A Summer with Aunt Fiona

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Alan wasn’t exactly thrilled to be heading to rural Maine the summer after his sophomore year of college. Though it wasn’t being stuck at home, living with his Mom’s sister was also not the wild freedom of campus life. Fiona’s husband had passed away two years ago, and Alan’s Mom, knowing that Fiona could use the help and company, informed Alan that he would be spending the summer helping Fiona with tasks around the house. He was free to read and hike during the remaining, abundant free time.

Fiona, now in her late 40s, looked good for her age. Though her job as a nurse practitioner in the town clinic took up much of her time, she made a point of staying very active. Only a few grays streaked her dark brown hair. She was looking forward to seeing Alan, though she could imagine that helping her with odd jobs far away from his college friends was likely not his first choice of summer activity.

There was an additional reason that Alan was feeling apprehensive about spending so much time with his aunt Fiona; he had always had a bit of a crush on her. He was embarrassed to even call the feeling romantic attraction, but there was no other word for the way that he had noticed her shapely body growing up. He often interpreted her attempts to be friendly to him as vaguely flirty. Fiona just assumed that Alan was bashful around all adults.

When the two met again, they discovered that the other hadn’t changed too much. Alan still found Fiona flirty and direct. She hadn’t had children, so she seemed a little confused about what to do with Alan at first. He made it clear that he was perfectly happy left alone during the day. Fiona was surprised by how Alan now looked so much like a a grown man, was a grown man, in fact, though he still seemed boyish in his bashfulness.

After the first week of living with Fiona, Alan had settled in to a kind of routine. During the day, Fiona worked at the clinic and Alan killed time reading or exploring outdoors. In the afternoons, when Fiona returned from her shift, she and Alan would spend a few hours on various chores together. All was well except for one thing: Alan’s stomach. He had hardly pooped since he’d arrived, and he was beginning to feel very cramped. It wasn’t something that he was excited to talk about with his aunt, though he was certain that as a nurse she would have some sort of remedy in mind.

Alan tried to hide his predicament, but Fiona quickly caught on. She had noticed Alan wincing when the two of them were repainting the walls of the living room the evening before. Alan had dismissed it as muscle cramps from the repeated painting motion. The next morning, a Saturday when Fiona didn’t have to be in to work, she found Alan rummaging in the back of the pantry. When she asked whether there was anything that she could help him find, he said that he was looking for oatmeal or Raisin Bran.

“Is there a particular reason you want those? If you’re not feeling well, you can tell me. I am a nurse practitioner, after all.”

“No, just trying to find a good breakfast routine.”

Fiona noticed how Alan averted his eyes. She didn’t need medical training to spot a liar.

“Alan, when is the last time you had a bowl movement?”

She tried to ask gently so as not to embarrass him more than was necessary.

“I dunno. I don’t keep track.”

She asked again, more firmly.

“You don’t remember if you had one yesterday? Or the day before? This could be serious Alan.”

Alan bowed his head and admitted that he hadn’t gone in several days and was quite uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, we’ll have you feeling better soon. Thank you for telling me. Why don’t you go to your bedroom and lie down. I’ll be there in a moment.”

Alan shuffled to the bedroom and flopped down on his bed. He wondered what his aunt had in mind: probably some nasty pill he would have to swallow or some weird powder dissolved in water that he would drink. It did feel good to be lying down. What was taking her so long?

Fiona, meanwhile, removed the jeans and blouse that she had been wearing at breakfast and pulled out a pair of scrubs. They hugged her body tightly. A bit too small for the clinic, she’d decided, but perfectly fine for home use. Alan wasn’t likely to enjoy what she had in mind, so anything to make the scene a little more clinical would be helpful. She picked up a box of latex gloves and a tube of KY that she kept on hand and knocked on Alan’s door.

“Come in.”

Alan was surprised to see his aunt walk in wearing her scrubs but too consumed by embarrassment and discomfort to ask, especially when he noticed that she was carrying a box of gloves.

“Um, do you have a pill or something?”

“I know that it isn’t the most comfortable thing, but I’d like for you to turn over so that I can do a quick examination.”

“You casino siteleri already know that I’m constipated or whatever.”

She gave him a stern look, and Alan gave in. He turned over on to his stomach and heard the rustling sound as Fiona snapped a pair of gloves onto her hands and pulled them tight.

“Alan, could you please stop being difficult? I need you to pull your pants down.”

He lowered his pants, leaving on his underwear. Fiona reached down and yanked his underwear down, exposing his ass. She was growing impatient as Alan made it more difficult for both of them. She paused for a moment to collect herself and notice how well-defined his ass was. She felt the gloves on her hands, the scrubs on her body. Back to nurse mode. She lubricated her finger.

“I’m going to give you a quick exam to make sure we don’t need to go to the ER. The lubricant may feel cool.”

Alan winced as he felt his aunt’s hand spread him open then the cool, lubricated finger on the pucker of his asshole. It rested there for a moment, then pressed inside. Fiona could tell that he was backed up, but he was not impacted. This was nothing that an enema wouldn’t fix. She took her time. At the clinic she was known for being thorough. She made a mental note that when she checked him after he’d expelled, she could use the opportunity to quickly check his prostate. Alan was surprised that the finger wiggling inside him didn’t hurt. In fact, the firm, methodical prodding might even feel good if the situation was different. His cock, with a mind of its own, began to stiffen. He was thankful that it could remain buried in the bundle of sheets beneath him.

Fiona removed her finger from Alan’s ass and stripped her gloves from her hands.

“The good news is that this is nothing urgent. We can take care of things here. The bad news is that you’re getting an enema.”

She stood up and went to prepare the bag before giving Alan a chance to protest. It wasn’t exactly bad news for everyone: she had grown to find enemas relaxing, though she doubted Alan had cultivated such an acquired taste. As she filled her standard bag with two quarts of warm water, she realized that Alan might not even know what an enema was. Her suspicions were confirmed when she saw the look on his face as she walked in. Alan looked incredulously at the large rubber bag, bulging with liquid, attached to a tube.

“Aunt Fiona, what’s an enema?”

“I’m going to insert this tube into the end of your behind. This bag is filled with warm water. It might feel a little funny going in, but it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable. You’ll hold the water for a little while, then let it out. I promise you’ll be feeling better soon. Ok?”

She tried to be comforting. Her patient was likely in a lot of discomfort. Alan opened his mouth to protest, but it felt useless. Aunt Fiona was already here, sitting on the bedside. He felt too bloated to ask for an alternative. He nodded. Fiona found a spot to hook the bag, then stretched on a new pair of gloves. Alan watched his aunt, his eyes flitting between her thick bosom and ass and her hands as she lubricated the nozzle. She caught his wondering eyes when she had finished her preparations.

“I promise this won’t be too bad Alan. Does it make you feel better to watch me prepare it?”

Alan gave a signature blush and looked away.

She continued in a gentle tone.

“It’s ok to be curious Alan. All of these things are perfectly natural.”

She sat down next to him, and he could feel the fabric of her uniform as it touched his leg.

“I’m going to insert the nozzle now. It’s no larger than my finger.”

He responded with a grunt.

Fiona pressed the tip of the nozzle into Alan and had no difficulty inserting it fully. Alan let out a deep breath. The nozzle wasn’t uncomfortable, but he worried about the sensation of the water that would fill him in a moment.

“I’ll be starting the water now. Let me know if it hurts at all, and I can slow it down.”

Alan could faintly feel the warmth of the water deep inside him, but, surprisingly, no other discomfort. The nozzle felt strange, as did his aunt’s hand that was resting on his lower back.

“How does that feel sweetie?”

Sweetie? He was nearly 21.


As the water continued to flow, the stirring in Alan’s groin began to grow as well. It was something about lying here, unsure of what his aunt had in mind as she stood over him, in control of him. His mind started to wander before a cramp snapped him back to reality. His cock was now completely hard. He let out a low groan, a mix of pleasure and discomfort.

“Is that hurting?”

Fiona stopped the water.

“Just focus on your breathing and let me know when the discomfort has passed. If you roll over, it will canlı casino help the water travel around, and I can give your tummy a little massage.”

Alan did not want to turn over. He did not want his aunt seeing his erect cock.

“That’s ok.”

“Alan, please turn over for me so that the enema can do its job.”

Fiona had a faint suspicion of what she would see when she requested that Alan turn over. She knew enough about male anatomy to know that the pressure of water against the prostate sometimes had a “secondary effect.” She was also getting better at reading Alan. She knew what that red blush meant.

“No that’s ok, it’s not uncomfortable now.”

She let him off the hook for now but wondered herself why she had the impulse to make him show himself to her. Alan’s cock was hard for her, and she wanted to see it. He would have to get up eventually. She started the water again.

Alan was beginning to feel very full inside. The urge to expel was already beginning to hit him as well. To his dismay, these feelings were not accompanied by his cock going down. He shifted his weight a little. It felt good to rub his cock against the bed. He wished that he could touch himself. Fiona noticed him move but thought that she would be refused again if she asked that he turn over. If he was uncomfortable, that was his punishment for not listening to her. She decided that she would not stop the water again until the bag was empty.

The next couple minutes passed in silence while the bag finished draining into Alan. He shifted his weight a few more times but was afraid that if he humped the bed too obviously, his aunt would be on to him. She suspected what he was doing but was a little pleased. If he was squirming like that, his cock would likely still be hard when he finally got up to use the bathroom. She smiled, though he couldn’t see. As she saw plenty of men naked at work, she was surprised that accompanying her curiosity about what Alan would look like brought with it a warmth that spread between her legs, a sign of her own faint arousal.

“All done. Good job. Now you just need to hold the water for about ten minutes, then you can get up and use the bathroom. I’m going to remove the nozzle now, ok?”

Alan gave a grunt in acknowledgment.

Fiona reached down and eased the tube out of Alan’s muscular behind. She grabbed a tissue and wiped away the tiny trickle of water and lube that was left behind.

“It really will make you feel better if you roll over and let me give your stomach a massage.”

She waited a moment.

“But I understand if you want your privacy. I promise that there’s nothing to hide. Many men have unexpected reactions to this sort of treatment.”

Alan only blushed. Was she flirting with him even now? The pressure of warm water circulating in his bowls was enough to keep his mind from thinking too seriously about the bizarre situation.

Fiona looked at her watch, then back to the tight buttocks of her nephew, his sphincter clamped so tightly closed. He continued to shift his hips around. She wondered whether he would cum into the sheets, remembering how sensitive boys had been at that age. Alan, thinking that his actions were well disguised, was wondering how long he would last himself. Because the water was no longer flowing, there was less direct stimulation, but something about his aunt looming over him was itself erotic. Fiona reached down and let her hand rest on her nephew’s ass as Alan continued to meekly hump the bed.

After a few minuets, Alan was close. He tried to still his body. Maybe if he could make it to the bathroom first, he would be able to get away with it. God, was he really about to jerk off while pumped full of water?

“Aunt Fiona, I, um, I’m not sure how long I can keep it in. Can I have a towel or something so that I can go now?”

“Now now young man, if you’re going to protest like that, I’m going to insist that you turn over.”

She reached for his hip to move him, Alan relented, then turned to his side. It was enough for his hard cock to pop out from under the sheets. Fiona could only stare at his hard cock. It was thicker than she would have imagined, almost incongruous with his lithe body.

“Oh my,” she let slip.

Alan blushed deeply. The little friction had nearly set him over. He was so close. He held back as if to keep from peeing. Fiona tried to re-gather herself.

“On your back,” she repeated.

Well, Alan thought, it’s not like there’s anything to hide now. He turned all the way over. Fiona reached down to massage his stomach, but, in the tangle of movements, her gloved palm ran over the sensitive underside of his cock. Perhaps she’d touched him because she hadn’t been able to keep her eyes off of it. That little stimulation was enough to push Alan over kaçak casino the edge, and he looked on with horror as his cock erupted in an enormous spurt of cum. He felt the heat of his semen as it splattered onto his chest. Fiona felt its heat as the first squirt hit her arm. She instinctively tried to minimize the mess, cupping one hand over the head of Alan’s cock and using the other to grip him and aim him into her waiting hand. This gave Alan even more stimulation and made him cum harder. The two sat in silence as Alan emptied his load onto his aunt’s palm: Fiona was surprised how hot Alan’s cum felt, even through her gloves. Alan tried to think of nothing as his cum dribbled out of his aunt’s grip onto him.

“Oh my sweetie. Let’s get you cleaned up, then I’m sure you’ll need to run to the bathroom.”

Fiona carefully stood up, trying not to spill the cum, and stripped her gloves off into a waste basket. She then pulled on a new pair, grabbed a spare towel, and mopped up what had spilled onto Alan. It was easier for her to put out of mind what had just happened. She would be lying if she said that she had encountered similar at the hospital, but she was very used to cleaning up messes.

Alan, relieved of one pressure, felt the intensity of the other. His stomach cramped. He needed to get up. There was no use to using a towel now. Plus, it would be a relief to get away from his aunt. He didn’t dare make eye contact with her. He got up, walked quickly to the bathroom, sat down, and expelled the enema. The novelty and intensity of the situation was enough to keep him from fully processing what had just happened.

Fiona finished tidying the bedroom. She looked down at the ball of sheets on which Alan had been resting and noticed the dampness of precum. She also registered the dampness of her own arousal. She glanced in the mirror: she was flushed. A small stain of cum was also on the leg of her scrub pants. It was a good thing that she had changed.

She stripped the bed and tried to focus instead on tidying the room. On a trip down the hallway, she called through the door to Alan:

“Take your time sweetie. And really, don’t worry about it. Enemas can be very intense. Call if you need anything, I hope that you’re feeling better.”

Alan was completely mortified, but it was true, he was feeling much better. The bloating that had been weighing down on him was gone, and he felt a calm having cum so hard. After cleaning himself up, he washed his hands and hoped that he would be able to retreat back to his room without encountering Fiona. To his chagrin, he found her sitting on his freshly made bed. She wore a glove on one hand and held a single finger up, glistening with lubricant. He glanced at her once then looked away.

“Alan, please, we don’t need to discuss what just happened. It seems obvious enough for both of us. Don’t be embarrassed. I’ll give you your privacy in a moment, I just want to do a very quick check to make sure that the enema did its job. Can you lie back down on your tummy for me? I promise that I won’t make you turn over onto your back this time.”

Perhaps it was too soon to joke.

Alan flopped down without a word and let his aunt press her finger into him. He was a little sore from the enema and winced as she swirled her finger around.

“Yes, it looks like you’re all cleaned out. I’ll leave you to rest a bit, but don’t let a little embarrassment ruin a perfectly beautiful Saturday.”

To Alan’s great relief, his aunt walked out the room, closing the door behind her. Alan turned over and stared at the ceiling of his room, calculating how many more days there were left in the summer. Yet under the embarrassment was another feeling, a lingering arousal. Alan let his hand wander down and wrap around his hardening cock. He thought about all he had just been through. His asshole still felt slick from his aunt’s probing finger. It didn’t take long to bring himself to the point of cumming again, and as he reached for a tissue to catch his semen, he looked down into the waste bin and saw the used gloves and tissues that his aunt had used just moments earlier to catch his last load.

Fiona also felt aroused, though she did more to fight the feeling. What was she doing but looking out for her nephew? Why the taboo around seeing to someone’s sexual health? Though it may embarrass him, she ought to do more to make sure that his summer was as healthy as possible. It certainly didn’t seem like he would mind. If they could just stop being so squeamish, they might both feel happier.

Eventually, Alan took his aunt’s advice and slipped out. His aunt spent the rest of her day off relaxing. By the time the two met for dinner, they could at least pretend that nothing had happened. That new peace carried on to the rest of the week, though both secretly played over what had happened.

It was one week before Fiona broke the ice. If her nephew was going to be staying with her all summer, it was her duty to take care of his needs, even those he didn’t want to talk about with her.

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