A Tight Encounter

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Edited by Michelle Nylons

My mother’s neighbour is an attractive woman in her early fifties named Jennifer. My mother spoke to her espousing my expertise in computer repair and software editing and recovery. The topic came up because her son was home from university for the holidays and was having some problems with a virus on his computer. Jennifer telephoned me asking if I could pop in and have a look at her son’s laptop; I agreed and called in the next day after work.

I knocked on the door and Sam opened it and let me in, he said his mother was out for the evening but that she would pay me for whatever needed doing to his computer. I went up into his bedroom where the laptop was set up and started to look into the problems. Sam sat on the bed chatting to me about life at the university, girls, his friends, his likes and dislikes.

He was nineteen and in his first year and so had a lot to tell. As we chatted I checked through the files on his laptop, ran some virus scans and generally gave the machine a full health check. I jokingly asked if he had been surfing for pornographic material as this is often the most common source for viruses, his face flushed which said it all really. I laughed and told him not to worry, since most young guys did it. As I checked his internet history I was a little surprised at the sites and images he had downloaded, lots of pictures of men in tights including videos and images of gay and bisexual sex, all in tights. As I opened up some of the sites Sam looked increasingly uncomfortable and started making excuses as to why they might have been on his laptop; he claimed a roommate must have used his PC! I smiled at him and he could tell that I knew he was lying. I continued to look through the images and files and found myself getting increasingly aroused by what I saw but Sam was getting flustered and asked if I had finished as he needed to go out soon. I told him that I still needed to check some more things out but wouldn’t be too long, and then I left him in his room as I went to the toilet.

As I sat on the toilet in the bathroom I noticed several pairs of his mother’s tights drying on a laundry rack and, more interestingly, several pairs in the dirty laundry basket. I fished a pair of barely black tights out of the laundry basket and began to smell the crotch, the sensation of these tights and the smell made my cock rise. I reached down and began to masturbate as I smelt the tights, I rubbed them against my face and licked them all the while thinking about the images and videos I had just seen on Sam’s computer. I moved the tights onto my cock, masturbating furiously with the nylon encasing my erect member. My eyes closed as I imagined another man sucking me until I exploded, hot sticky semen pulsed from my throbbing phallus and soaked Jenifer’s tights. As my orgasm subsided I looked in horror at the sticky mess I had made in the smoky-black nylon, a pool of slippery semen clung to the sheer fabric of the tights. After cleaning myself up with wet wipes and toilet tissue I stuffed the sticky tights into my pocket to hide the evidence of my transgression. As I washed my hands, my eyes drifted over to the tights drying on the laundry rack. I dried my hands and stroked them, the feeling of the silky nylon caused me to become tumescent once again and my cock throbbed as I took two pairs canlı bahis of the tights in my hand and walked back to Sam’s bedroom.

As I entered his room Sam began to ask if I was ok as I had been in the bathroom for sometime then he saw what I had in my hand. I told him that I knew he was lying about the pornography but it was ok since I had the same fetish. I dangled the two pairs of tights in front of him and asked which ones he wanted, tan or black? He just stared at them, then at me, not sure how to react but I could tell from the bulge in his jeans the anticipation of what was about to occur was really turning him on. I told him to hurry up or I would choose a pair for him; told him to relax and choose the tights he would really like to wear.

Sam selected the tan tights; I smiled and told him that it was a good choice and then threw the black pair onto his bed and began to undo my belt. I stripped off my T-shirt and dropped my jeans, unveiling the growing bulge in my boxers while Sam just stared at the tights in his hands and then up at me. I told him to hurry and put them on, not to worry, no one would know, and I am sure he will enjoy what we are about to experience.

I sat on the bed and pulled my socks off, stood up and pushed my boxer shorts down and discarded them. My erection sprang free from the restriction of my trunks and stood proud and throbbing in anticipation. Sam’s eyes were wide as he stared at my cock watching me as I rolled up one leg of the black tights, putting my foot into the sheer nylon and carefully pulling the sensuous fabric up my left leg. I looked over and saw him transfixed by what I was doing. I smiled at him and encouraged him to follow suit and pull on the tan hosiery. He undid his belt and took off his T-shirt as I pulled the black tights up over my right leg then stood up to adjust them, pulling the gusset tight around my hard cock, my buttocks and waist.

I stood in front of Sam and watched as stripped naked except for his underwear. He began to roll the tights up to put them on when I pointed out that he still had his briefs on. His face flushed as he stood and stepped out of them revealing a very hard and generous cock. I watched him, stroking my own cock as he pulled the tan tights on and up over his erection. I took his hand and pulled him up off of the bed, his eyes were looking at the floor, too embarrassed to make eye contact. I began stroking his cock with my left hand and put my right hand behind him, resting it on his nylon covered buttocks. Then we looked at each other and I leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips, my hand now gently stroking his hard nylon covered cock.

I moved my right hand onto his and placed his hand on my cock, he began caressing me as we kissed. I pulled him closer and pushed my tongue into his mouth, feeling him massaging my hose-clad cock as my tongue explored his mouth; the intensity of our passion building as we kissed. I kissed his neck and then moved my lips down his body kissing him until I was kneeling in front of his nylon-tented cock. He stood there nervously anticipating that what he had long fantasised about for long was finally going to happen.

I began to lick the tip of his cock through the nylon. I felt his hands rest on my head as I took him into my mouth pushing the nylon against his glans with my tongue. bahis siteleri I began sucking him hungrily devouring his nylon-covered cock, feeling the nylon-encased member at the back of my throat and sucking him harder and faster. I felt his hands tense as he screamed out “oh god!” and then I felt his cock shudder and throb as he ejaculated. I continued to suck his pulsating member, tasting his salty semen as it spurted in what seemed like an endless ejaculation through the nylon and into my mouth.

His hands relaxed on my head as his erection began to diminish, I pulled the tights down and revealed a sticky softening cock which I began to lick and suck clean. After I had cleaned his semi-erect penis I stood and faced him. We kissed some more and I shared some of his semen which I had kept in my mouth; he gladly accepted the offering as his tongue explored my mouth.

I asked him if he would like to be my secret lover or if this encounter was to be a unique experience. Sam smiled and said that he wanted our relationship to continue and to explore our mutual tights fetish. He understood that because I was married we would have to keep our relationship secret. I smiled at him and told him not to worry; that we were going to have a lot of fun together. Sam started to take his tights off and I asked what he thought he was doing, he looked down and saw my hard cock straining the gusset of my tights and I asked him if he was going to reciprocate.

He smiled and apologised, as he nervously began stroking me before moving his lips to my cock and tentatively began to lick my glans through the diaphanous nylon. He sucked me through my tights and then I felt a finger push the nylon into my anus and begin to finger me. I stroked his hair and gently held his head to my groin as he continued to suck me. The feeling of his mouth on the moist nylon encasing my penis and the stimulation of my anal passage by his exploring finger was incredibly arousing. Despite the fact that I had recently orgasmed in the bathroom I could feel another climax beginning to build. I asked him to stop briefly and pulled down the waistband of my tights to expose my naked penis before pulling his lips back onto my cock. Sam took my naked cock deep into his hot wet mouth as he continued to explore my anus with his nylon-sheathed finger.

He sucked me harder and faster until I moaned and pushed his head into my groin and exploded into his mouth, he didn’t flinch and he took my offering, swallowing it as he suckled my shaft. I felt my body relax and my erection begin to slowly subside. Despite the fact that my erection was softening he continued to suck and caress it milking the last of my spend into his mouth with long slow strokes of his fingers.

I asked him to wait on the bed while I went into the bathroom and returned with a bottle of baby oil. I could see the trepidation on Sam’s face as I poured some of the oil onto my hand and rubbed it over my hardening cock. I always kept getting hard when tights are involved, despite the multiple orgasms I had experienced already.

I told him lay on his back and soothed his concerns, telling him that I wouldn’t hurt him and that what was about to happen was going to be an amazing experience. I lifted his legs over my shoulders and positioned myself between his legs and pulled his tights back up over bahis şirketleri his very hard cock and ripped a small hole in the gusset of the tights close to his anus. I poured some more baby oil onto my hand and coated my fingers liberally with slick lubricant and then I dribbled some of the oil through the hole in the tights onto his anal bud.

With a single movement which made Sam suck in a deep breath I pushed first one, then two of my slippery fingers into his tight hole. He laid back, eyes closed, as I fucked him with my fingers, penetrating a little deeper with each thrust. I pulled my fingers out and moved my erect manhood between his legs and lifted his buttocks off the bed to permit my slick, hard cock to enter his tight hole.

Sam’s fingers grasped the duvet on the bed as I slowly slid my shaft deep inside him until my scrotum nestled against his buttocks, then I began to thrust gently. I rested his ankles on my shoulders as I pumped his back passage which began to relax and accept my invading member. I suckled his nylon-sheathed toes and he began to moan with pleasure.

I pumped into him harder and deeper and looked down to see that Sam was stroking and caressing his nylon covered cock; his pre-seminal fluid was creating a stain that spread across the front of his tights and he was moaning as I slowly fucked him and he continued to masturbate into the gusset of his tights. I replaced his hand with mine and stroked him with same rhythm as I fucked him harder and faster, my scrotum slapping against his buttocks with every thrust until my whole body shuddered as my orgasm washed over me and my cock erupted deep inside him. I emptied my seed deep inside him as he continued to stroke his hardening weapon.

I fell off him, sated and almost exhausted after expending so much sexual energy. Before I knew what was happening Sam knelt behind me and ripped open a small hole in my tights and inserted a moistened finger enter my tight hole followed by a dribble of cold baby oil. “Time to return the favour,” he said; his angry red appendage poking out the front of tights. Sam lathered his cock with baby oil as I prepared myself for the onslaught that would soon take my anal virginity.

Sam was so overcome with lust that he didn’t even try to be gentle; impaled me with one long slow thrust. At first I felt the burning pain as he thrust his entire eight inches deep inside my back passage, his scrotum slapped up against my nylon-clad behind and I felt like my bowels being ripped apart. I gripped the pillow and buried my face into it muffle my cries as he began to thrust in and out of me deep and hard. Slowly the pain subsided and I began to push back against him, maintaining the rhythm as he pumped his steel-hard shaft in and out of me as hard and fast as he could. Sam’s hand reached round and grabbed my cock caressing me as he fucked me until he shuddered and moaned and emptied himself inside me. I felt his hot semen flood my back passage and I reciprocated although my issue was only a dribble. I spent my meagre offering into the gusset of my tights as Sam milked me through the silky nylon.

Both spent, Sam extricated his deflating penis from my anus and we lay breathlessly facing each other, kissing each gently as we stroked each other’s softening cocks.

“Shall we do this again soon?” I asked.

“MMMmmm,” was all Sam could reply.

I felt his cock beginning to harden against my silken-encased thigh.

“So soon?” I smiled and squeezed his growing erection through his semen-soaked tights.

To Be Continued?

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