A Naughty Girl’s Poop Before School

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Big Tits

Apparently my first story didn’t go over so hot. To those of you who favorited or followed, or gave at least 4 stars, you rock. However, I didn’t get any comments with the 1 stars that immediately dragged my first story down right out of the gates, so I don’t really know why I got low scores from these people. I probably came at least a dozen or so times writing the damn thing. Perhaps it was tagged incorrectly? I wish I could change the tags if possible and I knew how. Or was it that people didn’t read the disclaimer that there was copious scat and pee fetish material and immediately gave a 1 star? Or maybe I just suck a big one as a writer and don’t realize? Who knows.

My plan as of now if I remain motivated is to write stand alone stories that are erotic to read on their own with no other context, but that also all intertwine loosely together with consistent characters, giving glimpses into different time periods, spreading out character development and motives, and expanding on the details of references from other stories, perhaps resulting in even making re-reads of already published stories more interesting to the more astute readers after a new story comes out. It sounds amazing at least in my mind at this point. Anyways, please enjoy and even if you don’t, hey, at least I very much enjoyed writing these for my own use.


Mia was waiting on her corner for the bus to go to her high school. She was 18, a senior, and getting close to graduation. The bus would be there any minute and suddenly Mia felt an urgent need to poop.

She couldn’t go back into the house because she might miss her bus, but she couldn’t risk waiting during the whole bumpy bus ride either without the real likely possibility bakırköy escort of pooping her pants in front of everybody. She had to go poop right now really bad.

Mia came up with a naughty idea and walked around to the side of the house which was mostly out of sight of the road and windows of other houses. With her backpack still on, Mia unbuttoned and unzipped her tight fitting skinny jeans and slid them and her cute little panties down her firm tennis player and sexy cheerleader toned legs, exposing her young hairless cunt and taut little round ass cheeks to the cool morning suburban air.

A little gas escaped her hole as she assumed a squatting position. It came out smoothly, as most supple young healthy girl turds do. No straining was required let alone any appreciable effort into pushing really at all for that matter. As soon as she was comfortably squatted and relaxed her puckered butt hole, the big fat brown turd immediately emerged from the center of sexy, tight stretched heart shaped butt cheeks and began quickly growing in length. It did not take long as a healthy, firm and knobby log exited her tiny ass, first hitting the lawn while still connected before pinching off and falling forward with an audible thud.

Mia sighed in relief as she had to look down out of curiosity at how big her poop was because it felt like a really long fat one. The 5’0″ tall and 95 pound asian teen girl’s poop was thicker than any grown man’s penis and longer than virtually all of them too. She estimated it was probably almost a foot long and sooo thick. Big fat turd. She measured with her size 5 shoe and noted that her turd was at least several inches longer. She had a nice long morning pee about beşiktaş escort 40 minutes earlier while in the shower, but that didn’t stop her from gushing a thick stream of cute asian teen girl piss for about 5 seconds right on her monster turd as she watched.

Mia felt so relieved being rid of such a hefty poo. She thought to herself that it felt so good to dump such a big poop!

However, a new problem dawned on her that made her uneasy. She couldn’t leave her giant log of shit just sitting there in the yard. What could she do? She had to move it of course, but how and where?

She had to think quickly because the bus was certainly only seconds away. Her turd wasn’t greasy, so she didn’t feel like she needed to wipe right now. She could definitely wait until she got to school to wipe her cute butt if she even needed to at all.

Mia stood up naked from the waist down save for her pants down around her tennis shoes. Her backpack was still strapped around her shoulders as she vulnerably stood out in the open air as her delicate bald pussy glistened in the sunshine. She then bent over to pull up her panties that she was almost grown out of as they were a little tight and hugged the curves of her luscious ass cheeks. She then bent over that ass again but this time in tight panties as she pulled her jeans up and buttoned and zipped them back up.

Mia stood over and looked down at her most recent of many long thick turds she had unloaded over the past year. She usually just left her big ones in the toilet without flushing for her sister, and this is the first time she had taken a poop anywhere near this big outside before. It was difficult to tell for sure but this one was probably beylikdüzü escort in the top 5 of biggest continuous mass.

And now she had to pick it up and move it somehow. Dare she pick up her poop with her bare hands? It didn’t look like it would leave a stain on her hand, but she instead grabbed a blank sheet of paper out of her backpack. She enveloped her turd with the notebook paper amazed that her poop was actually longer than the entire sheet. It was a very dense poop in addition to its girth and length and she was surprised at how heavy her turd was upon picking it up with her small hands.

Mia carried her poop in the paper towards the backyard and spotted some tall grass on the other side of the fence. Mia threw her shit over the fence so that it was out of sight, lost in the grass. The paper only had a small brown stain on it, so she balled it up and put it in her backpack as the bus rolled up and the brakes hissed.

Mia just strutted casually like everything was completely normal and got on the bus. She walked down the aisle and found a seat near the back of the bus by herself that no one was sitting across from and plopped herself down.

Nobody had the slightest idea that only seconds earlier she had taken a huge dump in her own yard and she felt sooo naughty for having done that. Mia felt her panties getting wet and it wasn’t from her pee…

Due to her small stature, Mia was already hidden, completely out of sight of all others even when she was sitting up. She leaned her head back against the cold window and her back against the hard flat metal and put her feet on the seat as she reached for her zipper…

Mia placed her backpack between her legs at her feet to cover herself in the unlikely event that somebody walked by, but there were strict rules not to move seats when the bus started moving and the driver always enforced all the rules.

Mia peeled open her jeans and reached down her panties to jill off as the bumpy bus ride quickly brought her to orgasm…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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