A Stepmother’s Dilemma Ch. 02

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Things went back to normal when Alan returned home the day after their ‘mutual masturbation’, as Cameron had referred to it. She was suddenly hyper aware of Cameron and stepped lightly, slightly worried that he might let something slip, but he barely spoke to his dad. Cameron was rarely home at the same time as his father, she realized. It hadn’t been something she’d noticed before, but now she was hyper-aware of Cameron’s presence.

Cameron’s door was never open when he was in his room now, though she could hear him from time to time. She wondered if he was masturbating, but didn’t dare to find out. Things calmed down and life went back to normal.

Lori Lynn hated it.

Friday night Alan texted her that he was working late, taking a client to dinner, and not to wait up for him. Not that it mattered, he’d snubbed every attempt she’d made at seducing him since he’d come back, turning her guilt to something vitriolic. She wanted to throw dinner away, but couldn’t deny Cameron because his dad was an asshole. She boxed it up and put it in the fridge with Cameron’s name on it, then grabbed a book and went to bed early.

She heard Cameron come in a little later and thought about saying hello, but decided against it. She stayed in bed with her book, fighting her urges to imagine him pleasuring himself again. After a while the noise of him moving around the house died down and she relaxed.

She was half asleep when she suddenly had this feeling that the garage door was open. She semi-sleepwalked her way to the garage only to find that it was closed. Better that she checked it, if not she wouldn’t have been able to sleep. As she padded back to bed she passed Cameron’s room. The door was cracked.

She hesitated, then heard a soft grunt followed by a low moan. She pushed the door and it creaked a little wider. Shit, what was she doing? Leave, she needed to leave, she couldn’t do this with her stepson again.

“Lori Lynn?” Cameron called.

“Sorry, Cameron, I was just checking the garage door. Go to sleep, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“I got the door earlier,” he said. “You weren’t interrupting anything. Wanna come in?”

“I really shouldn’t,” she said as her feet crossed the threshold to his room.

“Shut the door behind you, please?” he asked. He was sitting in bed, his back propped up by pillows. The only clothing he had on were gym shorts. He stroked the outline of his cock through the silky fabric, catching her attention.

“Cameron,” she began, swallowing hard. “I shouldn’t-“

“Please, Lori Lynn, stay? I really liked it when you watched me last time. Please? Could you watch me again?” The way he asked her melted away any willpower she had left.

“Sure,” she breathed out. “I’ll just sit over here.” She moved to the computer chair.

“The bed is more comfortable,” he told her, patting the covers beside himself.

She swallowed hard, battling her urges to follow Cameron’s every command. “I really shouldn’t.”

“You really should,” he said. “It’s more comfortable. Besides, I shouldn’t be the only one who’s enjoying themselves. I know dad hasn’t touched you since he got home.”

She froze up. “How’d you know?”

He sighed. “I took a guess, and you just confirmed it. You know he’s fucking his boss, that’s how he got his promotion. That bitch Jennifer So-and-so.”

She could see it, could see Alan pumping away into Jennifer Mao’s crossfit-tight snatch. She knew what it looked like, because she had been the same, sleeping with Alan behind Cameron’s mother’s back.

Maybe it wasn’t the same, neither Cameron or Alan had anything good to say about Missy. Still, her and Alan’s affair had ruined that marriage. She’d been young and naive, and regretted how it all went down. Hell, she hadn’t even known Alan was married until they’d been intimate for almost a year.

The signs had been there, of course, but young love had made her blind to the things she didn’t want to see, or know. Alan’s affair should have made her angry, but she suddenly didn’t care. At least not now that Cameron was around. Soon she found herself sitting on the edge of Cameron’s bed, and the thought of Alan nut-deep inside his boss was mildly amusing, because it made what she was doing with Cameron feel less wrong.

She wondered what it would feel like to have Cameron nut-deep inside her.

“Sorry. I shouldn’t’ve said that,” Cameron apologized, noticing her distraction.

“No, you’re fine. You’re right. I’ve had my suspicions for a while now. It’s only fair, I suppose.” She turned to him, her eyes catching on his nipple rings.


“Even if I didn’t know Alan was married, I should’ve. I did the same thing. I actually feel kinda bad for his boss. I wonder if she even knows about me. Not that it would change anything,” she said. She shrugged, unable to take her eyes off the silver barbells strung through those pert pink nubs.

Cameron was watching her. “You’re not upset? That dad’s cheating?”

She shrugged güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri again, the movement somehow bringing her closer to him. They weren’t touching, but she could feel his body heat, they were that close. “Alan is who he is, and he isn’t gonna change. I should’ve known that, but it’s easy to pretend that you’re special. That it’ll be different with you.” Her eyes watered, and she surprised herself as a tear streamed down her cheek.

“Sorry, Lori Lynn,” Cameron said, his strong arms enveloping her, pulling her into his firm chest. He smelled delicious. Her core tightened as his nipple piercings pressed against her modest breasts through her clothing. “God, I’m such an idiot.” He held her tight and she let herself melt into it, indulged herself for just a moment before she pushed away.

He looked at her as she sat back up, concern in his deep brown eyes. “I’m fine,” she said, wiping another tear away. “It’s silly. I don’t even care, not really. I guess it’s my pride more than anything else.”

“I didn’t mean to make you cry,” Cameron said.

She barked out a strangled laugh. “You didn’t make me cry, Cameron. You’re sweet, you really are.”

Cameron’s lips pursed. “He’s an idiot.”


Cameron snorted. “Yeah, dad. He’s a fucking idiot. You’re sexy as hell, and practically throwing yourself at him, and he’s off dipping his wick in his boss. He’s a douche! He doesn’t deserve you. I should send an anonymous email and expose-“

“Hush, Cameron,” Lori Lynn chided. “Leave him alone. I’ve come to realize he can only get off if he’s frolicking with forbidden fruit.”

“He’s still an idiot. I’d never do that to you.” Anger flashed across Cameron’s face, then melted into confusion. “Frolicking with forbidden fruit?”

She blushed, looking down as she tucked a stray piece of brown hair behind her ear. “Sounds kinda dumb now, doesn’t it?”

Cameron snorted, then laughed, wrapping one arm around her shoulders. “For real, Lori Lynn, you’re so innocent.” He pulled her against his body so that their sides lined up. She wished she had less clothes on, she wanted to feel his warmth directly. His arm over her shoulder exposed his armpit, and the smell of deodorant and male musk made her head swim.

“You smell good,” she said before her brain had time to process anything. His smell, his heat, his concern, his touch, they had her brain scrambled and her core leaking.

He leaned into her, then buried his face into her neck. She half expected him to kiss her, but he didn’t, just sucked in a deep breath. Her whole body flushed, heating her up in all the right places. She really, really wanted to take off some of her clothes, but she didn’t want to move from where she was, either. “You smell good, too,” Cameron breathed out. He buried his face in her hair, then kissed her behind her ear. “So good.”

She shivered from the pleasure of the simple gesture. He pulled away, watching her carefully.

“You were doing something? Before I interrupted?” she asked, feeling bold.

He pulled his arm back, and her shoulders chilled where his heat had been a moment ago. “You didn’t interrupt anything, Lori Lynn.”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “Sure I didn’t. Should I go back to bed?” She regretted the words instantly, she didn’t want to go back to bed, not yet. Would Cameron catch her teasing, or would he take her seriously? Dread iced up her spine as she waited for his response.

“Hmm, you’re right, I suppose. I was just gonna jerk one out before I went to sleep,” he admitted, a coy smile on his face.

“Oh. Well, don’t mind me, then,” she said, biting her lower lip in anticipation.

He stroked himself over his shorts, pulling the fabric taught so she could see the outline of his package. Her eyes lingered there, then returned to his jewelry. “You like these?” he asked, tweaking one of his nipples, the light from his desk lamp making it shine.

“I didn’t know you had your nipples pierced,” she admitted.

His cheeks turned rosy. “Yeah, I dunno. I thought it might be, yeah…”

“It’s sexy. Can I touch one?” She twisted so she could look closer. “Did it hurt a lot?”

“You like them?” he asked, watching her carefully.

“Um, is it bad? If I do?” she asked, her hand slowly reaching out.

He took her hand and pulled it to his left nipple. “You can touch all you want. They don’t hurt anymore, but when I first had it done it was insane. I actually passed out from the pain of the first one, and the piercer did the second one while I was unconscious. The pain is crazy, but super short.”

She brushed her finger over his nipple, afraid to actually touch him. He watched her, a pleased smile on his kissable lips. She wondered what it would feel like to kiss him. Was he a good kisser? He seemed like he’d be a good kisser, but she had nothing to base that on other than her fantasy. “They don’t hurt now? How long have you had them?”

“Hmm, maybe two years? I don’t güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri remember exactly. They don’t hurt. You can touch them all you want, Lori Lynn.”

She knew she should pull her hand back, but… The metal was warm under her fingertips as she pinched the ball end of the piercing. She pinched both ends between her fingers, avoiding actually touching Cameron’s nipple. “I really like these, they look very good on you,” she said, leaning in to look closer.

“That makes me really happy,” Cameron said, low and throaty. “You can tug them, if you wanted.”

“It won’t hurt?”

“I like it when they’re tugged on. I like it even more when my nipples are bit and sucked with my jewelry in.”

She looked up at him, shocked at his outright statement. “You like… I can’t, Cameron. I’m supposed to be your stepmom. I shouldn’t-” She pulled her hand away from his chest.

He grabbed her hand and kept her from fleeing. “Stop, Lori Lynn. We aren’t doing anything wrong. You’ve never seen nipple piercings before, right?”

She shook her head. “Not in person.”

“So, I’m showing you mine. Nothing wrong with that. You wanna touch them, be my guest. I’d like it if you did, it feels nice to have them played with. If you don’t, that’s okay, too. Whatever you want, Lori Lynn. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”

She realized her hand was still in his and tugged it away slowly as she battled internally, Cameron’s words blurring the line between right and wrong just a little. She relaxed and sat back against the pillows Cameron had piled up behind them.

“You’re right, of course you’re right,” she agreed. “I… I’d like to touch them again, I think.”

He smiled, then twisted a little, offering his chest to her. “I’m at your mercy, my lady.”

She giggled, closing her fingers over each end of the barbell again. She tugged gently, barely stretching his nipple out and he grunted softly in pleasure. “I didn’t hurt-“

“You didn’t. It feels good, Lori Lynn. You can do it a lot harder, if you wanted,” Cameron encouraged. He didn’t move to touch her, but jutted his chest a little more. “You can touch them both, if you wanted, too.”

She tugged again, just a little harder and he grunted again. “Harder,” he requested. “Both. Please?”

She took the other barbell into her other hand and pulled them both together, enough to stretch his nipples away from his chest a little. “That doesn’t hurt?”

“It feels awesome,” Cameron said, his eyes closed in pleasure and she held the barbells away from his chest. As she released them her finger brushed on the outside of his pebbled areola and he shivered. It was powerful, that a simple touch from her could give him so much pleasure. “Feels even better if they’re sucked on.”

She was mildly jealous of whoever Cameron had been with for him to have discovered that, and she knew it was stupid, but there it was. She pouted and Cameron laughed. “Listen, Lori Lynn. I’m not a virgin. I won’t lie to you, not ever. You don’t have to do anything you don’t wanna do. Is it okay, though, if I tell you what I imagine you doing with me?”

She nodded. He was so intense, his big brown eyes on her, that she had to look away. “Yeah. I mean, yes, please.”

He sighed. “Relax, Lori Lynn. This is supposed to be fun. If it’s not fun for you, we won’t do it.”

“No, I wanna do it,” she squeaked. “I don’t wanna… I dunno what I want.”

“That’s fair,” he said. “Do you mind if I touch myself?”

She swallowed hard. “Please,” she said after her second attempt to make words work.

He nodded, then swiftly freed his cock from the confines of his silky shorts, his eyes locked on her.

“You’re so big,” she breathed as he stroked himself.

“Really? I don’t know about that,” he dismissed. “You can touch yourself, too, if you wanted.” He slowed the speed of his stroking, watching her carefully. “Or my jewelry, if the mood struck you.”

The idea of Alan banging his boss Jennifer flashed across her vision. It had her feeling vindicated. “Can I touch you?” she asked.

Cameron looked a little surprised, but he recovered quickly. “Of course,” he said. “Whenever you want, wherever you want.” He stroked slowly and she watched, hypnotized by the motions. A bead of precum bloomed in his slit. “You are, you know,” she said.

“I am what?”


He snorted. “Bigger than my dad?”

She nodded. “A lot.”

“Is that good?” he asked, changing the hand he stroked himself with. He took the other hand, still warm from the friction on his cock, and gently wrapped it around her wrist.

“I dunno. Yea, I mean, you have a nice dick. It’s pretty.” She blushed, feeling stupid.

“I have a pretty cock?” he asked, a smile in his tone. “You have a sexy body. When I found you spread out on my bed in that little red nighty… Mmm… My dad’s an idiot.”

She giggled nervously. “Do you want me to wear something nice?”

He bit his güvenilir bahis şirketleri lip. “Not tonight, we don’t have the time. Dad’s coming back eventually. But, yes, of course I do. You’re so hot. Why wouldn’t I?” He moved her hand between his legs, brushing her fingers against his hard rod. She didn’t fight it as he guided her hand around his cock. She enveloped his heat in her hand, silky and firm. “Mmm. Lori Lynn, I’ve wanted you to touch me for ages.” He moved her hand up and down until she moved it on her own. “You don’t even know.”

She shouldn’t be giving a handjob to her stepson, she knew it was wrong, but it didn’t feel wrong. It felt good, how the skin over his shaft slid up and down the firm flesh beneath it, his cockhead blooming from his foreskin. “I’ve never actually seen a penis with foreskin,” she admitted.

“Missy wouldn’t let him cut me,” Cameron said, eyes closed and head tilted back. He never referred to his biological mother as mom, she was always Missy. “About the only thing she did right.”

Lori Lynn nodded, not that he saw her, then touched the exposed cockhead with her finger as she continued to slide down his pole with her other hand. He shivered as she traced his frenulum, gripping firmly when she reached the base of him. “I like it,” she admitted. She continued to trace his frenulum as she slowly drove her hand back up his shaft. His foreskin bunched around her fingers, the skin soft and supple.

His eyes were open again, and he watched her as she slowly explored the uncharted territory of his uncircumcised member. Cameron was putty in her hands, her every touch visibly controlling his pleasure. For the first time in a while she felt wanted. Desired.

It wasn’t a conscious move, but she ducked her head down closer for a better view of his foreskin as it slowly concealed and revealed his playful member. She could smell him, masculine and musky with a bit of sweat. It stirred her up to the point where she could no longer sit still.

Her hand dipped into her pants, the one that wasn’t slipping up and down Cameron’s shaft. She was slick, her panties more than damp. Her fingers easily parted her labia and slipped between them, and then she was rubbing herself in time to her movements on Cameron’s cock. He purred next to her, a low rumbling moan that she felt where their bodies touched. He pressed hard against her body, then brushed a finger above her nipple over her shirt.

He grunted as she squeezed down on his cock. “Sorry, sorry,” she muttered. He caught her hand before she pulled it away from him.

“Don’t go, please? You feel so good. This feels so good. Can I touch your breasts?”

She bit her lip, then closed her eyes and nodded. Cameron gently brushed two fingers back and forth over her right nipple, spaced far enough apart to make her squirm Her hand sped up and he rewarded her by pinching her nipple between his finger and thumb. Not hard enough to hurt, but enough to make her whole body electro-charged. She was so glad she wasn’t wearing a bra, but she wished she wasn’t wearing a shirt, either.

Boundaries. She needed to set boundaries.

“Right there,” he moaned, his hips moving with in time with her hand. “More, Lori Lynn. So good.” Screw boundaries.

She was close, too. He released her nipple and grabbed her entire breast in his hand and squeezed it gently, then started the whole process over again on her left breast. “Cameron,” she moaned, so ashamed, so needy.

“For real, Lori Lynn. I wanna suck on your breasts, I wanna press my face between them. They’re so soft. I wanna feel them without a shirt on. Don’t slow down, I’m so close,” he moaned. “You feel so good.”

“You make me feel so good,” she whispered. He growled, then his hips bucked and he shot off in her hand, his hand squeezing firmly on her left breast. Like before, she was impressed with how far he could ejaculate.

The smell of his cum filled the room, or it seemed to. He smelled virile and fresh. The last surge oozed onto her hand, warm and naughty. She had her stepson’s cum on her, his generous erection in her hand. She moved her own fingers faster, and almost shoved the cum-covered one down her pants, too, forgetting for a second that it was plastered with ejaculate. She gyrated her hips, shifting up to her knees so she could ride her hand without releasing his stiff pole. It felt so naughty, so good, to have his cum-covered cock in her hand while she sought her own pleasure, rubbing her clit hard.

“Cameron,” she moaned, unable to stop herself. He squeezed her breast firmly, then caught her nipple and pinched it hard, and suddenly she came on her fingers, dancing in time to the throbbing of Cameron’s cock against her palm. She imagined her fingers were Cameron’s and her hips jumped. She gasped and moaned, then bit her lip so she wasn’t so loud. It didn’t work. She bit the flesh of her thumb, but that just put the remnants of Cameron’s ejaculate in her mouth, which extended her orgasm another few pulses and had her moaning harder.

Finally she relaxed, slumping down against Cameron’s side. “You’re really good at masturbating,” Cameron noted, then kissed the top of her head. “As soon as you can, you should head back to bed. Dad’s probably gonna be back in about an hour or so.”

She swallowed hard. “Alan…” She sighed. “I’m a terrible wife.”

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