A Ride in the Country

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Ameri Ichinose

Darcy rode his hunter bruisingly through the woods. Kicking it on each time it threatened to falter. He had worked up a considerable sweat and was determined to ride until he was too exhausted to feel the physical pain of his yearning. Four weeks Susan had been away, and another 6 stretched out before him. He wished he’d never agreed she could go to visit her damned fool mother for so long. Never again would he agree to go for so long without her in his bed, her warm soft mouth… Damn!

He had known before marriage that he was uncommonly attracted to his wife. Most men of his class accepted wives who were suitable. Hopefully they were attractive enough to make the job of getting an heir acceptable at least. They were then free to satisfy their basic instincts on whatever young women, or men, took their fancy. In his younger days, Darcy had been no different. His youth was pampered and he had taken pleasure where he had found it. There were many regrets he would later have but his times spent with luscious young women and beautiful young men were not among them.

And now he was desperate for his own wife. The beautiful and proper Elizabeth had turned out to be an eager and wiling pupil in the bedroom. He could not forget his first night with her. He had expected staid and patient intercourse, but what he had found was anything but. She had stripped for him slowly, keen for his approval but surprisingly unhesitant. And when he had taken her in his arms, the mouth she pushed hard against his was hot and open. They had kissed passionately, her tongue exploring the new ground of another’s mouth. He squeezed her breasts just firmly enough to feel her intake of breath, and then moved his hands strongly down her body. She had reacted each time his movements found a new sensitive area, until finally she was moaning as he pushed between her sweet pale thighs. She had sat on the bed then and helped him begin to unfasten his own breeches. When his cock was revealed she had taken it quickly and gently into her hands.

She was curious and soft as she began to stroke repeatedly down his burning shaft. Impressed, he had watched as her beautiful eyes drank in his length. When she glanced up at him he took her face in his hands and pushed his thumb across her soft lips. What happened next was probably the greatest shock of the night and the first time he began to suspect she was not what he had thought. Smiling, she first took his thumb into her mouth and he couldn’t help but groan softly as the warm tip of her tongue danced along the end of the digit. Delighted with the response, she backed off slightly and the moved forward again, this time moving to take his swelling shaft into her mouth.

Temporarily astounded, he could do no more than stare as his considerable length disappeared into her welcoming mouth. She pushed forward hungrily, devouring him until she could take no more and had to stop with a small groan. He began to move himself, sliding across those beautiful lips and hot tongue. He stared at her face, which was lost in concentration, almost unbelieving that his proper and innocent wife was giving him the greatest pleasure he had known in years.

She sucked deep and firmly, stroking his shaft and also toying with his scrotum, bringing him right to the brink. As he began to call out in ecstasy she moved back and grabbing his taut member in her hand pulled expertly at it to pump his sweet explosion over her upturned face. Staring down at the warm sticky residue covering her flushed cheeks and dripping onto her wonderful breasts he knew he had gotten more than he had bargained for.

And now, a few months later he felt the animal need to unleash his desires. Elizabeth had of course encouraged him to continue bahis firmaları his regular dalliances. She even asked him about his adventures and took great pleasure in having him recount his exploits in the marriage bed. On a couple of occasions she had told him of particular wenches she thought he should tumble and then joined in happily. They had shared young women before, and would again. And nor was she a prude. She had wanted desperately to know of his meetings with young men and at his request had pleasured herself while he had told her about them.

He returned to the stables tired but not feeling much better and strode angrily down the centre aisle until he heard a noise in one stable. A young man, not more than 20, came to his abrupt call, and caught the reins that were peremptorily thrown in his direction.

“See to him,” Darcy snapped, as he unbuttoned his coat. The lad smiled, but quickly bobbed his head, and began to walk the horse into an empty stable. Looking thoughtfully after him, Darcy realised he had not seen the lad before and began to follow. He remembered Stafford, the head groom, had said something about needing more help in the yards and assumed this must be one of the new blood. He watched as the fellow quickly took of the bridle and began to unstrap the saddle. There was no doubting that he knew his way around a horse. He was slightly built but worked quickly, his lithe torso bobbing swiftly.

Looking closer, Darcy noticed clean hands and well shaven and delicate features. The boy was certainly above the common village stock. Suddenly his mind was off equine questions and again consumed with an urgent desire. He leant casually against the door, enjoying the show and allowing his eyes to wander freely over the energetic youth. He was not sure whether Stafford shared his appreciation for beautiful and acquiescent young men, but By God, he had chosen wisely.

“You’ve not been here long,” he asked pleasantly, more to hear the youth’s voice than out of any real interest in his background.

“No this is my first time today, Sir,” he replied, “just arrived in town a couple of weeks ago.” After this information the youth smiled readily and tossed his black locks out of his eyes, “I’m Michael,” he offered.

Darcy nodded slowly and placed his whip down on a bale with the stable wall, then held Michael’s eyes steadily, “I assume you know who I am?” he asked, without breaking eye contact. Michael nodded and grinned boyishly, smoothing his hands down the front of his white shirt, at last showing some signs of nerves. “Good,” thought Darcy, a few nerves were no bad thing. “Come here, Michael,” Darcy said in a quiet but firm voice. After a moment’s hesitation, Michael flushed and came to stand in front of the well dressed squire.

Michael was slim and about 5 feet and 9 inches tall, about three inches shorter than Darcy. He had pale and smooth skin, with slightly flushed cheeks and long eyelashes fluttering above deep green eyes. Darcy thought him beautiful and guessed that others felt the same. The lad certainly seemed happy enough to stand comfortably while the older man looked him up and down. Darcy was darker and heavier. His frame the well-muscled build of a man in his early thirties. His skin had browned happily in his country pursuits. But now it felt alive as he reached up and clasped a firm hand around the back of the soft neck in front of him.

He pulled Michael towards him, and roughly took possession of that soft mouth with his own. Pulled off balance, Michael’s chest landed on Darcy’s and his hands sought to regain balance. But his mouth yielded quickly and Darcy felt the younger man move against him.

Reaching around an arched back, Darcy grasped at kaçak iddaa a small and firm arse, and pulling, felt that Michael’s cock was as hard as his own. The arms snaking up and around his neck also begged for more.

Darcy pushed away slightly and then after another glance into the willing eyes in front of him, pulled the young man into an empty stable. He turned to close the gates and then looked back meaningfully. Michael’s eyes were glistening and his lips slightly parted. He stole a look around himself and didn’t see as Darcy approached and pushed him firmly back into a deep pile of hay.

The lad laughed briefly but his gaiety disappeared, as Darcy quickly began to undress. Michael responded by pulling his shirt off in one smooth movement and then whipped his trousers off while still on his back. Darcy looked down and saw a smooth and glistening body laying strewn amidst the straw, as if waiting to be ravaged. His own cock stood out demandingly and as he stepped towards the straw, Michael rose to his knees and grasped at the older man’s legs. Here was no chance to wait and be amazed by the beauty of the vision before him. Darcy was urgent and pulled the younger man’s head towards him, thrilling as he heard the slight gag as he thrust into the back of his throat. Lost in ecstasy he felt the wrap of tongue around his shaft but knew that he needed more. Gasping he pulled back and thrust Michael back into the straw. “Turn over” he barked, sinking down into the soft material.

For the first time Michael seemed to hesitate. The moment’s debate in his eyes, was not lost on Darcy, who smirked knowingly. ” Not had that sweet arse fucked before,” he asked, and was delighted when all he received in reply was a short shake of the head.

“Well, then we are both in for one hell of a treat,” he laughed and pushed Michael down on his belly and used his knees to part the long slim legs. Gazing down at the arse before him he could barely believe he was to be the first inside it. The smooth skin was almost completely hairless, and rounded with firm muscles now clenched in apprehension. Dropping his head, he began to rub at the cheeks firmly, feeling as the muscles relaxed until he could slip his tongue quickly into the crack.

He felt Michael’s back arch, and waited a few seconds until the cheeks again relaxed and he could move his tongue repeatedly against the tight and hard little opening. Sure enough, Michael soon began to moan and push his hips backwards, almost grinding his little arse up to the man who was about to invade it. Darcy gathered saliva in his mouth and began to push it all over the writhing little arse in front of him, pushing hard against the opening until he felt it begin to allow him to probe inside. Then he raised himself onto his knees and firmly pushed a finger against the slick opening. Again he felt the momentary contraction, until after a few seconds the relaxation came and he slipped his finger inside. Michael now gave a hearty moan and pushed his own face deep in the straw. Darcy could feel the expulsive force being tried against his finger which he was advancing deeper as Michael pushed back against him.

After just a couple of minutes, Darcy knew the moment was right, and withdrew his hand and watched as Michael collapsed into the straw. He then moved his hips above the now quivering arse cheeks, and used one hand to guide the head of his cock against the slippery opening. Michael took a sharp breath as Darcy pushed forward, the feeling of the taut muscle relaxing to receive him was exquisite. For a moment Michael tried to wriggle forward to get away, deeper into the straw to escape the violation behind him. But Darcy was both gentle and relentless. He placed one hand on the shoulder kaçak bahis beneath him and then pushed further, pulling his lover back onto his impaling shaft. Michael groaned so loudly Darcy wondered briefly if there was anyone else in the yards. However, now, quite frankly he could not have stopped if the whole village had gathered to watch. With a final thrust he felt himself slide to his full length into that tight arse and relished the firm feel of buttocks aginst his own hips. After a moment’s respite he began to build up rhythm. Sliding firmly into the sweetly resisting heat. After a couple of violent sobs, Michael too, started to move in time, tilting his back and pushing back onto the hard cock, stretching him further and further.

Darcy began to sweat, his muscles were clenching and he could feel his orgasm building, waves of pleasure spreading all over his body. He stopped and pulled back, rising to his knees. Michael looked around quickly, desperate for the last rush that would satisfy them both. Darcy used the turn to roll him over and pushed him down on his back, marvelling again at the beauty of the slight pale adonis. Michael’s knees were bent and Darcy swiftly hooked one, pushing began the leg up over his own shoulder and positioning himself between the hips. Michael looked dazed and apprehensive, but soon dropped back into the straw as Darcy began to push again into his yielding body. Now Michael had basically no control over movement. Pushing forward, Darcy felt him tense and then shudder as the new position allowed him to push deeper with each stroke. Leaning his weight against the leg he felt his cock slide to its full length and almost cried out in joy as he felt the body beneath him give way in complete surrender. He soon built to an over whelming climax. Thrusting himself so deep he almost felt himself go faint as his body pumped huge amounts of hot cum, deep into that sweetly damaged arse.

Exhausted Darcy sat back and stared at the ravaged body below him. Still beautiful, Michael was recovering slowly. He was drenched in the sweat of both men, and his softened arse was slowly dripping glistening cum onto the damp straw. Darcy rose and gathered his clothes slowly. Michael was lying happily and experimentally fingering his throbbing and sticky hole. Without a further word, Darcy walked smiling up to the house. This was the first of many sessions he hoped to enjoy with the new stable boy. And Elizabeth he knew, would want to make it an entertaining group.

When he got to the house he was mildly annoyed to find he had guests who had dropped by unannounced. At least, he thought as he said a brief hello, his appearance would not raise any questions as his man had explained he was absent on a brisk ride. The newcomers explained they were his new neighbours. Gentry from London who had decided to make the area their home. He was happily able to listen with only intermittent concentration, until his attention was brought to with a jolt.

“Yes sent him off to your stables an hour or so ago,” snorted the waffling Sir Barnet as he stuffed a quince pie into his face.

“I beg your pardon,” asked Darcy with a dropping feeling in his stomach.

“Yes, our son, don’t you know,” the fool blathered on. “Michael’s his name”, he continued, “in fact I promised him you might take him for a ride some time,” his neighbour continued. As Darcy dropped his head into his hands. Barnet thought he may have overstepped the line, and quickly leant forward, “I say, you wouldn’t mind would you?”

Darcy raised his head and tried to focus on the question at hand “Hmmm?”

“You know, bit of young male company, take him for a bit of rough and tumble, ride him out once a week. You know,” here the old man actually began to make riding gestures with his hands and loins, until the desperate Darcy could only grin and smother a laugh.

“Oh I think I could manage that” he said, “I’m sure we should both enjoy that very much.”

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