A Surprise For Jake

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This is a work of fiction, protected by state and federal copyright law. Please do not reproduce in any medium without the written approval of the author. Comment and constructive criticism are always welcome…enjoy!

* * * * *

I’ve had fantasies about watching two men for as long as I can remember. I usually masturbate to thoughts of my boyfriend going down on my while another guy fucks him in the ass. I find the site of two obviously not gay men together extremely sexy. My boyfriend on the other hand isn’t too crazy about the idea. Lucky for me we’re in a BDSM style relationship in which we both alternate between top and bottom. Usually he tops and being the self-centered, ego-maniac Dom that he is the only way I was ever going to see him with another man was if I managed to subdue him first.

So I’ve spent the past few months watching and waiting for just the right time. Like any other human, Jake has specific moods and I’ve learned the signs so that I can tell when he’s getting ready to submit. Stress is a major factor, whenever things get tight around work or money he needs the release that only submission can offer him. Well, the perfect opportunity came when he was laid off from his most recent contract gig. It ended several months before it should have without any warning, I was in my last few months of grad school and hadn’t worked in a few years so there was no money coming in. A recession had sent contractors scurrying for anything they could find and Jake was left with the crumbs. Never one to pass up an opportunity, I sat back, watched and planned.

It was a Saturday afternoon, the weather in the Northwest in March is still pretty chilly but it had stopped raining and the sun was making a rare appearance. I spent the morning reading, working on the computer and cleaning the house while Jake sat in front of his computer. I wasn’t sure what he was doing but odds were kinky pictures were involved at some point. Finally, around three o’clock and walked into his office.

“Interested in taking a break?” Standing behind his chair I slid my hands over his shoulders and into the neck of his shirt. His smooth chest was warm to the touch and after three years together I knew exactly where to touch. His nipples, more prominent then most men’s, seemed to draw my fingers to them. With a gentle but firm touch I pinched and pulled at them.

Jake leaned his head back and sighed. “Oh, that feels wonderful.”

“Come with me.” After giving each nipple another quick squeeze I turned and headed to the bedroom. I knew without a doubt that he would follow me. Jake’s nipples were one of the most sensitive parts of his body. A quick pinch was all it took to get his thoughts flowing in the right direction. The fact that I had also made sure to keep him from coming in the past two days also helped.

Upon entering the bedroom Jake pulled his shirt over his head and slipped out of his jeans without so much as a word from me. It was only as he started to move towards the bed that I set the tone for this encounter. “Come here.”

The sharp tone of my voice was enough to clue him in. With one eyebrow raised in surprise, Jake dropped to his hands and knees and crawled over to where I was still standing. He was trained well enough to know what was expected of him. Bending his head he placed light kisses upon both my feet. It was a sign of both submission and appreciation. He was lucky enough to be the one to serve me, he had better remember to show it.

I couldn’t help but smile lovingly at his bent head. His dark brown hair and hazel eyes always warmed me with love. I knew that the next few hours were going to be hard for him. I also knew that somewhere in the back of his mind was the desire for just this kind of encounter. There had been a lot of talk and even a few nights where he would suck on my dildo both of us wishing I could feel his mouth around that cock. Secretly, I even feared that if he enjoyed tonight enough that he might leave me for another man. I thought of him as bi-curious but what if he was well and truly gay? Oh well, we’d cross that bridge when we came to it.

Jake had finished worshiping my feet and now sat back on his heels, his hands resting lightly on his thighs. Gently, I touched the side of his face and ordered him up and onto the bed. Quickly, I secured his wrists, feeding the rope through an eyebolt we had installed on the back side of the headboard. Securing him this way allowed him to roll over from his back on to his stomach, should the need arise.

Double checking to make illegal bahis sure that the rope was secure I climbed up onto the bed beside him. Again, stroking his face gently I bent down and kissed him. He must have read something in my face because he questioned me. “What is it?”

“Do you remember all those nights we spent talking, sharing our deepest fantasies?” At his nod I continued. “Do you remember the one thing I wanted most of all?” Looking decidedly more scared, Jake nodded. “Well, tonight you’re going to give me what I always wanted.”

“No.” His denial came out as a whisper. “I can’t.”

“Yes, you can and you will. Because you love me and what to see me happy you will do exactly what I want.” Moving slowly, I rose up and moved to straddle his chest. The motioned forced my short skirt higher up on my thighs revealing the fact that I wore nothing underneath. Jake held his breath, his eyes on my bare pussy and white thighs. I was close enough that he could see the desire already gathering between my legs and there was a hint of my arousal in the air but there was no way for him to touch me. I slid my hands slowly down my chest stopping long enough to give each of my nipples a gentle squeeze before moving across the flat plain of my stomach. Jake watched, mesmerized and my hands brushed just the barest touch across my pussy before sliding down the inside of my thighs. From there they moved to his chest, the same light touch working its way up his torso until I reach my final destination. His nipples were already a hard, most likely a combination of my earlier attention, his excitement and the cool temperature of the room. They were pink and plump and I knew I had his cooperation the moment I took them between my fingers.

Squeezing gently, I rolled them between my thumb and index fingers. Jake moaned, his body arching up and his head rolling back in pleasure. I could feel his cock twitch and jump behind me. His legs, laid out flat on the bed, parted slightly as his hips thrust up and off the bed.

Bending down, his nipples still firmly grasped between my fingers, I kissed his open mouth taking his moans into me. I could feel his shift and shudder beneath me, his body moving in a slow, erotic rhythm. I knew he wanted more. It was time to up the stakes a bit. Breaking free from our kiss I looked towards the master bathroom and with a slight tilt of my head signaled to our hidden guest that it was time to make an appearance.

Jeremy strolled silently into the room. Where Jake was dark in his coloring Jeremy was as light as the sun. One look at him conjured up thoughts of California beaches and surfboards. One would never suspect that he came from the wet and rainy city of Seattle. But it was true, despite his beach boy looks he was a Washington native. I had found him in one of my many searches for the perfect houseboy. Jake was primarily dominant and while I tended toward the submissive side I enjoyed having a pet of my own. Jeremy fit the bill perfectly. He was bright, beautiful and intelligent. He knew how to stimulate me both mentally and physically and in return I saw to his more emotional needs. He needed someone to take care of him, to direct him and protect him. It was the perfect arrangement and Jake had known about Jeremy for some time.

Jake had his own serving wench. We had learned early on in our relationship that while we both enjoyed BDSM I was too much his girlfriend to be his full time slave. I was collared and his prize possession but I didn’t do laundry and when he wanted his feet rubbed her called Liz.

So, Jeremy’s sudden appearance in our bedroom wasn’t completely unexplainable. The fact that he was totally naked however gave Jake a moment’s pause.

Jeremy reached the foot of the bed and slowly slid up behind me. With his hands resting lightly on Jake’s thighs, Jeremy leaned over my shoulder and kissed me. It was a deep, passionate kiss that imparted his love and loyalty. It was a kiss meant to please me as were the light touch of his hands against my back and the quick squeeze of my shoulders. Smiling shyly down at Jake, Jeremy rested his head on my shoulder.

My affection for Jeremy was apparent but Jake knew from his own experience with Liz that there was nothing for him to be concerned about. Still, there was a look of apprehension on his face as I bent to whisper something in Jeremy’s ear.

With a smile on that cherub like face, Jeremy nodded and disappeared behind my back. I could feel his shifting his position and knew that he was settling himself between illegal bahis siteleri Jake’s partially spread thighs.

I saw the flash of fear on Jake’s face and felt his body tense. I knew that he wasn’t afraid of another man sucking on his cock. He was afraid of how much he might enjoy it. Bending down, my fingers once again working on his nipples, I whispered in his ear. “Relax.”

Jake gave a small whimper followed by a quick intake of air and his entire body tensed beneath me. I could feel Jeremy moving in a rhythm behind me while at the same time the small sounds of a man getting blowjob reached my ears. Despite my own excitement my attention remained on Jake. His eyes were closed tight and his mouth and formed a firm line in concentration. I could almost hear his thoughts as he told himself not to enjoy it. Finally, after a few minutes he relaxed. Taking a chance I slid off to one side, my fingers still pinching and pulling at his nipples but now my eyes were on Jeremy as his blond head moved up and down the length of Jake’s cock. The sight so excited me that I couldn’t keep from slipping one hand between my own legs. I was soaking wet, my juices coating the inside of my thighs. My clit was already swollen and throbbing and it didn’t take much to bring to orgasm. I came hard, my eyes on Jeremy as he continued to suck on Jake’s beautiful cock.

When the last of the waves of pleasure receded I looked up to find Jake watching me. “It really excites you to see me like this?”

“Oh, god yes!” I kissed him, hard, letting him know how I felt. I slid my fingers, still wet with my juices between his lips. “Can’t you see how hot this makes me?”

Jake eagerly sucked the juices from my fingers. My enjoyment seemed to be the permission he was looking for. He let his head fall back against the pillow and with a hard thrust of his hips drove his cock further into Jeremy’s mouth. Jeremy, an accomplished cock-sucker simply took the face fucking without so much as batting an eye. I could see that he was enjoying the blowjob almost as much as Jake. Jeremy had turned his body slightly to one side and was rubbing his cock, already hard and throbbing, against the inside of Jake’s thigh.

I watched for a few more minutes, looking for the signs that would tell me both men were getting close. Jake was thrusting his hips upwards meeting the downward motion of Jeremy’s mouth while his hands gripped tightly at the ropes that bound him. Both men were breathing heavy, their glorious bodies covered in a fine sheen of sweat. I knew they were close and ordered Jeremy to stop. There were whimpers of disappointment from both men as Jeremy reluctantly released Jake’s cock.

“Jeremy, on your knees.” Immediately, he complied. “Bring both Jake’s legs up and over your shoulders.”

Jake watched silently, his eyes growing slightly in surprise as realization dawned.

From the bed side table I took out a tube of lube and squeezed and generous amount into my hand. Grabbing Jeremy’s cock I efficiently applied the lube to his cock. He was hard, swollen to the point of turning purple and I was afraid that if I handled him too much he would loose control and come. Next I slipped the same hand between Jake’s spread ass cheeks and applied most of the lube to the small rosebud that marked his back passage. He moaned in pleasure and pain as I worked first one, then two fingers into his ass.

Jake wasn’t a total virgin having spent one or two nights on the receiving end of my strap on but he’d never taken a man in the ass before and I wanted to make it as painless as possible. My eyes looked with Jake’s, I grabbed Jeremy by the base of his cock and guided him forward.

Using his shoulders, Jeremy forced Jakes legs even further apart and replacing my hand with his probed gently with the head of his cock. Instinctively, Jake tightened up. Jeremy stopped and waited.

Stretched out beside him, my fingers once again working over his nipples I asked, “Do you want it? Do you want him to fuck you?”

“I don’t know.” Jake seemed to be having trouble thinking. I knew the signs well enough to know that he was excited to a point well beyond all reason. “Is this what you want? Do you want to see me fucked by another man?”

“Yes, I’ve wanted this for so long.” I kissed him, long and deep hoping to show him how much I wanted this.

“Then I want it too; I want to make you happy.” There was such love and trust in his eyes that for a moment I wondered if he might cry.

“Then ask for it; ask Jeremy to fuck you.” Okay, canlı bahis siteleri so maybe I’m a cold, selfish, greedy bitch because not only did I want to see the man I love being fucked by another man I wanted him to beg for it. I wanted him to want it so bad that he would plead just to feel another man’s cock in his ass.

Jake looked up at Jeremy and there was something close to worship in those eyes. Laying beside them, their hard bodies pressed together so that I could reach out and run my hand from one to the other without breaking contact, was so exciting that I thought I might come for a second time.

“Jeremy,” Jake’s voice was hoarse with passion, “Please, fuck me. Let me feel your cock in my ass.” I knew in that moment that Jake wanted it as much as I did. His eyes locked not on me but on Jeremy as he pressed his cock up against Jake’s ass. Jake relaxed and consciously raised his ass higher into the air allowing Jeremy better access. With a low moan from both of them Jeremy slid the length of his cock between Jake’s cheeks and into his ass.

For a moment both men held absolutely still, then as if by some unseen signal they started moving. Jeremy was thrust in and pulling back out as Jake pressed his ass against him. Together they found a rhythm and within moments the only sound in the room was flesh bounding against flesh.

I laid there on my side, not touching either of them or myself but simply enjoying the sight of two gorgeous men fucking. For several minutes Jeremy pounded Jake’s ass. Leaning forward Jeremy kissed and suckled Jake’s nipples before moving to take his mouth is a long, tongue dueling kiss. Finally, he broke free and looked at me.

“May I come?”

Smiling, I shook my head. “Not yet.” I order Jeremy to withdrawal and had Jake roll over onto his stomach. With Jeremy’s help Jake was able to get his knees up and under him. At the same time I slid underneath him so that his head hovered just above my pussy. I was soaking wet and wanted in on the excitement. I order Jeremy to his task once again while at the same time pressed Jake’s face between my legs.

Jake moaned low in his chest as Jeremy once again pressed forward and impaled him on his cock. The vibration sent shots of pleasure coursing through me as Jake took my clit between his lips and began to suckle. I laid there, playing with my own nipples as my most exciting fantasy was played out. Jake was vigorously working on my pussy, his tongue working over my clit, between my lips and deep inside of my while Jeremy pounded his ass.

Jeremy had gripped Jake by the hips, holding him still. Jeremy was getting close to coming and I knew this time there would be no stopping him. I nodded my consent and smiling he laid he chest against Jake’s back. Reaching around he grasped Jake’s cock, already dripping with pre-cum and started sliding his hand up and down the length of it. Jake shuddered his face buried between my legs and pressed has as more firmly onto Jeremy’s cock.

With a below of pleasure, Jeremy came deep in Jake’s ass, his cock twitching as it delivered stream after stream of warm come into his bowls. Jake, feeling the warmth flooding his ass came as well coating Jeremy’s hand with his own juices. The site of the two most important men in my life taking such pleasure from each other, combined with Jake’s expert licking of my pussy sent me reeling along my own orgasm. My body arched off the bed while my thighs clamped together on Jake’s head.

Several minutes passed as each of us shuddered through wave after wave of pleasure. Finally, Jake collapsed onto me, Jeremy following him down on to the bed. We stayed that way, a pile of sweaty, satisfied bodies for several minutes. After a while Jeremy untangled himself and padded naked into the bathroom. I could hear him running water and I knew he was preparing a bath for the three of us. He wouldn’t be dismissed until late into the night, if at all but he wanted to give Jake and I a few minutes to ourselves.

“Thank you.” I brushed the sweat soaked hair back from his face and smiled up at Jake.

“I think I should be the one thanking you. That was the most unbelievable experience of my life and I’m glad I was able to share it with you.” Jake smiled, a hint of embarrassment on his face. “Do you think we could do that again some time soon?”

I laughed, a deep sexy sound of pure female satisfaction. “I’m sure some thing could be arranged.”

“Only next time, can I be on top?”

I smiled and released his wrists. “I don’t think Jeremy would have a problem with that.” Together, we walked into the bathroom, the large tub (built for four) already filled with steaming water and climbed in next to Jeremy. I turned to him and asked, “Would you?”

Jeremy smiled from me to Jake. “I live to serve.”

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