A Pervert’s Memory of Being 18

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We moved my senior year in High School; my dad following the Great American dream! Through my high school years I had been the local faggot whore who serviced everyone in the little town I lived in, so when I turned 18 in my new home, over a thousand miles from my old home and reputation, I boarded a bus and went downtown to where there were several adult theaters. Through conversations and obvious other means I had learned of all the gay sexual activity that took place within them. As I traversed the half hour to town, my cock was erect and spilling pre-cum in my shorts.

By squeezing with thumb and forefinger on the penis’ head through the thin short’s material, you are able to have your erection subside, so I used that trick to be “normal” as I left the bus. I wore only tennies, no socks, a white t-shirt. Thin, silky red short shorts, and no underwear, so an erection would have been an embarrassing advertisement.

Two blocks and I’d be at my destination, but as soon as I made the sidewalk from the bus, my advertisement returned in all its embarrassing glory. I didn’t feel any embarrassment any more, I just walked down the street, head up and proud to be a pervert. And right after I passed an elderly couple, both staring at my crotch as if I were an alien, and as I closed in on the theater, my cock screamed, “Man-child, gay whore seeking cock to suck and fuck.” And I was deadly serious. I was about to give over to the queer crowd within the dark confines of this pervert’s heaven, my mouth, my ass and my cock for their amusement and pleasure—and mine!

In my shoe was my money, bus pass and license. I stopped and retrieved them, for I would surely be carded at the theater. I was, and he laughed as he handed me my change and a ticket and said, “Okay kid, but be warned those men in there will eat you alive..ha, ha, ha! Fuck you are a sight to see, in those flimsy shorts and your hardon’s display.” I smiled and I turned and pushed open the door.

The AC hit me full in the face. It was quite warm for mid-May, and it güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri made me perk up as I made my way up the fake aisle; stanchions were used to separate entering and exiting. The stanchions faded red velvet and pitted gold finishes matched the ancient, baroque décor. The theater was probably built in 1930’s.

An old man sat on a stool behind a wooden lectern, smoking a cigarette and reading a newspaper. He lowered the paper and extended his hand; I gave him the ticket and he removed the cigarette from his mouth, looked me up and down, and a crooked smile creased his mouth as he spoke softly, “You’re goin’ cause me to mop up a lot of cum tonight, boy. Christ, you might as well be naked. My, my. Hey, kid, wanna make it even better? Fresh bottle of poppers-only five bucks. It’ll propel that little cock of yours to great heights.”

“Yeah,” I answered as I fished out a five dollar bill. I had heard of them, but had never indulged.

He handed over the small brown bottle and said, “Smart kid. Take a few hits of these and you’ll be floating above the angels; they’ll just be disguised as middle-aged queers.”

I pushed the door into a lobby with a long couch set along the separating wall with glass atop it and beyond that a massive theater with a scattering of men sitting in what appeared to be small groupings. The air had a faint odor of cum and sweat. My breathing had increased.

Two men sat upon the couch. They stared at me and I experienced what most women feel when passing men at construction sites—at least I welcomed their stares because I wanted their hands, their cocks, their cum and their lust. My small, uncut five inch cock jumped with lust in my silky shorts; my pre-cum stain on the short’s front had grown to an inch and a half by then.

To my left, a door with a sign above it reading “restroom,” and to my right a door with steps and no sign above it. I knew from my sources that to descend those steps was a walk on the wild side, and with wobbly legs I descended to a small, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri semi-lit room with a door at either end; one lead to a small room with chairs and a TV playing gay porno, and the other to a small hallway that lead no where, but was bathed in complete darkness, except for a small and weakly lit exit sign at one end.

I entered the thick ebony darkness; my eyes saw nothing. Cum and sweat odors filled my nostrils. I reached out…a wall; I leaned against it.

My heart pounding, my cock throbbing as I lowered my shorts to my knees. My mind bouncing about…seconds passing and suddenly, surrounded by two men.

Behind me hands ran over my ass, before me hands cupping my balls, jerking my cock. A finger greased with lube circling my asshole, and then penetrating it, and I pushed back into it. A face bent over to my ear and a deep voice, a black voice, spoke into my ear as a second and third finger drove up into my anal canal, “Young slut, my friend and I and probably the entire patrons of this theater have what you want.”

He took my hand and placed it on a long, thick cock, nine or more inches. “You will bend over and suck my cock. I will gradually and carefully shove it down your throat so I may hear you gag and sputter; you’ll believe I am trying to choke you to death—and that will thrill to cum, but know my friend will be shoving his large cock up your ass and fucking you like the whore you are. Your asshole is a manpussy now, made for black cock to bred and stretch. Give me the poppers in your hand.”

I obeyed him. I could hear him taking deep hits from them and then he held the bottle under my nose, closed off the other nostril and had me breath deeply several times and then again, the other side. He handed them to his partner as I felt the strangest sense of floating and a rush of intense lust.

He lowered my head. His cock, uncut, the unclean odor of smegma hit my senses, and it entered my mouth, filling it; he pulled back the foreskin, and slowly he worked it, güvenilir bahis şirketleri slowly pumping in and out, going a bit farther each time. I eagerly sucked and felt it advancing to my throat.

At my asshole ring, the other cock brushed against it. Back against the intruder I pushed; it popped through the ring with pain and slipperiness. In my mouth the other cock began to enter my throat. Incessantly, he pumped and gagged me, and, yes, I thought he was going to suffocate me, and, yes, I shot a load just as the cock in my ass was shoved in to the hilt.

He lifted my head and we did more poppers, and then right back to my mouth. As this went on, I realized my cock was still rock hard. And unawares to me—a group of men with cocks of varying sizes had surrounded us, but they all had one thing in common—they were all erect and seeking to enter either hole of mine.

The cock was being shoved as far as it could go; his balls were slapping my chin and his pubic hair brushed and scratched my upper lip and face. It seemed like an hour had passed. My arms were hanging down and my body was being rocked and rolled. I felt like a chicken being spit roast.

All of a sudden the two cocks were pulled from me, and they changed positions, and as they did I swayed about and almost fell. Stabilized, the cock in my mouth was smaller and coated with my own ass waste and lube; the cock popping through my ass ring was larger and more painful—at first, but soon we were a synchronized unit of gay lust, pumping with a frenzy that shock me to my roots. And in some unit of lustful frenzy, I began to feel another orgasm coming. I shot my load almost at the same time as my two assailants.

Both pulled out from me, and I felt empty; I half stood and leaned against the wall and noticed the group of men about me. The poppers were shoved into my hands as I was manipulated into a position of cocks entering me as I sniffed from the bottle and eagerly received cock after cock in both holes.

I calculated the time I caught the bus, the ride length in time and probably when I entered the theater. I checked the time as I staggered out of the theater. I had been sucking and fucking for four hours. Zeus knows how many cocks sucked and fucked, but I was addicted and exhausted. I was already planning my next trip to pervert heaven.

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