A Very Good Night

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This is a prequel to A Very Good Morning. Thanks for reading and please vote nicely!


Robert doesn’t know what to get his little girl for her eighteenth birthday as he walks through the store. So far he picked up a birthday card, but he just can’t find the right gift. After another fifteen minutes or so he gives up and checks out.

On the drive home his mind is racing with ideas, finally settling on a nice dinner for her. With his wife out of town, there would be nothing more special than taking out his little girl to dinner. Smiling, he frees his mind of worry and focuses on getting home.

When Meagan finally gets home, he gives her the card and tells her of his plans for dinner. She smiles and hugs him before rushing up the stairs to get ready. Nearly an hour passes before she slips back down in a little tight fitting dress that shows off much of her legs and nearly her ass. Robert is about ready to tell her to change into something else when he suddenly feels his cock stiffen.

“I guess you like it Daddy?” Meagan asks smiling and starring down at his groin.

Robert’s cheeks redden slightly and he berates himself for having such bad thoughts about his daughter. Quickly Meagan rushes to his side and grabs his arm before saving him from answering. “Come on, we’ll be late.”

The restaurant is busy, as it is one of the most popular in town, but Robert managed to get reservations earlier so he and Meagan had a place to sit. Dinner was going pretty good, but Robert could not take his mind of his daughter. She looks incredibly similar to his wife, they could nearly pass as twins if she were as young as Meagan.

“What’s running through your head Daddy?” she suddenly asks him as she sips on the glass of wine.

Robert comes out of his reverie. “Ah, sorry,” he says. “This is your night and it’s supposed to be special, but my thoughts keep interrupting it.”

“You’re thinking about me?” she asks with a cunning grin.

For the second time that night his face reddens and he is at a loss for words.

“It’s okay Daddy,” she says as she slips a foot under the table and into his lap. Robert nearly jumps at the sudden intrusion and Meagan slides it down into his groin. Instantly his cock starts to get hard and fast. “I know you’d like to fuck me.”

“Meagan!” he says in a high whisper. “You know that’s not true.”

She smiles and it turns into a giggle. “Daddy, I have seen how you look at me and I know güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you’ve caught me getting dressed or taking a shower.”

Robert doesn’t know what to say or do. His first thoughts are to removes her massaging foot and deny everything, but his emotions tell him otherwise.

“It’s okay Daddy,” she says. “I know you were doing it the whole time and I kind of liked it.”

He searches for an excuse, any would do. Then he found one. “Your mother would be pissed if she knew.” It is a broad excuse he realizes as soon as he says it. It could mean anything from past events to current ones or even the future.

“She never has to know.” Meagan slips her foot away suddenly and changes the subject saying, “How about dessert?”

Robert puts on a smile and nods, not really sure how to react. Once their dessert is finished, they pay and leave. The ride back home is silent, the whole time Robert runs the conversation through his head, while Meagan sits in the passenger seat periodically smiling at him.

When they get home Meagan wordlessly heads up the stairs and into her room. Robert on the other hand grabs a drink and sits on the couch pondering his next move. Finally after sometime he gets up, sets the drink down and climbs to stairs to his daughter’s room. As he approaches the door, he pauses. Taking in a deep breath he opens the door and walks through.

Meagan is already on her bed, stark naked. “I was beginning to think you weren’t coming Daddy,” she says girlishly.

“Look Meagan,” he says. “We can’t do this, it’s just wrong.”

“Sure we can Daddy, besides it’d be the perfect birthday present.” She slides off the bed and up next to him.

Robert has to admit her naked form against his does feel rather good and he can’t deny he wants his daughter. To help him make a decision, Meagan slowly undresses him. Robert’s mind screams for him to stop her, but he ignores the voice and let’s her do it. When he is undressed with his cock harder than it has been in a long time, Meagan reaches up on her toes and locks her lips onto his. They kiss for several long minutes, exploring each other’s mouths. All the while Robert’s cock gets harder and harder.

Meagan is the one to break the kiss. She grabs his hands and pulls him toward the bed and lies down. Robert doesn’t say a word as his soft hands gently begin to caress their way down her body to her ass. He trembles a little, but that doesn’t stop him from running güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a finger over her tender asshole and then up between her legs, against her pussy lips.

“Mmm, Daddy,” she groans. “I like that. Don’t stop.”

Meagan raises her leg, grabbing her ankles to give him complete acces to her ass and pussy. After only a few seconds, he releases some of his inhibitions and begins massaging her ass and thighs. His fingers rub gently around her asshole and down into her pussy. His finger slips inside of her to gently thrust back and forth.

“Oh, Daddy,” she cries. “I want to feel you tongue on my ass and pussy.”

Robert doesn’t hesitate to thrust his tongue up against his daughter’s asshole. His warm breath immediately triggers sensations throughout her whole body. He starts solely at her asshole, teasing and licking at it very slowly and gently. At the same time, his fingers are still working against her pussy, teasing her clit and thrusting tenderly inside her pussy. Meagan can feel her body quivering and before she knows it, she is exploding with an orgasm.

Robert begins pushing his tongue into her asshole as he thrust even more eagerly inside her wet pussy. Within seconds he has intensified her orgasm into an even greater experience. Meagan begins finding it hard to keep her position and finally has to push away to keep from falling off the side of the bed.

“Oh my god, Daddy!” she cries out. “That is incredible.”

As she tries to catch her breath, Robert quickly moves in to suck one of her breasts into his mouth. He eagerly feasts his way back and forth between her breasts as his hand finds its way back to her pussy. He begins probing in and out of her pussy one second and grinding perfectly against her clit the next. All she can do is sit back and enjoy the waves of pleasure that are erupting throughout her entire body.

Several long minutes go by and though she is feeling absolutely wonderful, she wants more, she wants her father in her. “I want you to fill me up, Daddy,” she says suddenly. “Oh Daddy, I want to feel your big, thick cock inside of me.”

“I thought you’d never ask baby,” he says grinning.

Meagan rolls onto her hands and knees, sticking her ass and sloppy, wet pussy in his face. Robert moves in and before Meagan realizes what is happening, his tongue is thrusting in and out of her velvety pussy, sending waves of pleasure all over. She can feel his fingers over her ass güvenilir bahis şirketleri cheeks, spreading them apart, so he can penetrate more. He tongue fucks her for nearly the next five minutes before finally getting to his knees behind her, which is good, because she is about to cum again. As he placed the thick head against her wet pussy lips, Meagan grows excited with anticipation.

“Do it Daddy,” she whispers gently. “Fuck me good.”

Robert pushes forward, his thick head going inside easily. The pressure feels great as he pushes his way inside her, stretching her pussy to it limits. After his cockhead pushes in all the way, Meagan wiggles her hips as he pushes even deeper inside of her. Deeper and deeper he pushes inside of her. It is so intense that it is beyond exciting. Meagan’s juices flood from her pussy to coat his cock even more before sliding out and over his balls.

Finally with one last hard thrust, she feels herself completely impaled on Robert’s shaft and she can’t think of anything else she’d rather be doing right now. He starts moving in and out of her tight pussy. His hands move beneath her under arms and all of a sudden he hoists her entire body up off the bed and begins pumping her small form up and down on his shaft.

They fuck like this for a couple of minutes before he lowers her to the bed. Even faster and more aggressively Robert pounds her pussy from behind. He fills her pussy deeper and deeper with his cock and she explodes with another orgasm, but it isn’t her last. About a minute later, a second and even more violent one fills her body. She reaches her hands behind her and digs her nails into her father’s muscular legs. It only makes him fuck her harder.

He reaches for her hair and grabs a fistful to pull back with hard as he thrusts hard and deep as fast as he can inside of her. She feels his thick cock swell inside her pussy followed by the warm, slick sensation of his hot cum. He is not stopping, however. Harder and harder he fucks her tight pussy, making sure to milk every drop of cum inside of her. Her body still shakes from the orgasms ripping through her. His arms lock around her waist and he turned around and sits down on the bed with her still on his hard cock.

One of his hands reach down to her clit as the other turns her head toward him. Their mouths meet as they both allow their bodies to finally relax from their orgasms. Robert continues to play with her pussy and breats as their tongues dance together in contentment. Meagan can still feel her pussy throbbing around the hard cock buried inside it. She wiggles around a little, enjoying the fact that he is still hard.

“I’m yours Daddy, if you want me,” she says. “You can do absolutely anything you want to me.” She smiles and kisses him once more.

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