then pulled out a chair and turned it around, sitting down so he was facing the back of the chair. Sally sat opposite him and picked at a piece of bacon.

“Tommy.” She began. “About last night…”

“Yeah! It sure was good wasn’t it?” Tommy exclaimed. “Just like I always thought it would be.”

“No… don’t say that.” Sally protested. “We shouldn’t have Tommy. It was wrong. Don’t you see? I’m your mother. We shouldn’t have.”

“But we did Mother.” Tommy countered. “Didn’t you … I mean wasn’t it like what you wanted? Didn’t you like it? Wasn’t… Wasn’t I any good?”

“Oh Tommy. You were wonderful.” Sally said softly. “It — it.. Oh God. I don’t know.. Yes, it was good. It was sooo good Tommy. But it’s just so wrong. I shouldn’t have let you…. I shouldn’t have. You’re my son!”

“And a son that loves you very much Mom.” Tommy said strongly. His hand moved to rest on her thigh. “I’ve felt terrible thinking about you so much. I’ve felt guilty getting a hard on when you walk past. I just can’t help it Mom. You’re so beautiful and sexy.”

“You’re sweet Tommy. But surely there are girls your age. Surely you’ve been with other girls.”

“You can say the word Fuck, Mom. You didn’t seem to have any trouble saying it last night.” Tommy said, a little angrily. “Yes! I have Fucked other girls. But it’s different with you Mom. Sometimes…sometimes I think I’m fucking you when I’m with other girls. You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you”

Sally felt a flutter inside her. This can’t be happening again!

“And after last night,” Tommy continued. “I — I… well, I though that now it was out in the open and you know, we could just… you know sort of carry on.”

“Oh Tommy! But what if someone found out?”

“Is that all you’re worried about Mom?” Tommy smiled.

“No! Just one of the things. You know its wrong Tommy. I’m your mother for goodness sakes. We shouldn’t be fucking around Tommy.”

“But we already have mother.” Tommy said logically. “You’ll always be my mother Mom and I’ll always be your son. It’s just that we’re lovers too. I guess I’m a Mother Fucker now.”

“Don’t make a joke out of it.” Sally said, trying to hide her smile. “This is a serious matter.”

“Look Mom, I’m not gonna tell anyone we fucked ok. And I’m sure you won’t either.”

“Of course not!” Sally said. “But I just don’t know if we bahis firmaları can do this again. I really don’t. Last night was wonderful and I think it was something that we both needed but…I just don’t know okay.”

“Okay Mom. So we leave it at that.” Tommy said with a smile, trying to hide his disappointment. “I better go out for a while. Clear my head and let you have some time to yourself too.”

Tommy kissed his mom and walked out the door.

*** ***** ****

Two weeks passed by and the atmosphere in the Winters household was cool to say the least. Tommy was polite but not very warm to his mother. Sally could still see him looking at her in lust but she had made a conscious effort to wear dowdy clothes in the house. As soon as she returned home from work, she would shower and then slip into an old housecoat. Nothing at all revealing and nothing at all sexy. Tommy had even passed a nasty comment that she dressed like an old grandmother. Sally just let the comment pass.

No matter how hard she tried, her mind kept returning back to that night of steamy passion and lust. She would often daydream at work and she would get home with a soaking wet pussy. Her juices collected in her thick thatch of hair and she could smell her cuntal secretions as she undressed.

Returning home from work she found Tommy home earlier than usual. He had been going out a lot of late and it was nice to see him home. Her heart did a little flutter just like when she was back in school. He was in the backyard, lifting some weights and she could see him through the back door. He was wearing a sleeveless top which showed of his bulging muscles nicely. His body was glazed with sweat and from the back, he reminded her of his father.

A tear sprang to her eye as she realised that after losing her husband, she was now losing her son. There was such a tension in the air and it always seemed like they were avoiding each other. What kind of relationship was this? Not only was she losing the emotional connection with her son, she was missing out on a fabulous lover as well.

Damn it to hell! I don’t care anymore! I want my son back and I want to fuck him too. He makes me feel so good and I love him. I love his cock! Oh damn me, damn him but I don’t care. I want him.

And with that thought reverberating in her mind, Sally realised that she had crossed the point of no return. Two weeks she had thought about this and this wasn’t a decision made in the heat of the moment. She was not only going to fuck her son again but this time she was going to initiate it.

She raced upstairs and opened her lingerie drawer. A drawer that hadn’t been opened since her husband had passed on. With trembling hands she opened the drawer and smiled wistfully at the amount of lingerie she had. She picked out a once piece black, lace teddy that had two cut-outs for her breasts and was also crotch-less — exposing her cunt and right up to her asshole. Sally touched up her makeup and removed her bra and panties. As usual her panties were wet at the crotch. She put on the teddy and marvelled at how good she still looked in it.

Sally gathered up her used bra and panties and was about to throw them into the laundry basket when a thought crossed her mind. She needed a way to get Tommy to come upstairs. Sure, she could always just go down in her lingerie and tempt him but that wouldn’t be as much fun. She gave a little giggle as she opened her bedroom window that overlooked the backyard. Tommy was still out back.

Sticking her head outside, she called out in her most motherly tone. “Tommy, why don’t you come inside? Don’t you think that’s enough exercise for the day? “

“Yeah, Mom” Tommy grunted, still working out. “In a minute. What’s your rush anyway?”

Sally giggled as she dropped first her bra and then her soiled panties out the window, “Can you pick those up for me please?”

She wished she could have seen her son’s face as her bra and panties landed on the grass just next to him. Tommy gasped as the undergarments fell beside him and he quickly looked up just in time to see his mother close the window.

He bent down to pick up the bra and panties and he could still feel the warmth of her body on them. The panties were wet at the crotch and Tommy groaned inwardly as he sniffed of his mother’s scent.

He was still in a bit of a daze until he realised what this meant! He quickly ran into the house and up the stairs. His mother’s room was closed! What was she playing at? Was he supposed to go in? Or maybe have a shower first? Maybe she accidentally dropped the underwear. A myriad of thoughts were racing through his head.

Sally had heard him race up the stairs and was wondering why he hadn’t beaten the door down yet. It wasn’t locked anyway but she realised that years of good upbringing had taught him never to walk in on a closed door. At least he could knock she smiled to herself.

“What’s taking you so long Tommy?” She teased. “Did you bring up what I asked you too. Bring them to me.”

Tommy opened the door to see his mother kaçak iddaa standing by the bed in her teddy and wearing high heels. His mouth gaped open and he was at a loss for words. His eyes bulged out hungrily as her took in the lovely sight of his alluring mother.

“Come here darling.” Sally commanded. “Come here and make me a woman again. I’ve decided that I want you. I want you all.”

Tommy didn’t need any further prompting. He ran over to his mother and was about to take her in his arms.

“Uhh. I’m all sweaty Mom.” He declared. “You want I should shower first?”

Sally reached out and pulled him to her, She grasped his shit and pulled it over his head, flinging it across the room. She stepped up to him, pressing her large breasts against his sweaty chest. She kissed him full on the lips, her tongue sneaking into his mouth to tease his own. She mewled as she kissed him, pulling him tightly to her. His sweaty body only served to further enhance her passion.

She pushed her son back and onto the bed. She knelt down to unfasten his trousers and pulled them off. His cock sprang out and up. Her hands toyed with his shaft as she knelt over him and fed him one of her breasts. Tommy slurped hungrily at her stiff nipple, working it between his lips and teasing it with his tongue. He chewed lightly on her nipple sending jolts of tingles straight to her pussy. His hands were still holding her undergarments and he released them to maul her breasts as his mouth alternated between left and right nipples.

Sally pulled away, her eyes glassy. She positioned her well oiled cunt over his thick cock and slowly impaled herself on it.

“I’m gonna ride you darling.” She announced as inch after inch of hard cock sliced into her. “Mmmm.. your so big… I love it.”

Tommy reached up to toy with her nipples, eliciting a deep moan from his mother.

“Ohhh… yessss… my nipples are my love buttons you know… pinch them. Oh God! Not so hard. Gently..yessss.”

Sally had taken all of her sons cock deep into her cunt and ass cheeks were flush against his thighs. She positioned her feet for leverage on either side of his thighs and slowly lifted herself up and then down again, fucking her son slowly.

“Ohhh. Mother… your cunt is so hot and wet.” Sally’s cunt was on fire as she slowly fucked her son. His thick cock spread her pussy walls and filled her. She could feel the heat from his meat radiating deep inside her.

“I wanted to suck you mother, I wanted to taste you before I fucked you.” Tommy moaned in desire. “I wish there were two of you so I could suck you and fuck you at the same time.”

Sally felt her pussy spasm with added desire at her son’s lusty thoughts. She started to fuck him faster, her ass making a loud slapping sound as she bounced up and down on his cock. Tommy was still squeezing her nipples and she felt her orgasm starting to build.

“Oh God Yess….!” Sally moaned. “You wanted to suck me did you? Well suck on this!”

Sally grabbed her soiled panties lying on the bed and fed them into her sons open mouth. His eyes bulged out as he realised what his mother was doing but then he groaned in lust as he tasted his mother’s juices on her wet soiled panties. This was so kinky!

Sally thought it was kinky too and the sight of her son munching on her panties served to ignite the flames in her already smouldering pussy. She bounced harder on her sons cock as the molten lava began to bubble and spew within her.

“Ohhh… aahhhhh… Fuckkk yeesssss.” Sally cried out as her pussy clenched and spasmed uncontrollably. Tommy squeezed her nipples hard as he sucked on her panties, drawing out the juices soaked into the fabric. He felt his mothers pussy quiver on his cock and then she collapsed on him. Tommy pulled the panties from his mouth and rolled his mother over.

“Now its my turn to fuck you.” Tommy announced.

He pulled his mother to the edge of the bed and lifted her legs upward, spreading them out obscenely. He positioned his cock at her gaping entrance and thrust in powerfully, knocking the breath out of his mother. He held her legs apart while at the same time lifting them slightly so her body was angled toward his. In this position, his pistoning cock rubbed against her engorged clitoris stimulating her wanton body immediately.

Tommy kept up a steady tempo, fucking his hot meat into his mother. Her mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water as her son rammed his hot cock deeply into her. Her body tensed and she shuddered in orgasm but still her son didn’t stop. Harder and faster he pumped into her and she felt herself experiencing sexual pleasure like she had never known. Her whole body was on fire and her toes tingled.

“Oh Yes! Oh Yes lover. Just like that. Don’t..Don’t stop!” Sally cried out with abandon. “I’m gonna cum again honey. Fuck me baby. Fuck mother! Fuck your slutty mother!”

Tommy’ s cock lurched in his mother’s pussy as he watched her face twisted in passion. He could feel her hot wetness around his cock and he felt his balls tighten. He thrust kaçak bahis into her faster and almost brutally. His balls swelled and he could feel his cock start to swell in his mother’s cunt.

“Cumming Mother! I’m cummmming!!”

His cock jerked and spit out it’s hot liquid. Sally felt her stomach muscles tighten as the hot liquid sprayed inside her in large squirts.

“Uunnhhh! Yessss… Ohhhhhhhh……” She squealed in pleasure, almost unable to handle the exquisite feeling of pleasure inundating every pore of her body. Her sons cock continued to spurt inside her and she felt completely filled with his semen. With his cock still buried deep inside his mother, he kissed her hard and firm, thrusting his tongue in her mouth and teasing her upper palate. The teasing of her palate sent jolts coursing through her. She moaned as she sucked on his tongue. Tommy slowly pulled his cock out of his mother and Sally raised her head to look downward.

“Your’e still hard Tommy!” Sally exclaimed.

“One of the good things about being young, I guess.” Tommy laughed. “And you make me horny Mom. I want you again.”

Tommy had begun to run his cock up and down her gash, teasing her. Sally moaned softly. Her cunt was already sore with the number times she had cum and her son’s brutal fucking.

“Oh baby. Mother’s cunt is sore.” She moaned softly. “Let me suck you instead.”

“Why don’t I fuck your ass mother?” Tommy said hungrily. “You ever had it in your ass mother?”

“N-No… never in my ass.”

Sally felt a mixture of fear and excitement. Her husband had always wanted to fuck her ass but she had never let him. And now her son wanted her ass as well! She looked up at her son and his eyes seemed to take on a look that she had never seen before. It was a kind of lust that was almost menacing.

“I want your ass mother.” He hissed. “I’m gonna fuck you ass. Turn over.”

Sally’s hear was beating wildly as she realised she was going to give her son her anal cherry. As she turned over, she began to feel the the cum deep in her pussy start to leak out.

“Let me go clean up first. Your cum is running out my pussy.”

“No! Just raise your Ass mother!” Tommy commanded. He was taking charge and he wanted to do things his way. He reached for the panties lying on the bed and stuffed them into his mother’s leaking pussy, plugging the hole. “That looks so kinky too!”

Sally did feel kinky with her panties stuffed into her leaking pussy. She lowered her head and rasied her ass, reaching back to spread her ass cheeks. She felt her sons thick cock lubricated with both their juices press against her puckered flower.

Tommy positioned his cock and slowly but surely inched his cock inside his Mother’s bung hole. Sally grimaced as she felt his cock sliding into her. It felt like a red hot poker slicing through her. She buried her heard deep into the pillow to try not to scream. She felt his balls slap against her spread thighs and she knew he was all the way into her.

He slowly pulled his cock out of her and then worked it back into her clenching ass. Her ass hole slowly adjusted to his girth and length and the pain eventually lessened. Sally let her body go limp to accommodate her son’s cock and she started to feel aroused as his cock ploughed into her.

“Ummm.. Your ass is so tight mother!” Tommy groaned in pleasure. He started to thrust harder into her and Sally raised her head slightly as she thrust back against her son’s invading cock.

“Uh…Uh…. Uh….” Sally moaned loudly as Tommy grabbed her hips and pounded into her ass. He reached forward and cupped her tits, using them as leverage to fuck deeper into her asshole. His fingers toyed with her nipples and Sally started to see stars. Her body quivered and her thighs started to tremble.

Tommy grunted as he felt his own orgasm start to build. “Your ass is so tight Mother, I’m gonna cum.. I cant hold out much longer….!”

“Cum baby!” Sally cried out. “Cum in my ass. Cum with me!”

Sally tensed as her son pulled tightly on her nipples and she felt his cock swell in her and spurt deep into her bowels. Tommy grunted again with each spurt and Sally cried out in pleasure. His cock was deep inside her and she could feel each throb and spurt of his hot cock deep inside her. She felt like she was being lifted up and her eyes saw bright flashes as her body trembled and shook in orgasm.

“Yeeesssss!!!” Sally screamed out as she collapsed on to the bed. Tommy pulled out of her, watching her asshole slowly shrink back as it released his cock. But it was still open and he could see some of his cum starting to leak out. Tommy pulled his Mother’s panties out of her pussy causing her to jerk involuntarily.

“Oohhhhh.! So Good… so good baby.” She moaned as she turned around on her back to look up at her son. She beckoned to him and Tommy lay on top of her, his hairy chest crushing her breasts.

Sally lay beneath him, both of them breathing heavily, sweat creasing Tommy’s forehead. Both her holes were leaking cum and running down her thighs. Her son’s cum. She wrapped her arms tightly around her son, his cock throbbing hotly against her thighs. She knew that after this, she would be his forever. Whenever he wanted. However he wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32