A New Life and a Hot New Wife

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This is the final contribution that I will make in the Jack Colton series.

70 stories is a lot of writing.

My work life has gotten incredibly busy and I find it hard to find the time to draft, write, edit and post.

It’s been a labor of love and I’m not going to kill the character off, I am simply going to put the guy to bed.

Think Rip Van Winkle.

If I have time down the road I will edit all the previous stories and put the list of all the stories in the preamble section of each story.

Keep in mind all of this is fiction. Any and all characters are well over the age of consent.

Just enjoy my stories, please, and forgive any mistakes.


More than a few people have asked me where they can find a directory of my stories so let me state that you can find the entire list under my biography tab.

But here is the complete list and if I ever have time to go back through all my stories I will be sure and include this directory on every story:

1: I Hire Monica the Maid

2: Monica’s First Day as My Maid

3: Monica the Maid’s Three Hole Day

4: I Partner with Linda, a Salon Owner

5: I Massage Monica the Maid

6: Hot and Sexy Business Opportunities

7. I Become a Therapeutic Instructor

8: The Affair Continues in Las Vegas

9: I Rub an Asian MILF the Right Way

10: Going Where No Man Has Gone Before

11: Cumming Where No Man Has Cum Before

12: That Was The Weekend That Was

13: I’m Rewarded for a Job Well Done

14: Fun in Las Vegas with my MILFs

15: That Was The Week That Was

16: I take My MILF Lisa to Mexico

17: I’m Ambushed by a Very Hot MILF!

18: The CFO Gets Her Assets Worked Over

19: In Hot Pursuit of a Very Hot MILF

20: The Second Time is Twice as Nice

21: Roadblocks Pursuing the Hot MILF

22: Nirvana! My Hot MILF Likes Pussy!

23: Las Vegas Swimsuit Photo Shoot

24: Three Models in a Vegas Hotel Room

25: I Enjoy Two Threesomes in Two Days

26: I Take a Short Trip to Mexico

27: I Travel from Mexico to Las Vegas

28: I Celebrate Turning 35 in Las Vegas

29: One Wild Night in Beverly Hills

30: My 35th Birthday Weekend Continues

31: My 35th BD Party Ends with a Bang!

32: I Deal with Her Ex and My In-Laws

33: I Reflect on an Interesting Year!

34: An Interesting Evening in Las Vegas

35: A MILF Neighbor Shows Her Gratitude

36: A MILF Neighbor Comes Clean

37: A MILF Neighbor Plays All Night

38: I Play with Three MILFs on Vacation

39: My Wife Gives Me a Hall Pass!

40: The Perks of Flying First Class

41: I Join The Mile High Club!

42: Why I Eat a Lot of Pussy

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45: I Learn about the Hot To Trot Club!

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59: Her Boardroom is our Bedroom!

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61: How I Spent My Summer Vacation

62: Three MILFs Make My Morning

63: An Afternoon to Remember

64: It’s An Offer I Can’t Refuse

65: A Divorced Asian Submits Her List

66: A Divorced Asian Earns Her Spanking

67: A Divorced Asian Closes The Deal

68: About That Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

69: A Courtesan Becomes My Confidant

70. A New Life and a Hot New Wife


Let me begin this final story by sharing what happened the rest of the time in Sedona with Marie.

First, as you read, she helped me uncover and understand myself and the relationships I had in my life.

Second, she shared with me that she had no heirs and wanted to pass along to me her estate when she passed in exchange for the opportunity to be a grandmother to all of my kids. Whoever the mother was!

Third, she wanted me to meet her older brother, in Japan, because he had no one in his family to take over his business and he was interested in talking to me to see if I would consider taking over his share of the corporation. It would require me going to Japan, spending time there, getting to know the culture and the strategic plans.

Marie hinted that her brother had been thinking about moving his corporation to the US because he was nervous with the Chinese getting active and that crazy kid running North Korea with missiles and nukes.

If this deal worked out I would end up a billionaire by the time I was 40. 45 tops!

Fourth, Marie advised me that if I wanted to do this, I would need to eliminate all the distractions from my life. No more bed hopping, no more sport fucking.

“You need someone halkalı escort stable, smart and not out for your money. She needs to be beautiful, articulate, without an agenda. Not a closet lesbian and not someone who wants to you to be her sugar daddy. She has to be educated, refined, polished and available to travel and share your bed every night. And I know just the lady for you.”

Instinctively I asked “Who is she?” and Marie just smiled and replied “You know her already. She’s perfect in every way.”

When I pushed Marie laughed and said “I’m looking out for you and you just need to trust me and be patient.”

With Marie’s help I crafted a plan to take care of the personal and business operations sides of my life.

It was going to take about two years for it to come together, maybe a bit longer, but the hard work would be worth it.


I hadn’t heard from Catherine the entire three weeks I was in Sedona.

I knew something was up when my phone calls, text messages and emails were not replied to.

When I arrived home, the place looked the same but the envelope addressed to me lying on the kitchen counter had a note from Catherine to me telling me she wanted a divorce.

I had already anticipated this move so confronting Catherine wasn’t easy, but I did it.

I told her we were not married, and that there was no evidence of our marriage being recorded at the courthouse.

She blew up at that and then I countered with “If we were married and you had a copy of the license, then how do you explain this?” and then I handed her the copy of the marriage license showing that she and her friend Kim had been married in Las Vegas before we connected.

Catherine was furious and ripped up the copy and I said to her in a calm voice: “If we were married in California, and you were already married in Las Vegas, that would make you a bigamist. Which is illegal; a felony I believe. So you can make a decision what you are going to do knowing that if you try to fuck me over, you’ll be sitting in a prison cell for a good ten years. Maybe more when the Feds come after you for stealing the money out of my company’s checking account without my permission. $24 million is a major crime and if you moved it overseas from the US, that’s tax evasion, wire fraud and money laundering which are pretty serious crimes. All four criminal acts, not civil. So, Catherine, choose your next statement very carefully.”

I was solid in my stand and we agreed to physically separate and I agreed to continue to support her and her daughters and our son financially.

I did tell her that I wanted a full accounting of the money she spent on all the things she did when I was in Mexico and elsewhere.

I also met with Kim and Catherine, just the three of us, and got the truth out of them about being married, Kim getting pregnant and having a baby boy and not telling me I was the father; Catherine pushing me to get married, get her pregnant and having a baby just like Kim.

So, Los Angeles has long been known to be the land of nuts (crazy ass people) but I had ignored the weirdoes and tried to live a decent life.

Who knew that the women I was involved with were nut jobs? The sex was great but they were still fucking loony.

And, gold diggers of the highest degree.

As I suspected, the two of them were into me for my money and since all they wanted was the money, we were able to address those issues quickly and as for child support and custody, we were also able to work those things out too.

So, back from Sedona I was a new man on a new mission.

I consolidated company ownership; kicked Catherine’s ass off of any Boards she had a seat on, fired people who had been in on Catherine’s charades.

I started legal proceedings against all the people who had been working against me.

But in addition to getting Catherine and Kim behind me, as much as I could, I also had unfinished business elsewhere.


My life had been a mess, but it wasn’t going to stay that way.

The biggest asset I had was Marie, who had put me on a path of getting my shit together.

While I was sorting things out in my head in Sedona, I remembered back to something that took place about two weeks after my first wife was kissed in the automobile accident.

If you read my very first story “I Hire Monica the Maid” you will recall was in a fog for many weeks following my wife’s death.

This was when I was not in a good mental place; in fact I was barely functioning.

It was all I could do to get out of bed in the morning after not getting any sleep the night before. Expensive bottles of Cabernet and sleeping pills got me to bed but they seldom worked, in combination or alone, to put me and keep me sleeping.

I wasn’t eating, I wasn’t sleeping but I was drinking a lot. Not a good place to be. Not a good place to stay in. But I didn’t know any other way to deal with the pain except for time to pass.

I remember thinking, if enough time passed, I’d feel better.

I olgun escort did pray a lot and I know that God had His reasons for taking my wife away in her prime. He just wasn’t sharing them with me. So, the word and question “why?” was in my head a lot those days.

It got so bad I checked into a local hotel, thinking a change of scenery would help.

So that I wouldn’t go stir crazy looking at four walls I got a two-bedroom suite. Maybe having a few more walls to stare at would help me to sleep better.

Thursday night was a bit of an improvement, maybe because it had started raining.

I slept a bit longer before waking up, but life still sucked on Friday morning.

On Friday I worked my business, on the phone, email and text. My heart wasn’t really in it.

When it came time to eat dinner that Friday night, I had a glass of wine in the hotel bar and then went to our usual place. I needed to be around people. It was still raining, and showers were expected the entire weekend, so I drove carefully.

For years each Friday night I would head over to a local restaurant and pick up dinner for my wife and me.

My wife was somewhat a creature of habit and always had me get a piece of fish and a salad for her dinner.

I’d switch back and forth between chicken and beef, depending on what I was looking to drink. If it was beer, I’d choose the ‘cheaper chicken’ (a line out of the Steve Martin movie “Father of the Bride”) and if it was red wine, the beef. Usually, it was a steak but sometimes I took home a burger.

I’d place my order when I walked in around 7pm and depart around 7:30. To kill time I’d go into the bar and have a libation.

This was a chain, regional and family owned. They did an amazing amount of business. The food was of high quality and priced just a bit higher than the competition but not so much so that you would complain about it.

It was a nice place, modern and clean. In Los Angeles County the health department grades eating establishments by a letter grade and this unit always earned an A.

But what set the place apart was the service. Whoever did the hiring at this place should have gone into business teaching other businesses how to hire.

It was the single most important reason why they were so successful.

Women consisted of ninety percent of the front of the house wait staff. While they weren’t all Kate Upton or Olivia Grupo, all of the women were attractive.

Guys think about every woman in a very basic way: would I have sex with her or not?

All of the women in this place were on my list of “Yes I would.”

Listen, I like eye candy like every other guy but in all the years I was married I never cheated on my wife. Never. Not that I would ever admit it if I did.

But this place was a great venue to watch women.

The female staff ranged in age from 21 to 50 or so. They were all attractive; many were very pretty, even the older servers. And they were nice and competent. They took care of their figures and their customers and were tipped well for it. There was a lot of repeat business.

Not to digress, but in addition to getting takeout on Friday nights I would eat lunch at this place about once a week with a client. I was always generous with my tips.

It got to the point that many of the wait staff called me by my first name. I wasn’t exactly Norm from Cheers (look up this TV series on IMDB.com) but it was nice to be recognized and acknowledged by a friendly face.

The bar area was large with about 20 seats around a long peninsula shaped counter.

Three ladies worked the bar on Friday nights: Amanda, Brie and Lauren.

The first time they each served me they called me “Mister Colton” but I quickly corrected them and each now called me Jack.

All those many Friday nights, I never stayed long enough to have more than a single beer or a single glass of red wine because I had to get dinner home for my wife. But when I was there, I enjoyed the bartenders, their energy and the banter they had with each other and the customers.

Like most bars, they had several TVs going, but my eyes were always elsewhere.

Most nights it was crowded and hopping but tonight, because of the rain, there were more than a few open seats.

As I walked into the bar, Amanda called out to me and as I found her eyes she smiled and pointed to an open chair near the service bar. I sat down and she leaned over to me with a twinkle in her eyes and a warm smile on her face and said in a low voice “I’ve been saving this spot for you. I want you to keep me company tonight if that’s okay with you.”

I returned her smile and asked her “Am I in trouble?”

She laughed and reached out, touching my hand and said “My job is to keep you out of trouble. How many drinks have you had so far today Jack?”

I liked her hand on mine. It had been awhile since someone had touched me like that.

There had been plenty of hugs and kisses on the cheek at the service and funeral şişli escort but this felt different.

It felt electric.

I looked at Amanda and she looked at me and I knew that she knew my wife was dead.

And, she knew, and cared enough, to keep me from drinking too much and driving home and risk maiming or killing someone.

She said in a quiet voice “When you didn’t come in last Friday night I knew something was up. I’m sorry Jack. So very sorry.”

I nodded in thanks and motioned to her to lean closer, over the bar and then whispered to her “Does anyone else know?”

Amanda was almost close enough to kiss.

She looked pretty enough to kiss.

I held back on my primal urge to kiss her.

She answered “I don’t think so, no one said anything to me and I haven’t told anyone. And I won’t.”

Our eyes searched each other and I replied with gratitude “Thanks.”

I looked at her and said “To answer your question just one glass of Cab.”

She nodded and asked “Are you doing your usual takeout?”

I nodded, “No, I was thinking I would have dinner right here if that’s okay with you.”

She smiled and said “I was hoping you’d say that.”

Then Amanda said, in a slightly more direct voice than I had ever heard her use, “I’m driving you home tonight when I get off at nine so enjoy your dinner and don’t worry about how much wine you drink.”

She looked around; the place had already started to thin out.

She continued “It’s slow in here so we’ll have time to talk. Okay by you?”

I nodded and she nodded back with a smile and then said “Your usual? Or something else?”

“Joel Gott 815 still works.”

Amanda smiled at me.

She knew that I had gone through every red they had on their wine list and had settled on the Joel Gott 815 Cabernet. It wasn’t the most expensive red they had but I thought it was the fullest and smoothest.

She was a very pretty girl.

I had no idea what her age was. Far younger than me. I was 34 at the time.

If I had to guess I’d say Amanda was 22. Maybe 23. Not any older than that.

Amanda opened a new bottle for me.

When she poured me a rather full glass I confirmed to myself that she didn’t have a wedding ring on.

(Guys always look for wedding rings. It’s just something they do. Like giving people names).

Amanda was about 5’6″ tall, and she wore the company dress code very nicely.

The staff all wore blue jeans and the female employees wore a black top that fit quite snuggly, with a scoop neck that placed an emphasis on the breasts.

She was a brunette and her hair was shoulder length but tonight she had it up, displaying a tender neck.

Her eyes were green and she had on very little makeup.

Amanda was healthy with a nice chest and an ass that was just right for her body type. And she had a nice smile and a personality to match.

I ordered a salad and a small steak, and ate most of it, the most food I had consumed in two weeks.

Amanda was quite generous with her pours so while I only had two glasses, most of the bottle ended up going down my throat.

I had a slight buzz on, despite the meal.

Amanda kept my eyes and my brain busy.

When she wasn’t telling me jokes and short stories that got me laughing I was watching her move around the bar.

There was a lot to this young lady.

She was a hard worker and had a quick wit and was sassy with light sarcasm which I enjoyed.

Amanda caught me watching her more than a few times and she just smiled and pushed her hair back behind her ear.

She liked me watching her.

Nine o’clock came quickly.

I settled up and gave her a cash tip of $100.

I told her “That’s for you, not to be shared.”

She smiled at me.

Amanda whispered to me “Thank you. I could kiss you.”

I smiled back, ignoring her offer at the moment and said to her “Here’s the tip you put in to share.”

It was another $100 bill.

Leaving the restaurant together, Amanda took my key fob and we got into my Lexus.

She started the car and said “Where to?”

I asked about her car and she answered “I Ubered to work.”

Amanda asked me again where to go and I replied to her “The Hilton.”

It was a short drive over and she asked me why I was staying at a hotel and I explained my situation, my condition.

That being alone was tough and that I wasn’t sleeping well.

That the empty house brought up nothing but memories and that the evenings, nights and mornings were the hardest. That the days were okay because I was out of the house, working.

She asked a couple more questions that I answered and then we drifted into a pleasant silence with the music playing.

I closed my eyes and put the seat back to rest.

She sang along with the songs on the radio.

I had The Beatles station on Sirius radio. Timeless classics.

Amanda knew all the words. “If I fell in love with you, would you promise to be true …”

We made one stop; Amanda ran through the rain into a CVS and came out with a bag filled with stuff.

After using the valet to park, when we walked into the hotel lobby I turned to her and asked if she wanted a drink in the bar before heading home and she smiled at me, kissed me on the cheek and took my hand, pulling me to the elevator and said “It’s time for bed.”

I wasn’t thinking anything sexual about Amanda at this point, I figured she would get me into bed, call Uber and be on her way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32