A Spanking From Aunt Susie Ch. 02

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It was a week since I’d got my spanking.

The red marks my Aunt Susie had left on my arse cheeks were fading. It didn’t hurt to sit down after a couple of days. I thought I could get my mind back together.

My name is David and this particular Easter holiday my sexy Aunt Susie came to stay. A week ago she’d caught me masturbating when I thought everyone was out. I’d been sent to my room and given a tanned hide, a severe telling off.

I’d loved every moment of it.

I may have been sobbing by the end, shaking and on the edge, but when she brought me off with her hand it had both the most incredible orgasm of my life. After she’d held me for a little while, my Aunt Susie left me on my bed and picking up her shoes and a couple of my discipline magazines, had sauntered out of my room.

Over the past week her attitude towards me had changed. Sometimes she treated it as a joke. On Thursday she’d come back home carrying a dry cleaning bag. As she passed the living room she stopped, saw me there and waggled her finger slowly while tut-tutting and shaking her head. There was still a smile on her face, even though my semen had stained her suit.

She hadn’t worn trousers since before the incident. It was skirts all the time now. She’d cross her legs giving me ample view of her thighs just while we were sitting watching TV. My Mum and Dad didn’t seem to notice. They’d ignore my sudden trips to bathroom to relieve myself, my Aunt Susie giggled up her sleeve.

At other times Aunt Susie seemed a little more aggressive. I’d be in the kitchen doing the washing-up and would suddenly hear a soft tapping sound. I’d turn and there she’d be, still wearing her work suit, heels on, blouse open further than usual, playfully tapping a wooden spoon into her hand, her blue eyes staring at me. Mean expression. I’d stopped what I was doing, just watching her, trying to keep my breathing steady. A sudden noise, one of parents coming, would break the moment and I’d go back to the washing-up. Rock hard, keeping my body pressed against the sink cupboard in case my erection was too noticeable.

I still had the run of the house during the day. I’d tried to find where Aunt Susie had hidden my spanking magazines, just see whether she’d been reading any one in particular. My fantasies had turned to her sitting on the bed, legs spread, frigging herself over the pictures of discipline. I walked around and considered taking a pair of panties for me to wank into. On opening her underwear drawer I’d found a Post-it note with ‘Go on – you know you want to take a pair’ written on it. Shocked that my Aunt Susie seemed to be near telepathic I slammed the drawer. Sitting on her bed for a moment I thought about whether she actually wanted me to take her panties. Just a pair. The more I stared at the drawer the more it made sense. She was a woman who’d wanked me; let me cum all over her. I resolved that I should take a pair of her panties.

Opening the drawer I took a pair of thin, black, lacy panties. Shutting the drawer, I left her room and rushed downstairs to my own bedroom. I slammed my bedroom door behind me and leaped on the bed. I undid my jeans and pulled one of my bondage magazines out from under the bed. Positioning canlı bahis myself on all fours over the pictures of fierce femdom I pulled and milked my cock into the panties.

The feeling of the material against my cock was electric. I squeezed and pulled on prick harder than usual, moaning as my cum flowed into the panties. Gasping I collapsed on the bed falling forward over the pictures and drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke it was dark. Evening already! I looked at the clock and realised it had gone seven. Surely I would have been called for tea? Quickly stuffing the still sticky panties under my pillow I look around the room. There was a piece of paper lying on the floor of my bedroom. Scrawled on it in big letters were the words ‘LIVING ROOM – NOW!’. I recognised the hand writing as Aunt Susie’s. My heart began to beat faster. Zipping up my jeans I walked out of my bedroom and into the living room.

There she was. Aunt Susie sat in one of the armchairs reading another of my magazines. I ran my eyes up her lithe body. She wore patent black leather heels, really tall; her legs were sheathed in sheer black stockings with a black seam running up their back. These were held up by dark suspenders that hung from a black corset, I gasped when I realised there was nothing covering her cunt. The corset pushed her breasts together delightfully while her hair was bound up tightly completing the stern look.

Noticing I had entered the room she put the magazine down and ran her hands over her stocking-clad legs. “Mummy and Daddy are out, David and I want to play.”

“I, I-” lost for words I stood there still in awe of my sexy Aunt.

“You what?” she asked. “You were a filthy little boy weren’t you, David? Masturbating into my panties like that.”

“You said I could take a pair…” I began, the creeping and pleasant realisation that there was no arguing with Aunt Susie entered my mind.

“I wanted to see if you were dirty enough to actually do it,” she stood up in front of me. “It appears you actually are.”

My mouth opened to speak, but no words came as she squeezed my cock through my jeans. “Naughty,” she mouthed at me. I reached forward a hand to touch her corset. It was instantly slapped away. “Not yet, David. Get upstairs to my room now.” I paused for a second looking at the fire in her blue eyes. “NOW!”

I jumped and ran out of the living room. I hurtled up the stairs into my Aunt’s bedroom where I had been earlier. I could hear her behind me, walking slowly up the stairs. I looked about the room nervously. There didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary. I sat on the bed. She snaked into the bedroom, tits and arse shaking invitingly. I was mesmerised. She stood in front of me and then placed her foot down onto my crotch. The black stiletto pressed down onto my hard cock.

“You like my shoes, don’t you David?”

I nodded in agreement.

“Get down on the floor and kiss them.” She took her foot away and let me slide on to the bedroom floor. Aunt Susie remained standing as I began to kiss and lick her high heels. I ran my tongue all over them relishing the moment. “You’re good at this…” she commented. “But you’ve still been bad. Time for your punishment.”

I bahis siteleri let the shudder run through me, enjoying it. Aunt Susie told me to stand up and strip. I complied with her instruction and quickly took off my t-shirt and dropped my jeans. I still had my black shorts on as she told me to face the wall, arms outstretched and leaning forward. The position forced my arse out. I knew what was coming. I felt Aunt Susie’s hand yank down my shorts, exposing my bare backside.

“This is what naughty, little boys get,” said Aunt Susie. “Be sure to say you’re sorry.”


What? That was a hairbrush, not her hand! The pain stung severely, but was soothed away by her hand.

“I can’t hear you,” she said. CRACK! The hairbrush landed again twice. The onslaught on my arse had begun.


The pain was building now. “I’m sorry…” I managed to mumble, trying to hold back from crying out. The hairbrush didn’t stop. It came cracking down on my arse with a merciless severity.

“You’re dirty and filthy,” my Aunt told me. “ A perverted little bastard.”

CRACK! CRACK! The tears were starting to well up inside me as I took the spanking. I managed to steady my breathing a little when I looked down and realised how hard my cock was. “You’re getting off on this, aren’t you?” my Aunt had noticed me looking at my erect prick. The hairbrush stopped coming down on my arse. I looked around but couldn’t see what she was doing. Suddenly I felt a cooling liquid spill down between my arse cheeks. It took me by surprise and I cried out. I then felt my Aunt’s fingers working the oil around my arsehole.

“Oh!” was all I could manage as one of my Aunt’s fingers worked it’s way into my arse. Her other hand came crashing down on my cheeks. I was being spanked and fucked.

“You little slut. You’re enjoying this, getting fucked like this.”

“Yes…” I responded, the charged feeling of having a finger inside me while being spanked was incredible. I pushed my arse out backwards as Aunt Susie worked her finger in and out of me. I cried and groaned as I was punished and pleasured. I could feel my balls tingling and tightening, my body shaking, I was going to cum soon…

The sensation subsided. My Aunt’s finger was out of the tight, brown hole.

“My turn now,” she said. She me pulled me back from the wall and then assumed the same position I had. “On your knees,” she commanded. I obeyed kneeling behind her looking at her cunt and arse framed by the stockings. She pushed her arse out towards me. “Lick it. My pussy and arse.”

I didn’t waste any time. I pushed my mouth up to her swollen, vagina and began to lick as she leaned against the wall. She was wet and I was eager. My Aunt began to rock her body back and forth against my face. I kissed, licked and sucked as much as I could. My tongue darted between her lips, French-kissing her cunt. I did the same with her arsehole, as her groans began to get louder. I raised myself up further on my knees, placing both hands on Aunt Susie’s thighs to steady myself. I loved the feeling of the stocking-tops, the material meeting the bare flesh. I increased my pace. Her clit was now upright, demanding attention. I took the soft mound bahis şirketleri into my mouth and sucked. Aunt Susie squealed with delight as I kept sucking. “Keep going, that’s good, that’s so fucking good.”

I took stock of what had happened to bring me to this point – on my knees lapping at my Aunt’s hot pussy. I considered that it was luck more than judgement and I wondered if she’d visit me at university.

“OH yes…” Aunt Susie’s groans shook me from my thoughts. I pressed on, harder, the smell and taste was intoxicating. I pressed my tongue hard against her clit before flicking it off again. “Oh yes,” she breathed. I kept flicking my tongue off of her clit. She was pressing down on my face hard now. I didn’t stop. “Yes, yes, don’t stop, David. Jesus, oh, OH FUCK, OH-” My Aunt’s screams became silent as she rode her orgasm. I felt the shudder run through her. I pressed my head against her arse resting it as she came back down to earth. She turned around looking right down at me. I smiled as she ran her hand through my hair. “Good boy, David. Thank you.”

She walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. Crossing her legs in the way drove me wild she leaned over on her side and pulled an envelope from under the pillow.

“Come and sit next to me, David.”

I got off up the floor and sat next to her. Her elegant fingers opened the envelope and pulled out several photos. “I had these taken for you. You know I’m leaving in a few days.” I looked at the photos. It was my Aunt Susie, posing for the camera in a variety of outfits, lingerie and heels. I caught my breath at a picture of her leaning against a chair, wearing nothing except a black PVC miniskirt and black platform shoes. I felt a hand grab my cock. “You like?”

“I like a lot.” I turned to her and we kissed. She squeezed my prick, realising how hard I was.

“They’re yours to keep. Let’s take care of this now.”

Aunt Susie pushed me back on to the bed and I lay down. She kneeled over me and in one swift movement straddled me, plunging my cock into her cunt. I cried out as she began to move on me, her cunt squeezing my prick.

“You feel good, David. God I’ve wanted this for a long time.”

“You’re not the only one,” I managed, reaching up to her breasts, held in place by the corset. “Naughty,” she smiled back at me and leaned forward to kiss me.

This was wonderful. I tried to make sure I took every feeling, every sight in, so I could remember this moment. My sexy Aunt Susie was fucking me, my beautiful, dominant Aunt. Her fingernails traced their way down my chest as she moved on me. I wanted to say so much, but the words never came. She started to bounce up and down on me. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, the feeling building up inside me. I knew then I had to have her again. “Jesus…”

“Oh David, that’s good. You’re a naughty boy, David. A very, very bad boy.”

The words were making my head spin. So bad, so wrong… My hands dug into her gorgeous arse.

“Oh GOD! FUCK!” I shouted as I came inside my Aunt. My breathing was out of control, my body bucking wildly as her cunt squeezed every drop of cum from me. I was shivering, my head dizzy.

“Shhh, David, good boy, good boy…” my Aunt reassured me, kissing my forehead as I regained control of my body.

I grinned at her, her chest heaving and she smiled back at me. “Naughty…” she said, closing her eyes, resting her palm on my chest. “Naughty…”

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