A Mother’s Fantasies Ch. 01

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Hi! This is my first submission, so please be gentle with this nervous virgin (ha, ha). I hope you like my story. It is of course, fiction, my fantasies and naughty urges. I hope to write more if you like it. Please make comments or email me. Oh and a special thanks to a certain Literotica author who helped me with it and prefers to remain nameless. You’ve helped me so much!

Oh, the actual title of this is “MY HUSBAND COMMANDS.”

I guess the best place to start is at the beginning. My name is Shelly B___ and I’m 39 years old, happily married for twenty-one years to a wonderful man, John. We met in college and got married before the end of my freshman year. We have a son, a sweet boy by the name of Jesse who turned eighteen a few months ago and who is graduating from high school in the spring.

Despite being married for all these years, John and I are still like newlyweds in bed – we’ve had a very active love life since we first met at a freshman mixer back in our first week at the University of Indiana all those years ago. John keeps himself fit with twice a week visits to the gym and I run three times a week and my figure is not too greatly changed from my college days. When I look in a mirror, I am happy to see that my five foot, five inch figure is still a 36D-25-34. With long, curly blonde hair and a pert nose speckled with freckles and green eyes, I know I can still turn most men’s heads and that when I’m naked with my legs spread wide, it thrills me to watch my husband get hard for me.

I should also confess that part of our attraction to each other is John’s ability to be in charge and my willingness and desire to be told what to do. I am not an all out submissive, but when John doesn’t ask me, but commands me to do something, I get weak in the knees and wet between my legs. John doesn’t humiliate me, but he has commanded me into doing some things I would otherwise never have done and allowed me to explore parts of my sexuality I might never have known existed.

It was John who commanded me shortly after we were married to seduce my ex roommate, Tonya and to bring her to our bed. John and I have had many wonderful times with Tonya over the years. John taught me to enjoy the scary pleasure of exhibitionism. I have sucked and fucked my husband in many public places over the years. We’ve made love in elevators, restrooms, public parks, hotel balconies, beaches, cars; I have done my husband in all of these places and creamed my panties every single time.

Our relationship also took us into sexual games with other couples and sometimes single partners of either sex. We didn’t swing much anymore, just a few close friends mostly. Often these affairs were initiated by me at John’s command and on rare occasions at John’s order, I have approached and had sex with absolute strangers, always spurred on by some whim of my husband. Never once have I not attempted to obey my husband’s commands.

Still, for all our fun and games, my husband’s latest command was one I never dreamed he would demand of me. It began back in October on a Saturday night. John and I had just finished making love and we were both catching our breath while the sweat from our bodies cooled and dried.

I was in my happy place – a pussy full of sperm and the afterglow of my orgasm tingling from my nipples down to my clitoris. I was nestled in John’s strong arms, almost dozing when he said the words that would forever change our lives.

“Shelly, I think you should seduce Jessie.”

“WHAT?” I almost shouted, jerked from a doze to wide awake. “John B___, I can’t believe you just said that! I’m his mother for Christ’s sake!”

John rolled over to face me, an amused look etched on his face. “Well, Jessie is now eighteen and he has been on maybe a half dozen dates in his life. I’d bet my left testicle that the boy’s a virgin. What he needs is for his mother to show him what sex is all about.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Yes, Jessie is a shy boy, although as sweet a young man as you’d ever want to meet. He was more comfortable around a circuit board or one of those thick fantasy novels that seemed to have ten different volumes than he was around any member of the opposite sex save for his mother. I was sure, however, that it was just a matter of time. Jessie would work out of his shyness soon enough. I knew he liked girls because I knew he had several girlie books under his mattress (actually, I more than a little suspected his father of buying them for him). Like all boys, sooner or later, Jessie would meet the girl that would pull him out of his shyness. Now his father was suggesting that his mother, that I should be that girl!

“John, what you are suggesting. John, that’s incest! I could never, ever do something like that.”

My husband dropped his hand to my thigh and softly squeezed it. In that voice of his, in that tone that brooked no argument and made me so wet, he said, “Honey, I wasn’t suggesting anything. Shelly, you are going to seduce our son.”

I groaned and shivered against canlı bahis my husband’s naked body. John slowly slipped his hand upwards until he was cupping my sex. “You’re already wet thinking about it, aren’t you, Shelly?” my husband whispered. I didn’t reply.

John inserted a finger into my cum-filled pussy and slowly rotated it around. “Yes, I can feel the heat inside you, honey. You’re going to seduce our son and make him a man.” It wasn’t a question, it was a command and I knew at that moment that I would be powerless to refuse him and to be honest, it did make me wet. It made me wet because it was me yielding to my husband’s will yet again and maybe I should be ashamed to admit it, but it made me wet thinking about my son’s hard penis slipping into my pussy.

“How…how far do you want me to go, darling,” I whispered.

“I want you to do it all with him. Before you’re done, I want you to submit yourself completely to his desires, Shelly. You will be a motherslut for your son. Understand?” When I nodded, John beamed at me, kissed me and said, “That’s my good wife.” He kissed me and rolled over and within a minute was snoring. As for myself, I didn’t sleep much. I was too shocked at what I had agreed to do and turned on by what I had agreed to do. I thought on it all night long, getting very little sleep and plotting how I was going to seduce my own son.

Somehow, I did manage to catch a few winks and when I woke up, it was late Sunday morning and I could smell bacon frying from downstairs. I was alone in my bed and I stretched contentedly, remembering the lovely fucking I had enjoyed the night before. Then I remembered my husband’s command. I shivered and felt the heat suddenly burst into being between my thighs as my John’s word’s echoed in my ears. “Shelly, you are going to seduce our son.”

I had a vague plan in mind and while part of me was completely terrified of what I was going to do, part of me was lustily imagining the possibilities if I was successful. I rolled myself out of bed and began to put my plan in action.

A few minutes later, I was downstairs and joining my two men in the kitchen. John was at the stove, finishing up the bacon and Jesse was putting plates down on the table. “Good morning,” I said cheerfully.

Both father and son, glanced up and then away, only to do a double take as I walked towards them. John smiled and said, “Good morning, sleepy head. I was wondering when you were going to get up.”

Jesse on the other hand just ogled me for a bit, before stammering, “Good Morning, Mom.” His eyes never left me as he slid into his seat. His face was turning red, no doubt matching the shade of my skin as I brazened the moment, both embarrassed and turned on. I was wearing a black strapless negligee. It lifted and showed off my breasts, barely concealing my nipples and ended just north of my panties, black bikini panties that molded themselves to my mound and were so skimpy that they were just shy of being called a thong.

Trying to act nonchalantly, I leaned over and kissed Jesse’s cheek, giving him a real up close look at my jiggling breast flesh, before then walked over and kissing my husband good morning.

We had breakfast as we always did; John and I chatting as Jesse mostly stared at my partly clothed body. Afterwards, he and his father sat at the table while I scurried around, cleaning up. Both seemed fascinated by my mostly bare ass cheeks and a quick glance down at my son’s lap as I bent over again in front of him to clear away his plate showed me that he was indeed enjoying the view indicated by the bulge in his pajama bottom.

I wondered if he could see the wet spot growing in my panties or smell me. It felt wonderful feeling his eyes always on me, following me around the room with his father looking on in amusement. Of course, I think Jessie felt trapped, unable or unwilling to stand up and leave without revealing the prominent erection in his pajamas. So, I continued to tease him until finally he rushed from the room when my back was turned, hurriedly mumbling something about meeting his buddies to watch football. I was surprised to find myself a little disappointed.

John came up behind me however and pulled me to him, grinding his hard-on against my butt and saying, “I think that was a very good start, Shelly.” My husband nuzzled my neck. “Jesse got quite the chubby watching you.”

I trembled as his hands slipped up to cup my barely clothed breasts, pushing myself back against him. “I’ll do this, honey,” I whispered as John squeezed my breasts. “But, I have to do this my way, on my own schedule.” I squirmed around and faced my husband. “I need your help, though, John, to pull this off,” I said before kissing him.

John chuckled into my mouth as he lifted me up onto the edge of the sink, his hands pulling my panties off. “God, you are so fucking wet, Shelly.” He lowered himself downward and I felt his breath on my pussy as he hissed, “You really want to fuck our son, don’t you, baby? You want to be his motherslut?””

“Yessss!” bahis siteleri I moaned as I felt my husband slip his tongue between my labial lips. “I want to fuck Jesse and be his whore and please youuuu!” Then I was crying out as John ate me, imagining our son upstairs, maybe masturbating and thinking about me as well. Between moans and sobs, I tried to explain my plan to my husband. I think I conveyed the idea despite his maddening tongue. I knew that within a few days we would find out.


I began the next step a couple of nights later. We were all in the family room, watching one of those silly game shows. This was that “Deal or No Deal” show. It was Jesse’s favorite because of all the sexy little girls carrying the cases. Despite all their young and toned bodies, I was offering up some good competition. I had on a short nightshirt and panties, curled up with John on the couch while Jesse sat sprawled in a recliner opposite of us. The nightshirt was deliberately too small and I was braless. The jersey material molded itself to me like a second skin, letting Jesse get a very clear idea of the shape and heft of my breasts and how my nipples looked when hard. My nipples are thick and stand out like little cigar sized nubs when aroused and they were aroused now, knowing that my son was ogling me at every opportunity. He also seemed to enjoy my showing off my long, well toned legs and the occasional teasing glance at my panties as I would open and close my legs.

As his show wound down and some legal drama began, John and I began to kiss, short, sweet kisses at first, followed by longer, deeper ones where our tongues danced together and the sheer passion I had for my husband would draw little sighs of pleasure. My hand rubbed the top of John’s thigh while his hands caressed my legs and back, getting achingly close to my breasts.

Careful glances told me that our son was paying more attention to us than the television. His eyes constantly wandered our way and he was getting red in the face. His hands were arranged carefully in his lap, hiding what I suspected was a sizeable bulge. Jesse cleared his throat and swung the recliner to an upright position and said in a bit of a stained voice, “I think I’ll head upstairs – maybe do some homework.”

As he started to stand, I ended my wet kiss with Jesse’s father and said, “Ohhh, baby! I’m sorry, did we embarrass you?” I giggled and hugged John tighter and said, “Don’t tell me you got embarrassed by your mom and dad kissing?”

Jesse rolled his eyes and said, “Geez, Mom!” and turned to leave.

“Please, honey,” I said in my best flirty voice. “We don’t mean to chase you out of the room. Please stay! John, tell him to stay!”

John had that ‘cat that ate the canary’ grin on his face as he said, “Watch your show, Jesse. Don’t mind us; we’re just a couple of old horny parents.”

Jessie’s face got redder and he rolled his eyes again, but he did sit back down and pretend to watch his show while we resumed kissing. I was feeling so hot, knowing my son was watching his father casually touching me, caressing a breast here and rubbing my bare thigh so achingly close to my pussy there, all the while dueling tongues with me.

Finally, I had to whisper, “Take me to bed, baby,” saying it just loud enough for Jessie to hear, his already red face now the color of a tomato.

John chuckled and he stood up, me still in his arms. “Goodnight, son,” he said in a hoarse voice and then while our boy watched, my husband carried me out of the room and up the stairs.

We stepped into our bedroom and John made to kick the door shut, but I quickly said, “No, John. Leave it open.”

My husband’s eye’s widened as he realized what I was doing and with an almost scary smile, he was out of his sweat pants, his cock hard and throbbing and then he had my panties off and my ankles were in his grip and John spread my legs wide and was on me and in me in one quick, exhilarating motion. I was so wet, John was able to sink into me to the hilt with one thrust, making me cry out from the delicious sensation of being filled with a big cock.

“Oh yesssss!” I moaned out. “Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard!” I was well aware that with the door open, the sounds of our lovemaking would definitely be heard downstairs and I imagined our son, sitting there in his recliner, cock getting harder and harder as he heard his parents fuck. It definitely turned on John. My husband began to ram into me with furious determination as he realized that I was going through with his commands, albeit in my own roundabout fashion.

I wondered if Jessie was playing with himself, masturbating as he listened to us fuck. Sudden inspiration struck and John moaned appreciatively as I began to cry out loudly, “Fuck me, baby. Give Momma that hard cock – give Momma what she needs.” I swear, I could feel John grow inside me, it excited him that much. “Yes, that’s it, baby, fuck Momma hard, make me cum! Give Momma all that hot cum.”

That was all it took for me. I was already excited bahis şirketleri about the evening’s naughty exhibition and now, knowing that my son might be downstairs, stroking his penis while listening to his mother talked nasty upstairs and with my husband fucking me hard and fast, I felt an orgasm erupt between my legs and spread rapidly throughout my body, carrying me away on waves of erotic pleasure.

I’m not sure what I might have cried out as I voiced my carnal pleasure. I know I continued to try and work the word Momma into my sobs of joy, but it might have all been silly babble as my orgasm just seemed to go on and on. Then, as I felt it begin to subside, John, groaned and thrust deep inside me and began emptying his load of hot sperm inside me and I exploded anew, crying out as a new and even more powerful orgasm swept over me. Is there any thing finer than an orgasm triggered by the wonderful sensation of feeling your man’s seed filling your womb?

Finally, we both just collapsed, chests heaving as we gasped for breath. “That, that was fucking fantastic, Shelly,” my husband managed to say after several anxious gulps for air. I could only nod and strain to listen for any noise downstairs. The television volume seemed to have been lowered and I thought I could just barely detect the faint noise of someone groaning and it made my cum filled loins quiver.

John and I fell asleep then, leaving our bedroom door open and in the dim illumination of the hallway, I’m sure Jessie was able to get a good look at his parents as he went to his room, arms and legs akimbo, our lower bodies naked and glistening with our lovemaking.

Jessie was awfully quiet the next morning at breakfast and he blushed every time one of us spoke to him and I wondered if we had done too much or pushed things too far, but to my pleasant surprise, that evening, he was again in his recliner when I came into to watch one of my “chick” shows. Usually he avoided these programs like the plague, retiring to his room to play on his computer.

John was in the den, working on some papers for the office and I had again dressed scantily, this time, wearing one of Jessie’s old concert T-shirts that he had outgrown and a pair of blue cotton panties. The T-shirt didn’t reach my crotch, so he was given a complete view of my panty clad crotch. We both pretended to watch my show, but I could feel my temperature rising as my son’s eyes roamed over my body. In the guise of stretching and finding a comfortable position, I gave Jessie several indecent poses of my body and would let my legs fall open into indecent positions.

It had the desired effect on my son and as he shifted to get comfortable, he would accidentally show off the bulge in his pajamas. I was becoming very curious as to how big my son was. I was already suspecting that he was at least as big as his father, maybe even bigger! My pussy was on fire, liquid flame oozing from me and I made sure he was able to get a good look at the wet spots in my crotch.

John showed up just as my show went off – wearing pajama bottoms and no top. He cuddled up with me on the couch as the late news came on. All three of us managed to watch the local news until the weather report was done, then my husband and I began to kiss and make out again. Long minutes went by as we soul kissed and caressed each other, our passion increasing with each passing moment.

Finally we stopped and I looked over at Jessie and said in a husky voice, “Son, we’re not embarrassing you or anything, are we? We’re not going to run you off?”

Jessie’s face was already a deep shade of red, but he shrugged nonchalantly and managed to squeak, “Naw – you old folks aren’t bothering me. Besides I want to watch the Late Show.”

“That’s good, Jessie,” I said in a sexy, pleased voice. “Enjoy yourself.” I turned and looked at my grinning husband who gave me a wink and then pulled me to him, kissing me something fierce, his tongue plunging into my mouth. We quickly got ourselves locked into a passionate French kiss and then I felt John’s hand cup my breast and squeeze. I shivered with excitement as I quickly glanced at Jessie and saw that he was watching his father cup and squeeze his mother’s breast. Not a quick grope, but a sustained mauling of my firm, full tit. He rubbed his palm against my covered nipple, making me groan from the delicious friction.

I let my hand run across my husband’s lightly haired chest and upwards and over to cover his squeezing fingers, pressing his hand more firmly against my breast. John broke our kiss and then began to nuzzle his way to my neck, kissing and licking and biting me on my throat in a way that always makes me sooo horny! I cooed with delight and looked into my son’s eyes.

Jessie’s eyes widened as he knew that he was busted, but he didn’t look away and I gave him my best approving, motherly smile which produced a shocked and surprised expression on his face. Then John was kissing me again, our tongues eagerly rolling and slathering over each other. I decided to be more daring and I slipped a hand downward, running it across my husband’s stomach and then down to the long, hard lump in his crotch. I felt almost dizzy as I caressed my husband’s cock in front of my son.

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