A New Life Ch. 02

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After the Bursman family settled down from their incestuous encounter, Paul found a coat hanger to use to release the bedroom door lock. Looking through the house, they found their clothes laying in a pile on the dining room table. While Paul called the police, Mary and Lydia cleaned up a little and put their clothes on. When the police arrived, everyone was dressed and looking normal. They explained what happened with Ron and Tom, leaving out the fact that they had to get naked. They told how Paul and Tim had jumped in their chair to break it. (Pastor Paul prayed their little white lie would be forgiven.) The police put out an all-points bulletin on the Bursman’s car and spent what was left of the night lifting fingerprints from areas they knew the two men had been. Then they went to Pierce’s garage and impounded the stolen vehicle. They asked Paul to come down to the station after he had gotten a little sleep and give a full account of what had happened.

Later that day, when Paul left for the station the rest of his family was still asleep. Now he was returning home. His mind was in turmoil. How would he and his family face the new day? By everything he had learned and believed what they had done was totally wrong. Incest. The word haunted him. Sure they could say it was not their fault. Anyone put in the situation they were in might have done the same thing. But they were no longer in that situation. Still, all Paul could think about was his daughter’s hot, clinging pussy and how good it felt to bury his cock in it. He now knew that sex was not the evil thing his parents had taught him. He wanted to make love to his wife and see if sex with her was as good as it was with Lydia. He could not go back to the way things had been. There was just no way he could do that now.

But what about his wife and kids? Would they be filled with remorse and guilt? Would they close off even more because of what had happened? His wife had shown a whole new side of herself, that of an incestuous fuck-slut, who loved fucking with her son. Tim and Lydia had really opened up and gotten into the spirit of sex with their parents. But was that just the heat of the moment? Paul didn’t know. This new day could bring a whole new lifestyle or it could spiral back down into the old sexless life of before. Paul hoped for the first as he feared for the second.

As he entered the house he found Mary, Tim and Lydia sitting in the living room waiting for him. Mary said, “Paul, we need to discuss what has happened and where we go from here.”

“I know,” Paul responded as he sat in his favorite chair. “We can’t undo what has happened. And I for one would not want to. But, what now?”

“What’s wrong with just going on from here?” Tim asked. “I think family sex is a lot of fun. Why stop?”

“Yeah!” added Lydia. “Now that I know how great sex is I sure can’t go back to being an innocent virgin, even if I wanted to. And I don’t. I loved fucking you, dad. And I want to do it again, often. I want to fuck Tim, too, and find out how good his big cock feels inside my pussy. Why can’t we just continue being one big happy, hot, incestuous family?”

Tim’s cock began to grow hard when he heard his sister say she wanted to fuck him. He looked over at her. He suddenly pictured her in his mind, naked, spread out beneath him, begging him to fuck her harder as he rammed his cock into her young pussy again and again. Without thinking he reached down and shifted his cock to a more comfortable position in his pants.

Mary watched her son rearrange his cock. Her son’s actions, coupled with her daughter’s words, sent a thrill through her body. She could feel her pussy begin to get wet with sexual desire. Still, this was a big step for them. Could they really, … should they really, do this?

“Kids, you have to understand. This is all new to your father and me. Ever since we were little our parents have drilled into us how wrong all sex is, let alone incest. Your father and I had never even seen each other naked until last night. And we still haven’t made love in the real, sexual sense of the word.”

“Don’t you think it’s time you did?” Tim asked. And then looking at his father, he added, “Mom is a beautiful woman, right dad? I know she is one great fuck. Don’t you want to make love to her the way you did with Lydia? Don’t you want to just shove your cock deep into her pussy and fuck her for all you’re worth?”

Paul looked at Mary. She was blushing at Tim’s words, calling her a great fuck. Tim was right. She was beautiful. And now he could see it. Not only that. She was sexy beautiful, a woman to be loved and fucked. A woman to pour yourself into. His eyes shone with the love he had for this new, hot, sexy woman who sat before him. He shifted his growing cock to a more comfortable position.

“Yes, son. She is beautiful. And I can’t wait to get her in bed and make up for all the fucking we’ve missed over the years.”

Mary blushed again at the loving lust that shone in her husband’s eyes. Her whole body was alive with the thought of what her husband wanted to do to bahis firmaları her. It would be the way their honeymoon should have been twenty years ago. And all because they had had sex with their children. Finally she was ready to let go. She was ready for sex. And she could think of no one she would rather have fucking her than the two hot, loving men in her living room. Her pussy juice flooded her twat as she realized that she was about to become her husband’s and son’s willing, incestuous, fuck-toy.

“I agree, Paul. It’s time we really consummated this marriage. It’s time we got nasty and fucked each other’s brains out. Our parents were wrong. We were wrong. Thank goodness we found out the truth, even if it did take that horrible robbery to wake us up. What do you say we go to our bedroom and discover each other all over again, or maybe for the first time?”

Paul quickly got up from his chair and drew his wife up into his arms. “Sounds great to me,” he said. He leaned forward and kissed her, sending his tongue into her open mouth. Then looking over at their children, he asked, “What about Tim and Lydia?”

“Well, they will just have to do their own fucking, I guess. You and I are going to be too busy to worry about them right now.” And then as she took Paul’s hand and headed for the bedroom, she looked over her shoulder at Lydia and added, “Don’t wear your brother out too much, young lady. When your father and I finish, I’m going to want to feel that big mother-fucking cock of his buried deep in my hot, incestuous cunt again.”

Paul’s cock surged to full hardness as he heard what Mary told their daughter. He now knew that his family had all turned the corner into a new way of life, an incestuous life of love and sex together. As he followed his wife into their bedroom visions of Tim and himself fucking both Mary and Lydia, swapping and sharing, filled his mind. He smiled.

Tim and Lydia watched their parents disappear into their bedroom. They noticed that they did not close the door behind them. For a moment the two kids thought about going and spying on their parents. Then they looked at each other and smiled. They both rose and met in the middle of the living room. As their mouths came together and their tongues began to dance against one another, they slowly removed each other’s clothes and sank to the floor.

Tim raised up and looked down at his naked sister laying on the floor next to him. He saw the sparkle in her eyes, the smile on her lips. His gaze traveled down her slim neck to the swell of her pert breasts. He noticed that her large dark pink nipples stuck up hard in sexual lust. His eyes continued to move down over her flat stomach to her pubic mound. He marveled at the sparse covering of hair that did nothing to hide the cleft of her pussy. He could see the puffiness of her excited lips. Still his gaze traveled lower, as he took in her slim hips and long legs. His sister was just as beautiful as his mom. He wondered why he had never seen it before. But then again, he had never seen his sister or his mom naked before. His hard cock jerked in anticipation of what was to come.

Lydia broke out in goose-bumps as she watched her brother look her over. She could see the love and lust build in his eyes as he took in her naked flesh. Her excited pussy gushed with her juices at the thought of making love with her sexy brother. She had never realized it before. She had never dared look at Tim that way. But now she knew it was true. As she looked at his naked body beside her she could see it. Tim was one sexy hunk of man-flesh. Her eyes rested on his cock as it bobbed, hard and ready between his legs. Then she reached up and drew Tim’s head back down to hers as they kissed once again.

As he kissed his sister, Tim let his hands travel down over her body. He caressed her breasts, gently squeezing the extended nipples, causing Lydia to moan into his mouth. Down over the swell of her stomach and into the silky hair that covered her cunt, his right hand continued it’s journey, while his left remained to continue caressing her tits. Lydia was now arching her back, pushing her breast and her mound into his hands. Slowly he let his finger penetrate the cleft of her pussy slot. He felt the wetness of her juices as they coated his finger.

Suddenly he felt Lydia’s hand on top of his, guiding him as he fingered her hot pussy. She helped him stroke her hard clit for a moment, and then moved his finger into her wet hole and pushed, forcing it deep inside her core. Again she moaned as pleasure coursed through her overheated body. Slowly she pushed his finger in and out of her pussy several times, and then again used it to massage her sensitive clit.

For several minutes Lydia used Tim’s hand to masturbate herself, teaching him how to make a woman feel good. Eventually she used two of her own fingers to push two of his fingers deep inside her excited cunt. All four fingers were quickly covered with her free-flowing pussy cream. She brought her slick fingers up to Tim’s mouth. He quickly sucked them into his mouth and licked the kaçak iddaa juices from them. Then, looking deep into his sister’s lust-filled eyes, he brought his fingers, coated with her juices, up to her mouth and watched as she took them into her mouth, tasting herself on them. They smiled at each other and then kissed again, the taste of her pussy strong on their lips.

Slowly Tim began to kiss his way down his sister’s body. He kissed the hollow of her neck, leaving a wet trail with his tongue. From there he moved down to her pert breasts, sucking each one and licking at her hard pink nipples. As he continued down, he stopped to lick her belly button before moving down into her overheated pussy. The smell of her excited lust filled his nostrils as Lydia opened her legs wide to allow her brother full access to her hot, wet cunt.

As his tongue penetrated her pussy hole, Lydia moved around until Tim’s hard cock loomed over her face. As her brother licked and kissed at her pink cunt mound, she brought his blood-engorged cockhead to her mouth and began licking and sucking on it. Soon the two siblings were lost in the joy of oral sex as they 69’ed with each other.

They continued their oral stimulation for some time, slowly building to an intense release. Tim’s tongue pressed against Lydia’s swollen clit, sending sharp tingling sensations racing through her body. At the same time she sucked all of his hard cock deep into her mouth and throat, causing him to groan as his cock throbbed wildly in his sister’s hot mouth.

And then they were there. Lydia moaned around her brother’s cock as her pussy flooded his face with her cum. Her legs held his head tight as she came. Tim feverishly tried to lick up all of the cream his sister was pouring from her orgasmic pussy. At the same time he felt his cock swell and throb in Lydia’s mouth. Suddenly her mouth was full of cum as he pumped shot after shot of hot, sticky sperm down her throat. She swallowed, only to have her mouth filled with another shot. As she swallowed it all, trying not to lose a single drop, she marveled at the taste of her brother’s fuck-juice. It was not bad at all. She actually liked it. Even as she swallowed the last of it she began to wonder what her father’s cum tasted like. A thrill went through her as she realized that she would find out soon enough.

Lydia continued to suck on her brother’s cock, making sure it did not deflate. She wanted more. She wanted her brother to fuck her. Tim could not believe the wonderful feeling of his sister’s mouth sucking on his cock. He didn’t have a chance to go soft, not with a hot mouth like hers working him over. When she was sure that it would remain hard, she released it from her mouth and lay back on the floor. Spreading her legs, she smiled up at her brother.

“Come on, Tim,” she said. “Stick that big cock of yours in my cock-hungry pussy. I’m so hot. I need a good, hard fucking from my ‘big’ brother to fill my incest hunger. Fuck me, Tim. Fuck your sister with your big incestuous cock.”

Tim looked down at his sister. She lay there with her knees up, her legs spread wide, her fingers holding her wet pussy lips open so he could see the pink interior of her fuck hole. He knelt down between her legs, took his throbbing cock in hand and guided it to the entrance of her steaming cunt. Shifting forward, he penetrated her.

As she felt her brother’s cockhead pop inside her vagina, Lydia threw back her head and moaned, “Oh, yyyyeeeessss, Tim. Shove your big hard cock up inside me. Fill me with your incestuous prick. Fuck your horny sister, you mother-fucker! Now you’re going to be a sister-fucker, too. Fuck me, Tim. Fuck me.”

Lydia’s words really turned her brother on. Quickly, suddenly, he pushed forward, hard, and in one thrust sent his cock deep into his sister’s willing cunt, grinding his pelvis against her clit.

“Oooohhhh, ffffuuuuccckkk, Lydia! Your pussy is so hot, so tight. Take my cock, you incestuous slut, you. I’m going to fuck you and fuck you until I fill your incestuous cunt with my brother-sperm.”

Tim grabbed his sister’s legs and pushed them back into her chest, opening her hot pussy even more to his driving cock. Again and again he pounded his cock into her. The sound of their bodies slapping together filled the room.

“Do it, Tim! Fuck me hard. Fuck your sister’s hot, wet pussy with your big, incestuous cock. Make me your own little fuck slut. Fill my incestuous hole. Fuck me, brother of mine, fuck me until I cum and cum.”

Lydia began to thrust back up at her brother’s pounding cock, meeting him stroke for stroke. She twisted her ass this way and that, trying to screw her overheated pussy onto his hard cockmeat. To Tim it felt like he had a wildcat in his hands. His sister’s twat was trying to eat his cock alive. He couldn’t believe what a hot, wild fuck she was. He picked up the pace: faster and faster, harder and harder, driving his cock root-deep into her wet, open cunt again and again. At the rate they were going it didn’t take them long to reach their orgasmic heights.

“Oh, shit, kaçak bahis Lydia. Your pussy is so hot. You are fucking me so good. Shit! I’m going to cum. I’m going to fill your hot, wet, incestuous pussy with my seed. Oh, fuck! I’m cccuuuummmmiiinnng! Take it, sis. Take my incestuous cum deep up your fucking womb.”

Lydia felt her brother’s cock swell and buck as it sent it’s load of sticky sperm spraying up inside her womb. It jerked once, twice, three times. And then again and again, as it filled her with his hot, white cream. She grabbed his butt and pulled him tight into her crotch as her own orgasm flooded over her.

“Yyyyyeeeeesssss! Yyyeeesss, Tim. Cum! Fill me with your sperm. Flood your sister’s incestuous pussy with your hot seed. Pour that incestuous cum into my womb. I’m cumming! I’m ccccuuuummmmmiiinnnggg so hard! Keep fucking me, Tim. Keep fucking my hot pussy-hole with your incestuous, creaming cock.”

Slowly brother and sister calmed down. Tim lay on top of Lydia, breathing hard, as his cock began to shrink inside her cum filled hole. He pushed his body up on his arms and smiled down at her. As he sat back his now soft cock slid from her well-fucked pussy. He gazed at her open, red hole, watching his cum slowly leak out and flow down her ass to the floor. Then he looked up at her face. She was smiling at him.

“Wow! That was great. You sure are a wonderful lover, Tim. You can fuck me any time you want.”

“You’re not so bad yourself, sis. I could get hooked on your pussy really easy.”

Then he lay down beside her and in the quiet that followed they could hear their parents as they came together in their bedroom.

When they left their children, Paul and Mary entered their bedroom. Paul thought about closing the door, but then realized he didn’t need to. If Tim and Lydia wanted to watch, they were welcome. He stood behind his wife and gazed at the broken chair that still lay on the floor. It had all begun in this room. As he relived the scene in his mind, his hands came up and he cupped Mary’s breasts through her dress. He smiled as he realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He felt her nipples hardened in response to his touch.

Mary pressed her body back into her husband, forcing her breasts deeper into his hands, feeling his hard cock press against her ass. Enjoying the feel of Paul’s hands and cock on her body, she wondered how she could have ever thought such contact was evil. She knew she would never reject the touch of her husband or son again. Her body was theirs to do with as they desired. She was ready to let Paul fuck her any way he wanted. When she looked over at their twin beds, they looked so small, so inadequate for what was about to happen.

She laughed. “We need a bigger bed.”

“Maybe we can trade these in on a larger one at the furniture store.” Paul responded.

“Better get a king size,” she said, “especially if the kids are going to join us.”

“Maybe we better get them bigger beds, too,” he suggested. “If they start sleeping together they will need them.”

Mary turned toward her husband. “OK. But not now. Later. One of these will do for now.” She began to unbutton his shirt as she gazed up into his eyes. “Right now I just want you to make love to me.”

Paul saw the love-lust shine in his wife’s eyes. This was a new Mary, a sexy, fuck-loving Mary. And he loved her. As she pulled his shirt from his body, he leaned in and kissed her. Soon their tongues were dueling in their mouths. As they kissed he reached behind her and unzipped her dress, pulling it forward, off her shoulders. He stepped back to let it fall to the floor, revealing her naked body underneath.

“No underwear?” he asked in surprise.

“No underwear,” she replied as she bent down to remove his pants. “They would only get in the way, so why bother?” And then with a smile she added, “Besides, between you and Tim, I doubt that they would stay on for very long anyway. I don’t plan to wear underwear again in the foreseeable future.”

In his mind, Paul suddenly had a picture of his prim and proper, yet sexy wife, all dressed up in her Sunday best for church, with her naked tits and pussy available underneath. The blood surged into his cock making it rock hard. He pulled his wife’s naked body against his own and kissed her hard as he felt her breasts press into his chest while his cock throbbed against her belly. He reached down to cup her ass in his hands and pull her tighter against his manhood. He moaned as she followed his lead by grabbing his ass and pulling him into herself as well.

For several seconds they continued their kiss, pressed up against each other’s naked body. Eventually they came up for air, stepped back a little, and began caressing and exploring each other for the first time in their marriage.

Paul loved the soft swell of Mary’s breasts and the way her dainty pink nipples stuck out hard from them. As he stroked his hand down her stomach and into her mat of pubic hair, he leaned forward to suck one of her nipples into his mouth, causing her to moan as she pushed her breast into his face. At the same time his fingers found her wet slot and slid into the heated depth of her cunt. He was surprised at how wet she was there. He had the distinct feeling he could drown in her juices.

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