A Virgin’s Adventure in a Gay Bar

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I had a request to write a story like this – and well the thought got me going so what the heck – here it is! By the way to all those who have enjoyed my last few stories and written to me – thank you. I apologise for some of the spelling errors and I will attempt to better proof read and spell check in the future.

We are always being told in everything you read that the time people tend to experiment with sex is in their teenage years or in their early 20s. Well here I am, 30 years old and I have not had anything but straight sex with a few women. I am not saying the sex with them has been bad – quite the opposite, but when it gets down to it all I have tried is a few of the usual positions. Now I am 30 years old and lately all I can think about is experimenting a little more when it comes to sex.

My curiosity about sex led me to the Internet and a discovery of sites as wide as you could imagine. I ended in various chat rooms over a period of time and discovered the pleasures of cyber sex. But one thing I did discover was that it was pretty hard to find a woman my age willing even to enter a sexual conversation. So as my curiosity deepened I decided to see what the gay rooms were like. Soon I was hooked, enjoying chats with men of all ages talking about what we would do together. I must admit I was pretty passive at first. I guess I was pretending that it was a woman and not a man saying he wanted to suck my cock. I have never considered myself anything but str8. In fact until these chat rooms I had not even entertained the notion of trying gay sex. But now I was beginning to have those thoughts. One chat room featured incredible pictures of 2 or more guys together. I have never seen any movies other than the rated r kind – and they never show gay guys. Also I just don’t have the courage to buy or hire a video like that – silly I know, but that is me. So I was like a kid in a candy store seeing all these images.

After a while chatting and my curiosity growing still, I was beginning to field offers from various guys to meet for sex. I thought about it a lot, but I was scared to arrange such a meeting. I did not want to go to public place, for fear of seeing someone else I knew and I did not want to meet privately for fear of what the guy was like in real life. As I have no gay friends, I thought one day that a gay bar might be my best option. That way I could check out the guy face to face and it was public enough for me to say no if I wanted to back out.

It took a fair amount of courage for me to convince myself to go to a gay bar. Eventually though I circum to the feelings I had. It was a Friday night that I planned my evening out. I made sure all my friends were busy and that I knew where they would be, so I could pick a part of town where they would not be. I made sure I had a few condoms handy and I headed out.

The bar was called ‘Queen Tavern’ – how appropriate I thought. I had read about it in the paper, how it was the place to be if you were gay. It was hard güvenilir bahis for me just to walk into the bar alone. I mean how many people turn up to a bar alone and not with anyone even meeting them there. So I walked up to the bar and ordered myself a drink to help me unwind. I checked out the room as I stood there drinking. It was packed full of guys of all ages, shapes and sizes. Suddenly I began to question myself as to the kind of guy I wanted to help me lose my man-to-man virginity. I really didn’t know to be honest. So long as they were not too much younger than me and not too old or fat, I think I would be happy.

I had been standing there for a good 10 minutes and I was beginning to wonder what to do if no guy comes and picks me up. I was hopeless at approaching women, so how was I going to go with guys. I didn’t have to worry about that for long though. Over the loud music a guy yelled at me – “you here on your own.” I nodded my reply and we introduced ourselves. His name was Rick and he had been watching me from across the room with a couple of his mates. It seems Rick had broken up with his boyfriend recently and they were trying to cheer him up – so they encouraged him to come over and say hi. I waved at them and smiled when Rick explained the story.

Rick was one half Malaysian background, and so his skin looked like it had a nice tan. He was a couple of years younger than me and slightly smaller build, although a little bit taller. That made him about 6 foot tall, slim build, dark hair, brown eyes and clean-shaven. Other than the skin colour and the slight height difference we were similar looking guys.

We talked for a while – but it was difficult to hear over the loud music. Rick then invited me to go for a walk. My heart was racing as we headed out. We found a nearby park bench and started talking. Rick was gay and plenty of experience. He was pretty upfront in saying that he was not looking for a relationship – rather he wanted to have a fun time. He guessed that I was new to the scene from the look on my face in the bar when I was standing there alone. Out of nowhere Rick leaned forward kissed me. After I recovered from the shock I started to relax and kiss him back. Our tongues were battling it out as we went deep into each other’s mouths.

Rick broke away from the kiss and invited me to his place for sex. He was very straight forward about it. It was a take it or leave it offer and one to good for me to refuse. I could hardly believe, 10 minutes in a gay bar and I had been picked up and now I was heading to his place for my first man-to-man sex.

Rick’s place was a short cab ride away. In the back of the cab his hands were all over my legs and crotch. I could see the watchful eyes of the driver in the mirror seeming to pass comment without saying anything. Rick had a nice flat all be it quite small. As soon as were inside we began kissing again, only this time he was removing my shirt as we locked lips. He broke away from the kiss and worked his way türkçe bahis down my body, feeling my bulge on the way. He pushed my pants down to reveal my briefs. He began to feel and then lick my hardness through the material. Then he eased his hands into the sides of my briefs and pushed them down. For the first time I was standing naked in front of a guy and I was as hard as ever.

“Nice big cock” muttered Rick as he licked the shaft and then took most of the 7 inches in his mouth in one quick motion. It was all could do to stop myself from cumming there and then. None of the women I had been with like sucking cock, so I hard never really had a proper blowjob. I was in heaven. I began to moan as Rick sucked my cock and started to move it in and out of his mouth. He stroked the base as he sucked the tip. When he started to play with my balls I felt my cock start to twitch. He smiled at me and sucked harder then. All I could say was “uggghhh I’m gonna cum”. With that I exploded in his mouth. He did not miss a drop as I fired what felt like a lifetimes worth of cum out of my cock.

Rick licked his lips and said “mmmmm I needed that.” “Was that better than any of the women you’ve had.”? I was still out of breath so just nodded.”

I looked on as Rick removed his clothes now. He stood there naked before me and I almost sprang back to full attention at the site. His body was totally smooth. He had even shaved his balls. His cock was about 7 inches cut and looked like mine. I kissed Rick again and felt our cocks together. It was amazing. MY hands ran all over his body just feeling him. I was so excited, I felt like a kid. It felt so nice and exciting at the same time.

Again Rick broke me away from the kiss. “Now it’s your turn to suck a cock” He pushed me down until I was face to face with his erect cock. I could smell his scent – his horny sex scent. There was precum leaking as I touched another man’s cock for the first time in my life. It felt strange and horny. I could feel it throb in my hand. I bent forward and licked the precum. Its taste was nicer than I had imagined it would be. It was warm and sweet almost. “Lick my shaft man” said Rick. My tongue went forward like it was in automatic mode and went up and down his ever-hardening cock. I opened my mouth next and sucked hard as his cock slid in. It took me a while to get it all in, but I was proud when I felt his balls slap against my chin. Pretty soon Rick was holding my head and face fucking me with cock. I was sucking hard and savoring the taste and sensation when I felt him start to twitch. He pulled his cock out and told me to keep my mouth open as he stroked his cock a couple more times and started to spurt all over my face and on my tongue. My face was covered as he stopped cuming and ordered me to lick his cock. I was tasting cum for the first time and it was making me even hornier. What a wonderful taste – everything I imagined it would be. Sure it was little salty – but there was something so horny about it. I could not güvenilir bahis siteleri believe it, as his cock was getting hard all over again.

Rick kissed me and shared in his juices. “It’s time for you to really lose your virginity.” I lie down on the bed and spread my legs allowing Rick access to my ass. Rick put a condom on. He then spread some lube on my ass and then worked a couple of fingers into my ass while he kissed my chest. I was savoring the sensation when he pulled out. He grabbed my legs and pulled them over his shoulders. I opened my eyes to look at him as he pressed his cock against my opening. I looked up and saw there was a mirror on his ceiling and I could see his cock as it entered me. He told me to ignore the pain as I moaned. His cock was only just in when he started a back and forth motion easing it further in with each thrust. It was agony at first and then the pain started to turn into ecstasy, “you like me fucking you do” “You like me pounding your virgin ass. Well you are not a virgin anymore. I’m gonna fuck you until I explode deep in your ass.” I could not believe the words coming from my mouth as I begged him to fuck me harder. It was not long before Rick started to cum. I felt his cock pumping deep in me. I felt the spurts against the condom. As he pulled out I suddenly became aware of how sore my ass was and yet how strange it felt now not to have his cock in me.

Rick was the first to talk “I have never been with a virgin before – but that was amazing.” Your ass was so nice and tight – I loved fucking you. You give a pretty good blowjob for a first timer also. My cock was hard, and I was wondering if I was going to have the chance to fuck him now. But Rick said he did not like being fucked and that he was atop and I was a bottom. Then he told me stand up and move to the end of the bed. He propped himself up on some pillows and told me to play with myself. It had always been a fantasy of mine to masturbate for a guy so I jumped at the chance. I started to stroke my cock and let the precum start to leak from it. Rick then reached into the drawer next to his bed and pulled out a digital camera. “I’m going to give us both a memento from this night. Take your finger and lick some of that precum off your cock.,” he ordered. He was taking plenty of photos, as I stood there naked stroking my cock faster and faster. As I started to cum he made sure he was taking some close-ups of the cum. The cum landed on his leg and chest as it fired out of my cock. He ordered me to lick it up as he took more photos. I felt so dirty and horny.

Rick obscured my face as he posted the pics on the net. Now I would not have any problems meeting others guy and continuing my sexual experiments. The night had been better than I could have imagined, as I wet home no longer a man-to-man virgin. I was sure this would not be the last time I would spend the night with a man.

As always I appreciate any feedback you have and any requests for future stories. For those would like to keep in contact – I am happy to do so. I hope my stories will keep filling that void for gay guys, those who are like me and bi-curious looking for a first time experience – and them many women who are getting horny reading the stories to.

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