A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 08

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Many thanks, once again, to tangentjoker for editing this story.

This story is about incestuous relationships. All the characters are age 18, or more.

To better understand this story, you may want to read the previous chapters.

Mother and I didn’t hear from Janet for several days. We knew that their daughter, Michelle, was visiting her and Earl. We didn’t call her. We thought she would be tied up with Michelle.

Janet called Mother on Thursday, at work. She asked if she and Michelle could visit that evening. Mother told her that was fine. She asked Janet if I should make myself scarce.

“Maybe at first,” Janet replied, “but tell him to be available. We may need him.”

When I got home, Mother told me what was happening. When Janet and Michelle arrived, I went up to my old room to do some work on the computer.

Michelle was about a year older than I. I didn’t know her very well. Really, only from family gatherings. She was a pretty good looking woman. She was like a younger version of her mother. She had been married almost two years. There were no children. I wasn’t clear on just what the problem was in the marriage. I assumed that this visit was somehow connected.

Aunt Janet had another daughter, Diane. She was a little over a year younger than I. She was married too, but I hadn’t heard of any problems in her marriage. They had been married a little more than a year. She and her husband lived in another state, so we seldom saw them.

Mother called me to come to the kitchen after about an hour. She, Janet and Michelle were seated at the table.

“David,” Mother said, “I have been explaining to Michelle that you and I have a relationship that most people would condemn. I don’t think she really believes me.”

“It’s true,” I said. “My mother and I have had a very loving incestuous relationship for some time now. It is still ongoing.”

Michelle looked shocked, and at the same time as if she were about to cry. I looked at Janet, with a raised eyebrow.

“It’s her husband,” Janet said, “she found out he was in a similar situation with his mother.”

“Aunt Janet,” I asked, “have you asked Michelle about the dreams?” I used the title “aunt” because Michelle was present.

Janet looked at Michelle. “Yes, she said she has some that are similar.”

Mother took Michelle’s hand. “We know about the dreams, Michelle. But the real reason your mother brought you to visit us was to show you that a mother and son love affair isn’t really as shameful as many people would have you think. Don’t be too quick to condemn Mike.” Mother was referring to Michelle’s husband.

“As for the dreams, I think your mother can help you if you let her. We have been working our way through them, although the process is still continuing. Your father may be able to help, too.”

Janet said, “I’ve already told Earl about Michelle’s husband and the dreams. After Edith left Sunday, I talked to him about the dreams. I explained them and how we all had them, so he knows the background.”

I watched Michelle. She looked a bit dazed. A little scared, too.

“Mom, you mean you and Aunt Mary had dreams like I do?”

“Yes,” Janet answered, “and Edith too. I think we have much to tell you. Some of it will come as a surprise to you. Maybe even a shock. Let’s go home and have a long talk.”

Janet and her daughter left soon after. Mother and I looked at each other.

“I hope showing her our love helped,” Mother said.

“So do I,” I replied. “I hope she’ll work her way through the problem.”

It was close to bedtime. Mother held out her hand to me and we went to the bedroom. She still had her skirt and blouse on from work. She went to work on the buttons of the blouse, while I was taking my shirt off. With my shirt and t-shirt off, I sat on the edge of the bed. My mother, bare to the waist, came close to me. I drew her closer with my hands on her hips. Then on the cheeks of her ass as I rested my forehead against her mound, delighting in her scents.

I loved the fragrances of my mother after a day’s work. The traces of sweat, the remains of the perfume she had applied in the morning. The soap and powder she used. It all blended for a delightful sensation.

I lifted her skirt to view the panties she wore over a lacy garter belt. She opened her legs for me. I bent to let my tongue probe at the crotch of her panties. They were damp. They tasted of her juices. They were the juices of the lust that had been building in her while talking to her sister and niece. I hooked my fingers under the elastic at the waist and pushed them down her legs. I gazed raptly at the view of her ready pussy, which was capped with the trimmed crown of brown hair.

“I want to make love like we did when we first started together,” she said. “No toys tonight.”

Mother wanted our loving that way about once a week. She didn’t want to forget how it all began. She didn’t want our love making to become dependent on things, objects, or gadgets. That night I think she was being influenced bahis firmaları by the conversation with Michelle.

I stood and let my pants drop to the floor. I kicked them off my feet. My cock was hard and erect standing straight out. I sat Mother on the side of the bed and slid to my knees in front of her.

Her skirt was bunched at her waist. As I knelt between her thighs, she wrapped her hands in my hair. I breathed the essence of her body. Many were the scents I had inhaled earlier. Now there was the strong musky aroma of arousal. It was pleasant and erotic.

My tongue flicked over her swollen labia. It tasted the dewy drops of her juices. I slid between the lips of her pussy into the warmth, the wetness, and the heat. I slid to her clit; that hard nubbin; that center of sensation; that focus of exhilaration. I slid into her tunnel, the path to her womb. I tried to push my tongue as deeply as I could. My fingers danced at her ass, along the crack, around her anus. It added to her thrills.

As I licked at her inner lips, she started to rise to an orgasm. Her legs were over my shoulders. Thighs pressed to my face. The friction of nylon hose excited my whole body. The drumming of her heels on my back sent me to heights of erotic excitement.

I was eating my mother. I ate my mother’s cunt. How I loved to please her. I felt the exhilaration as it flowed through her body in waves. How I loved to hear her cries of satisfaction, of fulfilment and joy.

I stood and thrust my hard cock into her eager pussy. Her legs were around my hips as I stood between them. She lifted herself. She held herself with her legs around my hips. I plunged into her. I stabbed her wet, eager, cunt. She came and came again. Her pleasure transferred itself to me.

My cock exploded. My cum shot from me and filled my mother. She, at the peak of orgasmic pleasure, squeezed her pussy on my cock. She milked me. She milked the last drop of cum from me.

We laid on the bed together and were kissing, touching, and petting. We fell asleep cuddled together.

We woke about the same time. After trips to the bathroom, we were back in bed. Both of us anticipated what was to come. We laid together. Scents of last night’s sex hung in the air. They acted as an aphrodisiac. To Mother, the fragrance of old sex is an erotic aroma. It is to me, too. I, however, am more aroused by the bouquet of her body, and her pussy, the morning after we have made love.

Mother, still wearing her rumpled skirt, began by raining kisses on me. I kissed her back when I could. I finally grabbed a handful of her hair to hold her while I kissed her in return. A kiss that started softly quickly became passionate.

They were hot, wet, kisses with lips mashing. Tongues danced and twisted. I nuzzled her neck. I sucked her tits. I caressed them and bit them. I licked at her navel. She was on fire. She pushed at my head, anxious for my tongue and my lips. She so wanted me to suck and lick at her hot, ready, pussy.

She pulled at my hips. She urged me to bring my hard manhood to her. She wanted to taste the residue left from the night before. She needed to taste her juices and my cum blended. To her senses, it was a delightful treat.

It was a mutual fetish with us. Maybe it was even a ritual. It was one we both enjoyed. We loved the smells and tastes of past sex. The cum in her pussy mixed with the fresh juices of her arousal. It was as delightful to me as the tastes on my cock were to her.

Even as I buried my face into her warm, wet, very fragrant cunt she let her lips slide over my throbbing cock. My tongue probed at her clit, to arouse her. It snaked into her tunnel, searching for my old cum and for her new juices. I sucked her. I licked her. I ate my mother’s cunt. I gloried in it. I was ecstatic when I felt her respond; when the quivering of her body signaled the onset of an orgasm.

She sucked my cock. She licked at his hardness. She was compelled to taste, to smell, and to feel the throbbing pulse as my blood pounded through him. She licked the flavors from me, from my cock, from my balls, from behind my balls, from my thighs, and from the scratchy roughness of my pubic hair. As she exulted in an orgasm, she licked at the last of the remnants.

When she could find no more residue to taste, she sucked me to make me cum, and to taste the fresh cum. As her body shuddered from the exhilaration, she brought me to the brink and she held me there. My cock, my body, and my whole being were on fire. I was aflame with lust I could not hold. I poured my cum into her, and into her ready, eager, mouth. She licked me clean. She cherished the slick thickness of my cum. She relished it and the feel as she rolled it over her tongue. She was entranced by the salty flavor, the scent, the emotional impact, and the excitement of giving pleasure to her man.

We laid together for a bit, then stirred. It was a work day. We needed to be up and about. We shared a loving kiss, a shower together, and more kisses. We had our coffee together. Both of us were pleasantly content.

The kaçak iddaa workday, for both of us, was routine. It was a Friday. We had a weekend to look forward to. I got home before Mother and had a beer while I waited for her. I started a pot of coffee, in case she wanted some. She wasn’t too long behind me.

She sat with her coffee and we discussed how our days had gone. Janet called shortly after Mother got home. She was on her cell phone, out running a couple of errands. She said she didn’t want Michelle to know she was talking about her.


I will tell you about Michelle as we understand it. Parts of the story we heard from Janet or Earl. Other parts we were told by Michelle herself.

When Janet and Michelle got home, they sat down with Earl and talked for a long time.

Michelle was more understanding of Mike after talking to Mother and me. She liked Mike’s mother and had always had good relations with her.

Janet got her to talk about the dreams. Michelle was reluctant at first, but eventually it all started to come out.

“Mom,” she said, “they are about you, and Dad, and Mike’s mother, Rachel. Diane was in them too. Sometimes my aunts.

“It was a little while after I graduated from high school when they first started. They were about you and me. We were in bed together. I knew we had just made love, but I hadn’t dreamed about doing it. “

Janet interrupted, putting her hand over Michelle’s.

“That’s almost exactly like my first dream, Dear. It’s uncanny.

“It was a strange feeling,” Janet continued. “It felt right. I didn’t feel like the dream was something to be ashamed of. In fact, it left me with a feeling of anticipation.”

“At first it was only you, Mom, but then one night it was Daddy. That felt right, too. Then it was you and Daddy together. Eventually, I dreamed of being with Diane. But, she was an older Diane. She looked a lot like Aunt Edith.

“When I fell in love with Mike, the dreams stopped. They started again about a year ago. They were very much like the one from before my marriage, except that Diane was no longer in them. Mike’s mother was, though.”

Michelle paused for a long moment. “I woke up one night when I had been dreaming about making love with Mike and his mother together.

“I don’t think I was quite as shocked as I wanted everyone to think when I found out about Mike and his mother. My fantasies about Rachel had been getting stronger, more realistic. At the same time the dreams about you, Mom and Dad, were intensifying. I thought I was going crazy.

“I went to see Rachel, I was going to see if I could get any feeling about whether my dreams were realistic, or a wild fantasy. Mike’s car was in the driveway. It was a Saturday, but he was supposed to be working. I walked in without knocking, I heard the sounds of lovemaking from the living room. They were there, wrapped up in each other, almost undressed.

“I coughed to let them know I was there. They looked at me, startled. I left without a word and went home. We have hardly spoken since. Rachel has tried to call me often. I won’t answer.”

By then, there were tears on Michelle’s cheeks. She was ready to break down. Her father reached for her hand, to comfort her.

“You need to call Mike, Michelle. To tell him you forgive him. To tell him that you have much to talk about.”

Her mother was holding her other hand and said, “Your father is right, Michelle. The healing starts with forgiveness.”

Janet looked at Earl, one eyebrow raised. A query, where do we go from here? Earl answered, “Janet, I think we need to tell Michelle everything. We need to be totally honest with her.”

“I agree, Earl,” Janet replied, she turned to Michelle. “Total honesty is required from all of us, Michelle. What we have to tell you is a natural outcome of the dreams that the women in our family have.

“You see, incest is not limited to your aunt Mary and David, although they were the first. In fact, I am involved with both of your aunts. Your father has had a threesome with Edith and me. We haven’t had a session with Mary and David, yet. It is probably going to happen, though.”

Michelle’s mouth was open at the revelation from her mother. In a way, it was a relief. It gave her dreams substance and a sense of reality.

“All this has come about quite recently, Michelle,” Janet continued. “I could tell you how it all started, but that’s not important right now. I’ll tell you all about it sometime.”

Earl spoke up then. “It would seem, Michelle that we have set out on a course that we may not be able to change. In fact, that we probably don’t want to change, at least at the present.”

“I have so much to think about,” Michelle was speaking softly. “You’re right, Daddy, I’ll call Mike right now. I don’t know how much I’ll tell him right now.”

“Tell him you love him. The affair with his mother doesn’t matter,” Earl told her.

Michelle went into the living room to call home. Her parents closed the door to give her privacy. She was gone about ten kaçak bahis minutes and returned with tears rolling down her cheeks, but smiling.

“I think it’s ok,” she said. “I told him I wouldn’t be home until next week. I started to tell him I needed to help Mom with a problem. Then I remembered what Daddy said about honesty. I told him I would tell him everything when I get home. I will. Well, everything I can.”

Michelle was wiping her eyes with a tissue as the tears subsided. “Thank you, Daddy. That was the right thing to do.”

Earl said, “I have work tomorrow, so I’ll let you ladies talk. You can tell me anything I need to know in the morning.” With that, he went to bed.

“I’d like to know how you feel about making love with your sisters and your nephew,” Michelle said.

Janet thought for a moment, then replied, “I’d have to say it was exciting. All of it.” She paused then and started to speak a couple of times. Then, she said, “I think it may have saved my marriage, strange as it may seem. I’ll tell you those details later, too.”

“Didn’t it bother you watching Dad making love with another woman?” Michelle asked.

“No. I thought it would, but it didn’t. Mary says it didn’t bother her, either, when David made love with me. You need to remember that we three sisters have always been very close. I was always like an older sister to the other two.

“Earl said it really excited him when Edith and I made love.”

“I wonder if Rachel would like a threesome with Mike and me,” Michelle mused.

“Possibly,” Janet said, “but be careful. Don’t push too hard. You’re talking like you want to make love with a woman. Have you ever tried it?”

“No,” Michelle replied, “but I’ve woken up very horny a few times after dreaming about it with you or my aunts.

“For that matter, I’ve had wet dreams about sex with Daddy. I didn’t know women had wet dreams.

“But Mom, Mike is still the big thing in my life.”

“Of course he is, Dear.” Janet said. “The trick is to let him become part of your new life. If you want to go there. To change your lifestyle, that is.”

“That’s going to take a lot of thought,” Michelle said.

“We’ll answer any questions you might have, Michelle. We will try not to influence you.”

Janet and Michelle moved to the couch. They sat and held hands. They talked for over an hour and fell asleep cuddled together. When Janet woke, Michelle was lying on her mother’s breast with her hand on the tit. Janet’s hand was covering her daughter’s.

Janet stayed that way, enjoying the closeness. Eventually, it was time to wake up Earl and get him some breakfast. She eased Michelle down on the couch and covered her with a blanket.

Janet woke Earl. She had his coffee ready when he got to the kitchen. Janet closed the door to the living room so they could talk.

“How did your talk with Michelle go?” he asked.

“She’s very confused. She doesn’t know what is going to happen,” Janet replied. “But I think she is leaning towards following in our footsteps. I’m being very careful not to push her.”

“I’ll be careful, too,” Earl said. “But tell me something. How would you like her to decide?”

“Earl, the thought of making love with our daughter sends chills up my spine. Even the idea is exciting. I got wet just talking to her.

“The thought of you and I both with her is even more exhilarating.” Janet paused then.

Earl said, “If she wants to go that way, it might be best if you and she made love first. What do you think?”

“I don’t know,” Janet replied. “She has a crush on you. Apparently, some of the most vivid dreams were about you and her.”

“We need to be careful,” Earl said thoughtfully. “It sounds like it would be easy to mess her head up right now.”

Earl left for work. Janet puttered around the kitchen until Michelle woke. Janet poured coffee for her and they sat at the kitchen table.

“I dreamt about you last night,” Michelle said.

“What kind of dream?” Janet asked.

“The same kind,” Michelle responded. “Would you show me what to do, Mom?”

“Think very carefully, Michelle. Is it really what you want?”

“Don’t you want to, Mom?”

“That doesn’t matter at all,” Janet told her. “It is your decision, and a big one.”

“Ok, Mom. I’ll think about it.”

They sat at the table a little longer while Michelle ate a bowl of cereal. Michelle went to the guest bedroom, her old room, to take a nap. Janet laid down, too, in her room. Neither woman had gotten very restful sleep on the couch.

Michelle’s kisses woke Janet about an hour later. She laid next to her mother, raining kisses on her face. Her hand caressed Janet’s breasts through her blouse.

Between kisses Michelle was saying, “I want to, Mom. Please show me. Please show me how.”

A startled Janet took a moment to figure out what was happening. Then a surge of desire flowed through her. Her hand that was behind her daughter’s head brought their lips together for a kiss. It was a lover’s kiss, not a mother’s. Michelle’s hands unbuttoned her mother’s blouse. Hers was already off. Her grapefruit sized breasts were bare for her mother’s kiss. It was a little awkward, but Michelle got the blouse off even while her mother caressed and kissed her tits.

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