A Surprise for Kay

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To save time and to avoid disappointment — This is a story, it has a couple of threads that are true. Like it if you want, hate it if you want, but if you don’t contribute i.e. write something yourself for others to enjoy, then expect that your comments may get deleted. Pay to play. No such thing as a free comment. Sorry to appear unreasonable but attitude is a product of experience. Now — back to the adventures of our heroine……

“Was that you I saw in the Old Swan Friday evening?”

Monday, I was at work and Sheila the HR bitch had just come into my office and sat down in front of me. “Looked like you were meeting a good friend, is he from out of town?”

I really wanted to insert a waste paper basket in her mouth. I don’t hate her really, but I’ve not known how to react to her since the Christmas party 2 years ago when she caught me a bit the wrong side of at least three Southern Comforts and kissed me. And I kissed her back. I didn’t mean to do that, but thank goodness no-one saw. Now my mind flashed to several occasions when I found we were alone together and I felt she was trying to seduce me. Plus another time in a crowded elevator when she dropped some files and when she stooped to pick them up she gently stroked the inside of my thigh causing me to gasp audibly.

Now what should I say in response. To say the John was a friend of my husband would risk exposing my husband as a cuckold, to say he was a friend of mine made me obviously a cheating slut. Any lie would mean I was caught red handed. Oh Fuck!

I laughed, trying not to sound scared. “John is my brother, well half-brother, and he and my husband don’t get on so we usually meet somewhere when he is in the area.” It was the best I could come up with on the spot and it was nowhere near good enough as I was about to find out.

“I am not sure you are supposed to kiss even a half-brother like you did?” She stood up and pushed her chair against the door. She walked around to my side of the desk. “I think he was a lot more than a brother.” Her hand fell on my knee and moved just a little way up my skirt; “you could start a really hot rumor around here if someone saw you”. She bent down. Her nose was nearly touching mine and I felt her warm breath on my mouth. I tried to speak but her lips pressed to mine and I felt my mouth open involuntarily. Then a knock on the door and she stood upright suddenly as George the CFO (and my boss) stumbled through the door nearly falling over the chair. Nice oldish chap, didn’t seem to have a clue what he might have walked in on.

“Alright Kay, I think I see your point, but I will take a lot of persuading, why don’t we meet up for a drink later and discuss” and with that she breezed out.

I tried to get back to work after George left and I was just getting my head together when an email arrived from Sheila. It read “Old Swan — 6pm. You will tell your husband you have a meeting and you will be late home”. It didn’t seem to require a reply. I sent Steve a text and made a determined effort to put it out of my mind until it was time to drive to the hotel.

Five thirty came. An appointment reminder popped up on my screen. The bitch had accessed my calendar. I packed up my desk and headed to the car. Driving round to the hotel I saw no-one I knew, nor any cars that I recognized. I walked into the bar and bumped right into Sheila. “Large Southern casino siteleri Comfort and ice isn’t it?” and she thrust a glass into my hand. “Let’s find somewhere quiet and we can talk.” I got the feeling she was on a mission to get something she wanted.

She gestured me to sit in a dark corner in the far side of the bar and sat next to me pinning me in between her and a large heavy table. “So, who is the mystery lover Kay? You know you have to tell me everything. Does Steve know?”

I denied everything and protested that it was all completely innocent. She just kept on at me. Kept saying that there was bound to be some talk and Steve would find out. Steve would be really angry. Then I heard myself say “No he won’t” and that stopped her in her tracks and she smiled.

“Steve knows doesn’t he? He must be…..”. I don’t know if it was the look on my face or whether she was guessing. “Don’t tell me he is happy about ….. Oh my god, it was his idea wasn’t it?” Then she smiled again. “How awful it would be if the story got out Kay, it would be so embarrassing.”

“You won’t say anything will you?”

“Of course not Kay” I felt her arm around my shoulder. “It can be our secret” Now her other hand was on my knee. I lifted my head and her face was an inch from mine with her mouth slightly open. “We are friends aren’t we….” I could feel warm breath on my face. It felt familiar, it felt safe. Her lips brushed mine and I could not help myself. I pressed myself forward and kissed her. It was me, I did it and I knew I had not waited for her this time. Her hand was on my breast gently pushing me back. “Easy sweetie, it’s very public here, you will get us both fired, let’s see if we can find somewhere”. She pulled out her phone and made a call. Within a minute she had booked a room somewhere.

“I am going to check in, you follow me up.” She disappeared to reception leaving me wondering what on earth I was doing. I wasn’t a lesbian. I wasn’t even “bi-curious” whatever that means, and it wasn’t as though I had done anything like it before, even as a teenager, yet I had just initiated a kiss with a woman I didn’t particularly like and now she was planning to take me to a hotel room.

I must have sat there for ten minutes. The next thing I knew my phone was telling me I had a text.

“Room 102, top of stairs go left. Turn your phone off before you get here!” she snapped.

Oh fuck, what to do, It suddenly dawned on me that this woman not only could make my work and my life hell, but she obviously wanted me sexually and saying no might be a problem. Then there was how it felt to kiss her. What on earth made me do it? I had been married nearly two decades and in a month I had fucked someone other than my husband twice and kissed another woman.

I downed my SC, turned off my phone and walked up the stairs to Sheila’s room.

I don’t know why but I knocked on the door and waited for her to say “come in”. I felt like a naughty schoolgirl waiting for the headmistress. No response came — I knocked again. Silence, then “Wait!”

I stood there. A full minute went by, then “Come in!” I turned the door handle and timorously went in. She was standing by the window, silhouetted in the light so I could not see her face. “Come here!”

I walked across the room and stood in front of her. She placed her hands on my shoulders and slipped canlı casino my jacket off, placing it on the adjacent chair, then she kissed me, just once on the mouth and touched my face, looking at me with an expression that sort of resembled hunger. “Shall we play sweetie” I felt myself half smile. “We can’t play all dressed up can we? Shall I deal with these buttons?” She undid every button on my white blouse and I took it off. Without thinking I reached behind to unhook my brassiere and unzipped my skirt, which fell to the floor leaving me in just my panties. She gently rubbed her thumbs on my nipples and gave then a slight squeeze. I involuntarily let out a little moan of pleasure. She smiled, “You are so ready!” She led me to the bed and had me lay down. She gesturing to my panties and I wriggled out of them. Sheila quickly stripped and got onto the bed at the other side, leaning over me she asked “can I kiss you now?”

I laughed, as nervous as I was feeling it seemed funny. “You have got me to a hotel room, stripped me naked and now you are asking permission to kiss me — why?

“Because I want you to want me, that’s why”

“OK then, permission granted” and her mouth was on me, her arms holding me close. It felt warm, it felt comforting and it felt so hot.

While her fingers rolled my nipples my hands were caressing her head her shoulders her waist and her hips. She touched my pussy and I squealed a little. I managed to get the upper hand by flipping her over onto her back and clamped my mouth onto hers. My left hand round her shoulders held her left hand and my right reached down and stroked the inside of her thigh. This is something that usually drives me wild and it seemed to work with her too. She groaned her pleasure into my mouth and I fingered her inner thigh higher and higher until finally I reached her pussy. She opened her legs a little wider and tried to push herself closer to my hand. I pushed my finger inside and rubbed around her clitoris. She was soaking wet, which didn’t surprise me at all because I felt about the same. She wriggled but I held her tight and continued rubbing her clit and inside to try and find her G spot. (No-one ever found mine.) She was alternately bucking up and down then she would lay still and breathe heavily — well as heavily as she could with me non stop French kissing her. Then she was squealing and managed to break her mouth free. I kept on rubbing and probing and I was suddenly aware that things had got a lot wetter. “oh god Kay, I am cumming” I looked down and I could see droplets of liquid flying into the air. I took my hand away and a jet gushed into the air. Pushing two fingers back inside her I held on while she thrashed up and down. God she was loud. I managed to get my mouth on hers to muffle it and eventually she came down panting wildy.

“Wow, you’ve done that before” a few gasps of air “Oh god I’ll have a cardiac if you do that again”. Then she started to cry. Great racking sobs. “Kay I was so horrible to you, I am sorry, that was wonderful — amazing — I never felt like that before.”

I thought – “wow –Sheila the HR bitch crying in my arms.” It occurred to me that maybe she was the one that would not want things to come out so I was now a bit safer from her knowing my secret.

When she had calmed down she sat up a little.

“That was wonderful” she kissed me on the kaçak casino lips and then on my breast, “I think I should… “she sucked my nipple and gently squeezed the other, “…see if I can do the same to you”. It was nice. I never ever did it with a woman before and now here I was with someone I thought I didn’t like sucking on my … ooohh now she was between my legs opening my labia and gently licking my clitoris. It felt nice. Certainly as nice as when my husband does it.

But he never does it quite this slowly. Suddenly I was going to cum. This woman had been licking me for a minute and I was cumming. Oh yes so nice but just a small whimper rather than the earth shattering ones that my husband gives me. Then a new feeling got me. Normally I cant stand anything once I have cum, but something was making me feel different and I knew I was going to cum again. It was a long way off but it was there and building up very very slowly. I opened my legs a little more and raised my knees. She accepted the invitation and thrust her tongue inside me. It felt hot. I don’t mean sexy, although it was that as well, but it felt really warm. She then resumed working on my clit, still so very slowly and gradually I felt my heart rate and breathing getting faster. Round and round, it was so slow I wanted to scream. Then I could stand it no longer — “Finish me off please!!!” I yelled at her and she responded my pressing her mouth on my cunt and wiggling her tongue hard and fast. Fireworks wow. Monstrous explosion. I was cumming and cumming and it would not stop. Nor did I want it to. I held her head and pulled her on to me, grinding her mouth onto me wanting mre and more until slowly the explosions subsided and slowly I came back down from what had been the most earth moving experience ever. I lay there panting.

Sheila climbed up the bed and was looking down at me. I reached up and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her onto my chest. I wanted to hold her close. The woman I didn’t like had taken me to the dizziest heights of ecstacy and I wanted to just hold her.

As we lay there in each other’s arms she said to me “You never did that before did you?”

I replied, “I didn’t think we liked one another but now…”

“It’s OK, that’s what I thought too. When I thought I had a secret on you — well that does not matter now does it? She kissed me again and I kissed her back.

I broke free and asked her, “What do we call this? Am I a lesbian? It took me twenty years to fuck someone besides my husband now I go and get myself seduced by another woman.”

“Hush darling” she whispered, “It will be fine, we can be lovers and nothing needs to change — I’ll prove it to you.”

“How, what do you mean?” I didn’t understand.

“Well firstly we are not lesbians we are just bi. Actually you are probably more bi than me. Don’t think of being Bi-sexual as being a problem. Just think of it as doubling your chances” she laughed mischievously.

“And secondly” I asked.

“Did you know George is retiring next year? You probably didn’t. Well, how about if I helped you get his job — you are qualified and with a couple of courses you could probably convince the right people, especially with the right word from someone that everyone thinks does not like you.”

“I don’t know what to say — I never expected, er — is there a thirdly?”

“Yes there is” — she kissed me again, full on the mouth. “Now, shall we go and discuss it over dinner?” She leaped to her feet and pulled me onto mine. “Now lets get you showered and she led me into the bathroom.

Watch this space, there may be more later.

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