A Mother’s Secret Needs Ch. 2

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Suzy Jenkins stood wearily at her kitchen counter making coffee, hair tousled, her eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep. She stared blankly out the window as the strong brew began to percolate. The sky was ominously dark. Storm clouds were gathering. Whatever the intensity of the gale, it could never match the tempest in Suzy’s soul this day, for it was the morning after the unthinkable – sex with her own son.

Suzy’s mind was a whirlwind of words sinking to her knees, taking him into her mouth; spreading her soft thighs wide; whimpering & rubbing his chest with her little hands as he took her sacred womb with that massive penis…

Ohhh God – I MUST be crazy! A mother who fu – who does THAT with her own child has GOT to be insane!, she thought in torment, tears rolling down her blushing cheeks.

Suzy was so lost in thought that she didn’t hear Jack enter the kitchen. He paused the swell of those marvelous puffy-nippled breasts straining against the thin fabric; the cute little pink satin flats with the tiny bows that he had secretly thought were so sexy. His penis began to tingle as the sight of her caused the X-rated film of their incestuous coupling to run in his head. Memories of the night before were no less vivid for Jack than for his mother, with the exception that his guilt, while not quite non-existent, was far less intense.

With a mischievous grin, Jack crept up on his oblivious mom. Suzy cried out in shock as Jack circled her in his strong arms from behind, squeezing her breasts gently. “Mornin’, Mom – or should I say ‘darling’?” he said with a chuckle, kissing her neck.

“Jack!! No!! Let me go!! LET ME GO!!” Suzy squealed in panic, struggling wildly to break free.

Jack released her, putting his hands up defensively. “Ok, ok! Damn! I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to say ‘good morning’ properly after such an incredible night, that’s all.”

Suzy pressed her hand to her ample bosom, her heart fluttering like a hummingbird’s wings. Her eyes were huge at her son’s sudden presence. “Don’t s-sneak up on me like that!!”

“Sorry!” Jack replied, smiling again as he reached out to cup her cheek. Suzy jerked her head away.

This was certainly a turnaround in his mother’s attitude compared to the night before. Jack was confused.

“Uh – what’s up, Mom? Why so cold all of a sudden?” he asked quizzically.

“J-Jack, we’ve g-got to talk…,” Suzy stammered nervously, running her shaky fingers through her hair. “Sit down.”

Jack arched an eyebrow as he did so.

The coffee was ready. Suzy poured 2 mugs with difficulty & brought them slowly to the table, placing one in front of her son. She seated herself & they both drank, saying nothing for a long moment. Jack looked calmly at his mother, waiting. Suzy carefully avoided his gaze.

Finally gathering up the courage to begin, Suzy rolled her eyes toward the ceiling & said: “Ab-about last night…”

“Ohhhh yeahhh!” Jack interrupted enthusiastically with a huge grin. “God, it was INCREDIBLE! Ya know, I never DREAMED such a thing could ever happen – that one day I would actually fuck – “

“JACK!! Don’t you say that filthy WORD to me!!” Suzy shouted. Jack clammed up rather sheepishly.

Suzy shut her eyes tightly & shook her head. “Christ, what a mess – a nightmare, that’s what it is. I keep praying to wake up, but I know I never will….” Tears began to roll again.

Jack was moved by his mother’s anguish. He wanted to say something to ease her mind.

“Mom,” he said with a serious tone, “I think I know why you’re so upset.”

Suzy looked at him. “You do?”

“Yeah. You’re all torn up because you’re worried that our having sex has twisted me – turned me into a pervert. Am I right?”

“Y-Yes…,” Suzy whispered, lowering her head in shame.

Jack took her hand & smiled reassuringly. “Well, don’t worry about that! I’m still the same person I was before last night. Hell, even better! How could I not be – after making love to such an adorable little lady?” He brought his mother’s hand to his lips & kissed it, giving her his best seductive look.

Suzy quickly pulled her hand back. “Stop it, you fool!!” she snapped. “You just don’t get it, do you? What we did last night was wrong, dead wrong , an absolutely TERRIBLE sin – and more than that, a serious crime! If anyone ever found out about it, I’d be sent to PRISON, my reputation ruined & our family destroyed forever!”

“Well, it’s not as if I’m gonna print up leaflets…,” Jack said flippantly.

“Shut up, you damned idiot!” Suzy spat furiously. “What about your poor father, huh? We betrayed him in the worst possible way – right in there, on that couch that he worked hard to pay for!” she said , jabbing a finger toward the living room. “Have you NO sense of shame? None at all?”

This struck a nerve. “Look, I wasn’t really thinking too much about DAD when we bahis firmaları were getting it on. Who the hell would in a situation like that?” Jack said, becoming a little angry. “Anyway, YOU were the one who started blurting out all that ‘I’m you’re lady now, not that inferior little mans’ shit!.”

“Ohhhh my GODDD!! Don’t remind meee!!” Suzy cried out, covering her ears.

The recollection of his mother’s outrageous words of passion caused Jack’s big cock to stir. “Did you mean all that stuff you said, Mom?” he asked in a deeper voice.

Suzy looked squarely at her son for a moment before answering honestly. “Y-yes – I did. That’s what TERRIFIES me! I-I just got caught up in it all!” she exclaimed, wringing her hands. “Ohhh, how COULD I betray Mike like that? He loves us both & works so hard! It’s not his fault he can’t satisfy me. It would kill him if he ever found out, just KILL him!”

“He won’t ever find out, Mom. Why should he? There’s absolutely no reason we can’t continue to – “

“HOLD IT!!” Suzy barked. “We aren’t going to ‘continue’ anything – understand?”

“Well, why the hell not?” Jack replied, his blood pressure rising. “You just now said that Dad can’t get the job done in the sack. We both know damn well that I CAN, so why NOT continue?”

“No! No way! Your father is sexually inadequate – yes, it’s true – but I’ve endured that for nearly 20 years. I’ll just have to resign myself to it, that’s all. I betrayed my husband in a moment of madness, and the guilt is HORRIBLE! I will never do it again – NEVER!” Suzy said vehemently.

“What about me, Mom?” Jack said, the pain etched on his face. “Making love to you was the greatest thing I’ve ever experienced – just mind-blowing. It was far more than just a good screw for me because I KNOW that we connected in a unique way. We really became ONE when I was inside you, Mom – our souls as well as our bodies. Can you deny it?”

“Oh, honey, don’t make this more difficult than it already is. Please…,” Suzy whined, her spine tingling at her son’s words.

“Come on – admit it…”

“Al-alright – yes. Yes, we did become one. God, it’s true…,” Suzy said in a little girl whisper.

“Yes! Now, you KNOW that we are meant to be together, Mom – to feel that ecstasy again. It will kill us both if we don’t…,” Jack said, slowly leaning forward to kiss his mother. Their lips touched. Suzy closed her eyes as she tentatively returned her son’s kiss, moaning weakly into his mouth. Jack reached out & cupped her soft titty, feeling her nipple against his palm.

Suzy opened her eyes suddenly. She shoved Jack’s hand away & leaped out of her chair.

“NO!! , Suzy cried out. “We are NOT going to do that again! It ends now, you hear me? NOW!!” She turned & fled, sobbing.

Jack got to his feet. “Oh yeah? You really think so, huh?” he shouted after his mother. “We’ll see about that! Bitch!!.” He kicked over his chair in frustrated rage.

The following weeks were a living hell for them both. Suzy struggled to maintain the appearance of normalcy for the benefit of her husband & family, but the strain on her was tremendous. Jack kept trying to kiss & fondle his mother whenever he got the chance. As a result, Suzy desperately tried to avoid being alone with her son, even for a moment.

Then there were the awful dreams. They were the same every night: She lying on that damn couch, nude her moaning & saying all those horrible lustful things to her own son. Then, just when Jack begins spewing his seed into her as her own orgasm hits, she glances out of the corner of her eye and is astonished to see Mike and her family standing there, sneers of loathing on their faces. Suzy opens her mouth to beg them for forgiveness, but in the throes of her shattering climax, all she can do is make a vulgar grunting noise. Mike, her parents & all the others slowly point their fingers at her accusingly & shout in unison: “WHORE!!.”

At that point, Suzy always awoke with a start, her heart pounding.

“Wha-? What is it, hon? What’s the matter?” Mike asked sleepily one night.

“N-Nothing! Just another b-bad dream, that’s all. Go back to sleep…,” she replied miserably.

“You’ve been having a lot of those lately. Want to tell me about them? That’s what I’m here for, baby,” he said lovingly, rubbing her back.

“Uh – no thanks,” Suzy said. “It’s nothing – just a phase I’m going through, I guess. It’ll work it’s way out of my system soon…,” she said without conviction.

“Well, ok, sugar. Whatever you think is best. I’m here if you need me,” Mike said, kissing her tenderly.

Suzy settled back down, her husband’s kind concern making her feel like even more of a shit. She would sleep no more that night…

And so it went. Then one evening Mike came home from work with an announcement: “The boss told me I’ve got to go to Zimbabwe to close down our branch there,” kaçak iddaa he said wearily. “Zimbabwe, for Christ’s sake…”

Suzy’s blood turned to ice. “What! Let him send somebody else!”

“No dice, baby. I’m the only guy available with the necessary experience & seniority to handle the job. Unfortunately, all the others who could do it are already busy with other assignments, so I drew the short straw. Shit!”

“Well, how long is this going to take? 2 or 3 days?” she asked hopefully.

Mike laughed. “Don’t I wish! No. This is going to take at least a month – maybe more…”

Suzy was aghast. The idea of trying to fend off Jack’s advances for even a few days was scary enough, but for a whole MONTH!

“T-Take me with you!” she pleaded desperately.

“Out of the question!” Mike replied firmly. “Zimbabwe is no place for Whites – especially White women. Haven’t you heard about Mugabe killing all those farmers? I would never set foot in that shithole myself if Goldstein wasn’t ordering me to go. Damn him…”

Omigod!, Suzy thought in a panic, seeing no way out.

“When do you h-have to leave?”

“In the morning.”


“Yeah, I know, I know. Let’s not talk about it any more tonight! I want to savor one last evening of peace before a month of constant pains in the ass! What’s for dinner?”

During dinner & afterward, Mike was talking with a forced joviality, attempting to raise his spirits & Suzy’s, but it only made things worse. Jack, on the other hand, seemed to be in a fine mood. All smiles, in fact. Laughing at his father’s little jokes & tired stories.

Surprise, surprise…, Suzy thought with a grim sarcasm.

As his father bantered on throughout the evening, Jack kept glancing knowingly at his mother. Suzy nervously avoided his gaze. Finally, at about 10:30, Mike yawned & stretched.

“Well, I guess I better hit the ol’ hay! Gotta get up early. Coming up with me, hon?” he asked Suzy, a familiar glint in his eye.

“Uh-yeah, sure…” She got up, sighing inwardly.

“Cut the lights off when you go to bed, Jack. Goodnight, partner.,” Mike said.

“Yeah, I will. Night!” Jack replied.

Mike took his wife’s hand affectionately as he led her upstairs. Suzy could feel Jack’s eyes on her.

As soon as they got in bed, Mike started fumbling with her breasts & wetly kissing her ear – which she particularly hated.

“Daddy’s got a going-away present for his li’l girl – oh yes, he does! Heh heh!” Mike simpered. Suzy rolled her eyes in the dark as he made his move. Without any foreplay worthy of the name, he got between her legs. Suzy winced as Mike pressed his 4 -inch penis into her dry vagina. He immediately began thrusting frantically, panting like a steam engine with urgency, his undersized testicles flapping loosely against her buttocks. Suzy just laid there passively, waiting for it to end.

It wasn’t a long wait. Within a minute, Mike began whining like a woman: “Ohhhh! Yeah! I’m gonna cum! Gonna shoot it! OOOO!.” A few drops of semen oozed from the tip of his cock, barely moistening Suzy’s pussy. She was glad of the darkness. It hid the look on her face.

Mike kissed her sloppily but lovingly as he rolled off of her, exausted. He was asleep almost at once, snoring as usual. Suzy lay next to him looking up at the darkened ceiling…

Part 2

Suzy closed the front door, put her purse on the coffee table & sat down heavily. She had just got back from driving Mike to the airport & seeing him off. “Well, baby, gotta go!” he said when the boarding announcement for his flight came over the loudspeaker. “Now, don’t forget to make sure the doors & windows are locked at night before you go to bed. Ah, hell – listen to me cluckin’ like a mother hen! I’m sure everything will be fine!.” Suzy smiled weakly. He leaned down to give her a kiss. Mike picked up his bag, waved & walked out to board the plane.

Suzy had taken her time driving home, needing to think. She also wanted to make sure that Jack would have left for his job before she got there. Knowing that she would be alone with her son for at least a month filled her with dread. Suzy wracked her brain searching for ways to fend him off, but she knew that since Mike wouldn’t be there to help curtail Jack’s advances by his mere presence, it would be extremely difficult. Finally, she gave up trying to devise clever avoidance tactics & just resolved to to remain steadfast in her refusal to give in to him.

Her nervousness increased as the day wore on. She turned on the tube & tried to watch a soap opera, but she was too keyed up for that. Then she did housework to try to keep her mind occupied. She vacuumed all the carpets, mopped the kitchen floor like a sailor swabbing the deck & dusted up a storm. As she paused to wipe the sweat from her brow, she glanced up at the clock: 4:07 P.M.

Jack will be home soon. kaçak bahis God…

She was in the middle of making dinner when she heard the heavy sound of a man’s feet on her front steps. Her heart began to pound as the knob turned & the door opened slowly inward. There he was. A chill ran down Suzy’s spine at the sight of her son. He stood there for a moment in the doorway looking at her, then closed the door behind him. He walked slowly through the living room with the deadly grace of a hunting leopard, a slight smile on his lips. Suzy tensely returned to stirring her sauce. Jack came close to his mother, peering over her shoulder.

“MMM! Smells delicious!” he said in his deep, sensuous voice.

“It’s just s-spaghetti bolognese & garlic bread. N-nothing special…,” Suzy stuttered, his closeness unsettling her.

“One of my favorites….”

“It’ll be done in a f-few minutes.”

“Well then, I guess I’d better go wash up a little before I – dig in to your goodies…”

Suzy looked sideways without turning her head. Jack hummed a tune as he sauntered out of the kitchen & went upstairs to freshen up.

Dinner was eaten mostly in silence. Suzy’s nerves took away her appetite, so she just picked at her food. Jack ate with his usual gusto.

“Why aren’t you eating, Mom?” he asked as he helped himself to second plateful.

“Oh, I – I’m just not hungry, I guess…”

“Well, that’s a shame. You really outdid yourself this time!” he said, taking a drink of his red wine.

“Thank you.”

After dinner, they went into the living room to watch t.v. Jack sat down on the couch – in the same spot where she’d given him the blowjob. He looked up at his mother innocently. Blushing, Suzy sat in the chair. She picked up the clicker, turned on the set & went through the channels, finally settling on a nature program about rhinos. At about the midway point in the show, there was a scene with the dominant bull rhino following one of his cows around, sniffing her hindquarters. The camera then focused on his massive erection: a good 3 feet long & as thick as a man’s arm. Suzy’s throat tightened. The aroused bull rhino suddenly mounted his cow, sliding that tremendous organ into her. She gave a sort of whinny as he started to “take care of business.” Suzy couldn’t stand THIS. She quickly changed the channel to a sitcom, not looking at Jack. He raised an amused eyebrow, but said nothing.

After a few hours of boob tube viewing interspersed with Suzy’s monosyllabic responses to Jack’s attempts to engage her in conversation, Suzy spoke.

“I’m tired now. It’s been a long day, so I’ll say g-goodnight…” She got up, forced a smile & headed for the stairs.

“Night Night! Sleep well…” Jack said, watching the sway of his mother’s shapely buttocks through narrowed eyes as she ascended the steps. Then he went back to watching the movie.

Suzy took her bra off, then slipped the sheer nightie on. Well, at least I made it through the first evening alone with him, she thought. Thank God he didn’t try anything… She got in bed, pulled the covers over her, sighed with relief & reached over to turn out the lamp.

Suzy awoke with a cry of alarm, sitting bolt upright in bed. She was covered with a sheen of sweat. It was that filthy dream again. “Oh, damn it to HELL!” she swore in breathless frustration. She looked over at the clock radio: 1:26 A.M.

Suzy swung her legs off the bed & turned on the light. She put on her pink satin slippers & headed for the bathroom. As she was at the sink splashing water on her face, Suzy paused & looked in the mirror.

Now, THAT is one tired gal…, she said to herself, shaking her head wearily. She turned off the faucet, dried her face with the towel & went back to her bedroom.

Suzy laid back down & was reaching to turn out the lamp when the door opened. Jack . And he was clad only in a pair of close-fitting silk jockey shorts.

“Jack! W-What do you want?” Suzy exclaimed, gripping the covers tightly.

“I heard you cry out. What’s wrong?” he said, striding forward.

“Nothing – nothing at all! I just had a b-bad dream. I’m fine now,” she stammered apprehensively. “G-Go back to bed, Jack. Goodnight!”

“Poor thing!” Jack said solicitously, ignoring her. He sat down on the bed. “You’ve had an lot of those dreams lately, haven’t you? I’ve heard you cry out several times, but I didn’t come to check on you because I knew Dad was here to – comfort you…” He stroked her arm.

Suzy pulled her arm away. “They-they’re just silly dreams, that’s all. Don’t make a big deal out of it! I told you I was fine, now go back to your room!”

“It helps to talk about these things. Ya know – get them off your chest…” Jack’s eyes were on his mother’s breasts. The sheer fabric of the nightie clung to her sweaty flesh, concealing nothing. Suzy’s huge, puffy pink nipples caused his penis to awaken with astonishing speed.

Suzy saw her son leering & pulled the blanket over her. “I don-don’t want to talk about it – especially now! If I change my mind, you’ll be the first to know! Now let me get some rest!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32