A Mother’s Lapse

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It was a Christmas holiday party like a lot of others. Families from the upscale subdivision descended upon the subdivision clubhouse, and laughter and music filled the air. Champagne, wine, drinks and beer flowed. It was as if the tension from the entire year was being diffused by this annual gathering, happening as it was on the Friday when work was mostly over for several days in favor of celebration and tradition. In the party, Julia Monroe flitted about effortlessly. There were the neighbors she wanted to see and say hello to. There were the young adult or teenage children of her neighbors who she wanted to ask about and catch up with. She just loved being social, and it showed. She was vibrant and personable. She was also clearly well-liked. Every cluster of people she encountered welcomed her openly and easily.

She saw her husband, Bill, across the way, and she was disappointed he seemed to be sticking with just a couple of the other men. She didn’t understand why it was that he didn’t move about or use this party as the occasion to mingle. These were people they’d mostly known a good while, and she thought it best he be friendly and more open.

This Christmas holiday party was one of the social events she always looked forward to. She had picked out her form-fitting black dress weeks before, and her black heels were her favorites. She liked especially when her friends noticed her choices, and she in turn appreciated theirs. A couple of her friends were even very complimentary to her this year. One had been so flattering as to compare her to the actress Anne Archer, and the way the actress had looked in a popular movie from years ago.

Julia was guardedly aware of the comparison but didn’t say much about. She did take good care of herself, and she thought her bright eyes and full lips did accentuate whatever appeal she carried. At 5’5″ and 120 pounds, she worked out regularly and ate carefully, and she was proud she had maintained herself as she had. This was regardless of whatever popular comparison was made of her to an actress.

A few minutes after nine o’clock, Julia was near the front entrance of the clubhouse when she heard a newcomer being welcomed inside. Her attention was piqued when she heard that deep, distinctive voice. She’d recognize that voice anywhere, she knew.

She stepped quickly around a hall to the front entrance and then she let out a shriek.

“Heeyyyyyy!” She exclaimed upon seeing him.

The young man’s face brightened into a beaming smile, and he instantly embraced her. “Hey Mom!” He answered as excitedly back to her as she had done with him. They hugged each other tightly, and those around them all smiled at their joy in seeing each other.

She pulled back to look at him, and she talked of how he had already seemed to change. He had not been able to get back home from college the past semester with his last classes he was finishing up and an internship he was diligently pursuing. They continued to hold onto each other as they quickly talked and started catching up.

After a few minutes, she took him by the arm. She ushered him on into the party and started showing him around. Her first stop was with his dad, and while they may not have shown quite the excitement that Julia and her son had, it was still clear to her that he was glad to see Jack, their only son.

Julia slowly drifted back and let Jack see others and mingle on his own. She kept a watchful eye, as he easily roamed around seeing others just as effortlessly as she always managed. She of course attributed that to herself and not to Jack’s more socially stunted and reserved father.

Julia also, for probably the first time, took notice of just what a man her son had grown into as well. He clearly seemed more mature and more grown than she could ever remember seeing before. He stood up straight and tall, which at 6’1″ and 200 pounds cut an imposing figure to her. He had kept lean and athletic, and he was certainly handsome, making Julia reassured that he was popular with the girls back at college.

A friend of Julia’s ambled beside her and also looked over to Jack. “Wow, Julia. He’s really grown up, you know?”

Julia couldn’t get out a spoken response, and the truth was that she was probably a little oft put by having a friend of hers make such an adult comment about her Jack.

Julia just shrugged, but the friend offered more. “I mean, he’s turned into such the stud.” Julia paused as the friend added something Julia would have never expected to hear. “Just look at the arms and hands on him.”

Julia half-turned to her friend and playfully slapped at her. “Ahh!” Julia gasped at the remark and they both snickered. But as Julia turned her attention back to Jack, she did exactly as the friend had suggested and she took in Jack’s arms and hands. They appeared strong and noticeably so. Julia mentally examined his hands and she felt a queasiness inside, as it registered with her that her friend had perceived bahis firmaları correctly. His hands did look larger than normal.

She turned back to her friend and she wondered if her friend had watched her eye Jack. They just chuckled to one another, and they went for another drink. Julia didn’t know if the wandering observation meant she needed more to drink or whether it signaled she should stop. It took but an instant for her to conclude that it meant for her to have another one.

As the evening wore on, she enjoyed her friends and neighbors, and she kept her glass refilled. She felt such an excitement and happiness that she also replenished her husband’s glass and Jack’s as well. She knew she was getting buzzed, but she also knew this was one of the few parties she really let herself relax at. Besides, they were just a short walk from home.

During the party, she kept an eye on her husband, and she tried to see for herself just how much he actually did socialize. She found herself regretting that he didn’t seem to try harder socially. She believed that he would get more out of things like this party if he just put more effort into it.

Much to her tipsied surprise, she also found herself keeping an eye on Jack. She liked how he did make the effort, and she was sure that he and she were so very alike at how they were both so social. More than once, she found herself just watching him. A couple of times, he caught her watching him, too. He would just smile over at her and give some gesture. Whether a small wave or a knowing nod, he never failed to acknowledge her.

Julia felt an unusual mix of pride in him maturing as he had, together with a new-found appreciation for what an impressive young man he had become. She wondered if he must have overnight reached this age where he was such a man rather than just a young college student any more. She partially understood her take of him was influenced by the alcohol, and she warned herself to slow it down.

She made her way carefully to the kitchen, and she poured the remaining drink she had into the sink. She went to rest against the counter when she was pleasantly surprised by Jack moving right up next to her.

“Hey lady,” he smiled to her as if they shared a secret and she found herself feeling charmed by him. “Have you been a good girl this year?” He openly laughed, and she did, too.

She felt herself practically blushing and she let herself imagine he was almost flirting with her. “Well, unfortunately, yes. I have.” They laughed more at her playing along, and she shook her head at him.

She was definitely feeling the lightness from the wine when one of the guests in the kitchen chuckled and pointed towards her. The few guests in the kitchen looked above Julia’s head and looked back down at her again, all of them smiling at what they’d seen. Julia was perplexed at first, and she looked overhead to see what they were looking at. She found herself looking right up at a twig of mistletoe.

She looked back down and then over next to her. She looked up at Jack, and when he grinned back at her, she just kept looking up to him. Without really thinking why, she knew she was looking at him too long. She was sure she was confounding him by putting him on the spot with herself under the mistletoe, but he surprised her right back.

It was like he didn’t miss a beat in answering her gesture of looking to him when he moved to her and took her into his own arms. To her shock, he brought his face to hers and he kissed her directly on her lips. He let it linger briefly, and she heard a couple of people reacting with ‘ahhhs’.

As soon as he pulled back, she decided she wouldn’t be outdone. She reached up and brought his face down, and as she did, she planted a full kiss directly on his own lips. This time she lingered and she was surprised when he didn’t pull right away.

When he did break their connection, she felt an exuberant rush she didn’t expect. She pulled his face back, and gave another quick kiss. This seemed to challenge him, and amid some audible reactions from the guests who were watching, he kissed her right back and a bit more urgently. This time she thought of his lips on hers, and she thought of his seemingly upping the ante, and she decided to do the same. She slightly opened her mouth and she let her tongue dart forward. His tongue was there and urgent itself, and it was the sounds of louder reactions from the other guests that finally prompted her to release him.

They both laughed and she knew her face was flush with the craziness of what had happened. The other guests were buzzing in the background, but all she could do was look at Jack and quietly shake her head in amazement. He smiled broadly, and he took a long, confident pull on his drink. She could only stare openly and feel a giddiness.

Without saying anything more, Julia headed over to the hallway. She was still dazed as she made her way to the stairs and headed to a bathroom. kaçak iddaa Jack had certainly surprised her. She figured she had surprised him, too.

Julia was still feeling a lightness from her kisses with Jack, as she freshened herself in the upstairs bathroom before coming out. She checked her hair and make-up in the mirror, and she was pleasantly amused when she realized she had to re-apply her lipstick. She was incredulous that she was using more lipstick because of kissing Jack. She chuckled to herself as she carefully dabbed at her full lips with the red gloss. When she was contented with her composed look once more, she opened the door and started back out to the party.

As she got into the hall she flinched as she came directly in front of Jack. He was standing right in front of her and grinning down at her. She started grinning right back, and she drew a sharp intake of breath when he took her by the arm and pulled her into an adjoining room. He closed the door behind them where they were then alone in the dark.

She felt shock as he was once again bringing his face to hers, and she shocked herself when she decided to just go with what he did. He was kissing her again, and this time it was he who was opening his mouth to hers. His tongue entered her mouth and wrestled with hers, and she started pulling back from him, only to feel him stay on her mouth. She felt herself relent to his kiss. She felt the same giddiness she had started to feel in the kitchen only this time it was intensified.

The feel of him and the complete surprise of it caused her to stand there and just receive his forceful, full kiss. She brought a hand to his chest and she was about to press it to his chest when he took her hand. She felt his mouth move fervently on her own, and she thought he was about to break the kiss since she’d brought her hand up. Instead, she felt him move her hand. He brought it down, and in a one smooth motion it went right on top of his crotch.

She immediately tensed and she shrieked into his mouth. She pulled at her hand to bring it away, but he kept it pressed to him. His tongue worked about in her mouth, and she felt herself instinctively react. She had felt hardness in her hand, and when she couldn’t remove her hand, she’d done something else instead. She squeezed at him there and held it. The realization of its length and thickness overwhelmed her and she let herself move her hand up and down him as if to be sure she was feeling what she was feeling.

She then felt his hand go quickly up under her dress and between her legs. Complete shock hit her as she felt his hand cup her mound. She absolutely could not believe he had his hand on her panties and was feeling her there. As if the reality came in a jolt, she knew to stop.

“No,” she snapped, “no.” She yanked his hand from between her legs. She looked to him and his face looked intense where he was clearly aroused and focused on her. She smiled and shook her head, and he managed a smirk back. She pushed to his side and escaped out the door, looking back over her shoulder to him as she moved away. She wished she hadn’t been grinning as she was, but she couldn’t help it. He grinned back as he watched her drift off to others at the party.

It wasn’t much longer before the three of them left the clubhouse and walked the couple of blocks home. They arrived home, and it was as if Bill couldn’t wait to make it upstairs and collapse onto the bed. Julia noticed Jack stealing glances her way repeatedly, no doubt emboldened by what had happened between them.

Julia felt a strange fascination with the feelings between them and with Jack’s forwardness, but she made herself be the responsible one and not permit it to go further. As Bill started climbing the stairs, Jack looked to her once again as she went to follow Bill to bed. She looked back at Jack, and there was a conspiratorial smile between them.

When she kept going up the stairs to follow Bill to bed, Jack fell along behind them to climb up the stairs. The three of them marched up the stairs, and Julia felt an uneasy vulnerability knowing Jack was behind her and no doubt looking up at her rear as she stepped. She looked over her shoulder down at him, and sure enough his eyes had been glued to her bottom.

They got upstairs, and Bill and Julia started in one direction with Jack going the other. They said their good nights, and Julia again looked to a grinning Jack and shook her head as if in disbelief. Jack kept her look as she went into the bedroom with Bill.

Julia hadn’t yet started to undress and she felt compelled to say something to Jack. She wasn’t sure what exactly, but as she gave Bill time to undress and ready himself for bed, she decided to go and speak to Jack.

Bill was falling into bed and into a certain stupor when she told him she’d be right back. She mentally gathered herself to confront Jack and tried to compose her thoughts as she went down the hallway. A mix of feelings kaçak bahis swirled within her, as she knew she had to be the authoritative voice of reason, but yet she was also still enjoying the playful side of whatever was going on.

She got to Jack’s bedroom door and she took a deep breath. Usually, she might knock first, but she decided just to let herself in. She quietly pushed the door open and slipped just inside. She closed it back, but she didn’t move further, staying where she was leaning back against the door.

When she entered, he turned to her from where he was across the room. They both froze and stared at each other. He was in a t-shirt and boxers, and she managed to stay focused on his face.

“Hey.” She said meekly, when she had intended to come across as authoritative.

“Hey,” he responded and his voice sounded deep and rich to her.

Her mouth parted to say something, but at first no words came. She instantly knew she’d made a mistake. She surprised even herself at feeling so disinclined to act firmly with him.

“Um, I’m not sure what happened back there,” she started but he interrupted her, sounding clearly more certain than her.

“You’re not?” He sounded disbelieving of her. He crossed his arms and leaned back himself this time, using a desk in his room to prop against.

“No, um,” she hated sounding so unsteady as she heard her words come slowly. Then, against better judgment, she let her eyes look downward and they surveyed his barely clad body. Her eyes noted the thin boxers he had on, and there was a large, considerable lump in the middle of them. She looked quickly back up to his face, but he was grinning appreciatively at her apparent interest.

She shook her head and tried to change her tone. “I was out of line tonight. …”

“It was both of us who felt what we did.”

“Well, we shouldn’t have done that.” She sounded a bit more firm and resolved, she figured.

He seemed to relax his stance just a bit, as his arms unfolded and he simply put them at his sides. He softened the look on his face and spoke as if to reassure her.

“It’s okay. Really it is. We were both into it, you know?”

Julia stood more forward and the concern now came through in her voice. “Jack, no. No, it’s not okay. For goodness sake, I’m your mother. And… I’m married after all.” She immediately regretted she’d added such an obvious fact, but she was feeling shaken by his attitude about this.

Jack leaned just forward, too. He looked at her caringly and spoke softly as if trying to calm her. “Hey, we are both adults. And… .”

He paused and they both were aware she hung on his words for his thought. He continued in a slightly more hushed tone.

“And we both liked it.” He grinned.

She closed her eyes at his saying that aloud, and then looked back at him and replied.

“Well, we got carried away with all the alcohol and all. But nothing like that can happen again.” She said it in a gentle way and with a slight smile, and she started opening the door to leave.

She had the door ajar, but had yet to leave, when his movement gave her pause. She looked to him, and he was stripping his t-shirt away. He let it slip to the floor and then he stood straight, facing directly at her.

His abdomen was lean and defined, and she didn’t try to hide her gazing at him. She stood still and absorbed what she saw. No words came from either of them, but a couple of moments passed. He watched her intently and they both knew she hadn’t just walked on out. It was clear to both of them now that there was a distinct tension.

She spoke softly but clearly. “We have to act responsibly here. You know?” He just looked at her, and she felt a vulnerability with him. Then she spoke again and immediately regretted what she chose to say. “I have never cheated on your father.”

She was turning again to leave when movement again got her attention. She looked back and froze in place. She watched his hands at his waist. Her eyes followed his thumbs as they hooked into the band of his boxers and start them down. She didn’t look away as he worked the fabric over his hips.

There was the black patch of pubic hair that first was revealed, but just afterwards there was the release of him at his crotch as the boxers fell on away. His long, engorged shaft hung between his legs, and the large head pulsed where he was now fully exposed to her.

They both heard her gasp. She took in the sight of him, and he savored watching the effect he had on her. Her face tightened with intensity as it was clear she was flustered by him.

She swayed just a bit back and forth, and he wondered if she was showing some kind of indecision about whether to leave. He felt himself twitch and harden more, and she looked to his face and then back to his crotch. With an unsteady awkwardness, she slipped back out the door. Jack slumped in disappointment as she left.

Jack laid down and brought himself relief, thinking over the night and everything that had ensued. He relished the forbidden nature of it all, but he especially liked and was titillated by how he had accomplished such an effect on his usually poised mother.

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